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Latent Force and Theory of Vibratory Lift for Airships
Author: Keely, John Worrell
Description: Did Keely discover and use atomic power? "All molecular masses of metal represent in their interstitial molecular spaces incalculable amounts of latent force, which, if awakened and brought into intense vibratory action by the medium of sympathetic liberation, would result in thousands of billions more power in foot-pounds than that necessary to awaken it. The resultant development of any and all forces is only accomplished by conditions that awaken the latent energy they have carried with them during molecular aggregation. If the latent force that exists in a pound of water could be sympathetically evolved or liberated up to the seventh subdivision or compound-inter- etheric, and could be stored free of rotation, it would be in my estimation sufficient to run the power of the world for a century."

Keely, John Worrell. "Latent Force." Lippincott's, 1891, pg. 639-644. Keely's own words discussing his system of acoustical levitation he was working on and perfecting. 8.5" X 11"
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