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Topic: Dr. Abram's Electron Theory by William F. Hudgings
Section: Introductory
Table of Contents to this Topic

This treatise on the electronic structure of matter and the effects of electronic vibrations within the atom has been undertaken in the belief that the general reader is deeply interested in the work of scientific men if informed about it in comprehensible phrase. It is regrettable that so few scientific works have been written in language that the popular mind can understand. The average person habitually yearns for knowledge concerning the mysteries of the universe, and every scientific discovery is hailed with popular enthusiasm when the story is told in language simple and lucid. But too often our scientific writers, being brilliantly endowed and accustomed to thinking in abstruse and technical terms, find it quite impossible to come down to the layman's level and express themselves in popular phraseology.
It is the purpose of this booklet to acquaint the ordinary reader with the most recent findings of science in the field of physics, particularly in relation to living organism and the pathology of disease. Dr. Albert Abrams of San Francisco, being a pioneer in this field of physical research, has made certain discoveries of such consequence that much space is devoted to a detailed consideration of his findings. After his experiments have been described, the reader will find in Part II of this essay a full, popular treatise on the modern electron theory of matter upon which the Abrams research work is based. This part of the essay is really a simplified condensation of all the technical works on physical science of the past twenty years insofar as they relate to the electronic structure of atoms and to chemistry, recording every important discovery on the subject down to the present time.
Acknowledgment is gratefully made to Francis A. Cave, M. D., D. O., Dean of the Physico-Clinical Institute of Boston, Mass., for his valuable criticism of the text throughout before the material was put in final form. The author is also especially indebted to Dr. John B. Buebler, Dean of the Connecticut Branch of the Electronic College, for assistance rendered at his New York office during the investigation.

W. F. H.

New York
June, 1923
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