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Allodial Freehold - History, Force & Effect of the Land Patent
Author: Anonymous
Description: Gives history and detailed description of the Land Patent Title processes and procedures. The Land Patent is one of the fundamental rights and powers We The People have. This information has been almost impossible to find. If you have land you need this book. Unless you have a Land Patent Title on your property you do not really own it. This book tells you what it is and it's history.

"Land ownership in America presently is founded on colors of title, and though people believe they are the complete and total owners of their property; under a color of title system this is far from the truth. When people state that they are free and own their land, they in fact own it exactly to the extent the English barons owned their land in Common-Law England. They own their land so long as some "sovereign", the government or a creditor, states that they can own their land. If one recalls from the beginning of this memorandum, it was stated that if the King felt it justified, he could take the land from one person and give such land to another prospective baron. Today, in American color-of-title property law, if the landowner does not pay income tax, estate tax, property tax, mortgages or even a security note on personal property, then the "sovereign", the government or the creditor, can justify the taking of the property and the sale of that same property to another prospective "baron", while leaving the owner with only limited defenses to such actions. The only real difference between this and Common-Law England is that now others besides the King can profit from the unwillingness or inability of the "landowner" to perform the socage or tenure required of every landowner of America. As such, no one is completely safe or protected on his property; no one can afford to make one mistake or the consequences will be forfeiture of the property." 8.5" X 11"
Item#: P0001394

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