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SVP Universal Cosmology, version 2.3
Author: Pond, Dale
Description: Did you ever wonder what John Worrell Keely was really doing or how he did it? How about Walter Russell? What was he really saying in his comprehensive writings and beautiful artworks? So have I wondered. And this wondercaused me to set out 24 years ago (in 1984) to study their writings and what others wrote about them and sort it all out that we might to understand and eventually apply their vast knowledge to solutions for our time.

This product is the end result of all those years of study and deep thought. One person described this work as "massive". The CD contains over 900 pages of materials when printed out. The SVP Universal Cosmology is profusely illustrated with over 360 graphics, tables and images. All this and more to carefully sort through, review and explain what Keely, Russell, Cayce, Lewis and countless others had to say about a fresh new (for most of us) comprehensive paradigm that binds and bridges many fields of science, mathematics, music, philosophy, religion and art.

This product is in digital format because it will be more or less regularly updated from time to time. It is a work that perhaps may never be completed. Therefore when you purchase this product you will receive all the files and addenda available as of your purchase date. You will receive free updates of future material as it is updated for one year from purchase date. Thereafter a license to receive updates for one year may be purchased.

This product is delivered on CD post paid. There is no claim made as to the use, accuracy, veracity, intelligibility, useability or applicability of any information presented in the SVP Universal Cosmology materials. Purchase of this product includes lifetime subscription to the SVPwiki.
Item#: C010108

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