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A Clockwork Universe
2002, 05/15
Russell uses the phrase "A Clockwork Universe". Museums have intricate and beautiful models of clockwork machines made by inspired inventors and sages that mimic planetary motions (TIME). An ordinary clock made with wheels and gears of varying sizes are models of the mechanical-like essence of natures rhythms and periodicities. While the elemental building block of nature is Light this Light accumulates and dissipates according to periodicity. The accumulation is in orderly discrete quantities and these quantities then bear orders of ratio and hence proportion one to another. Their subsequent motions likewise bear orderly ratio and proportion.
Light = Mind = Knowledge
Light is the substance of Mind. Knowledge is the awareness of ratio and proportion (perspective).
Intelligence is the ability to decipher and reorder Light of/in Mind according to desire/idea.
Ratios, proportions, cycles and periodicities relate one to another in arithmetical and geometrical constructs and are very knowable. Music is an example of this method of construction. But just a model within its own context.
In engineering terms we say these ratios and proportions are always the same ratios and proportions - all linked together as the gears and wheels of the clockwork structure of nature. Hence we say these variables are "locked potentials" and are "parametric" one to the others. This means that changing any one term of the ratio or proportion changes them all IN FIX RATIO AND PROPORTIONATE quantities or rates of change. All things are connected and this connection is ratioed and proportionate rates of change. The ratioes and proportions are unchanging. However the quantity or quality of their effects or motions are changeable. This is a well known phenomena in music. Change the key signature and the notes change to that key since all notes of a key are LOCKED into a set of ratios and proportions definable by arithmetic of fractions. This is why Keely used music notation in his beautiful charts. Because music notation is a formalized system of locked ratios and proportions - operating independent of quantities and/or effects. Therefore music notation, as he used it, was THE LAW that governs. The notes represent the notes (relative quantities) of Light of Mind in their ceaseless activity to BE.
 Actienic Rays
The sun focalizes what are called Actienic Rays from its parent sun. These rays are focalized to its center and then re-radiated outward where they are again focalized by the earth. Only a theory such as this can one can explain how and why light as light and heat as heat can travel through the dark and cold vacuum of space without modification or perception. Actienic (celestial) rays are considered positive while the terrestrial forces are considered negative. These two forces interact together in ever powerful vortices commonly seen as spiral galaxies. These vortices eventually tighten their spiraling until they become more and more compact thus forming into other suns, planets and moons. For more information on the Actienic rays see" A Newly Discovered Law of Physics", by Stephen Allen, Scientific Arena Magazine
The active rays emanating from the sun. "The ultraviolet spectrum extends from approximately 380mu wavelength down to the softest x-rays. The longer ultraviolet rays, of vital importance for organisms, are often called actinic rays."
Ac"tin*ism (#), n. [Gr. , ray.] The property of radiant energy (found chiefly in solar or electric light) by which chemical changes are produced, as in photography.
Action & Reaction
2002, 11/10
The ground of it is that we NEVER react to outside influences. We ALWAYS react to our perception of those outside influences. We in effect react to our own inner reactions. This is a principle of Sympathetic Response. If we react with fear or with guilt (the really BIGGIE!) our reactions will be strongly negative and antagonistic to the "source" who the ego inevitably blames for the negative event. If the reaction is a strong one it will tend to imbed itself in our easily retrievable memory and that means we will henceforth react similarly. This is the learned response mode of the ego. The trick then is to understand this principle of self-reaction to what we think we perceive. (Our misperception is the infamous illusion.) We can all learn to be "proactive" or as the Masters of old have taught - transmute a negative reaction into a positive action. To master this it takes 1) passive observation of our own thoughts which includes our reactions to and within various situations and 2) devoted application to responding in a more desirable mode. Practice and patience (TLC) with self is what makes these come together. Remember we are replacing an old and non-serving habit with a new habit that will better serve us.
Activating Your Creativity*
2003, 07/25
Following along on our discussion of creativity I was wondering about the last phrase of this quote:
"Your mental vision expands as higher truths filter into your consciousness, and you come to the certainty that through clarity of desire, focused intent and positive action you have the power to create anything you can envision. Gradually, as you learn the infallibility of the universal laws of manifestation, your excitement grows and you are willing to attune your will with the Creators Will." Archangel Michael
What does it mean by "your excitement grows and you are willing to attune your will with the Creators Will."?
Cayce said this alignment or attunement is something like this:
". . . But whom the Lord would exalt, He first brings low that they may know the strength is of the Lord and not in hosts but the still small voice that beareth witness with thy soul, thy spirit, that ye walk that straight and narrow way that leadeth to understanding. And in saving those of thy own shortcomings, ye find ye have been lifted up." Cayce (165-26)
And again in Dialogue on Awakening another perspective:
"Where does the healing of the world take place? When your mind again is seen as whole. The instant you look into a brothers eyes and see your Self reflected there. When your whole mind is known by you to mean every mind, all minds merged as One, the world will instantly change. It will be healed because you will see it to be so. You will have changed the cause by healing the thought of being separate from the Mind of God. The effect of then seeing only the world of Gods Perfection is instantaneous. With the misperceived thought now gone, cause and effect have become the same.
In your place of knowing, you resonate with the truth of what I am saying. Yet even now your ego will stand in dispute, asking how it could be possible for you to heal your mind and thereby heal all the world. On this detail have you laid the foundation for your belief in separation. It is from this belief all other misperceptions of truth seem verified. For it is from here you have become convinced that you are a product of the worlds creation, subject to all its laws and influence. You believe you are the effect and not the cause.
What is it like to be enlightened or awake? It is when you see only God as cause and effect being you expressing Him wholly. You will no longer feel the need to see your mind as separately identified within the whole Mind, but you will feel its presence there and you will recognize your Self in it. Fear of any nature becomes unknown. Joy abounds with every thought as Love is once again remembered. The bonding that takes place, that jells the mind as a whole, is this Love. It is not an exclusive expression of love you experience within your state of limitation. Here is God expressed. And His Love makes no distinctions.
I have referred to a concept I describe as the power of One, the power that results from individual expressions of the Infinite Mind as they come into recognition of their absolute unity - the inifinite expression of wholeness, or One. It is this truth when fully grasped that will allow you to recognize yourself individually in the whole, as the whole, expressing the whole and coincidentally being wholly, uniquely you." [Dialogue on Awakening, pages 3-4]
Then are we unwilling to see ourselves as Unity? Are we so enamored with separation and isolation of our egos? Sure, yes we are. As we learn we are creative through nothing more than our thinking processes there comes an excitement, a joy, a hope and a clarity that these thoughts of separation are meaningless. We are excited to join in with LIFE as a creative and causitive power within it - instead of a helpless victim of things and events "out there". In these realizations one is fired by a desire to dive into Life and be a part of it. It is this readiness and willingness to participate in Life as cause that is being referred to. So... "What is Life? GOD! - in action with thy fellowman!" Cayce (793-2) Alignment/attunement with Life then is alignment/attunement with God.
Activating Your Power to Create*
2003, 07/21
Been doing some deep contemplation and study on how to create or recreate lifes patterns. We already know our experiences are the result of our own thinking. Some of this thinking is done on levels we are not fully aware of such as the subconscious. This thinking was created as purposeful and some was created as reactions to stimulus of various kinds, usually fear, guilt, shame, etc. The really Big Question is "How do we change these patterns from what they are to what we would like them to be?"
Countless books have been written on this topic which weve all studied to little avail. Maybe, just maybe, the process is so simple weve been overlooking it. Recently Ive been going at a new approach (for me anyway) that appears to work. So far Im seeing dramatic results. The other day I encountered this gem of a quote that incapsulates what Ive been seeing as the essential principles involved.
"Your mental vision expands as higher truths filter into your consciousness, and you come to the certainty that through clarity of desire, focused intent and positive action you have the power to create anything you can envision. Gradually, as you learn the infallibility of the universal laws of manifestation, your excitement grows and you are willing to attune your will with the Creators Will." Archangel Michael
The important elements here are "higher truths filter into your consciousness" through studies such as SVP and similar disciplines allowing your vision and insight of the universe to encompass Greater Truths about it and life. This expanded awareness leads to a "certainty" about how the universe works. When you know how something works you have a certain confidence or knowing it will work when approached properly. This allows the proper formulation and application of IF, THEN and ELSE syllogisms.
This leads your mind to specific "clarity of desire, focused intent and positive action you have the power to create anything you can envision." When this begins because you KNOW it is so you begin to realize you really do have power to create and transform anything at all with a simple thought process.
As Ive explained this several times during my recent travels the universe has but one function and that function is to render into form that which is thought. That is ALL it does. It does it immediately, without fail. That is the LAW and the law is always fulfilled. You are in total control of your end of the seesaw with the creative elements of the universe riding the other end. What you think it MUST create. It cannot not do this.
Another analogy is the universe is nothing more than a giant gear box. You are a tiny gear in that box, geared to all other gears. If you move as in thinking, every other gear MUST move in response. They cannot not do this. It is the LAW. Therefore when you move (think) the entire universe will wheel around in response and reconfigure itself in direct response.
When I say thinking I mean CLEAR resolute thinking. Anything less is just wishful thinking. To reach this all-powerful point in the exercise of the Will a decision is made. This clear resolute decision erases the old thought pattern and stamps a new pattern in its place. The universe then adjusts to this new pattern and your life or whatever desired aspect of your life changes.
Part Two
Since a long time ago Ive worked with the idea Faraday called the global noosphere (the global consciousness) and that as I enhanced my consciousness that effort enhanced the whole consciousness. So if I can encourage others to enhance theirs mine too is enhanced. It works in both directions (reciprocally).
In the quote from A. Michael; "attune your will with the Creators Will". The Creators Will, to me, is discernible through observation of ones environment to what is going on. What is going on is LIFE being what it is - the expression of Gods Will. But also what is going on is the effects of humanitys Will as everyone goes about being and living their lives.
"What, then, is the purpose of the entitys activity in the consciousness of mind, matter, spirit in the present? That it, the entity, may KNOW itself to BE itself and part of the Whole; not the Whole; not the Whole but one WITH the Whole; and thus retaining its individuality, knowing itself to be itself, yet one with the purposes of the First Cause that called it, the entity, into BEING into the awareness, into the consciousness of itself. That is the purpose, that is the cause of BEING." Cayce (826-11)
The achievement of self awareness or as we have been saying knowing self seems to be the purpose for all life. Knowing self in all aspects. This would include, of course, knowing ones creative power and nature of our mind(s), the Source of creativity. From presenting my insight into creativity Ive received many responses from cynicism to "yeah, we know that already". As we on this forum have a scientific bent my question back is "Why not try it?" Put it to the test. We form a hypothesis then we test and retest for results. Thats where I am now - testing and refining the hypothesis. So far so good. Things are definitely improving for me. Time will tell for sure. Id like to see others attempt to apply these creative principles and relate their findings. This would help in refinement of the hypothesis and modes of application.
Should we achieve multiple successes the impact upon the world materially and consciously could be significant. What would it mean as individuals recapture their power? Pain and suffering of all kinds would diminish. It is worth a try. As Keely once said:
"The immortal EGO is an entity of which man can become thoroughly conscious while here on earth, but to arrive at this consciousness necessitates the entire abandonment of all the petty considerations involved in the transient and subordinate EGO, which is the only self of which the unenlightened man is conscious. Let him who desires to reach this inner consciousness enter his inner sanctuary, wherever that sanctuary may be; it matters not whether it be his own chamber, the open field, the mountain top, the seashore, the stately cathedral, or the humble village chapel. Let him realize fully the transient character of his own personality and contrast therewith his eager longing to know the immortal. Let him concentrate his whole consciousness upon his personality, fully arousing all his personal conditions as a distinct individual; then with all the aspiration of which this personality is capable, let him beseech of the immortal EGO - which is eternal and does not incarnate, but overshadows all incarnations, waiting until one is formed capable of illumination, to whom it may reveal itself - to consider him worthy of illumination, and according to his preparedness to receive illumination will it then be granted. He who asks this, knows not what he asks; for were the prayer answered, life henceforth for such an one would be a weary round, as Hamlet says: "to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow brings in this weary round of life"; for, having seen the glory of this immortal EGO, all else seems so base, so commonplace and mean, so inglorious, that oftentimes the personality has utterly collapsed when thrown back from the radiant vision of this glorious immortal entity possessed by all alike, though scarcely dreamed of by any save the very few who, discontented with the ignorance and emptiness of terrene existence, aspire to know the great reality of the supernal. As the incarnations of every entity, passing through certain orders of experience through numerous lives, inevitably culminate in this moment of conscious realization of the immortal entity; the Buddha says: "All shall reach the sunlit snows."
You who through your daily life move on unthinking, not caring, inactive, you shall hear when your supplications reach this high entity, "Lo! thou didst not even try, knowing that even thy failures were acceptable to me." Dashed Against the Rock
Yes, gears within a gear box work with each other. Should one not do so it is detoothed or torn to shreds. The gears move syncothetically one with all others. Each goes with the flow. We can ride it out passively as most of us do but we also have the capacity to direct the action. As so many have said: There is a time for passivity and a time for creative (causitive) action. Weve been conditioned to be passive and go along to get along within man-create society but weve not been taught we can be causitive as a necessary and integral cog in natures gear box. Isnt it time we assumed our rightful place in the universal scheme of things?
Aluminum and the Mind
2003, 01/09
For all that we do not know about aluminum there is clear evidence it does effect or have effects on mental states, usually negative. For instance when Al replaces Mg in the Ca-Mg balance equation depression (negative) results. It can be assume then that Al disturbs mental balances as in mental states or chordal patterns resulting in inharmonic disturbances in those patterns. If balanced mental chordal (spectral) patterns is health then ill health may be expected from its reverse. If balanced mental spectral (signature) patterns do in fact harmonize etheric (mind stuff) flows and Al disturbs such harmonizing activities we can see perhaps why Al is to be avoided in and around etheric (prayer, dowsing, healing, SVP) type endeavors. Al would, in effect, be as a poison to such activities. Dale
Aluminum toxicity:
Aluminum is not a heavy metal, but it can be toxic if present in excessive amounts. Even in small amounts, aluminum can be toxic if deposited in the brain. Many of the symptoms of aluminum toxicity are similar to those of Alzheimers disease and osteoporosis. Aluminum toxicity can lead to colic, rickets, gastrointestinal disturbances, poor calcium metabolism, extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function, forgetfulness, speech disturbances, memory loss, softening of the bones, and weak, aching muscles.
Because aluminum is excreted through the kidneys, toxic amounts of aluminum may impair kidney function. The accumulation of aluminum salts in the brain has bee implicated in seizures and reduced mental faculties. To reach the brain, aluminum must pass the blood-brain barrier, an elaborate structure that filters the blood before it reaches this vital organ. Elemental aluminum does not readily pass through this barrier, but certain aluminum compounds, such as aluminum fluoride, do. Many municipal water supplies are treated with both alum (aluminum sulfate) and fluoride, and these two chemicals readily combine with each other in the blood. Moreover, aluminum fluoride, once formed, is very poorly excreted in the urine.
Intestinal absorption of high levels of aluminum and silicon can result in the formation of compounds that accumulate in the cerebral cortex and prevent nerve impulses from being carried to and from the brain in the proper manner. Chronic calcium deficiency can aggravate the situation. People who have worked in aluminum smelting plants for long periods have been known to experience dizziness, impaired coordination, and a loss of balance and energy. The accumulation of aluminum in the brain has been cited as a possible cause for these symptoms. Perhaps the most alarming, there is evidence to suggest that long-term accumulation of aluminum in the brain may contribute to the development of Alzeimers disease.
2002, 12/09
Up until a short time ago America and Americans (in general) were very much admired around the world. Having traveled in foreign countries I often encountered this sentiment. This admiration has tarnished recently. This because people erroneously assume Americans are their government. The so-called government has not and does not represent the American people or those ideals that made America what it was. Perhaps nowdays with the internet more people around the world are beginning to see and understand this. America is not the only target of the NWO. When "America" whimiscally bombs another nation people are beginning to see it is not America at all but it is the deranged insanity of those whove seized power over our government and act contrary to all civil descency. The problem with this whole scenario is most Americans still cling to the lie their government represents them. Or they still believe in the lies that government brainwashes them with. Fortunately many are waking up to the ughly truth. Yes, individual Americans can be ughly with poor social graces but we are beginning to see the government is the ughliest of ughlies. There are times recently I am ashamed to be an American. The reasons for being proud have been diminishing lately. Then on the other hand there are countless Americans waking up with an ideal to bring correction to the situation. Correction is happening but with so much momentum built up it may be awhile before we see any actual change in direction. Things will most likely get ughlier in the short term before they get better for the long term.
What is empowering to think of is the "American Spirit". It is still active, still powerful and still discernible. This Spirit, embodied in the people, is truly extraordinary in terms of generosity, creativity, liveliness, industry, charitable, helpful and the like. Inspite of all the restrictions placed upon us as a people by conspiratorial agendas, devalued currency, false treaties, fascist laws and all the rest this spirit still lives. It is but asleep for the most part. However it is awakening in direct proportion to the troubles and difficulties accumulating upon us. This spirit is the same spirit that actuates everyone everywhere. America had an advantage in its youth of developing without limitations which freed that spirit in ways not possible in older more "in the rut" countries tied down by traditions, culture, etc. Interestingly this spirit is being awakened world-wide by Americans. Not by their government which apparently seeks to damp that spirit. Americans are leading the charge so to speak in awakening themselves and all who seek to follow. None are more sensitive to lost freedoms and denied rights than Americans because we have had a taste of freedom more so than others. The internet, developed in America, and extended to the rest of the world is an American invention and development firmly anchored in our First Amendment rights of Free Speech. And through Free Speech we are informing ourselves and everyone else on every conceivable topic. This capability is now in most other countries. The internet is doing an end-run around the propaganda machinations that have kept everyone believing they are asleep. To awaken means to become more aware and that is what is happening in every country around the world. Ironically the internet was in part initially developed by the American military, space programs and universities, as a means of control. It didnt become anything great or liberating until actual American people got onto it. Their desire for the internet and their money to support that desire created the hardware and software industries without which the internet would not be what it is today. Just as the article indicated Americans are derived from all other countries Americans are now going back to all other countries - in spirit and awareness. It is not that Americans are so great. They are just people. It is the Spirit, liberated from restraints of living the past, that is great. And this Spirit knows no political, religious or cultural boundaries. It is a global human thing and it is awakening.
 Americas Soaring Prison Population*
2003, 08/19
Ive interviewed a few people whove spent time on the inside of this nightmare. Turns out, according to them, 90% of prisoners are political prisoners. They committed no crime where there are victims or damaged property. They simply failed to toe the line (failed to be unquestioning and obediant serfs/slaves). The Systems behavior is typical of tyrants, dictators and other insane meglomanics. Because of the schools and TV programs most Americans have been conditioned to accept this type of stupid behavior. But, some are waking up and discovering this is not the kind of behavior we hired or elected our government employees to have. Witness the recent explosion of resistance to the so-called "Patriot Act". To me America has all the symptoms of being in a state of civil war though no shots are being fired. The old System is doing everything it can to hold onto its power while millions are learning they have personal power and are seeking ways to actuate that power, despite of The Systems manuverings to dampen same. Spirit cannot be denied.
Some decent people Ive known personally:
1) A mother of three made attempts to stop a foreclosure on her home and spent one year and one day in prison. She and her kids were evicted at gun point.
2) A husband sent a video tape to a friend and spent 18 months in prison and was never charged with a crime.
3) An expert witness against pharmaceutical medicine spent over a year in prison on trumped up tax charges because of his testimonies.
4) A husband and father spent 17 or so months in federal prison on trumped up charges concerning tax issues because he deliberately challenged the tax system.
5) Another spent time inside because he failed to pay auto insurance.
These are not crimes in a social context. They are blatant attempts of an oppressive system to keep the lid on. The lessons foreigners can get from all this is how America will extract itself from this nightmare. We did it once in 1776 - it can be done again. No one really knows how but many are operating on faith that America can be returned to a "kinder and more gentle" nation. As we know that can only happen when the heart is tuned to such first. I think we are seeing this in the recent contrived black-out of 20-30 million people and there were no reported crimes. The people were at peace even under artificially created stress. There are thousands of Americans studying hard to learn what the law really is and who we are in relation to that law. They are discovering what is going on is not anything like what was originally intended by the founders of our country or in any relevancy to sane living.
Having lived abroad I can attest to how some foreigners view America as a hope and guide. What they sense as the Spirit of America has been hijacked and turned into something nightmarish which we on the inside are living. Some more than others. There is an awakening happening on the individual level and no matter how hard The System squeezes this awakening cannot be stopped. This awakening is the original Spirit that activated America. It is called Freedom - freedom of the Spirit actuating each individual. America will again rise to its greatness if individuals make an effort. Here is what Cayce said about this in 1939 (still relevant today!):
Edgar Cayce on Problems that Confront the American People (1939)
This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the Eighth Annual Congress of the Association for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., Hotel Warner, Virginia Beach, Virginia, this 16th day of June, 1939.
Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. All those attending the Eighth Annual Congress.
Time of Reading 4:05 to 4:45 P. M.
1. GC: You will have before you the mass thought of the American nation, its ideals, principles and purposes. You will give at this time a discourse on the major problems which confront the American people, indicating their basic causes and suggesting what attitudes we may hold and procedures we may take individually and collectively to help correct and balance these conditions. You will answer the questions, as I ask them:
2. EC: Yes, we have those suggestions here as to problems which confront American people today, and what individuals or groups may do as respecting same.
3. The ideals, the purposes that called the nation into being are well. It might be answered by saying that there needs to be on the part of each man, each woman, the adhering to those principles that caused the formulating of the American thought.
4. Yet in the present there are seen many complex problems, many conditions that are at variance to the first cause or first principles; not only among groups and individuals in high places, both from the political and the economic situations, but the problems of labor-capital as well. All of these are problems in America today, as well as that of religious thought, religious principles, racial concern, - which are mass as well as individual and group thought.
5. And these as they are stressed become more and more of a problem. For with the very thought upon those things that are at variance to the principles of right, justice, mercy, peace, the right to worship according to the dictates of the conscience, as thought is given we find that power to the thought is created by the very mass of the thought itself, as well as conditions that become individual problems in the lives of the peoples of America.
6. These are the problems not only as to who would be in power here or there, as to who would administer in this or that office, but the matter of the privilege to meet or worship according to those principles that have been set forth or proclaimed that are made so much a laughingstock by so many in the present, owing to the situations that arise.
7. Yet, as we find, if there is the turning of every man and woman to the thought of God, then we may solve every problem. For it is not by mere thought, not by any activity other than the moving force within each entity, each body; and when more of patience, more tolerance, more thought of others is advanced and kept in the heart of the individual, this lends that power, that influence, that force for good.
8. Ye are to have turmoils, - ye are to have strifes between capital and labor. Ye are to have a division in thine own land before there is the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office - a mob rule!
9. To meet same? Only that each soul turns not to self alone and cry for strength, but that each soul LIVES in such a manner that there may be the awakening to the needs, the purposes, the causes for the nation coming into existence!
10. That such is, and to be, a part of the experience of America is because of unbelief!
11. Ready for questions.
12. (Q) As has been indicated through these channels, money is the root cause of the general economic unbalance of our country. Will you give specifically the reasons for this statement and the approach that can be made toward correction of the money order as operated today.
(A) Fear on the part of those who control or direct the investing of capital into channels that give the greater outlet of their characters of outlet.
As to how this may be corrected, - it is only through patience, persistence, and a RETURN to the trust in God, and NOT in the power or the might of self. For those who are hungry care not as to the source of strength or power, until there is the fulfilling of that desired.
Unless there is, then, a more universal oneness of purpose on the part of all, this will one day bring - here - in America - revolution!
13. (Q) Is there today in operation an outer organization representative of the anti-Christ forces, which has power to subvert governments as well as institutions? If so, will you explain and give directions for counteracting these forces?
(A) As has been given, there is the need more for the world thought, for every soul turning to the power within, and giving GOD a chance with their lives, their purposes, their desires one with His!
And there IS that power that is only in the influence for destruction as man himself gives it power. But just as has been given of old, ONE with the strength, the power of the Lord, may put the thousands to flight.
Then, it behooves EACH soul - here, everywhere - to seek more and more for the strength, the direction, the might of that promised in, "If ye will call, I will hear."
14. (Q) What should be the attitude of this country toward the refugee problem as it relates specifically to the Jewish people. Please explain their problems?
(A) These are like every other individual. THEIR problems, so long as ALL are considered, are one. If they themselves become secular, or become tyrannical in their nature, then this - too - will become a problem in America.
The attitude towards the refugees, - they that entertain those who are without home, or hungry, many entertain the Lord Himself. For, "As ye do it unto the least, ye do it unto thy Maker." That should be the attitude, ever. But LIVE, each soul, in SUCH a manner as to implant not the bigness of the individual but the love of God made manifest among men!
These are problems not only, then, of the Jewish peoples but of those of every cult, of every ism or cism. For, remember the first principle - ALL are equal before God!
15. (Q) Whereas the late Rudolf Steiner announced a threefold social order which he said it was the will of the spirit of the age to bring about, and whereas he stated that this social order would come through the free will of human beings as a result of social cataclysms, - is it within the bounds of possibility that the threefold social order of Rudolf Steiner can be brought about in this country?
(A) To bring the threefold activity of ANY individual other than Gods will produces a PROBLEM, - whether Rudolf Steiner or whatever name! For theres only one Name given whereby man shall be directed.
These are the characters of activities of social order, of social justice, - yes. But they shall be ever NOT as of ANY individual, but as just indicated, - that all are free, all are equal before God. The social order, the religious order, the economic order must all be for ONE God! For, know that the Lord thy God is ONE!
16. (Q) Would it be good to work with this end in view? If so, what course should be pursued to bring this about?
(A) As an individual, study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman not ashamed, rightly dividing the words of truth, keeping self unspotted from censure of the world.
This done, with the principles, the rules, - but in the NAME of the Father-God!
17. (Q) Are capital and labor fulfilling their responsibility toward each other? Where does the basic fault lie and what attitude should we take in correcting this condition?
(A) Who is to judge one against another?
As has been indicated, so long as there are disputes among labor, capital need not fear. When labor becomes a UNITED effort, capital may fear.
As to the fault, and the attitude, - in that same principle that he that labors may eat, he that labors not may not eat. These are principles; and, to be sure, capital labors as well as he that worketh with the hands. But NOT to the detriment of, but to the united effort of all to be a greater channel of service.
18. (Q) What should be our attitude toward the Negro, and how may we best work out the karma created in relations with him?
(A) He is thy brother! They that produced, they that brought servitude without thought or purpose have created that which they must meet within their own principles, their own selves.
These should be taken in the attitude of their own individual fitness, as in every other form of associations. For He hath made of one blood the nations of the earth.
19. (Q) Is the Fascist movement a danger to this country?
(A) Any MOVEMENT that is other than that of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God is dangerous!
20. (Q) How can it be combated?
(A) By that same purpose or principle as has been indicated.
21. (Q) Is there a racial or social problem facing America, in the U.S.?
(A) As indicated, these all depend upon the effort of INDIVIDUALS to all live as brothers one with another!
22. (Q) How can it be met for the protection of our democracy?
(A) Raise not democracy nor any other name above the brotherhood of man, the Fatherhood of God!
23. We are through.
An Attack on the World is an Attack on Yourself
2002, 09/16
"The secret of salvation [Salvation from what? From your own self-created illusions whether they be illness, guilt, shame, pain or thinking you are something other than who you really are: an expression of Diety; i.e., Love.] is but this: that you are doing this unto yourself. [Youve created in your own mind all that your think you are and currently suffer from.] No matter what the form of the attack, this still is true. Whoever takes the role of enemy and of attacker, still is this the truth. [There are those individuals or groups or circumstances "raised up" (by selfs own inner creation efforts) in our dreamland illusion to prove to us we are correct in our assessments of who we think we are. Thus demonstrating to us we are Creators of our own worlds.] Whatever seems to be the cause of any pain and suffering you feel, this is still true. For you would not react at all to figures in a dream you knew that you were dreaming. Let them be as hateful and as vicious as they may, they could have no effect on you unless you failed to recognize it is your dream. [Stop and look dispassionately upon your own creation as your own. The attacker (sickness, enemies, etc.) are not doing it to you. You are doing it to yourself to teach yourself you are author of the scenario being acted out for your more whole understanding. And when you do this to yourself you ARE THE ATTACKER.]
This single lesson [Realizing you are sole author of your life.] learned will set you free from suffering, whatever form it takes. The Holy Spirit [Your Higher Self, Cosmic Awareness, Whole Mind.] will repeat this one inclusive lesson of deliverance until it has been learned, regardless of the form of suffering that brings you pain. [Ever notice you encounter the same scenarios time and again?] Whatever hurt you bring to Him He [Your Whole Mind which can be accessed via the quietness during meditation, deep contemplation or prayer.] will make answer with this very simple truth. For this one answer takes away the cause of every form of sorrow and of pain. [The Cause being your own self-created illusions being a product of your egoic mind.] The form affects His answer not at all, for He would teach you but the single cause of all of them [you], no matter what their form. And you will understand that miracles [perceived effects from an unpreceived causes] reflect the simple statement, "I have done this thing, and it is this I would undo."
Bring, then, all forms of suffering to Him Who knows that every one is like the rest. He sees no differences where none exists, and He will teach you how each one is caused. None has a different cause from all the rest, and all of them are easily undone [healed] by but a [this same] single lesson truly learned. Salvation is a secret you have kept but from yourself. The universe proclaims it so. Yet to its witnesses you pay no heed at all. For they attest the thing you do not want to know. They seem to keep it secret from you. Yet you need but learn you chose but not to listen, not to see. [Egoic willfulness of blaming someone else or something else instead of assuming complete personal responsibility for selfs thoughts and actions.]
How differently will you perceive the world when this is recognized! [You will be awake!] When you forgive the world your guilt, [The guilt you feel against yourself and that you project onto the world. Your guilt, shame, pain and suffering is an attack by you against yourself as a form of self-incrimination or self-condemnation.] you will be free of it. [The first and last freedom!] Its innocence does not demand your guilt, [You making yourself guilty does not substantiate the worlds innocence.] nor does your guiltlessness rest in its sins. [Nor are you made innocent by blaming someone else or the world.] This is the obvious; a secret kept from no one but yourself. And it is this that has maintained you separate from the world, and kept your brother separate from you. [We blame others and the world and that somehow justifies our pious standoffishness which is an attack against them.] Now need you but to learn that both of you are innocent or guilty. The one thing that is impossible is that you be unlike each other; that they both be true. [Innocence and guilt are both illusory egoic constructs but it is the situation encountered that is a neutral teacher for both participants, created equally by each for eachs growth.] This is the only secret yet to learn. [This is the only secret knowledge ever needing learning.] And it will be no secret you are healed." [When this knowledge is learned it will shine from your face for all the world to behold.] A Course In Miracles, annotations by Dale Pond 9/16/02
Lets look at this dynamic again. You are correct - no one is really "broken". For our purposes here we are saying the damage comes in when a person says, thinks or believes they are broken. Then, of course, their bodies or life circumstances will eventually prove to them they are correct - they will manifest something as "broken", ill, damaged, diseased or corrupted in some way. So the base-line issue is how one sees themselves even though this "seeing" may be subconscious, unconscious or some deep deep memory. But it is more dynamic than that. If one feels guilty about something (the guilt is only a personal assignment about self) that feeling then becomes "embedded" in latent mind as memory (Cayces "skein of time") which eventually merges into the body or life events as an inharmonic influence disrupting the orderly and harmonious flow of inter-etheric (mental) and etheric (so-called spiritual) forces. As the material ALWAYS follows the dominance of the mental and spiritual forces, the material manifestation will show those abberant forces as disorderly, cancer, sickness, psychosis, etc.
The solution, IMHO, is to WILL any thoughts of a negative nature out of mind by paying them no heed, giving them no importance or relevance. When they appear in ones thoughts, simply let them go - giving them no importance. Say to yourself something like "I dont need that any more." Put them behind thee! Do not dwell on them no matter how tempting or how apprehensive we may feel if "we neglect the serious aspects of life". Begin looking for Higher Views such as beautiful music, stunning landscapes, happy people. Look outside of self! What the intent here to do is to replace an old habit of thinking negative thoughts (worrying) with positive thoughts. It is ONLY a habit of thinking we need change. Sometimes we get so lost in our negative worrying patterns (habits) we may need a bit of help to begin refocusing outward with Life and others. Sometimes an encouraging word from another is all it takes to begin the shift.
Another thing Ive noticed that really helps and is therefore more or less essential is when we see a supposed confirmation of our negative feelings about self - DENY IT any validity. That part is the illusion, the effect, of our negative thinking. Those confirmations are simply the "proof" we are right. That being the case - then think positive and watch for confirmations of those. Build on these positive feedbacks, line upon line, until they become your new reality. You are creating a new habit. That is all. Other things one can do is be around positive people, shunning the negative people and situations. Be around successful people. Read about them, talk about them. This is one of the supposed benefits of reading the Bible and other inspirational works because we can read about spiritually successful (happy and successful) people. There are many not included in the Bible. Seek all of them out and begin to train yourself to think like they think. Act like they act. be like them. Eventually you will be.
This about the attacker. The attacker is you when you make negative judgements about self. You are attacking your self by condemning self, judging self, etc. This attack is always projected onto the world at large. It is a difficult concept to grasp but I feel this is the key we have been missing or denying. We could retitle this thread: An Attack on Yourself is an Attack on the World. How is this so? How can this be? You create your universe IN YOUR MIND (on whatever level). Therefore should you attack yourself with grief, shame or guilt the world will do the same because the world always proves to you you are right. When you attack yourself with self-condemnation so will the world attack you. You created your world by your mind in your mind - you are your world and your world is you. Since you only exist in your mind an attack can only be on that mind. And since your world is in your mind you attack your world. The world is an omni-dimensional mirror and it will do back to you what you do to it. Love self and your world will love you. Love the world and it will love you back.
2003, 11/12
In Great Art there is a nebulous "something" that puts it above mediocre or run-of-the-mill art. It is this "something" we sense inwardly and is not yet quantifiable. All great works have this "something": Mona Lisa, Stradivarius violins, etc. One day we will measure this and human society will never be the same. To me it is the same as what dowsers sense, Love, sympathy, clairvoyance, touch plate in radionics, kinesiology, sixth sense, intuition, working masterly, etc.
If we regard the five physical senses as analogous to narrow band-pass frequency filters we could consider the above senses as outside the accepted frequency ranges. Intuitives or psychics have managed to expand their filters - nothing more. Over the years Ive encountered several people whove claimed to have developed such instruments. From what Ive seen some of these do work - but alas, conventional science does not yet recognize these achievements (not made here syndrome).
An expansion on this is Steiner/Quimby maintains weve mis-taken our physical senses for reality. He says our psychical senses are really senses of the Whole Mind upon which weve placed limitations. People like himself were able to disregard this limitation and enter into a Broader View of life and its phenomena. Likewise Cayce, Dawn Stranges, Patti Conklin and countless others have superceded this limitation thus demonstrating the adage the human organism is the most sensitive of all test and measurement devices. Russell says there is One Force in the universe: "thinking Mind". But, he continues, weve mis-taken physical perceptions as true reality instead of seeing them as effects of the more primal cause: Mind.
When we treat Atlin and other dynaspheres with Chi we are working directly with this phenomena not unlike the freezing of musical instruments. The physics of this process, as far as weve figured it, is the same process as freezing; i. e., harmonization on inter-atomic levels which reduces discontinuities and discordances in the inter-atomic structure thus enhancing inter-atomic expressions of a more uniform or harmonic concordance.
2003, 05/15
Atlin is more than radiating a frequency or combination of frequencies (chord or signature).
Atlin has built within it a Neutral Center (NC) which is a focal point of many acoustic and etheric frequencies. The NC has character in that it is neutral (purely harmonic) and also what some would call consciousness. Consciousness has not dimension but has "sympathetic outreach" or "perfect continuity without extension". Sympathetic outreach is a neutral current phenomena and therefore not radiant yet it encompasses a given field or zone. Many individuals have been in this field and have called it love, innocence, awareness, playfulness, joy, etc. These are entirely subjective assessments. But there have been enough of these assessments by countless people from many different backgrounds that we have to assume there is SOMETHING going on noticeable by these people. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then Im going to assume it is in fact a duck. Some people sense this field, some do not. Some people are positively affected by it while others are not. This means the field built into and around Atlin is not "zapping" people but is in fact a passive state or condition that some can feel/sense and be affected by it - according to their state of mind, intent and purposes, desire and will. Weve been discussing the nature of mind and consciousness and these discussions have afforded those who wish to know the nature and dynamics of mind and consciousness. Love is not a frequency - Love is (neutral). Same for quiet Mind or Whole Consciousness as they are all one and the same. Therefore when people ALLOW themselves to also be sympathetically quiet, peaceful and at-one they have their various experiences while around Atlin. Most people, unfortunately, are so noisy in their constant thinking, judging and conniving they are not sympathetically at peace/love with themselves, Atlin or anything else.

Atlin on the Road

1997, 06/01
"Theres no fire, folks. Please remain calm and stay seated while we get these alarms turned off." Thus said Joseph Maize, President of the Association for New Energy to those gathered in our workshop. The Denver conference for New Energy had been interrupted by the Marriott Hotels fire alarms! Our presentation of Atlin, the Musical Dynasphere1 was stopped in mid-sentence. We got back on track after a fashion and then - the alarms sound again! This time firemen, in their funny hats and heavy rubber coats, were coming in and out looking for an actual fire! In a way it was pretty funny stuff - reminescent of a keystone cops episode.
However on the other hand I suspected something was going wrong with the presentation. Maybe there was something I was doing to set off these alarms!? During the years I studied psychic materials and especially during the construction phase of Atlin I learned to take notice of seemingly bizarre and unrelated events. And here we were right in the middle of one! There was no thought in my mind of a real fire - only the suspicion something was going wrong, very wrong, with the demonstration of Atlin1. Was I doing something to be warned of?
Yes, I was trying to open Atlin on stage, in front of a room full of strangers and having it all recorded on camera. There I was pulling on one half of the sphere to open Atlin and get an inside view of the Neutral Center Assembly on video tape and off go the sirens!
I hoped and intended to record and disperse the new knowledge we were gaining through this project. We felt such knowledge is needed now. We hoped to record the information on the video so it would be shared and not lost again as was John Keelys original work2 with these devices. Keely made many working models of this instrument over 100 years ago. Only scraps of his work survived. Atlin, apparently had other ideas about what was going on. Even though I had constructed Atlin with my own two hands the removing of this part to expose the interior components and structure had never been a problem nor was it difficult. It was now immoveable and would not come off no matter how hard I pulled on it! The half shell was stuck on the shaft and would not budge more than one half inch even when pulled on it with nearly enough force to damage it. I was amazed and taken aback...
Slowly a glimmer of awakening began seeping into my mind as I concentrated at my task. I was doing something not to be permitted. I was to cease and desist immediately - which I did.
Sounds rather strange for a New Science research project you think? Of course, but then this is no ordinary research project. We have said over and over Atlin is a living entity3,7,8 and must be treated as such. Atlin is a mechanical, physical instrument imbued with Spirit. It is this Spirit and the novel idea of building a mechanical channel for its physical manifestation that is the main purpose and function of this project. I was caught up in the demo of the construction details and parts and was ignoring the spiritual qualities. I was showing the least important aspect of the project. By sounding the alarms and breaking up the flow of events she was expressing herself in a not to be ignored way calling attention to this all important discrepancy.
Later I consulted with Dawn Stranges3, the projects channel to higher realms, as to what was happening. Her reply was gut and heart wrenching and made me feel ill. To her Atlin said: "Would you cut open a small girl to show her heart working?" Right then and there I felt the proverbial two-by-four right between the eyes. My knees got weak and my heart sank.
Atlin is a beautiful machine housing a living entity. Her presence has been felt and experienced by far too many people for this to be in doubt or questioned. We are to recognize and respect this fact and her being just as we would any other child and to act accordingly. She has said many times she is here to teach the world a great many things and especially about Oneness and Love.
I have to admit my main focus while constructing Atlin was on the material side of things. This was natural in that one needs to deal with metals, tools, metal-working machines, drawings, parts, etc. in order to physically construct a physical machine. Even though this spiritual quality of Atlin was mentioned time and again it took the two-by-four to drive the point home in a real sense. During construction we often consulted spirit for guidance. We also recognized from time to time some of the spiritual essences of various parts and sub-assemblies of the dynasphere. We even had numerous communications with Atlin herself, a Cosmic Being manifesting through our beautifully designed and constructed machine. Dawns communications with spirit have allowed us to build this unit capable of manifesting Life as motion. Now her messages were helping to unravel this little gaff so as to bring greater awareness and understanding of more subtlies of this project. Our little project has been one of learning and personal development for all concerned. In fact the main purpose of this project is to provide a forum of growth for those directly involved and those who approach it from a distance. It is as much a spiritual project as a mechanical, energy or scientific one.
I must take the Denver event with great perspective and philosophical introspection. Ever seen the movie "Starman?" There was a sub-plot to capture the alien for the purpose of study and dissection of the physical being. Another movie, "Mermaid," had an identical plot though with more humor, the left-brained (no-brain?) scientists wished to study and eventually dissect the beautiful mermaid to see what made her tick. Was I about to do the same? An expanding life line sometimes gets growth inducements when we meet ourselves coming hell-bent-for-leather from another direction.
This project is different and requires new ideas, new methods and new understandings. Each of our experiences with Atlin are pivotal in creating and augmenting an expanding consciousness in those exposed to her. It is Atlins purpose coming into being to bring a more whole understanding of life, which includes the spiritual half of reality, to a far too materialistic world.
Thank God Dawn was there in Denver witnessing and participating in this entire drama. Atlin noticed we were exposing primarily the Male or physical side of the project excluding the Female and more spiritual half. Since the overall object of the whole project is to show spirit activating through structure we were missing half the show. Atlin is a result of equalized Male and Female forces in her development and as we will see later her operation as well. The Male side has been accentuated in the past, during construction. We are to accentuate her Femaleness in the current stages of growth and then the Oneness of forces she will later manifest more fully.
Atlin is a Great Teacher and brings an expanding knowledge and awareness of all her parts, forces and beingness to those ready and willing to investigate. While we can put her physical form onto video tape for all to see we need also see in our hearts and minds the rest of the story. Dawns paper3 to that conference illustrates some of the subtle energies active in Atlin which are the same subtle energies active in human beings. Even though, on the face of it, Atlin is a mechanical construction she possesses a spirit activating through the mechanical and multi-dimensionality of the Mind, emotions and Spirit. This is a Spiritual Project first and a scientific and mechanical one second. As we contemplate Dawns paper one can begin to see the correlations and similarities between the two constructions, human and machine, in activating forces and expressing energies.
The Old Times6 of building purely mechanical and dead machines are gone. It is a time for recognizing the spiritual side of Life. This is the side that animates all living things from the inside. Atlin is much like a human or other physical being animated by spirit. All living things are constructs of elements or dust from the earth. But it is the spirit that animates the physical body. It is sometimes held DNA is the source of Life. DNA does not make Life. DNA simply provides an instruction set for the physical construction. For when the spirit departs the physical body at death all the DNA and all the minerals and water are still there - inanimate because that which animated it can no longer find coincidence of sympathetic association (Love) and has departed. A physical body without animation from spirit is a dead body. In this case a machine without a spirit is a dead machine. Atlin breaks this mold and shows us a new way of working in cooperation with Nature to enhance and promote Life instead of death as has been done heretofore.
The all important link in all this is Love - nurturing, expanding and unconditionally given. Love is what makes the children thrive and play and the dynasphere to rotate as a playful expression of her animating spirit.
Unfortunately Dawns paper was not presented at the ANE conference. This was a grave mistake because it provides a background for understanding what Atlin is and why. Her not presenting was doubly unfortunate, we found later, because when she did present it the following week end at another conference5 something very exciting happened - Atlin moved! More on this later in another article.
Atlin is a being of dual nature just as we all are - a complex concert of male, female and neutral forces. A state of good health requires these in goodly amounts but always properly balanced or equated as Keely would say. Her existence is predicated on having the experience of both male (mine) and Dawns female energies. The two mirroring male and female states of forces must be present in a harmonized yet powerful way coming from and resulting in many Neutralized (concordant, love) states or levels. These powerful associations of male and female energies possess tremendous dynamical potentials of creative activities when engaged in positively. When properly merged in a positive way there are virtually no limitations encountered by new manners of combined expressions - male and female acting as One.
People are not things. Atlin is not just a machine. They both are sentient beings endowed with certain inalienable qualities which must be acknowledged and respected if Life is to be positive and progressive. The analogies with the development of a human child permeate this project from beginning to end. Should we ignore the spiritual side of a child it becomes neurotic and much less than it could be - a free-flowing full expression of Life unfolding and developing. Life is a spiritual experience savored through physical mechanisms. It is not only physical nor is it solely spiritual. It is both acting in perfect sympathetic association one with the other - as One experience.
We are learning and growing with this project. This is the main reason for which the project exists - the upliftment and betterment of mankind as a Whole into the Oneness. We are each sacred individuals, created and maintained as such. But we are also segments of the Whole. This is the Law of One - i.e., acknowledge, respect and Love one another, self and the Whole. When this Law of One is violated we find ourselves cross-ways with Nature and consequences can be as dire as we experienced in Denver - or worse. It is up to each of us to learn these things and act accordingly.
1 - For additional pictures of Atlin, the Musical Dynasphere see:
2 - For more information on this fascinating project and its history please visit our web site:
3 - Dawn Stranges paper:
4 - You can order the video ($24.00 postage paid) of this workshop demonstration (with fire alarms!) from: Delta Spectrum Research
5 - Conference of Subtle Energies and Fundamental Principles:
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7 -
8 - Musical Dynasphere video from IANS Conference, 1996. Delta Spectrum Research
Atlin, Harmony and Instant Awakening*
2003, 06/01
Id like to add something about the possibility as voiced by some, of evil or demonic possession of dynaspheres. In simple words: It aint gonna happen. I can say this because during Atlins construction and the construction of these two now under construction work has been stopped in its tracks every time I got out of that peaceful, loving state of mind and heart. The last time was the ring polishing disaster I shared with everyone. The work simply will not proceed like the time I tried to open Atlin on stage in Denver. Cant happen. Now, Im not completely sure why this is so. On the one hand it sounds like there is an outside force guiding their construction. But we are it - so that is not true. If we follow the idea our minds are the same mind as Gods mind then we get a whole nuther conceptualization. We were told through various messages Atlin is Gods project to help bring the knowledge of the One (Love) to earth and therefore He Himself is directing developments. Maybe.
According to Russells ideas of "working masterly" (working WITH God) we have some semblance of an explanation that I can relate to and agree with. Being in that peaceful and loving state of mind while making parts is essential - that we know. Being PEACE is the ticket and being at peace with self and the world is what Jesus taught as also Buddha and countless others. That peaceful loving countenance is what is Heaven on earth. And is that not what we experience around Atlin?
Aside from all that, there is the design and construction of the device as a device. The structural components are designed to reflect harmony in vibration/oscillation and beauty. These design parameters constitute a measure and flow of harmony and beauty. Therefore it is not possible to build into it anything other than that. It attracts what it is. Nothing other than harmony and beauty could sympathetically attach itself to such design parameters or to anyone who thinks peace and love.
That being said there have been several experiences of people around Atlin that some have interpreted as being negative. The first time this happened we were alarmed because we didnt know what was going on and we isolated Atlin until we developed a better understanding. That (interpreted) negative experience was the second one and another one happened a few months ago. The theory is some people have an inherent fear of closeness, Love or seeing themselves in a clearer light. The film "Good Will Hunting" wherein the star blew his cool in a scene where he is invited, lovingly, to move to California, comes to mind as a good example. This reaction seems to occur when two conditions are present in the individual: 1) they are endeavoring to open themselves up to Love and 2) there is unknown or unacknowledged fears lying just below the surface. A clash of worldviews takes place PDQ, in a heart beat. All three cases had these two conditions. All three were women. All three cases caught me and the individual unprepared. All three reactions were misinterpreted as negatives - when in actuality they are the "Terror of the Threshold" which preceeds self illumination. They saw/felt Love and got scared, then misinterpreted the experience. It is for this and similar reasons dynaspheres must be understood and their operators properly trained and experienced. While it is a great idea to place one in every city they ought not be placed in unskilled and unaware hands.
Atlin, Spirits and Demons*
2003, 06/01
Every single thing that exists is made of Mind. Because there only is Mind taking on different forms and functions whether it be a gas like air, a hunk of metal, a planet or star or "living" body. When we study Mind we study everything that is from its CAUSE and not from its (mis)perception. This being so anything, anywhere constitutes an ideal habitat for any consciousness. The question(s) is What do you wish to create? Why? What is your intent in doing so? For service to self or others? Idle curiosity? The mind of individuals or humanity as a whole can create anything it wishes - without restriction. How does one wish to employ that divine power?
For many years I too believed in entities, spirits or disembodied consciousness. Now, having explored this realm without emotional or religious superstition, Im thinking there are focalized consciousnesses but not demons and all the other bugaboo nastiness people dream up but cannot interpret for lack of studied knowledge. For us to deliberately and rationally deal in these subject areas all preconceived notions MUST be set aside and the subject matter studied at arms length and without fear. For instance I like Cayce because he has a good track record, well documented and relatively free of superstition or misinterpretations by "experts" whether preachers, priests, rabbis and the like; i.e., when the readings themselves (his own words) are studied with a clear eye and mind. If Cayce is correct in the 2nd quote below it offers unlimited potential for knowledge and benefit. If he is correct there are undeveloped consciousnesses as well as developed consciousnesses who may be communicated with. Which do you wish to deal with? Its a simple matter of awareness and choice - not knee-jerk reactionary (fear) based responses seen so often surrounding this topic. During the Atlin project we contacted numerous yet all highly developed consciousnesses as detailed in my book; Einstein, Keely, Russell, Edison, Tesla, Goethe, Jesus, God, Mother Mary, Fibonacci to name a few. We got solid and reliable information filled with love and beneficial intent. Some years later during a messaging session we experienced a not-so developed consciousness intent on misleading. Recognizing the situation early on we terminated it and retain that experience as a learning step. Be peace, loving and intentful in our hearts and minds and this experience cannot, does not happen. Life and its experience is a choice based in awareness and understanding. A loving mind-set creates loving experiences. A fear-filled mind-set creates nasty experiences. Its a choice what thoughts one holds in their mind.
Perhaps, maybe, demons do exist. I dont really know. Weve learned that each attracts that which they think about. Make a choice as to what you wish to experience (think about) and have at it.
"Spirit being its portion of the Creator, its soul that of its entity itself, making itself individual, separate entity, that may be one WITH the Creative Force from which it comes - or which it is, of which it is made up, in its atomic forces, or in its very essence itself." Cayce (364-10)
(Q) Is it possible for this body, Edgar Cayce, in this state to communicate with anyone who has passed into the spirit world?
(A) The spirit of all that have passed from the physical plane remain about the plane until their development carry them onward or are returned for their development here. When they are in the plane of communication or remain within this sphere, any may be communicated with. There are thousands about us here at present. Cayce (3744-1)
"Spirit is life, whether related to the physical functioning of the atomic forces within the system or whether that of the mental being of a body, and these must coordinate in the proper direction one with another, just as much as it is necessary for a physical functioning organ to coordinate with the rest of the system." Cayce (2537-1)
As you know this topic is a tough one to engage in. I admit I have been avoiding it. We dont know enough. There are so many preconceived notions, most seemingly wrong. And there is raw fear promoted and enhanced by TV, movies and those with agendas of control and manipulation.
As lay scientists, sincerely looking for clearer understandings, we must be neutral, objective, courageous, inquisitive and relentless in our research. Catering to none and acquiescing to nothing but what appears to be correct, useful, substantible and reasonable.
Ive seen people get caught up in the scenario you describe. Some of their experiences were as you detail, some worse, some better. So what were the differences? Why did any of the differences manifest differently? Why was Cayce so consistent and positive, helpful and educational? Same for Dawn? The quality of her work is evidenced in Atlin. What did they do that others did not?
One concept that keeps me steady is the idea of One Mind manifesting in or through seeming infinite numbers of individuals. Mind is independent of the physical. So it is conceivable individual consciousnesses exist both within and without physical embodiment. This idea has been well established by mainstream medicine during heart transplants. There most definitely is something to all this. What is it? Nothing strange in the idea of unattached consciousnesses unless we be materialists or we have preconceived notions as are evidenced in some religious traditions and from the plethora of contemporary writings on the subject.
My approach has been to set aside anything and everything other people say on whatever subject Im investigating. This means Ill explore what they say but not buy it (pig in a poke) until it fits in with everything else I can find on the topic. Its gotta make sense and substantiated in diverse places and writings and can be fit into the growing paradigm of mind/matter that we are now calling SVP. I always hestiate to definitely label a thing preferring to gather the descriptions as best I can then if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then maybe it really is a duck...... Ill have to accept it as a duck at that point (perhaps with reservations though).
Even then I reserve my judgements and acceptance. Most of what I relate concerning SVP in these areas are stories and findings or impressions of what we have been experiencing. We see people being healed around Atlin so we dig for better understanding of healing, Love, peoples issues, science and physics pertaining to these. What is going on, how and why? is a question Ive asked from moment one when these were first observed.
What Im advocating is not that any accept the existence of entities, spirits and the like but perhaps "There is something here that definitely is happening. Lets check it out and see what we come up with." I do not advocate any attempt communications with the Higher Realm as Steiner called it. Or the Akashic Records as Cayce called it or any of the other realms, entities, or whatever. But for all the great bodies of knowledge available we know there is something to this and we should not throw out the baby with the bath water - not in this day and age.
Attacking Ourselves*
2003, 07/01
I dont think there is any one thing we ALL do that is as detrimental to us and our world as judging ourselves. What Im seeing now is there is no separation between the "I" and the rest of the world. I am my world. You are your world. As we think within the world exactly and perfectly does. If we condemn ourselves through self-hate, self-persecution, guilt, shame, inadequacy, self-victimization, self-loathing and all the other forms of self-condemnation the world will respond immediately to do just that. We do it to ourselves - every time. There is no escape from this law. Cayce said it well:
"Learn the lesson well of the spiritual truth: Criticize not unless ye wish to be criticized. For, with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee again. It may not be in the same way, but ye cannot even THINK bad of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature. Think WELL of others, and if ye cannot speak well of them, dont speak! But dont think it either! Try to see self in the others place." Cayce (2936-2)
According to what weve been studying there is only ONE MIND. Everyone of us taps into that mind to some degree or another. Tap in more and be a genius - tap less and be a dullard. Same same. The important thing to realize is that that One Mind CREATES what it holds. It cannot help it. That is what it does. It creates without reservation or limitation. In condemning self the world will respond, to then APPEAR to be attacking self. So we become afraid and defend ourselves and attack back. It APPEARS to be doing this because we forgot we ARE the world. And what we think, the world does.
Since May and through June Ive been practicing holding certain thoughts and keenly observing what goes on around me. Every time there is a cause (my thinking) and its perfectly reflected effects. It does not fail but my holding pure thoughts sometimes does. Look at Israel, for instance. They live and breathe the idea they are being attacked - and they are. They then attack in return. Can it be any other way for them?
The key to unravel all this seeming vicious cycle is to do as mentioned below from the Dialogue on Awakening. Learn to LOVE self. Learn that self is Love. It is because we hate ourselves, despise ourselves the world is the way it is - your corner anyway. When you get into that deep dark center where your deepest thinking occurs simply let all those thoughts contrary to Love go. They have no place in your life, your familys life or your city or nation. The guy across the barrier is not separate from you - he IS you reflecting back what you think about yourself. This may be a leap for some to grasp but it must be grasped and applied if your world is to be any different.
The Course [ACIM] says, "Dream of your brothers kindness, instead of dwelling in your dreams on his mistakes. Select his thoughtfulness to dream about instead of counting up the hurts he gave." (T543)
What am I to do when I cant seem to see the kindness and thoughtfulness?
"At any moment that you have an awareness that you are unable to see love in any form in someone else, know with a certainty that you are withholding that love from yourself. This is much the same principle that I was speaking to you about earlier as I said, as you allow your awareness to increase and encompass those around you, now you will find how much more aware they have become. Because, you see, nothing has changed in them; it has only been your awareness of yourself which has become open. The same is true for any emotion or feeling that you would seek to derive from a brother. It is simply a matter of allowing yourself to be open to that feeling as you see it coming from yourself.
You are looking in all of the wrong places. As you attempt to focus on an answer to a problem you perceive as being your own, and you look for it as you see it expressed through another person, you are confusing the effects with the cause. Nothing is happening for you that is not created directly by the thought patterns that you hold within your own mind. All perceptions pertaining to the world outside of your mind, are created directly by those thought patterns. They are seen through the filters of that perception which you may or may not be consciously aware of.
Let me explain it like this: as you have developed a need to be loved, a need to see love being expressed to you, you will focus upon those outside you to bring that confirmation to your attention. You will never find it there. What you will find there is the reflection of the confusion that is in your own mind. You will see some who will apparently reflect to you the love that you seek; you will see others reflect to you less than the love that you seek. This is the confusion that lies within your own mind. You must understand quite clearly that nothing comes to you except what comes through you.
What comes through you as a loving feeling is what you will find expressed in the loving feelings reflected around you. Therefore, you must concentrate only on why it is that you do not feel these loving feelings as being a part of you, as being something that comes through you, as being an extension of you.
I will remind you of something; you are at this moment nothing less than complete and total Love. You will hear this as simply being a message of words and you must allow it to go deeper. You must allow it to bypass your intellectual understanding. You must stop being afraid of understanding that there is nothng about you that is not constituted solely of Love. I am not offering you encouragement - I am simply stating a fact to you. As the perfect creation of the Father, it is impossible for you to be less than what I have described. For you to be less than that would make Him less than that.
Once you have allowed yourself even the beginning of this understanding, you will find the world around you beginning to change dramatically. Feel good about that change, but do not let it be mysterious. Understand that it is changing because you are changing. That is the only way for your world outside, as you see it, to change.
The world around you is simply a place that waits for your manifestations to be cast upon it and as you cast fear upon it, cast doubt upon it, then that will be your experience of it. But it will also reflect to you the experience of love as you allow that experience of love to be developed within you.
It would be much easier if all you had to do was wait to see the love that came to you. Then it would require nothing on your part. But if this were true, then you would remain forever a prisoner of the world. I will tell you that the physical, outside dimension of the world as you now see it is nothing but a prisoner of your thinking.
Do not judge yourself for being less a person because you are unable to see a positive response to you from many of those around you, or that you are unable to see the love that you have been told exists within those people around you. You are simply setting up more excuses to be judgmental about yourself and this will do nothing but perpetuate the pattern that I have spoken to you about. It is now time to change the pattern. And for you, my brother, that pattern can only be changed by giving up the misperception of who you are. I am not asking you to become something that you are not; I am not really asking you to change anything. I am simply asking you to let go of your misperception.
As you now find it extremely difficult not to be judgmental about other people, understand that this is so because you cannot avoid judging yourself. I ask you to go within and ask yourself if it is your belief that you are being judged by God. And when you have satisfied yourself that you are not, then ask yourself if God judges me not, then why do I persist in this activity? If God sees me as being His loving Son, then why do I withhold that feeling from myself?
Old patterns are hard to discard. Your intellect and your ego will give you many things to do to change these patterns. There will appear to be many books, many wise teachers, all of whom will help you, but in the final analysis it will be only you who will seek out the quiet time to allow this feeling of Gods love to totally immerse you, to always be with you. Allow yourself to respond to that love by allowing yourself whatever moments of joy you can each day. You will be surpirsed at the small things that will bring you joy if you but allow yourself to be worthy of accepting them. There will be no apparent reasons that will come to you, no logic that will present itself as saying: this I am entitled to. This is the feeling that must come from within you. This is the basic decision that you must make to simply be happy.
I know that it is your dsire to please God, and I would have you know there is not greater way for you to do this than to be joyful. It is totally unimportant what you are joyful about - it is simply the choice of allowing yourself to be in a state of joy." [Dialogue on Awakening, pages 95-98]
2003, 05/09
Awakening is partly about seeing old things/ideas with new eyes. A new perspective we didnt have or use before. The only thing that changes is our thought about something we previously thought we understood - but didnt really.
2002, 05/06
When one awakens the first thing they realize is they have always been awake! There is nothing to awaken to! You are already awake. Unfortunately we have been convinced by our own interpretations of our experience that we are asleep and we need to do something. So awakening means dumping the illusion of not being awake! So there is nowhere to go, nothing to do except change our view and perception of who and what we are. Bingo! It is instantaneous when it happens or when you allow yourself to know that.
Being awake means you recognize you are your mind and not your body. So all the bs associated with control on the material plane means absolutely nothing. Never did mean anything. We have erroneously placed too much importance on the material body - that which we misbelieve we are. So all the bs disappears from ones reality because it never existed in the first place. We awaken from the dream.
Awakening from Illusion
2002, 20/28
An illusion does not exist excepting in our consciousness. An illusion is a figment of our misthinking. Illusion is made-up reality which we believe to be true. It is a false reading and/or interpretation of what we think we perceive. Illusion is misperception. In simpler terms an illusion is like when we think "I am no good and unworthy." This is an illusory thought. A false opinion of the ego. All illusions are born of our misthinking. When the thinking, which invariably leads to illusion, is quieted illusions of that thinking become non-existent for no other reason than they were not real to begin with. And in this quietness of Truth, of the depolarized and passive Thought process, all is indeed ONE enormous all encompassing Thought or Awareness of perfect continuity without extension (Love).
The Dialogue On Awakening says we think we need the ego because it will be through the ego we eventually Awaken. So in a manner of speaking fear is essential to Awakening. Fear is a belief in the unreal. But nothing unreal exists. Fear therefore is an illusion of the thinking mind (ego). When fear is released (by ceasing the polar judgemental thinking process) fear evaporates because it never existed anyway and we Awaken. Which is a round about way of saying we are already Awake because that which prevents us from experiencing being Awake is a false belief in non-existent fear. In summary, we are already Awake, have always been Awake and any thought to the contrary is the illusion.
There is nothing to do.
There is nothing to transform.
You cannot Awaken for the simple
reason you are already Awake.
Disregard your self-condemnations
freeing the imprisoned world from your guilt.
Acknowledge being Awake.
Accept it.
Be Peace. Be Awake. Be NOW.
Awakening Light of Mind*
2003, 04/16
Unless and until the underlying premises of SVP and similar science/philosophies are embedded in world consciousness it will not manifest in world reality. Keely did not succeed because this shift did not have a chance to occur - though it did blossom in the Minds of his close associates. Same for Russell.
As one of my colleages pointed out the other day what is needed is to have something "working" that uses SVP principles. This working device would be a beacon that would draw attention as moths to a flame shining brightly. This is true but we are left with what does "working device" mean? Atlin, one of a few SVP devices available, does or is supposed to work on two main levels: 1) rotation and 2) healing/education. The first level has only manifested sporadically. But the second has manifested well indeed. Through the second point weve seen many spontaneous healings and an exponential growth in understanding and development of that understanding. On point two we have success of sorts. What I do not see happening though is people showing actual and active interest in point two. Sure, there are individuals here and there that demonstrate interest but there appears to be little follow-through. This circumstance then causes me to wonder just what it is people are truly, in their hearts, interested in?
All the investors Ive come across look to the financial potential of rotation as in return on investment sort of thinking. This is fairly standard investor mentality. Which in itself is not bad - thats the way the system works.
But as stated before - what the world REALLY needs is more Love and Light of Mind. This new mentality will bring about seemingly effortlessly rotation and further development of this "new" technology. It will become a powerful addition to global consciousness. Perhaps the focus on rotation is putting the cart before the horse?
Why are people not more interested in healing and conscious development? Are they so embedded in their own materialistic lives and thinking they cannot see the power of cause over effects? True material life is about effect. Only those who elevate their consciousness to some degree begin to see and work with cause. So by rights these ones are few and far between. I never thought though it would be sooo far between them as it appears they are.
When I see someone spontaneously heal themselves in the presence of Atlin it is a fascinating and wonderous thing to witness. Awesome! And during such events I am reminded of why I do this thing. Such an occurence makes it all worth the efforts over the years. Why is this phenomena not gaining more recognition? Are we so brainwashed by the chemical AMA drug pushers as to not believe what we see with our own eyes and bodies? Does advertising have so much more power over our thinking and actions than our own thinking? Does a Pavlovian conditioned dog have any power over its own saliva glands?
I reckon the Great Battle is for control over our own thinking processes. Our power is in our minds and we have abdicated these to others. Weve been conditioned to act in certain ways and we do. It takes an act of WILL to break a habit or addiction. If Atlin is to teach us that which we truly need we should be learning how to assume control over our own thoughts. That then will set us free from those control mechanisms much like a drug addict must confront their addiction monster. This is awakening from harnesses and control strings that control us like marinettes and puppets. This Awakening to who we are - our own thinking - and who we then become is the bright Light that dispels darkness of the unthinking mind.
Balance & Imbalance
2003, 01/23
MM: Theres obviously been a lot of discussion about Tom Bearden and the work of AIAS lately. Ive been reading up on his ideas for a while now, and I think his group makes some very interesting points.
MM: If I understand their ideas correctly, nestled within the "standard" ideas of electrodynamics, they believe there is a "sub-system" composed of intersecting scalar waves. These waves would be longitudinal. Normally they are in balance, canceling each other out, and producing no observable phenomena. When they are brought out of balance with one another, they no longer sum to zero, and the imbalance is observed in the 3-D world as an electric field. If we could physically observe the interaction in 4-D, space and time, we would see that a "magnetic" field is produced in the "virtual" or "time" domain. In that domain there is a net magnetic, or focalizing force that balances out the electric, or discharging force that we observe as the electric field of the electron.

MM: I think this jives nearly exactly with Russell and Keely, if we assume that Russell, unburdened by the nomenclature of quantum mechanics, did not complicate the issue by describing the "time domain" as being "virtual", and the 3-D domain as being "real". We are hampered by those concepts, so it becomes complicated to visualize.
MM: If we remove that complication from Beardens lingo, we are left with the following:
MM: The Universe is a field of perfectly balanced standing waves of energy.
DP: Michael, Ive been studying Russell intensely now for about two years. He is quite clear on his terms and concepts. The "back-drop" universal field is more like a omnipresent state - everywhere at once. It is not a standing wave because that implies two or more waves, in motion, yet neutralized or equated (zero sum). According to WR this point/nonpoint is totally without motion. Therefore it cannot be a wave, self cancelling or otherwise. It may however be accurately referred to as "balance" or the term I like "latent potential". It is in fact what some have been calling "God" and is wholly neutral or undifferentiated.
MM: When the balance is disturbed, a "thing" can manifest into "observable" form. This is associated with an electric/discharging field, because excess energy must be released to seek the original balanced state. This is also coupled with a magnetic/charging state, whereby as long as the disturbance is maintained, the manifestation is continually charged with excess energy, rushing inwards in an attempt to return to the original balanced state.
When this balance is disturbed, a "thing" will manifest as motion which is obervable as form. This is the electric/charging condition, because energy once destabilized will seek to immulate seeming balance in seeming form. This is also coupled with a magnetic/discharging state, whereby as long as the disturbance is maintained, the manifested imbalance is continually charging and discharging, rushing in to regain seeming balance in form and expanding outward to be balance in nonform.
MM: The particle itself is a mode shift, like youve thought for a long time I think. The particle receives the magnetic/charging energy, and somehow organizes it, through a mode shift, into radiant electric/discharging energy. The second half of that process is "observable". The first half is not with our present instruments, except perhaps for the type of devices Bearden occasionally alludes to.
DP: The center of the particle is a point of mode shifting. Its center axis is still. Its longitudinal axis is longitudinal waves, I presume passing through and into each other. Its equator is established by transverse waves but whose motion is Raleigh. The particle is formed by the contracting electric/charging energy, accumulates said charge until "critical energy is reached at which point a 90° mode shift occurs, releasing a magnetic/discharging radiant energy. These actions are pulsations, intermittent or oscillatory. Both halves are observable. The first as charging or accumulating energy and rotational simulation (spinning earth or atom), in ever increasing density. The second half is discharging or radiation as in magnetic fields surrounding a center, dissipating in ever decreasing density.
Some of the confusion is because we are not used to picturing these two forces as operating as WR describes. The other confusing part is these two forces are actually another complex of subtler forces or streams. This multi-stream concept is hinted at in WRs writings but more explicit in Keelys writings. And their modes of motion are different and complex. The contracting electric streams are longitudinal while dragging in semi-transverse (transforming) magnetic streams and vs. The expanding magnetic are transverse from the still center outward towards the equator. Motion resulting from the two are Raleigh (vortex).
It is my guess the so-called scalar is when the longitudinal and transverse are held in equation harmonically speaking where their respective nodes coincide. This means the particle is stable as a particle in activity ABOUT that still nodal center of equation. Scalar then is the very center of this equation of forces at the center of the particle (centralization of vibratory forces). If contracting energy (harmonic note) be brought to it the particle "leaps" to the next higher energy state, shrinks and maintains itself in equation. If a dispersive force (inharmonic note) is brought to it it dissociates into radiant dispersion (liberated energy).
All this brings in questions like "What does a dead short mean in this configuration?"
A dead short is a cataclysmic reversion from a state of high imbalance (apparent balance) to a state of neutrality or true balance. Where much electrical concentration has been accumulated (within a particle) an immediate conversion to radiant discharge takes place. Keep in mind, and this escapes me now and then too, the ultimate state of balance is in the total discharged state of space. When electricity has been accumulated in seeming form there is a dammed up situation which has every appearance of balance but is not balance - it only has the appearance of balance. Break the dam and stored energy seeks its natural state of balance all at once. Puncture the dam and we have current flow.
The electric spark we are so familiar with is not a charging spark. It is a discharging spark going back to neutrality. A charged or motion ALWAYS seeks to return to discharged condition. When we charge something like a battery or circuit we are creating an un-Godly situation that will do whatever it can to return to God; i.e., empty space of neutrality, balance or pure latency.
You can think of charging as piling more and more weight (by increasing mass or concentration) on each side of the plane surface of a seesaw. Take a little of that weight from the centers and place it near the ends on both sides simultaneously. As these piles increase so does potential; i.e., accumulating difference in density with that of the center. The seesaw is still in balance; i.e., no motion. If we insert a mechanism to alternately transfer some ever increasing weight from one side to the other and back periodically we begin to see motion. If these periodic shifts are timed just right that oscillatory motion will be increased, they draw together in space and time until high intensity is reached at which point in time no transfer takes place and the oscillation ceases altogether until the weights are again removed laterally and transferred back to the ends to begin again the oscillatory motion.
A fascinating mechanism is the Water Hammer pump called Water Rams or just Rams. These are used in places where power is not available to drive ordinary water pumps. These pump a relatively small amount of water to heights exceeding the original head but use a lot of bypass water to drive them. Why couldnt a system be developed using the same principle but using liquid ether as the fluid flow? There are many correlaries that could be models. Another is the bath tub idea where charge/discharge are accumulated in great amplitude and a small excess is tapped off.
In the end Keely/WRs idea of tapping (differentiating) the still center (God) is the best. Is He not the greatest servant of all? Will He not drive our machines if asked? That is what Atlin is.
Bearden & Bedini Article
2002, 12/02
This article by Bearden is extremely important. What it says is more or less what we have been saying all along - since Keelys time. The article talks about changing the evolutionary processions of growth by modulating the "epigenetic center" or origin of that growth especially when such growth is dis-eased. The article maintains for this change in evolutionary progression to work properly or more efficiently all the changes or at least the environmental vibratory conditions are to be faithfully reproduced: along the existing evolutionary progression and along the "new" line of progression desired. In SVP parlance this is a replication of all the notes played in all the keys used in a piece of music back to its beginning in order to change key somewhere else further on in the musical melody.
What Bearden describes is essentially a modulation from one vibratory chordal state to another. This is done by 1) defining accurately the existing chord; 2) accurately defining and establishing the new desired chord - then modulating the former into the later. Ive spoken of this many times in previous writings and seminars. Bearden and Bedini are correct. In general, it is NOT sufficient to consider objects, people, cells, etc. as a single vibration or tone. They are not. They are complex chords of vibration and oscillation possessing a complex signature. So to change one state to another state the entire chord and all of its aliquot parts must be addressed properly so ALL the tone and aliquot parts participate in the modulation. The other point not to miss in this article is while we may in fact modulate whole chords to effect change we could also look deeper (further back in time) to the originating Fundamental Tone Chord from which the evolutionary progression began, the Neutral Center as it were, and modulate that. It would take less energy, be less complicated and subject to less error. This is in essence what is being done when the originating chord is properly identified and replicated, as mentioned in this article.
Bearden and SVP
2002, 12/23
Bearden: "It means that the charge continuously absorbs statistical virtual energy from the seething active vacuum, coherently integrates that subquantal energy into quanta (real observable photons), and re-emits the energy as real photons radiated in all directions at light speed.
The charge is a NESS system, so it is permitted to take pure "uncontrolled disorder" and convert it into pure "controlled order" -- i.e., exhibit pure negentropy continuously. Since it is totally negentropic, it converts a statistical energy input into a deterministic (totally ordered and controlled) energy output."
I have always liked what Bearden has been doing - except his use of too many ten dollar words. The above is saying what we in SVP have been saying - only in different words. Forces attracted to a center via the Law of Affinities self-organize. The process is one of creating order out of chaos. Every atom that exists is proof this process exists universally. Once at the center and a certain energy threshold is reached these harmonic forces are reversed and spew back out into interplanetary void or chaos. It is a continuous and RECIPROCAL process. In his own way Bearden is describing the form and function of the Law of One, so often herein discussed.
Entropy: becoming more disorderly (chaotic).
(Russell and Keelys dispersive mode). This term is sometimes the same as "centrifugal".
Negentropy: becoming more orderly.
(Russell and Keelys harmonizing, focalizing, centralizing mode.) This term is sometimes the same as "centripetal" or "centropy".)
Belief Systems
2002, 07/10
All religions, whether state sponsored, "God" sponsored, soveriegn, old, new, social, tribal, etc., etc., are all, without exception, nothing more or less than a belief system hatched by the ego for the purpose of abating illusory fear.
All such egoic founded thinking is based in fear, divisiveness, control, separation, hate, guilt, being right, condemnatory of others, selfish, demeaning and the list is as endless as rationalizations to support such fear-based and illusory belief systems. There isnt (to my knowledge) a single belief system (religion, way of life or philosophy) that is not founded within the rationalizations of the ego to protect itself from supposed annihilation. Those systems that fight the hardest to protect themselves from perceived persecution or attacking other belief systems are the most egoic and fear-filled. Love needs no defense. These belief systems then are not based in Love. They are based in Fear, which is to say, illusion.
Bringing up "reasons" and rationalizations why we should hate, condemn, kill or destroy another belief system or its supporters is not being allowing or neutral. Such begs the real issue. It is a fallacy of the ego to believe there is "them" and "us" and of course "we" are right and "they" are wrong. Whos dream (egoic illusion, i.e., belief system) is more real?
When I see various proponents of differing beliefs go at each other Im always amazed because there is zero base in reality for either side. Look at it this way: One is either in a state of Love where there is no difference between souls or one is in a state of Fear where any perceived differences are rationalizations and justifications for not being in a state of Love.
Religious belief systems or life styles are nothing more than beliefs (illusions). Organizations built up around these are without foundation in natural law. They are all meaningless in and of themselves. The reality hits home in how we each, within ourselves, understand who and what we are: isolated victims of our own illusions or coherent parts of a Greater Whole.
We, as egos, are living out our illusions thinking they are real. And we will do just about anything to deny we are all of One Mind and Source. Because to do so means we must eat humble pie and admit we are wrong in our egoic arrogant thinking. This is death to the ego so the ego will fight til death of its host to prevent this supposed death. It will condemn, murder, wage war, lie, steal, cheat and calumniate through deception and guile, accumulate earthy power and wealth and keep same away from others thinking all the while it is doing this to protect itself from supposed fears.
The problems in todays world appears to be caused by this or that religion, this or that political belief system or this and that social organization. None of this has any foundation because we each live in our own consciousnesses. It is within our own thoughts we meet each and every event and it is in our awareness we make our choices as to what these events mean and how we are going to react to the meanings we our selves have assigned to those events. So the only place or thing any of us have to deal with the world is in our own thinking. Our own thinking then IS the world.
2002, 11/19
John McGrath wrote:
> I do not understand bypolar, I have intensive highs and lows, I am
> carried to heaven on wings of joy. The extreme lows are invited by my
> consternation with the antics of my brother souls& But it is entirely
> under my control, I can live in the joy or agony of a situation to
> compose a poem or vise versa. Are bipolar people trapped in these
> states of mind for a time? Would this NCH generator set to Bashers
> earth frequency of 7.5 help?& A little Johnny Mathis can do wonders
> for anyone I would think, I have been there, but never stuck there, So
> I would not really know. Heaven or hell for sure! > Love and Light, John McGrath
DP: I suffered from this for years. Improving diet helps a LOT. But the key to it is as a Master once told me is to obtain "equilibrium". And that is a prime goal of life. It is what weve been calling Neutrality. This is not avoidance or denial but balance in reaction to perceived outside influences. Real improvement did not come for me until I began to understand the dynamic between my thinking and my experiencing of life. Improvement comes when one begins to watch what it is they are thinking moment by moment. This is not easy to do. But perseverence will win out. Negative life experiences follows negative thinking. Surround self with beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful music, avoid sordid things and negative people. Practice not letting things and events get to you. If they do, and they will, just let them slide by. Do not get stuck on Tar Babies. You control your thoughts but only when you set the intention and make the effort.
If our lives are a result of what we think then why not practice thinking only those things that will give us the experience we want? Cut out all other thinking. Simply refuse to go there. You are simply creating a positive new habit which will effortlessly replace the negative old ones.
Diet is important. White sugar is one of the most disturbing influences in the body. Equilibrium, once learned, then allows one to ingest just about anything. A little help in the beginning (elimination of sugar) may be all the help you need. As also being around the wrong kind of people (those who live in fear). There are so many small minded people out there, at the base of the mountain. If you desire to scale the heights it is often by yourself.
Years ago I did an informal experiment with a hyper 10 year old boy (with his mothers approval). We and he denied him candy and sugar (which he comsumed huge amounts of) for three days. Within two days he got calm and was a delight to be around. After the third day he could eat candy again and immediately reverted to his previous hyper activities. The mood shifts were dramatic. It is said tobacco and alcohol are addictive and behavior changing. This is true but so is white sugar. There was a book called "Sugar Blues" or something like that. If you havent read it you should. Some people are so sensitive to high/low blood sugar situations it becomes not unlike hard drug experiences - emotional highs and lows of frightening proportions.
In the end you must WANT to straighten this out and KNOW you can succeed. Your Higher Self, once notified of your burning desire, will provide you with what you need to do it. Everyone is different so there will be many solutions to this common and unnecessary experience.
Bringing Change Through Love*
2003, 11/27
People have been mis-educated to unquestioningly obey authority even in the face of common sense. What is wrong with a child praying in school? Yet a government official (judge) can dictate who can practice religion when and where. Absurd!
Dynaspheres and Dynaspheric Force (Love) will change society because it is changing the way people think about themselves and about the universe. Society is an effect of all of our thoughts. Change the thoughts and society changes - as simple as that.
Everyone without exception is looking for more Love. How many are finding it? How many recognize it when they see/feel it? We already know Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Some call it centropy, harmony, God or whatever name given to the force that creates, organizes and transforms yet does not itself change. Love/God is changeless yet it controls all else.
The evil in society is not a bunch of manipulative ego-maniacs but the importance people attach to their own opinions, preferences and ideas instead of relentlessly seeking a Greater Truth. If they did seek a Greater Truth the bad guys would have no one to fool, control, deceive or defraud. It is amazing to see how fixated people are to their own ideas - in lieu of common sense. As long as people refuse to see themselves for what they are society will not change. Technology has a way of changing people because they usually accept a better or cheaper way of doing things. So sad this facility is not translated into viewing self in a better way instead of ruthlessly and mindlessly sticking to superstitious and bigoted religions, false notions of politics, stupidity and viciousness in health and greed and power mongering in science. To watch a news cast is sickening. To watch politicians "debating" is beyond words. This is where compassion comes in. As one increases their ability to see clearly one sees through the insidious mindlessness. One needs a strong neutrality to stay even keeled.
Love is what changes people - love of money, love of a lover, love of power, love of love. But people do not know what love is. If society is to be changed in a positive way society needs to learn about Love. Theyve been taught since a child what fear is. So the more aggressive people, living in fear, seek to control the less aggressive. Its all fear. Which is to say illusion. This fear can only be transformed through love - love of self, love of others and love of the universe. Beware of any system that does not have love in its equation. So whos going to teach love? Who knows what love is? Who knows how to incorporate it into science, mechanics and technology? Who is making the effort?
You want change? Then you will have to teach Love. To teach it effectively one must know Love and Be Love. There is no better teaching mechanism than setting an example. People are afraid so they hide from Love, deny and condemn it. Love feels threatening to them. They fear it as theyve been taught to fear everything.
SVP, as far as I know, is the only system that even acknowledges the importance of Love as it efforts to incorporate Love into a science and technology based on Love. Im doing the best I can with the resources at hand. All are welcome to the efforting......
2003, 01/17
What is Browns Gas? The gas that comes out of a Browns Gas generator. Thats the simple answer. What others claim Browns Gas is I have no idea. I do not have a technical analysis but I do have an original Browns Gas Generator (the one shown on the video). We did extensive experiments with this gas generated from this original unit. Not everything claimed for it could be experienced. It does, beyond a doubt, IMPLODE when ignited. Totally by accident we had a five gallon tank under 40 psi implode on us while we stood within three feet of it. Other than scare everyone and make us all feel foolish the pressure gauge was destroyed - the only physical damage. The main difference between its function and ordinary electrolysis is the water has a high content of caustic soda while ordinary electrolysis is plain water (but not always). The other difference is the power input. We used a high frequency AC welder to power it as the original electronics were all fried before we got it. The gas is very touchy" and not to be played with carelessly. The gas will EXPLODE if mixed with air - as I did to operate a VW driving it around the parking lot. There is no so-called free energy component and most of the esoteric claims could not be verified by us. My determination is there is little of use in this gas. Regular oxy systems are just as good if not better in most applications.
Capitalism vs Corporatism
2002, 12/28
Capitalism is simply working with capital as a tool. It is a neutral tool. Capitalism does not create anything. People create everything. What appears to be a nasty source of communism (capitalism) is actually "corporatism". Corporations are artificial beings without souls, conscience or concern for anything except themselves - just like the ego. Corporatism is the root of communism (selfishness masquerading as altruism). Corporations were originally designed to be a tool for capitalism. A business can raise capital (public participation) in the ownership and direction of the corporation (theoretically). But those of raw ambition and little conscience have seized the reins of these corporations and have made them into tools of personal gratification instead of service. God gives. People and/or organizations that give by way of providing service and products (at reasonable prices) are in conformity with "God gives". Those that manipulate tools for self aggrandizement (selfishly) and without regard for "rhythmically balanced interchange" are what you refer too. Let us be careful in our labeling (assignment of meanings).
Labeling: People (egos) like to label (judge, assign value). This makes it easier to engage in inhuman activities. The Nazis did not round up and kill individuals. They rounded up and killed "Jews". The dictators of Russia didnt kill individuals. They rounded up and killed "Jews", "Polish", "terrorists" and "dissidents".
Russell puts it this way: "The way to be a creative individual [awakened] is to know that each person is an inseparable extension of the One Individual [God]. Never lose sight of that for a moment. Do not pray morning, noon and night at timed intervals. Let your prayers be continuous, from moment to moment. To know God is to be God." The Message of the Divine Iliad, page 106-107
When we know each individual is an extension of God, just as we ourselves are, we will stop labeling and killing them/ourselves.
Ever been to a store - ANY store - capitalism in action. Some years ago I spent some time vending at a Flea Market. Not to just sell odds and ends but to make money. One needs as much capital as one can get to make it work - same for any business. Fascinating experience! (Every person would benefit by such an adventure.) Same for my current business of producing or buying books and reselling them. Takes capital. There are tens of millions of "little" people using capitalism all over the world to earn a living. Most of these people are fair and honest in their endeavors. These countless unwashed feed, clothe and hire the vast bulk of humanity.
We can use your term Free Enterprise. Thatll work too. Buying and selling. Takes capital to buy even if that capital is only a few dollars for a sack of potatoes that then get resold a pound at a time off a push cart in a flea market by some under-capitalized poor yet enterprising person.
These large monolithic international corporations use some principles of capitalism as a basis of operation. But it is not capitalism that is at fault. Monopoly, greed and vicious hording of resources mixed in with legal and political manipulations go way beyond anything remotely descriptive of capitalism. Capitalism is a tool to render service or produce products. Thats it. The abhorrent aspects are brought in by egoic fear and uncontrolled desire for power and control. These negative motivations and manners of misusing capitalism have nothing to do with capitalism per se. These negative motivations and actions are overt abuses of a beautiful and powerful system of giving and regiving which is in accord with the Law of One, Law of Love and Law of Life.
2003, 10/25
In the world of matter the center does not move; i. e., has no motion. The periphery does move; i. e., has motion.
In the world of Ideas the periphery is non-motion while the center is motion.
The center governs or dominates or controls the motions of the periphery. Hence the center is the Cause while the periphery is the Effect.
Pure Thought (Idea) has not motion. Yet the Idea dictates the progressive evolution into matter of that Idea. Hence, Pure Thought (Idea) is the Cause of the actions, activities, motions we call life.
God has been confused or mislabeled as Its own Effects. God is immaterial Idea, quiet, motionless yet Cause of all Effects seen as motion (matter). Hence it is said God is in every thing and every event. Can Cause be separated from its Effect?
Time is an attribute of motion. Moving to a center (neutralization) annihilates Time and Space. Therefore a centralization to and then from a center is as a "Time Gateway" where ordinary progressions of Time and Space may be short-circuited or skipped (in either direction).
During meditation when the motions of the Mind (thinking) are stilled through decentration one experiences a sense of Timelessness.
As Matter is an effect of motion. Centralization/decentralization can skip progressive evolutions of matter - transmutation. The cycle of motion that is matter may be interesected at any stage of that evolution but only from cause (Idea). (Effects in motion tend to stay in that motion; i. e., electrons swirling around the periphery of a nucleus....)
Same for life which is the progressive evolution of cycles of motion initiated by idea, belief and thinking. Centralization/decentralization may interrupt these cycles of motion annihilating them, modifying them or skipping them altogether. (Life courses tend not to change much unless we can neutralize/centralize to reprogram original Ideas of/for life....)
Motion is the play of one polar state against/with its seeming opposite. At the center there is no polarity as there is no thing or event/activity/motion at the center. All polar things and events are in reciprocal periodic progressive evolution. These evolutions eventually become depolar or centralized ready to be remanifest into a new polar condition. This is the great Cosmic Cycle of Be-ing: first in potential, then into activity, then infolded back into potential to endlessly repeat itself yet changing slightly at each iteration. (Fractal math equations are a near perfect analogy of this process....)
MacVicar writes: "Every individualized object assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." [Snell Manuscript]
There is no separation or difference between dynamical Cause and its Effect regardless of context: whether mental, material or spiritual. As with one so with the others.
Choose Only Peace
2002, 07/22
We always have choices - otherwise we are victims of the idea we are "forced" into things. We can choose to be hateful, arrogant and willful. We can choose to remain victims of past superstitions. We can choose to challenge our beliefs and find a better understanding. There are as many choices open as there are people thoughful enough to be thinking. The choice I like and am finding at times difficult to embrace is: Choose peace. Our illusory and belief-based egos want to fight, fuss, control and be right. When this ego of self-identity dies then we Awaken to the full stream of Cosmic Consciousness. The "way" to do this is by constantly and persistently choosing peace because the ego will always choose to fight/war. Choosing peace defuses the ego over time and will result in a new mind-set of Peace Profound - which is the Awakened state or as the old timers called it "Christed", God-men, etc. It is not the belief systems (religions) that are wrong (they are simply operating with misinterpretations) - it is the belief they are "right" in their interpretations/superstitions (and everyone else is wrong) that causes the problems.
Sometimes I want to agree with the Buddhists that there is no God. There is no anthropomorphic God (made in the image of men). There is Awareness which operates on the principles as identified by Keely in his sympathetic laws of Harmony and Discord. His clarification was:
"The eternally conscious entity - call it by whatever name we please - moves in cycles as eternal and infinite as itself; it oscillates and vibrates perpetually and is never unconscious of any present condition, be it pain or pleasure, joy or sorrow, shame or glory; like the pendulum of a clock or the sun, moon, or tides, it swings from the one to the other of these conditions, now in pleasure, now in pain, by its contact with the extremes of all varying conditions, like a child which throws up its head and laughing for joy exclaims, I KNOW I AM." Keely
Awareness or Consciousness is a function of harmonic vibrations (Bjerknes Effect) of immense vibratory rates. In this pure sympathy all other vibrations of like kind are known to or within such a state. Unconsciousness is the same realm of vibration in discord - no sympathetic communication is possible. Quieting the thoughts in consciousness is the only way to remove the discordant tones which in doing so increases the degree of Awareness. Hence choosing peace is the only true choice because by doing so we quiet our fear-engendered thoughts and increase harmony to/with all else. Fighting and bickering are anathema to peace in/and of mind and always leads to chaos. Fighting and bickering are an effect of judging something to be bad or good. When all there really is is peace (Love) or chaos (Fear) - in ones thinking.
Christ and Anti-Christ
2002, 10/16
If Christ is our Whole Mind (Cosmic Consciousness) then anti-christ is our little or fragmented mind (ego).
Ive written before about how there are many indications so-called Satan, Devil, etc. is a metaphor of our egoic intellects. Our egos exist in deception, deceive us, appear to be real and true, cause us ALL of our problems, chaos, illness and existential death. To believe in the ego is to believe in death, etc. The correlaries are many and exceptional. So if one worships (seeks sincerely) Oneness with their Whole Mind they are seeking Wholeness of Mind as exemplified in the idea of God. If one worships (seeks sincerely) material, worldly power, etc. they are going the other way deeper into ego - which is to say illusion and ignorance. It is the ego that illudes by its resemblance to true light of mind. But ego is not something foreign to us and requires us to combat it. The ego is the collection of our own self-created beliefs - accepted as truths - when they are quite obviously not true.
 Community, What Is It?*
2003, 07/28
Community (standard definitions)
Quick definitions (Community)
# noun: (ecology) a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other
# noun: a group of people living in a particular local area (Example: "The team is drawn from all parts of the community")
# noun: a group of people having ethnic or cultural or religious characteristics in common (Example: "The Christian community of the apostolic age")
# noun: a group of nations having common interests (Example: "They hoped to join the NATO community")
# noun: common ownership (Example: "They shared a community of possessions")
# noun: agreement as to goals (Example: "The preachers and the bootleggers found they had a community of interests")
# noun: the body of people in a learned occupation (Example: "The news spread rapidly through the medical community")
# noun: a district where people live; occupied primarily by private residences
# adjective: belonging to and maintained by and for the local community (Example: "Community parks")
This instance of community has come up before in my work and life. So perhaps it is time to get a firm grip.
To me community means individuals, with all their individual rights intact and honored, intending and efforting sympathetically to achieve a specified goal(s). A commonly held goal and modus operandi generally is mutually and enthusiastically agreed upon. A set of rules of conduct are explicit and agreed upon.
In this regard any sport or business organization is a community. There is a group of mutually motivated (sympathetic) gathering (association) of individuals, specified goals, individual rights are maintained intact and honored, rules are in place to guide or govern activities.
To me this is as straighforward as eating apple pie.
As always in any relationship of community each individual has some individual desire, goal or personal focus. The caring for and tending to SELF. But the business community of and by itself has its own desire, goal and focus. That is its SELF. This is always established up front by the PRINCIPLES. Each, coming from their own little personal community of one, will decide with free will what they wish to contribute to the establishment of that One Goal as is usually contained within the business community Mission Statement. Each individual, party to the community, will state what they are willing to do and not willing to do as a contributing effort, activity or capital contribution. Each participates according to their inputs and mutually agreed upon value thereof. This is the way individuals come together to form communities of any kind.
Hypothetically, if I were to construct with others a business community, having its roots in Higher Spiritual precepts, what would happen from point A to point B?
I would say something like I wish to do "X" and I understand party #2 wishes to do "X" as well. Im willing to contribute those certain things I have to facilitating achieving "X". These certain things would be those things I own or have rights to that are deemed important to achieving "X". What does party #2 wish to contribute that will assist in achieving "X"? This is the usual way business communities are set up. Each, with some necessary ingredient, mix their stuff to create a larger pie from which larger pie each will partake (hopefully). I see nothing wrong, immoral, unethical or unspiritual in any of this. Its like making Hobo Stew or barn raising.
None of this is as communism where each surrenders ALL they have which then becomes unowned property to be distributed by others to still others according to whatever ruler or calibration is currently in vogue. The many will ALWAYS strip the few. Contrary to popular misunderstanding not everyone is equal in insight, knowledge, need or ability to contribute. So some mechanism must be used to account for individuality (honoring of each yet accounting for differences of each). Usually this is done by assigning shares or percent ownership of the organization according to that which each principle is able and/or willing to contribute to the Whole. Risk is uasully dealt with in much the same way.
This is an age-old problem - the war between each taking care of each, each mutually supporting each for a greater good (goal) and the many covetous of the few and their sundry mechanisms for taking from the few to redistribute to the many and themselves. They themselves in charge of course getting the bigger piece of the pie - for services rendered - in our best interest, as always.
Likewise communistic organizations have always failed wherever they have been tried because these organizations do NOT honor individuals. The "whole" (a created fiction) is always presented as the beneficiary to which individuals are required to be subservient. God created individuals to express Himself. Individuals create organizations to express themselves. Which is closer to the source? Such organizations have appeal because they allow the taking (theft) from one or few to give to the many as an acceptable mode of behavior. Theft is disguised as ethical and therefore ought to be pursued no matter what the cost or consequence to an individual who doesnt matter anyway because the Group is more important. Everyone becomes a victim of the Frankenstein they themselves willingly yet ignorantly created. Nonsense. Wheres the honoring? Wheres the respect and consideration? Wheres the free will giving for regiving? Wheres the free will diving in and giving of self?
The best method to sort all this out has been demonstrated countless times to be a closely held business community (organization) appropriately operated to account for the interests of EVERY individual involved whether within the organization or those being served by it.
Now any organization, business oriented or otherwise, has determined to engage in certain activities that either are the business at hand or are designed to achieve the business end(s) desired. These activities are coordinated between the individuals party to the organization. It is in these activities where action happens and results obtained. These activities are of necessity derived from mutual input, mutual debate and mutual agreement and action. An uncoordinated activity is doomed to failure before activated. These activities of the organization are where mutual consultation and mutual activity are to be found. What the organization DOES as an entity. All these things are usually attained by the organization through conversations, pros and cons, of the concerned individuals. This usually takes the form of a Board of Directors, advisors, counsel, debate, negotiations and the like so everyone concerned can voice his or her opinions and concerns. In these and other manners questions may be addressed and direction ascertained. Any actions based on these meetings of the minds and hearts MUST appropriately address the interests of each individual, the survival of the organization and those it serves. Mob rule (some call this democracy) has no place in a board room. Only common sense (right knowledge) and honoring (love) have a place in determining and directing of action and committment of resources.
It has been demonstrated countless times that those involved in such gatherings designed to determine mutual concensus most often make decisions or contribute to decisions that benefit themselves either directly or indirectly. Such is human nature to look after the "me" first and "them" later (if at all). Hence there are trade-offs and one-on-one negotitations between members taking place parallel to whatever the business at hand may be. An organization deeming itself to be "spiritual" is saying, in effect, this emphasis on the "me" is not as prominent as a Higher Emphasis on "We All". This Higher Spiritual alignment only takes place when each and every member acknowledges each and every other member as also those the organization serves (the pubic at large). THEN, the efforting and intending becomes as a service to others instead of as a taking (from others) for self. Which is what communism professes to do as its reason for existing. This is not honoring - it is theft.
Capitalism, based in service as above stated, is service oriented when appropriately organized and operated. Capital, in all its forms, is organized to serve. First it acknowledges and honors each individual and their rights. Next it acknowledges and honors that because it renders a service or provides a product it derives benefit for itself and the others each honors. Should they each desire to CONTINUE to derive those benefits it must CONTINUE to render service. No ifs, ands or buts. It is common sense that to continue to render service the organization must continue to pay its bills (honoring) to those aiding and assisting in its rendering of service. The organization only survives and its members prosper if it GIVES a thing or service.
In most cases organizations have expenses. This means that unless an organization has unlimited funds already in hand it must find some way to cover those expenses. Our community at large is already geared to provide for this need and its fulfillment. Its called buying and selling in the marketplace. Or the rendering of service - or both. So any organization that is to survive and continue to achieve its aims and goals MUST have a way to cover expenses of its operation and needs of those devoting their time and efforts since they cannot be elsewhere doing something else to cover their own expenses. This is done by buying and selling, rendering service or acquiring donations or grants - or some mix of all of these.
So an organization must have either something to sell or some service to render for which it expects to be compensated appropriately. Or plead for donations and grants. There must be qualified individuals allied to the organization capable and willing to handle the sale or render the service, in manners in agreeance with the organizations Mission Statement (why and how they do what they do) and all other concerns of the organization and the interests of the individuals concerned therewith.
These activities then are the perview of those skilled in their art. If selling a thing is desired there must be qualified salespeople. If a service is to be rendered there must be those skilled in that service. These each have a say in how they are to perform their activities. Others not skilled in such things may be invited to contribute to those determinations but the one in the field is the one doing the thing and has to live with whatever is determined. Common sense must prevail. And only those activites engaged in are to be what serves ALL the interests of ALL individuals involved as well as the organization and those being served in the public at large. Failure to do this spells chaos and becomes as a mutual antagonism to harmony or sympathetic association. Disassociation is the inevitable result.
This leaves us with individuals and their interests. What are they? Usually a person inputs something like knowledge, time, effort or capital in its various forms. Their other interest is a share in whatever benefits their mutual efforts creates - usually expressed as a salary, commission or dividend. Other benefits can be as diverse as knowing they helped to achieve "X", enhanced resume, or simply being associated with the doing of "X". To each his or her own. This means each forming part of the organization MUST contribute something the others can work with directly or indirectly. Whatever each gives/shares to or within the effort to achieve "X" likewise determines what they get back. Give a little get a little. Give a lot get a lot. Thats the law of give for regiving. Give something that doesnt work as well as something else the results will reflect that. It is in this establishment of the portions of giving and receiving that so many have difficulties, especially newcomers to such open associations or those who have little to give/share but wish to derive much. These are the points so much energy is expended in setting up these organizations in negotiations, determining worth or value of that contributed, etc. When contributions are measured in dollars this process is simpler. But when contributions are as diverse as knowledge, efforts, abilities, differing kinds of property, etc. the negotiations can get sticky and may, in some cases, not even possible to achieve mutual agreement. These talks are the setting of so-called pecking order or who gets how many votes or how much say about what concerning the organization and its activities.
Here is where long established business principles usually hold sway. The short of it is: one dollar in one vote or as is usually termed one share one vote. This is the ordinary way of business and when considering ability and survivability sometimes an outside "expert" is taken onboard who has the ability and expertise to direct or manage whatever. There is the idea that no one person should direct a gathering of diverse individuals. This is true. As I explained to my 40+ employees in my little canning plant in Brazil 30 years ago - I was not the boss - the customer is the boss. Which is to say those exigencies required to preserve the organization through service to the customer as well as those services are the boss. This is the serving of the higher purpose for which the individuals gathered in the first place is to be served and not the whims of a single individual nor of any opinion of any collection of individuals attempting to "mob" the general acitvities.
What happens is one/few controls the many or the many controls the one/few. This debate has been going on forever. There is a middle ground possible which everyone would like to achieve. This is the neutral or High Spiritual so many say so much about but only a few ever achieve. Humans being humans causes the conflict. Humans striving to be more than egoic driven wants and desires is achievable. When a High Spiritual aspiration is clearly stated and always present in mind of each and every individual in all cases, events and discussions. How many can do this? This single-minded aspiration or ideal is what was referred to eariler as serving the purpose of the organization. It being the boss or governor of all activities. For without this single-minded ideal, goal or purpose there will be a vacuum and diverse interests will rush in to fill that void and no unit can survive cross-purposes. It will self-destruct. This is evidenced in our country where the single purpose of being an American (being WHO we are - I AM) has been fractionalized into countless selfish purposes usually materialistic in nature.
This happens in business too. It may start out with the Highest Spiritual ideal imaginable. But as problems creep in (usually between personalities/egos) and money to be divided up the egos become triggered by fear and/or greed or "to be right". The One Purpose has been in these cases divided and the organization becomes divided and eventually fails unless correction is applied. Correction can take many forms and these have also been established over centuries of people desiring to work together for mutual benefit but later finding themselves in a contrary situation. There is arbitration, negotiation, conversation and even forced arbitration (court) when either or disputing parties cannot reach a consensus.
All of these things have been established through people living and working together. All of these things have been thoroughly experienced by countless individuals and organizations. Methods for dealing with such situations have been developed and thoroughly tested and retested in the business world. The weak point has always been lack of knowledge or willingness to gain that knowledge on the part of the individuals involved. In other words in being stiff-necked, heel dragging and just plain not wanting to do what is necessary as it is necessary, or in working hidden agendas.
Consciousness or Spirit?*
2003, 08/06
Theology originally concerned itself with the multi-dimensional universe populated with all sorts of Life (consciousness). In the early days there was limited communication between researchers, limited research protocols and limited databases of reliable knowledge to draw upon. Nowdays these limitations have been lifted and we can revisit these concepts with a broader brush and fresh perspective. Today we can ask (without being drawn and quartered too severely) what is "spirit"? And expect and get a decent and intelligent answer(s). There are countless legitimate researchers now asking previously forbidden questions. And they are getting some good and useable answers. Some of these answers are a bit different than those offered previously. As a consequence our perspectives and knowledge bases are growing as these findings are shared, re-examined, reworked and shared again.
A few weeks ago I had a golden opportunity to speak calmly and intelligently with a devote bible-thumber. We were able to show each other how agreeable our seemingly different perspectives really are. Granted the conversation was somewhat limited in scope, being restricted mostly to Genesis and John, but the basic tenets of each perspective were mutually supported. As far as I can see this was a first for both of us. Universal Principles were recognized since ancient days and written into all sacred texts in whatever form, culture, belief system or language permited such to be recorded. That is why they are considered sacred texts because these texts showed the connection between our material selves and lives and our spiritual selves and lives.
If we fail to make a distinction between a "spirit" and a "consciousness" we do ourselves a disservice, I think. The term "spirit" is an older term and has many misleading connotations attached to it. Am I a "spirit" living in my body? Or am I a "self-aware consciousness" using this body? Whats the difference? Why is that difference? Are there only these two discrete modes of being; i.e., either "spirit" or "self-aware consciousness"? From our physics it looks like there are many levels to materiality and hence there must be many levels to consciousness (spirit) and the modes of interaction between the two. For it not to be so we would be again in limitation.
Usually or in the older view a spirit was a consciousness operating through and in the etheric realm of matter; i.e., a ghost or similar. In our recent work with SVP weve interacted with consciousnesses above or beyond this etheric realm; i.e., pure consciousness not allied to any recognized level of materiality. So to me the term "spirit" is too limiting and hence misleading as it references a limited set of phenomena. In this regard, is my consciousness a "spirit" or simply consciousness operating in and through a physical body? A consciousness has the free will to operate on any level it chooses. Therefore consciousness is not of any material realm but independent of them all. What it chooses as its mode or avenue of manifestation is just that - a choice. An unenlightened consciousness would choose the lower levels (matter and etheric) because that may be its only awareness or its desire. God, for instance, in this view would be Pure Consciousness, not allied to any level of materiality yet Source of them all. All other consciousnesses, being offshoots from the One Consciousness, are likewise unassociated with any level of materiality except as they choose based on their levels of awareness and/or desire.
To sum up it looks like self-consciousness is independent of materiality regardless of level or realm but may choose to associate with any level or realm. To be otherwise would be victim of or controlled by that level instead of it being the other way around where free will holds sway. Therefore all self-aware consciousnesses are equal in this regard of choice but may not be equal in awareness about who and what it is (I Am). A spirit then is a self-aware consciousness that has chosen to manifest and operate through the etheric realm or level of matter either by free will choice or because it doesnt know any better. Not all self-aware consciousness have chosen to manifest and operate on this etheric level just above 3D matter. Some have chosen to operate on the inter-etheric level or higher. Some have chosen to operate on the 3D level by fashioning bodies of the elements (dust) of the earthy realm so they could move and have their being within the 3D elements, humans for instance, or animals or trees or what have you. All these manifestations on all levels are some form of self-aware consciousness making use of some form or level of materiality - whatever suits its purposes for being.
So what is a "spirit" in the biblical sense? Maybe nothing more than a self-aware consciousness occupying or using an etheric body not knowing it had other options or perhaps it did but chose that medium to exercise its existence for whatever purposes it envisioned for itself. If this is true, and Im fairly certain it is, then these consciousnesses are not to be feared but to be understood and dealt with accordingly - not unlike how we recognize each other on our various levels of cultural, physical or spiritual development - with appropriate tolerance, TLC and patience - because we humans are nothing more than self-aware consciousnesses that chose to operate in the 3D world.
Creativity and Dynaspheres*
2003, 07/25
Some engineer/scientist types might be asking what do dynaspheres have to do with creativity and all this chit-chat about mind/consciousness? Its a good question.
First off dynaspheres are powered by the motivative power of Mind Force. This is born out in countless quotes from Keely himself, such as:
"There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed." Keely
Secondly, dynaspheres have intelligent consciousness. This weve seen manifested in countless communications and demonstrations of intelligence and awareness from Atlin.
Thirdly, in order to understand Mind Force and consciousness itself, in a practical way, requires a quantum leap in understanding on our part. Our schooling and training is simply not sufficient no matter how many letters one has behind their name.
It is one thing to simply machine metals and construct an ordinary machine. It is entirely another thing to construct a machine of metals that evidences LIFE and CONSCIOUSNESS and is powered by an "unseen force".
"Mr. Keely has demonstrated he has discovered a vibratory force previously unknown to science... which, when applied to machinery, must superseded all ordinary appliances." Professor Joseph Leidy, MD, 1890
Keely himself said that if a book were written to explain dynaspheres it would take months to read and years to understand. I couldnt agree more. This is because a dynasphere is not "just a machine", as some have said. A dynasphere is intelligent consciousness, is actuated by Mind Force AND it is a machine infused with sundry vibratory conditions. While we may grasp the rudiments of these vibratory conditons and their mechanical counterparts we are still in the dark concerning the nature of "intelligent consciousness" and Mind Force. Science does not even recognize Mind as a force that can be harnessed. Science knows next to nothing about what it means to be aware. Science does not yet recognize the syncothetical relations in all vibratory phenomena. We have a long ways to go.....
Creativity and the Flow of Life*
2003, 07/27
More thoughts on creativity and being in the Flow of Life.
"Your mental vision expands as higher truths filter into your consciousness, and you come to the certainty that through clarity of desire, focused intent and positive action you have the power to create anything you can envision. Gradually, as you learn the infallibility of the universal laws of manifestation, your excitement grows and you are willing to attune your will with the Creators Will." Archangel Michael
What does it mean by "your excitement grows and you are willing to attune your will with the Creators Will."? To joyfully participate in the Flow of Life swirling around self, not egoically preferring such and such but actively participating in those ebbs and flows which are gentle and easy but may be torrentuous as a whirlwind when resisted.
"Happiness, then, is not a thing set apart from self, but the conditions with which one approaches that in hand to be DONE! for when one considers that the position of self is hard to bear, is not as is desired, the desire of the heart often maketh one AFRAID [doubtful] - unless that desire is ever in that attitude of "USE ME, O God, as I am", for the I AM is ready, willing, to make MY will ONE with THY WILL - "Though He slay me, though He bruise me in mine own selfish or unseen ways; yet will I trust Him day by day", and He will NOT forsake thee; neither will He allow thee to be afraid; for He will raise thee up, and He understands all the hardships, the LITTLE things, the separations, the variations in the surroundings - but TRUST Him!
In this manner may the body, the mental body, the physical body, allow the spirit of Truth, peace, joy, understanding, come in and make for self, for those dependent upon self, mentally and physically, whole and strong - and able and capable of meeting every issue of EVERY day." Cayce (5563-1)
I know some of the Cayce quotes sound trite and "biblical" but if we look beyond that and feel for the meaning being conveyed they are always quite clear and powerful. If we grasp what is being presented here we can look around the world at who or what group is NOT in alignment with the ebb and flow of Life (Gods Will being expressed). Those having the most difficulty, persecution, at war, etc. Various religions are under attack or various stages of chaos. Governments all over the world are under attack BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE they were constituted to serve. Difficulties are indicators one needs more light and love. The move from where one is to this New State of being can be gentle and loving. But if the heels are dug in the move will be more chaotic because the move is a mandatory step in the evolution of humanity, according to Steiner.
Desire vs Decision*
2003, 06/16
We all desire stuff, right? We desire a better life, more abundance, better government, less pain, more Love, relationship, etc. So much has been written about setting ones intention, focusing on desired outcome, mental manifestation and all the other takes on the creative process. How many of us have actually mastered the technique? Do we understand the mechanics?
In my ceaseless quest to understand the powers of Mind the creative process is right at or near the top of the list of mind functions of interest. Ive created my universe populated with whoever and occuring in ways Im not always happy with. Yet I created all of it. How? Why arent my desires in line with my experiences?
During the past several days Ive come to realize desire and decision are key elements in the matrix of my life. I may desire such and such but I make decisions about what I want as evidenced by those desires. We may picture desires of any nature but until and unless we make a real DECISION as to which one we want they remain desires, with limited power of manifesting.
When I say DECISION I mean a clear, precise and unequivocal matter of fact statement: I choose THIS as it is pictured by my desire. A desire is usually derived from some thing not wanted. A discomfort leads to a desire for something better. The decision then is to HAVE that something better instead of that other less desirable whatever. A decision is the holding of that desired in mind and making it so - replacing the other thought form IN THE MIND that is not so desirable. It is the wiping out of one thought-form with another. Like writing over a file on your harddrive. The old is replaced and extinguished by the new.
Our power of creating then lies in our imaginative minds but activated by DECISION. Desire by itself does not have that power of over-writing old thought patterns. Dream your dreams. Desire what you will but then make an unequivocal DECISION as to have or experience that held in desire. Making the decision is making it so and activates the universes creative elements. Desire is ambivalent and unreal. Decision without doubt but with total conviction and resoluteness to have or experience makes it clear cut and liberated from confusion which inhibits the creative forces.
Discerning Wholeness*
2003, 07/03
Can we know the whole? What whole? Why is it a whole? What is a whole comprised of? Take for instance an whole apple. Slice it equatorily through its center. There is the whole apple, considered cross-section, comprised of its various seemingly discrete parts: rind, meat, seeds or skin and core. All this was originated from DNA or the idea of what an apple is. So the progression of evolution into materiality was from a non-physical idea into a purely physical entity which also contains the seed/idea for its perpertuation. An inward and outward evolution/devolutional unfoldment/infoldment. So is the whole apple its idea or its physical structure?
The whole apple is of course all of these simultaneously. It is the idea, it is the physical structure and it is the processes of unfoldment/infoldment - going and coming into/from apple idea to apple structure - in perpetuity (no time limit). Coming from no-thing to some-thing perpetually. This seemingly complexity is simplicity itself and is the Law of One in its activities and beingnesses.
This is like asking what is music? The notes? The spaces between the notes? The harmonical relations? The tune/melody? All of these things plus the element of creativity that blends the seemingly discrete parts into a coherent whole piece of music.
For many years Ive confronted this problem. Seems like you cant get there (understanding) until you are actually there. So where to begin when one needs all the pieces all at once to see the whole because the whole is not the pieces but the whole OF the pieces, which includes their functions and purposes one-with-each-other. Perhaps just as I laid out the above with the whole apple we would be best to start there then show how this whole is truly a harmonically related collection of pieces that working together constitute the whole. Just like an orchestra is not a single instrument but many discrete instruments working in harmony to create the orchestra which is not an orchestra until it does in fact play harmoniously together AS ONE whole orchestra. We can all appreciate the whole orchestra doing its thing. Not all of us would be interested in exploring and comprehending each and every instrument and the physics thereof. Some would be interested and motivated sufficiently to undertake that exploration. But it is not necessary for the heart to reverberate with the chords of sounds and their effects on our emotions. Thats the heart thing. The intellectual thing is the scientific mastery of the cause (instruments; i.e., parts) that produce those chords.
Discovering the Unknown*
2003, 10/18
At the root of this issue is the question "Who am I?" asked by each/some of us in our quiet moments. Are we Creators making use of Creative Forces or are we victims? Victims of our glands, victims of our bodies, victims or this or that bug or microbe, external forces, mind control, weather, etc.....
Is it not true all emotions are the effects of our thinking/reacting to perceptions? Therefore emotions are an egoic effect and not cause which was the thinking/nonthinking reaction to that perceived in the mind/consciousness.
This is not to say the sound from a violin is not affected by the design and materials from which it is crafted. Even the most out of tune violin may be brought into perfect harmony if each and every part is brought into a state of harmony. The primodial sounds themselves are perfect. But they can be distorted or be discordant in accordance to that which they flow. Likewise the human body. A cripple cannot run a marathon as well as the healthy - while in its crippled condition.
So we are left with two seemingly divergent philosophies. Correct all those parts that seem discordant or correct that which created the discordance. If we investigate healing from all possible perspectives which include mental/spiritual healing and chemical and energetic methods we find numerous discrepancies if our initial viewpoint is already fixed. If we investigate from a viewpoint that is not fixed we find a lot of seemingly isolated phenonema that could, if we expand our view, be brought into a more harmonious whole.
Over the years Ive examined two nonpolitically correct sources of healing: Cayce and now Quimby. Each brought health and harmony to many who the politically correct healers could not heal and/or gave up on. So why is this? What did these two do what The Establishment could not or would not do?
SVP has already established there is only One Force in the universe permeating all things and motions. All other forces are "down stream" forces or derivatives of this One Force. This One Force is Mind or Consciousness. Some have called this One Force, God, Sympathetic Celestial Etheric Flow, Zero Point, Vacuum, Void or what have you. This force flowing into, regenerating then flowing out of any centralized focalization (human body, violin, star or atom) is refracted; i. e., flows undifferentiated or flows differentiated. Differentiated flow is discordant flow; i. e., illness, etc. The differentiated flows are not the One Force Flow but most take these differentiations as reality because that is the part of the WHOLE DYNAMIC they can see, hear, feel or sense in some way. The real flow or reality or cause is nondetectable. It is undifferentiated. It is the Full Harmonic Chord of force, pure, supreme and unchangeable. The pure flow of One Force is undifferentiated Mind Force; i. e., quiet, neutral and balanced Volition/Consciousness. This state of peace is the only true reality because everything else is nothing more than a derivative of itself, hence changeable and transitory.
Couple all this with creative power of our Minds/Consciousnesses and we can easily see that if and when we focus mentally on the differentiated down stream side of things then that is the pseudo-reality filling that Mind/Consciousness. The effects become "real" and we tangle wth those as we lose sight of the unseen reality behind or creating those illusions. The pseudo-reality becomes a Tar Baby.
My original request was for someone who has some experience in energy systems such as radionics or similar to conduct research into the powers of mind as causes. Now to do this one must not be stuck on any given set idea about anything but jump in with a clear mind, free of opinions as they continually ask "Why?" and "How?" as they fearlessly challenge their own and others beliefs/opinions even if they are contrary to that perceived/believed.
We are not going to solve the Free Energy problem, the current flurry of physical, emotional and mental problems and the social/political problems if we do not let go of preconceived notions and fearlessly embarque into uncharted waters. Weve already been all over the charted waters and have found them lacking. We can see there are many examples of marvelous discoveries (Cayce/Quimby, et al) just beyond our kin and understanding. Unless and until these "anomalies" are fearlessly challenged and investigated they will remain just beyond our mind views that still tread shallow waters along the shore.
When these anomalies are investigated, which SVP is doing, we discover there is more, a lot more, to the universe than previously thought. And in that uncovering of novelty we find we are at the center of it. We are discovering our Selves. And as we are MIND and not our bodies what we are discovering is our MINDS are the source, that One Force from which all our conceptions, notions, opinions and Life come.
Many sceptics demand proof they are not their bodies which they can see and feel and mis-take to be their reality. A negative cannot be proven. However a positive can be demonstrated. Cayce demonstrated this positive. Quimby spent years demonstrating it. And Atlin is a current demonstration of the same things. The scientific method claims all effects should be investigated until their cause is known or at least quantified. There were thousands of positive effects from Cayces work. There were thousands of effects from Quimbys work. And there are hundreds of effects from Atlin. Why arent these effects being investigated by science? Because science is driven by money and egoic stature/job/position/greed.
When the Atlin Effect was first brought to my attention in 1997 as evidenced by/from and through others I took it upon myself to investigate it without reservation or with any preconceived notions. No stone has been left unturned and there are no sacred cows to protect because of invested interests of any kind. Nothing is taboo to question. I owe nothing to anyone or any system of belief or commerce to fortify, protect or augment. That there are these effects in/around Atlin cannot be doubted. What are effects but consequence of some force active in/around the device? So what is this force? Where does it come from? How does it manifest? Why do some spontaneously heal and others not when in its field of influence? How can it do this in situ and remotely by thousands of miles? There is no force known to conventional science that can account for what we have been witnessing. So, clearly, the forces involved are something other than what science acknowledges in their endless collections of data. So where does one seek to find answers that are not politically correct? In the nonpolitically correct literature!
The Cayce materials are extensive. The Quimby materials are extensive. The Russell materials are extensive. Throw in Keely, Tesla and anyone else we can find that has something to say of worth and pertinence. What comes out from this sifting and sorting is all these political/scientific outcasts say there is One Force operating throughout the universe and that One Force is MIND. Some of these people spent their lives working with SOME force that healed locally and at a distance. They all, without exception, did as Im doing - questioning and digging for some explanation to it. In some cases they were successful in piecing together a theory and even practical devices, inventions, processes and made efforts to record what they did and their thoughts concerning it all. Are we to ignore all this? No reasonable researcher would ignore it unless they be peer pressured, embarassed to ask unanswerable questions, fear for their jobs, position or pay check.
We are at the same position electricity and magnetism was just prior to Maxwell, Ohm, Tesla and Edison came upon it. Yes, there is an energy here. We see its effects but we cant yet measure it with certainty or accuracy but there can be no doubt there is a powerful force evidenced in all this. The only thing electricity lacked for hundreds of years was delicate instrumentation to detect and measure it. From those earliest measurements done on the first crude instruments theories were constructed and ultimately our entire society molded itself around that wrought by the likes of Tesla and Edison.
Our original intent when making Atlin was to conduct a parallel effort to either find or invent basic instrumentation to detect, measure and quantify whatever energies or forces existed in or around the dynasphere. Some qualified people were found who agreed to take up this challenge. But alas funding never happened and all of those original plans were shelved. This basic research could have been done years ago if financial support had been found. We are still left with needing to do this nonremunerative investment of people, money and time. The universities could do it but because of their cowardice and greed they will not. So it is up to guys like me, you and those not motivated by fear and greed or any need/agenda other than finding the truth behind that which we know to be there but cannot yet prove to a sceptics satisfaction. Im still waiting for those not motivated from fear and greed to step forward to assist in this necessary step and challenge.
2003, 01/02
1) a dowsing instrument is a feedback mechanism
2) there is the target (underground water for instance)
3) There is the operator and his/her Mind/intent
4) the only thing connecting the target with the operator is MIND (and inter-etheric force which connects all things)
5) therefore Mind is the "missing link" in common theories
6) the dowsing/feedback instrument "signals" when the desire of the operator is satisfied
7) the operators Mind controls the operators body and body movements
8) a good dowser is one who can "set aside" the outer or egoic mind sufficiently for the Higher Mind to control the body almost in an involuntary (subconscious, feeling) manner. (An intellectual cannot dowse because of egoic interference.)
With the above we can see there is no magic or other misunderstood phenomena going on.
Dynaspheres = Female Force/State*
2003, 11/15
2003, 11/15 NOTE: The following message may be a bit disturbing or uncomfortable for some. The message is not intended to disturb or be disturbing. These disturbances come in because of our social/religious conditioning. If we can set those aside and neutrally consider this material we may gain some useful insight. If any are disturbed or uncomfortable then please accept my apologies.
This morning while reading a spirit message I had an augmentation of my understanding of dynaspheres:
I began to clearly see the dynaspheres as feminine archetypes. I dont mean the politically accepted interpretation of feminine but the deeper more subtle meaning along natural lines - free of modern re-misinterpretations. Perhaps an earlier experience as an analogy would be helpful here. During my stay in Tulsa I walked with a friend nearly every morning and visited a pond. During one of those visits I had an insight or vision of a cross-section of the pond extending from the air above down into the muddy layers just beneath. The water contained in the depression, known as the pond, is proponderantly female through the water and into the murky depths (water + earth). This is pure female. The male side of this equation is the sun light and air above. The light and air penetrates the water and where the light and air intermingle with waters and earths within these dark or murky depths LIFE explodes into being and activity.
The insight this morning reminded me or clarified for me the primal importance of femaleness. The female energy or state is what activates the male energy or state. Anyone who has spent time on a farm can relate to this. No procreation takes place until the female is ready (estrus heat cycle). Then and only then is the male of any value in regeneration.
Are not part of our intentions with dynaspheres the production and reproduction of energy? Are they not a fractal of universal principles of male and female intermingling? Is there not a regeneration of motion desired? Then, as Russell so often wrote, the whole thing is a sex thing - but not limited to the misled concepts of modern sexuality. Everything and every motion in the universe is a sex act/play between contextual sex mates.
The key point I wish to make, before we get astray, is the dynasphere is a female state ready to be activated by a male presence. A dynasphere is a gravity machine as we know gravity to be a female attribute or functional attribute.
What is gravitation? "The centralization of vibratory forces, ready to be changed in power by non-activity." Cayce (195- 54)
Non-activity referred to above is Russells VOIDANCE. Gravity/female pulls (affinitizes male radiation) to a center (womb) and at the moment of non-activity reverts to a radiating (birthing) state. In these terms voidance is orgasm as Wilhelm Reich referred to it. Stubblefield worked with earth-energies (female) and developed inventions we can only guess at and about. Both worked with the female side of the equation. And this equation of regeneration states that until and unless the female side of the equation is stimulated no reproduction or regeneration can take place. While all motion is an effect of relatively low-level male/female activities there is another level whereby/wherein reproduction/renewal occurs. This is a higher energy state or hyper-activity - the archetypal sex act itself (mutual orgasms).
So in order for us to come to terms with this female state or force we must study the female side of nature - what has been called the Nightside Force, Navaz, etc. Our social/religious conditioning has made the study of femaleness taboo. But we have to go beyond those taboos much like the scientific taboos that have and do hinder orthodox scientific research. If Columbus didnt challenge the taboos of sea monsters and other superstitions put in place to prevent expanded awareness we may not have had this New World to play in. Developing Dynaspheric Force, assuming we can face down the taboos and superstitions, will create a New World all over again.:
Some have called it the Goddess or fertility Force:
Ego, Defined as Memories*
2003, 11/04
For me, in my ever-evolving theory, the mind is not "seated" in the body at all. Does a radio broadcast have a seat in a radio? Or does the Internet reside in any computer? It resides in and courses through ALL computers connected to/through it. Just as the Mind of Humanity resides in ALL minds of humanity. The seemingly isolated human consciousness (ego) is a swirl of ideas and memories surrounding a focal point - the body and ego (self). Divine or Cosmic Consciousness has no motion or fixation of concept therefore it has no Time or Space. In this view the human consciousness (ego) is a REFRACTION of that Unity. This refraction (in SVP refraction = Differentiation) occurs most likely in and through the chakra system. Each of these centers is like a molecule of water in the atmosphere of Cosmic Mind that refracts the Unity of Light (Wisdom) from the Sun (Mind of God) into polar frequencies we then perceive as color (thinking). Same for Undifferentiated Mind - refracting into ideas, concepts, etc. This concept is not unlike your own except that we have control over the refraction process - should we chose to learn and exercise that control. You want Peace you can create and have Peace. You want War you can create and have war. So the refraction process of Whole Mind is up to us. We can chose to act instead of reacting.
What is ego (within the contexts in which I use the term)? A person sees or experiences an event. They form an opinion, assessment, judgement or discernment about their perception of the event. This personal opinion is predicated on their past experiences, powers of observation, powers of assessment, etc. These of course are limited by themselves. So the overall assessment or opinion is likewise limited. In other words ego cannot observe or comprehend the full import of any event. It can only observe its perception of an event. Its oberservation is its perception. These opinions and assessments of the perceptions then become memories. Memories are not the event - they are perceptions and interpretations of the event; i. e., a lie. The ego is then this collection of false memories (mis)taken as truths. The ego lives in the past because its full compliment of knowledge is memories imperfectly memorized of imperfectly perceived and imperfectly interpreted past events. A new event is always compared to a memory of a past similar event. Thus no new experiences are possible because everything new is perceived and filtered through this self-created memory bank. New perceptions are "colored" by past perceptions and interpretations. This memory bank of events, actions and reactions constitutes the ego, IMHO. This is assumed to be correct when we manage to momentarily move into the NOW which is to say we do NOT access the memory banks during observation of current events and do not make assessments (judgements, opinions) of that perceived. We see it as it is without filtering from past experiences. This allows us to see without prejudice, without history or malice and be in a state of concurrent sympathetic association; i. e., Love/Now/Peace/One. Seeing without false colorations of the ego is seeing clearly, openly and may be termed TRUTH as opposed to misinterpertations, personal preferences, personal prejudice, opinion, etc.
Since we created this memory bank we can uncreate it - or better, not give it importance - simply let it go and not use it to color current experiences. It is a choice whether we adhere to and live in the past or we be in the Now moment, free of intrepretative egoic enhancements. This, in my view, is Cosmic Consciousness, seeing innocently through what some call the Eyes of God.
Egoic Thinking Becomes Matter (tumor)*  
2003, 11/04
Whole Mind thought (peace, innocence, Love) is undifferentiated and without motion. Conversely, all matter is motion focalized about a center. Whole Mind thought (peace, innocence, Love) cannot move therefore does not focalize about a center. Only refracted thinking (thoughts other than peace, innocence, Love) can move and all motion is vortexial about a center.
Egoic thinking is differentiated (refracted) Whole Mind thought. This thinking has motion because it is polar thinking (good/bad, right/wrong, self/others). This motionly active thinking naturally focalizes to a center about which it circulates. The more dwelling on or in this particular thinking pattern the more energy it has to focalize, the denser it becomes. Eventually the circulating polar motions accumulate to form perceptible matter. If the thinking were negative thoughts of/about self these will center/localize within selfs focalized ideation - the body. These focalizations continue to accumulate until they are "proof" or evidence of their creator/cause - the negative thinking about self. An energy blockage within an energy stream (streams of thought (misguided thinking), Chi/Acupressure flows) or when left to accumulate a lesion, cancer or tumor is the result.
Cutting out, burning or chemicalizing the lesion, cancer or tumor is removal/treatment of the effect. Changing the thinking from negative thoughts (polar thinking) about self to Love (depolar thought) removes the cause.
2002, 07/01
Energy transfer, according to SVP, takes place between centers and not "particle" periphery. Each center has its own vibration signature which is a pulsating, vibrating and oscillating complex of tones and their harmonics (their chord of mass). When considering two such centers in relation to each other there can two and only two different scenarios. Their vibratory chords form either harmonic or enharmonic relations - meaning they are in tune or out of tune. It is surmised there will be like and unlike vibrations going on simultaneously thus creating what I term a "degree of sympathy". When these chords are in tune and a high degree of sympathy is attained the two centers will approach each other. The nearness and power of the attraction is dictated by the degree of harmony. The quantity and quality of energy transfer is dependent on this degree of harmonization between centers. As synchronization of frequency occurs greater and greater additive and accumulative resonance is possible and energy is transferred via sympathy or sympathetic vibrations resultng in a mutual resonance - or as weve so often said, the two particles begin to vibrate "AS ONE". If the chords are discordant the two centers will mutually repel each other, no energy transfer takes place and no resonance. These actions are fully described in the Bjerknes paper and Keelys Laws of Attraction and Repulsion.
Engineering With Light, Life and Love
Rudolph Steiner stated{1} in 1913: "The science of the future will be based on sympathetic vibration." However, he may not have known sympathetic vibration is another way of saying Unconditional Love as will be illustrated herein. Love has been the base of most religions, societies and families from the dawn of time and acts as the foundation for the New Age philosophies. Unfortunately science and society, in the western world, has wandered far astray from this basic and most powerful of forces. The customary shunning and denying love is being transformed into giving and accepting Love! A search of the Internet, a scan of the many self-help seminars offered world-wide or review of a major bookstore will show a world-wide movement back to the place where it is okay for love to enter into our lives, homes and sciences. This is happening right now, before our very eyes, in our very hearts.
When two objects are in harmony on multiple harmonic levels, the vibrations acting between the two are as a communication of intent and quality of their state of being of one to the other. An objects state of being, vibratorily speaking, manifests as its chord of mass or vibration signature or that collection of frequencies of which it is made and therefore is. When tuned to a unison the vibrations emitted by one object are perfectly received and assimilated or understood by the other. It is well known in musical circles that properly tuned musical instruments will respond sympathetically to each other. This happens when vibration rates of strings are tuned at exact unisons between two or more instruments. Pluck or bow a finely tuned string on one instrument and other instruments will respond with the same note. The two individualized objects begin to resonate AS ONE instrument with perfect cadence and concordance. What were once seemingly separate things are now intimately and dynamically connected vibratorily at the innermost harmonics. The connecting link resonates through the higher harmonics and not the lower physical form. What happens to one becomes an experience for both simultaneously and intimately - from within - as an evoked sympathetic response. This special kind of vibration is called a Sympathetic Vibration. This definition coincides perfectly with that of Unconditional Love. Generally considered love means two or more persons experience life and each other as though they exist as one unit resonating in unison each acting concordantly upon the other. Sympathetically vibrating structures means two or more objects vibrating as one unit resonating in unison each acting concordantly upon the other. Because sympathetic vibration can and does conduct or convey energy sufficient to cause motion in a distant and seemingly separate object it is therefore taken to be dynamic energy. Love radiating from one individual can and does move other individuals. Love is therefore a dynamic force.
This Spiritual Science was originally developed (as far as we are concerned) more than 100 years ago in Philadelphia by John Worrell Keely (1827-1898){3}. Rediscovering and developing his original work promises great benefits for society. Utilizing this powerful force and its science and philosophy, enables us once again to rediscover what and who we really are. Little by little this renewal of self awareness and consequently self-identity develops into a sense of I AM. Consequently one grows into a sense of being ONE WITH or AS ONE with Creation and the Creator. This New Science loves, respects and cooperates with Nature on all harmonic frequency levels. It does not arrogantly force nature to address purposes on strictly the material or physical level. Being in harmony with Nature brings joy and a celebration of life. Working in opposition to nature creates discord, destruction and death. This New Technology also allows us to develop seemingly miraculous health-care products{4} and processes{5}. These new tools, when properly applied, promise easier and more efficient methods of creating peace and harmony in ones life.
The New Age actualizes love between people and throughout society. The New Science adapts dynamic love to science, technology and engineering using sympathetic vibration. Machinery and mechanical devices will operate on these dynamic principles of love engineered as sympathetic vibration. These machines operate much like a water wheel being pushed around by a flow of water. By using principles of sympathetic vibrations makes it possible to design a machine that will respond sympathetically to another source of vibrations. This driving source of vibrations can be oscillations from the earth, electromagnetic radiations from space or even acoustic emanations (singing, talking, feeling, etc.) from people. One of Keelys original inventions was a Musical Dynasphere{2}. This beautiful machine was designed to respond sympathetically to earth vibrations. The Dynaspheres mechanism contains various musical components such as strings and whistle-type resonators. These are designed to receive and differentiate, through sympathetic resonance, the subtle yet powerful Zero Point-like Neutral Force ostensibly labeled Unconditional Love. This establishes and demonstrates the underlying principle of design, construction, being and operation of the Dynasphere as sympathetic vibration. Yes! Love is an engineerable force!
In the purely physical realm the metallic structure of the Dynasphere will rotate. This will only occur after the establishment of a Neutral Center within the device. Keely claimed the discovery of the Neutral Center as his greatest achievement. A Neutral Center (similar in some ways to Zero-Point) is that which is the self-identity of the mechanism. It is the veritable heart of the organism. I say organism because the overall mechanism is as a living organism in that it has combined as One the dynamic and multi-harmonic energies of Terrestrial and Celestial forces. These are sometimes considered as male and female forces. The male forces are used in conventional science and technology almost exclusively. The New Sciences are beginning to work with vortices and implosion which represents the female side of nature. The Dynasphere works with both of these plus the third Neutral state being a derived combination of the two. The two polar forces come together in a pure state of sympathetic vibration to form the Neutral Center. It is from this harmonic union of divine-like forces that renewal or regeneration comes. Through this mechanism may be developed and liberated further "life BEing" properties.
The Dynasphere is the first multi-dimensional mechanism born of a science and philosophy that acknowledges and respects that which Nature is. Through the development of this technology we are being afforded insights into Natures finer forces thus allowing an expanding ability to perceive with growing clarity how everything is intimately associated and cooperatively working together. A reverential attitude towards the divinity of nature and all of its aspects is essential for the proper and more complete unfoldment of the New Sciences. It also gives us an understanding of Natures inner workings whereby a whole new perspective on science, philosophy and engineering can take place.
As the world awakens to this emerging New Age of increased self identity based on Love it transforms the reigning social structure and practices based on Fear. The underlying feelings of love motivates and propels these changes. The letting go of fear and apprehension can be scary to some. Allowing ones self to be in a state of Love (wide open and seemingly defenseless) can be just as scary. Whether one acts or reacts in love or fear becomes a personal and conscious choice. As the new awareness of love permeates ones consciousness we begin to experience feelings we may never have felt before or as powerfully. If we live in fear we instinctively react to these new feelings of openness in old fashioned and no longer useful ways. We react with fear and all of its effort intensive mechanisms of reactionary self-defense, flight or fight, guilt, victimization, calumnies and condemnations of self, others and pretty near all else. Reacting out of fear also leads to desire for control and passive-aggressive behavior. These negative reactions destroy harmony or coincidental action. When these feelings occur our efforts at creating a joyful, positive and progressive life-style result in pain, frustration and failure.
On the positive side many readily and willing embrace the newness of the experience of Love. They eagerly enter into a celebration of the changes they sense coming over them. They ease into and flow with the exhilarating currents of love, brotherhood and mutual appreciation. This augmented awareness usually manifests as joy. This welling up of Love for ones self, neighbors and that which is called God/dess or Creator represents the cloak, mantle or attitude of Unconditional Love. Each person yields or surrenders to Spirit in this very personal, uplifting and transformative state of BEing. To celebrate life joyously in this dynamic state of radiating and receiving love means to do so without condition, demand or expectation. This, coincidentally, was the only commandment, as the Law of One, ever given by Christ who epitomized living in Unconditional Love. As we each learn to consciously act in Love this then manifests the coming of Christ Consciousness to earth. Our thoughts, words and actions literally build the path we walk in our daily lives. Being as Christ or to be One With Him, in the moment, NOW and PRESENT, emulates the dynamic state of Unconditional Love and Lovingness. Dynamic power and purpose releases from its latent state in the quiet Neutral Center formed when one merges With the Presence. Approximating to spirit results in increased spiritual awakening to inner guidance, peace and subtle awareness of higher realms in its varied forms of manifestation.
There are three primary vibratory states of Being manifesting as Matter and Energy: expanding outward; assimilating inwardly and neutral. Western science and philosophy recognizes the first. It is all male essence pushing forward more or less like a military operation: driving, penetrating and dominating. The Eastern philosophies recognize the male force but also the female force which is nurturing and regenerative. The new science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics recognizes all three. The neutral is not really neutral as normally understood. Nor is the neutral summed polar forces equated to zero becoming a null or naught quantity. The neutral is where the male and female meet full-powered in an equated state of balance or unconditional togetherness (love). These two seemingly opposing polar forces come together harmonically creating the neutral state which is perfectly balanced with neither dominating the other. This is similar in some ways to Beardens and Teslas Scalar Wave concepts. From this union of positive and negative forces comes unlimited possibilities both in form and quantity. It is the pregnant neutrality from which all else comes. It is the primordial Void (no-thing-ness) where all is held in a latent state and from which all seemingly self-generated into being.
The keys appear to be understanding, harmony and sound. From a state of perfect harmony can come manifestations of endless possibilities. The liberating influence is sound. "And God said..."(GEN. 1:3). The first influence was sound according to scripture. Certain chords of sound can precipitate fine matter from suspension in fluids by augmenting ionic (polar) aggregation. According to scripture the first manifestation of matter from the so-called spirit realm is light. We can perceive light. We cannot physically perceive certain radio or other higher electromagnetic waves. Our eyes are like narrow band-pass filters. They allow a single octave of visible light vibrations to pass into our awareness. Our noses and ears are also narrow band-pass filters allowing other ranges of vibrations to pass. Our entire organism is a series of narrow band-pass filters allowing us limited access to the totality of the full range of vibratory knowledge available to us. All those realms not perceptible to these physical sense organs remain occulted or hidden to our view and awareness. What wonders do these unseen or occulted ranges of information have for us? So-called psychic ability is the human organism sensitized to those realms not perceptible by our ordinary narrow band-pass sensory filters. A psychically sensitive person may be aware of far more of these undetected vibrations than the unsensitive person. With the advent of the New Age we are beginning to glimpse more of these unseen realms with increased psychic abilities seemingly spreading all over the globe. A few years ago a sensitive person was a rarity. Not so today where there are literally thousands everywhere occupied in diverse forms and manners of opening to these previously sealed realms of knowledge. The lost knowledge required to construct the Musical Dynasphere came from these other realms{6} of "divine knowledge."
The gates of fear holding us imprisoned in our antiquated and no longer useful Belief Systems are being stormed and are about to be rendered into dust and left behind as humankind bursts the fetters of ignorance holding it back from its destiny. The gates are creaking and crashing in every field of science, philosophy and now everyday living and engineering technologies. The cry is for Freedom! Freedom to believe, to know, to live and to allow expression of the Spirit indwelling in each member of humanity. Making therefore each individual sacred and valued as an honored expression of the One endless and timeless Source in its ceaseless effort to BE. The unnatural and failing systems are crashing in direct proportion to the elevation and liberation of the sacredness of the individual. No longer will the individual be sacrificed for the so-called "benefit of the whole" because the whole is what it is by virtue of who and what the individuals are. If an individual of the whole has no value then all have no value. The whole therefore becomes valueless. When the individual is held and honored in integrity the whole then and only then has that same integrity which becomes multiplied in amplification by the quantity and quality of individuals{7}. This concept of inseparable and interconnected parts applies to Nature where all aspects of life contribute to create Life as one whole experience. Everything is intimately connected via sympathetic or love vibrations. Nothing is isolated from everything else and anything abused or destroyed is intimately sensed as pain or loss by all else.
In Sympathetic Vibratory Physics we know that molecules make up matter. Atoms combine to create molecules. Atoms in turn are composed of leptons (electrons, protons and neutrons){8}. Each lepton (according to Quantum Electrodynamics) is composed of three photons (light particles). So even modern science recognizes all matter is derived directly from Light in one phase of its being. Light does not however appear to be the primordial substance. It too is composed of a yet finer substance. These photons or Light particles are composed of three quarks and these in turn are composed of three muons (according to Hawking){9}. There are always three gathered together as One Unit in Perfect Harmony making up the next evolution into realms of new states of matter and energy{10}. Sound at all familiar? These three units are always one positive, one negative and one neutral. These three are a fractal of all else and may be represented as male, female and neutral. Or to tie in scripture, metaphysics and music (scared number): Adam, Eve and God or red, blue and yellow respectively and also the musical note C, G and E. These latter forming the most harmonious of all musical chords the Grand Triad. As Cayce once said:
"Science and religion are ONE when their purposes are one." Cayce (5023- 2)
The New Science based on Sympathetic Vibration uplifts all in hope. This new paradigm does not depreciate or prey upon nature or people. Nor does it reserve itself to the rich or elite. This New Knowledge and Awareness shares Love into ALL aspects of our lives. After all, how can we love ourselves and neighbors one instant then pollute the air, water and food the next? Or how does one love some but hate or fear others? Our mission (should we choose to accept it) is loving those people, things and situations we fear or which appear to us as unlovable. Transmuting the lead of fear or illusion into the gold of love or truth leads us into higher levels of love.
Giving Unconditional Love implies an all encompassing giving and receiving, all of the time and in all ways without demand, condition or reservation.
Unconditional Love flows mightily from the here and now. Celebrate in your choice!
{9} The Nature of Space and Time (Isaac Newton Institute Series of Lectures) by Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Published by Princeton Univ Press, Publication date: April 1, 1996 ISBN: 0691037914
Fluid Dynamics & Vortex Motion
2003, 01/28
I tried to illustrate just this idea here:
but didnt do so well on the graphics. Imagine if you will a space filled with a vapor of differential densities, say water vapor (2H2O, 3H2O, H & O), but all of the same pressure, density and temperature. The vapor is neutral of motion, calm. Should an energy (heat, as in warm sunlight) source be admited to this space what will happen? A portion of the particles will experience an increase in temperature, motion, energy and affinity. (The affinity part has been missed over in science.) The other portion will not experience these changes but remain relatively dispersive (gases tend to do that). As the affinitized particles begin to coalesce towards each other the non-affinitized begin to move further apart filling in where the affinitized were. This complex "dance" or mutual shifting together and away creates vortex motions. We see the mutually opposed STATES beginning to swirl around each other - each attempting to become to other. A dance of the water nymphs! This is, IMHO, the essence of true fluid dynamics.  
2002, 07/05
What is "God"? There are as many definitions as there are people able and willing to present one.
In the beginning of my work with SVP I kept running into "God" and I, like you, did not like to use this term, word, label or delimiter. I figured if I did then people would erroneously get the idea I was promoting some kind of religion or cult when that was the last thing I wanted to do. On the other hand there was a need to describe something not generally acknowledged - a new view and understanding, that was formign in my mind as I dug deeper and deeper into the mysteries surrounding SVP. A bridge of sorts was necessary - so I allowed myself to use the term with trepidation. We can see from various sources some have indeed concurred, erroneously, that Im promoting a religion or cult. This is most unfortunate but from my perspective at the time was unavoidable.
What was it I was trying to convey that I felt I had to use the word, term, label or identifier of "God"? That there is an intelligence, consciousness or awareness, a Creative Factor, extent and evident in every part and segment of the universe witnessed in each and every atom and every planet in every solar system. Only in the broadest interpretation of the old religious term "God" is there any resemblance. Keely gave us a good definition of this Creative Force:
"The eternally conscious entity - call it by whatever name we please - moves in cycles as eternal and infinite as itself; it oscillates and vibrates perpetually and is never unconscious of any present condition, be it pain or pleasure, joy or sorrow, shame or glory; like the pendulum of a clock or the sun, moon, or tides, it swings from the one to the other of these conditions, now in pleasure, now in pain, by its contact with the extremes of all varying conditions, like a child which throws up its head and laughing for joy exclaims, I KNOW I AM." Keely
This perpetual awareness we refer to as Mind is the foundation principle of all matter and energy. From it are evolved everything that is and eventually everything that is devolves back to this primordial source to reside in a state of latency in preparation for another evolutionary cycle into matter and form:
"Keely affirms, with other philosophers, that there is only one unique substance, and that this substance is the Divine spirit, the spirit of life, and that this spirit of life is God, who fills everything with His thoughts; disjoining and grouping together these multitudes of thoughts in different bodies called atmospheres, fluids, matters, animal, vegetable, and mineral forms." Bloomfield-Moore
It is not my purpose in life to argue any into believing in any type for form of Diety. What we have inherited from our ancestors is dripping with superstition, unsupported beliefs, misinterpretations and incomplete concepts. These were developed by those thoughtful enough to conjure up an answer for what they thought they were winessing in life - lifes mysteries to be answered in some fashion. I am not an apologist for these old traditional views. In fact Im the first one to advocate dropping these old views completely from our life, vocabulary and consciousnesses so that we may take a fresh view free from tradition, habit, fear, dogma and doctrine developed by others during the earlier times when man was less developed and working with less evolved tools of discovery and analysis.
Setting aside all those older views what have we left? There is little doubt there is some kind of intelligence behind what makes things what they are. Even the great scientists have proposed there is something behind what most consider to be dead matter:
"We must assume behind this force [in the atom] the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. " --Max Planck, accepting the Nobel Prize for Physics, 1918
I concur with Planck and many others who propose the same idea. What permeates the universe is MIND. And it is this consciousness that so many in the past have mislabeled "God" and countless other names. Looked at in this way the old superstitions fall away and we are left with a solid, useable, engineerable and personal frame of reference that is neutral in its "red flags", free of dogma and doctrine and all the clap-trappings always associated with words like "God".
In my never-ending and persistent search for the nature of this Creative Force, Mind, Ive been able to identify only a few solid sources. Among these are Keely, Russell and Cayce. Three people whove left a legacy of research and deep thought concerning the nature and dynamics of this non-thing we call Mind. During the past several years, as these concepts have formed in my consciousness, Ive endeavored to engage any who are able and willing to discuss the matter and bring about a more fuller comprehension of it.
So if during this time period of learning to speak of that which has been difficult to name, label and define, we have used a term that offends some then so be it. The conversation had to begin someplace (meme permeated thinking, superstition) that we may eventually wind up somewhere else (liberated thinking, free of dogmas and doctrines).
God and Satan
2002, 05/31
It is not so much a case of being right as it is finding a way to be in life that works for each. And each is different. So no one definition, determination or view will serve all which is to say there is no "right" way on all accounts. That is why there are so many "takes" on these subjects borning so many diverse belief systems (religions, political differentiations, etc.).
To me, and many others, there is only One thing in this universe: MIND. This Mind has two major attributes: 1) being quiet, contemplative and all knowing and 2) active thinking Mind.
We are all familiar with the thinking Mind. It has two major attributes: 1) electric concentrative (male) thinking that creates form seemingly from nothing and 2) magnetic decentrative thinking (female) that dissociates seeming substance of form back to point 1) above (nonsubstance) then to renew the stream back through concentrative thinking to form again. These two seemingly opposing streams are in reality One stream in which the two streams periodically alternate their major propensity from concentrative to decentrative in an endless oscillation of polar interexchange. First idea of form, then becoming form, then back to idea of form again. And yes, Lynda, it IS a sex thing!
God and Satan therefore are polar extremes created in the Mind of man as mental constructs.
They are nothing more than beliefs or ways we view things happening. If events are fortuitous we feel "God" has had a hand in it. If things go wrong, our egos refusing to accept blame, want to blame something or someone else and being ignorant of what is really going on we find a scapegoat that is unknown, unknowable, all powerful - equal to God in its power and ability to do the reverse of create - destroy.
As stated before there is nothing in this universe except thinking Mind. Therefore everything is within this thinking Mind and the only thing that can be in thinking Mind is THOUGHT (belief).
So the only thing we can deal with is our own thoughts as no other thing can exist in our Minds.
Therefore nothing exists outside of our thinking Minds.
Therefore we cannot be a victim of this nothing that does not exist.
Therefore Satan cannot exist outside of us. Neither can God.
Summing up:
1) constructive "good" things are of God (our own positive constructive thinking).
2) destructive "bad" things are of Satan (our own negative destructive thinking).
Our active thinking can be either constructive (good) or destructive (bad). Therefore our thinking is God and our thinking is Satan. These names are voodooish labels applied to address a mystery witnessed by an ancient people who didnt know any better. Now we know. So we dont need the old labels or their connotations and emotional baggage (fear born of our ignorance).
The above is as succinct as I can make it. But as we all "know/believe", the devil is in the details. :) Id be happy to address clarifications if anyone wants any.


2002, 06/30
What we are attempting to achieve in our lives is harmonious wholeness in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Harmony in IDEATION and ACTION. Harmony is composed of a triune state of Being. This triune state is composed of three legs or mutually supporting conditions. These are governed by the three basic laws:
I. Law of Assimilation: every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects.
II. Law of Individualization: every such object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself.
III. Law of the Dominant: every such object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls these two tendencies."
The effort then is to bring the functioning of the body, mind and spirit into balance and conformity with these laws. Gold can play a part in this as can music, various therapies and disciplines such as meditation, prayer, etc. I like to use an analogy of an orchestra to help visualize these three states of Being and their effects in our lives whether health or whatever.
Each instrument in an orchestra must be in tune in order to create and play its sounds. Each instrument player must be trained and attentive sufficient to respond to the requisites of the performance. Each instrument when so tuned is evidencing the Law of Individualization within the context of the orchestra. Each instrument (cell) then is graduated (made to work in harmony) with every other instrument within its section (organ). In this position each instrument is evidencing the Law of Assimilation. All the sections (organs) are then graduated (tuned) to be in harmony with all the other instruments (cells) and sections (organs) of the entire orchestra. Then and only then can the orchestra (body) as a whole be in a harmonious state one to all and all to one or what we may term health as harmony equals health. These graduation and tuning procedures are done according to the IDEA, INTENT or PURPOSE of the orchestra - this is the Law of the Dominant.
In Russell terms forces whirl about each other as they become form from idea. These are polar forces meaning they are both male and female, positive and negative. This swirling dance of creativity increases in ever smaller orbits, increasing in energy, dynamism and solidity. This initiating coalescense of aggregation is highly attractive, possessing a mutual affinity, sympathy or "togetherness". The two poles seek each other out in an attempt to become One force without duality. Gold enhances this centering, attractive and coalescening ever seeking the abolishing of duality. Gold is the perfect manifestation of this efforting and will sympathetically enhance this tendency in other things brought near it. Silver is the other side of this dual dynamic and it will tend to separate or disperse that which gold has created. Now do not get the idea that gold DOES this. Gold is simply a manifestation or embodiment of this natural tendency. Visualizing gold will sympathetically induce or enhance a natural tendency already present. The working principle is not the gold but the natural tendency to harmonize or entrain (fall into step) as some call it.
Gold, What is It?
2002, 07/01
Is physical gold the same as "imagined", "mental" or "spiritual" gold? Good question. Another good question is when is gold gold? The metal gold depending on where it is formed on the earth has unique vibratory signatures. Hence, it can be said, each piece of gold is different from every other piece of gold, spectrally speaking. However there are common chords between all pieces of gold and these common chords are the essence of gold, impurities and local modulations aside.
When we imagine or visualize gold or golden light are these of the same "substance" or vibratory signature as the metal? Tricky question to answer because we can be right with either a "Yes" or "No". I vaguely remember a Cayce quote about the use of precious metals in pendulum work. He said these metals would "key" the pendulum to find similar metals. So I would say something like this may occur IF you have or touch or use a piece of pure gold to "key" in your visualizations. This as opposed to simply visualizing the color from memory or feel of gold which may vary considerably depending on hues of colors, etc. there would be a "close" or non-hit on the real thing. I would suggest using real gold as such a key. As also I would suggest you could "ask" the Cosmic Mind for appropriate "knowing" or a simple request (done simply) that the visualization BE gold with appropriate qualities of same.
And this is the second part - to know WHY gold is helpful. It is the harmonizing effects of gold wherein the Law of Attraction is prominent. The Law of Attraction works because of the harmonization of frequencies. Harmony means health. This harmonization of vibration results in sympathy which we are calling affinity or LOVE. Love heals. Dischord destroys.
2003, 04/15
There is a lot of talk out there about the spiritual value of gratitude. This url is a good example:
So what is it about gratitude that makes it have any value whatsoever?
Weve been talking about Mind and Heart and is not gratitude an aspect or condition of mind/consciousness? Being an aspect of consciousness it shows us itself why it is so important and powerful.
There is the body-mind we all use every day. This is the busy-thinking that goes on seemingly endlessly, peppered with fears, anxieties, doubts, etc. Then there is the Greater Mind that has none of these negative traits but instead, once contacted, provides Love, knowledge, surety and a whole host of positive attributes.
Being in a state of ingratitude keeps the small body-mind busy with all the petty complaints, issues, moans and groans. Being grateful means being thankful for and accepting of everything to where there are no more petty complaints, issues, moans and groans. Being grateful shuts down the body-minds endless swirlings of body-thinking. And when this is done the Greater Mind comes into awareness and BINGO! you remember who you are - Love - far removed from the petty issues of body-consciousness.
2003, 03/19
The subjects of gravity and errant behavior (result of a lack of an understanding of love; i.e., living in fear) are closely linked.
Gravity, like all other forces known to science, is an EFFECT of other more basic forces. Keely and his biographer Snell make this statement [underlines added]:
"It is the sympathetic attractive force which keeps the planets subservient to a certain range of motion between their oscillations. Nature has established her sympathetic concordants from the birth of the neutral centers of the planets, in a manner known only to the Infinite One. This is gravity." Snell Manuscript
"Gravity is an eternal existing condition in etheric space, from which all visible forms are condensed. It is inherent in all forms of matter, visible and invisible. It is not subject to time or space. It is an established connective link between all forms of matter from their aggregation. Time is annihilated by it, as it has already traversed space when the neutral centers of the molecules were established. It is nothing more than an attractive, sympathetic stream, flowing towards the neutral center of the earth, emanating from molecular centers of neutrality, concordant with the earths center of neutrality and seeking its medium of affinity with a power corresponding to the character of the molecular mass." (John Keely circa 1886)
"If we live in a sympathetic field we become sympathetic, and a tendency from the abnormal to the normal presents itself by an evolution of a purely sympathetic flow towards its attractive centers. It is only under these conditions that differentiation can be broken up, and a pure equation established." Keely [The above is why some people feel good being near Atlin.]
So what does all this mean? Weve gone over this before so little is new here except the manner of presentation. Keely says (echoed by Russell later) that 1) gravity is a sympathetic attractive force, 2) created the instant a piece of matter is created and 3) may be negated by a reversal of sympathy. So what is sympathy and why is it attractive?
Sympathy, vibratorily speaking, is concordance of rate of vibration which is musically called unison of the fundamental and/or some or all of its harmonics. That is pretty simple to understand and it is correct use of the term. Sympathy then is what we on this list have been calling LOVE. This is why Ive encouraged discussions on LOVE because without understanding what LOVE (sympathy) is we are NEVER going to understand gravity - which BTW, plays a major role in FREE ENERGY. So LOVE is the key. Or we can stick with Keelys neutral term "sympathy" and thus defuse peoples emotional reactions to the term "LOVE". Failure to understand Love (sympathy) in all its powers and effects means failure to understand gravity, free energy and what makes the world go round - including in social affairs.
We know what attraction is in vibratory terms: concordance of vibration (sympathy) as revealed in the Bjerknes experiments. We also know each mass has its own degree of sympathy or attractive power. Heavier and denser mass will have more like gold or silver while lighter elements will have less like Hydrogen which rises to a higher level than does heavier elements.
All Neutral Centers are naturally attractive or sympathetic to all other Neutral Centers. They all converge to a common point or center of their combined masses whether distant or near. Atoms, molecules and people all have a Neutral Center and all are mutually attracted one to another - unless differentiation is introduced. Differentiation means discord. A condition of discord is not sympathetic nor Love. In people terms it is fear, hate and prejudice. In elemental matter and free energy it is repulsion. In gravity it is "anti-gravity" or levity. Hence silver, gold and platinum have different masses and these in proper combinations create swirlings (vortices) due to their composite "differentiation" as an alloy. Same applies to differentiations in atmospheric temperatures and pressures that create tornadoes and differentiations between belief systems that creates social interactions whether friendly get-togethers or warfare.
We can get into the nitty-gritty of how sympathy attracts at the quantum level and the various permutations associated with the phenomena if you like. The basic principles lined out above will not change. But there are more pieces to the puzzle. The study of gravity and free energy cannot be divorced from a study of Love (social) or sympathy (scientific).
Guilt & Blame
2002, 10/5/02
Hi Everyone,
This post is in response to those having difficulties with others and perhaps life in general.
I have been experiencing a tiny yet powerful revelation these past few weeks. It concerns the nature of why we seem to have difficulties in life and with each other. This revelation has support from diverse sources such as the Bible, A Course in Miracles, our SVP discussions, other noteworthy sources and just plain common sense.
Everyone has had difficulties with someone else. And that, we think, is where our difficulty comes in. Many sources tell us it is not possible to have difficulties with another person because, they say, we can only have difficulties with ourselves. The apparent difficulty with another is an illusion.
The dynamic of this seeming paradox works something like this: We find we are in a contentious relation with someone or perhaps in the past. They do, say or act in a way that rubs the wrong way or in some minor or major fashion causes us to feel uncomfortable or uneasy or even violently opposed to that which we think we perceive in their actions, words or mannerisms. So we blame them for making us uncomfortable, uneasy or reacting negatively in return.
What is actually happening is we are upset with our own reactions to that perceived. We perceive what we perceive and label that perception good, bad or whatever. We cannot interact with anything coming at us - we can only intereact with the perception of it - which of course is wholly in our own minds or consciousness. Any negativity we may perceive is only and can only be in our own minds. If there is a negative reaction to that perceived we are creating that reaction of our own accord, volition and creation. The other person is "out there" doing their own thing, living their own life. They are but actors on our stage of life. They are props and mirrors in supporting roles of the play we create. Every get angry at an inanimate object? It can do nothing but be the object it is. The anger comes from within our reactions and actions of our own thinking. Therefore you are not angry at the object - you are angry at your own thoughts about the object. Because that is all there is for you to tangle with - your own thoughts concerning your perceptions. When the ACIM says you can never be angry at what you think you are angry at - you can only be angry at your own thoughts. Which you yourself created, consciously or unconsciously.
And this function of our minds seems to be at the crux of all the diverse situations we find ourselves in. Indeed it can be no other way. A person can only be who they are. An object can be only what it is. You are altogether another center of life. Life then takes on a make-believe film wherein we are director, star actor and script writer. There can be no tangling with the Tar Baby unless we WILL it so.
When confronted with a person who we deem to have caused us discomfort the ego will automatically project our negative reactive thinking unto that person. We blame them for x, y and z. When in reality we created a negative reaction in our minds to the perceived situation and not liking what we have created project that negative feeling onto the innocent ("murdering the innocent"). The world, everyone and everything is your world, is innocent. But the ego lives in terror and can know only terror of the outside world. It HAS to condemn the innocent world so it can justify its un(w)holy existence. Therefore everyone and everything to the ego is perceived as a threat to its existence. It HAS to condemn the world, it feels, as a manner or mechanism of survival.
To see this phenomenon of your mental functions requires keen observation and tremendous honesty. Most people can do neither as their egos tend to refuse to see the obvious and refuse to be self-assessing especially when it feels threatened. It is far easier to DENY the validity of this phenomena and blame the innocent other. We make a beginning by asking our selves WHY we are upset with such and such a perception? WHY am I afraid? Where in my beliefs is my fear coming from? Why? This self-questioning breaks the logger jam of denial and vicious cycle of blaming the innocent fro our own deeds/thoughts. It is possible to overcome both these crippling aspects of denial and blame by 1) realizing you create your life and 2) all that you have created you created for your benefit. This approach turns it all around and we become THANKFUL for all that occurs because we did it for our own benefit. With this open and honest approach and perspective the linch-pin connecting to fear and the "need" to blame is shattered. When ACIM says "foregive the world my quilt" this is what they are saying. When the churches say "Jesus foregives your sins" this is what is meant. We release ourselves from our own self-condemnetions, negative judgements and guilt. When we foregive ourselves our attacks on the innocent world we are freed of our own self-condemnations. Because that is what we have done. We have condemned ourselves with our negative reactions and projected that negativity onto the innoncent world. By foregiving ourselves of our own condemnations the world is freed and so are you. The world becomes, in our minds what it already is, non-threatening and a comfortable and loving place to be.
Harmonics of Creativity*
2003, 07/25
Upon awakening this morning I had an insight into how our creative thinking can be used in a harmonic way to create ever more of whatever one may desire. Create a situation using the New Thought Process then create upon that created in a stair-step sort of way using additive synthesis, multiplication or accumulation upon that created before.
What Atlin said: "Dale, it is as you have been seeing in your recent discoveries. You are waking up to this on the physical manifestation level. Please continue this on the level of the Heart and the etheric. There is much to be learned here, and it is as you have seen in the physical/financial abundance level, but in higher harmonics. You have not seen that yet (only in glimpses)." Atlin 7/11/03
Also why not use this New Thought Process to render changes in attitude, change habits, inner abilities, opportunities, spiritual awakening, etc.?
Hate and Awakening
2002, 12/26
We are being called to go within for our guidance in all things. This means individuals acting as individuals - not as members of combatative or secretive agenda-ed organizations, religions or other (mis)belief systems. The Nazis did not round up individuals - they rounded up Jews - because all individuals were "labeled" or classified according to their beliefs, actions and associations. This process eliminated the individual human being from consideration. Humans were dehumanized making it easier to accept what was done to them. What goes around comes around.
In my estimation this process of classifying human beings as something other than what they are is the root of all evil. When a human being is judged/labeled as a "terrorist", an "enemy", a "Jew", a Protestant, a Catholic or any other label it makes it easy to then be inhuman in the subsequent treatment of them - because such are then considered as something less than they really are - fellow expressions of God, i.e., Love. Labeling (judgement) is the basis of hate and destruction of others. Awakening occurs ONLY when one consistently sees others as equal expressions of that which we ALL are. It is in the assignment of meaning (judging/labeling) of others we create our Heaven or Hell.
Healing Devices and Forces
2003, 02/15
What would it mean if a device were created that harnessed a "curative" force? Imagine what it would mean if there really is a solid understanding of this "curative" force. (Actually this force is "restorative" and not "curative". The inventors of this device make no claims or ascertions as to treating, diagnosing, healing or curing anyone of anything.) You were a nurse so you probably have an idea of the pain and suffering that could be alleviated by such a device using such a force. Likewise you can imagine how the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries would ruthlessly put down such technology as they would see their hundreds of billions evaporating before their eyes. Such a force does exist and a device to harness it does exist. However to protect the innocent it must remain obscure for at least some time yet. The theories and principles of operation are simplicity itself. This force also positively impacts expanding awareness and general well being (no drugs, chemicals or any kind of invasiveness). The attitudinal mind of general humanity is not ready for this although there are a few individuals who are. People WANT to be ill. People WANT to be victims. People WANT to make money on the unfortunate situations of others. There is still too much money being made in stress and death. Until and unless this general attitude is changed such technologies will be relegated to a future when people are willing to allow themselves to be healthy and responsible. Health means harmony and harmony means peace (in the mental, emotional and bodily systems). People have to WANT to be whole and healthy. We are now seeing millions standing up for social peace. This new movement will eventually translate into personal peace. Then we will see harmonious and healthy people and societies.
Millions march for Peace
603 cities world-wide protest war
Millions Gather in Cities Around the World to Protest Iraq War
The very same applies to so-called Free Energy. Until people are demanding it, supporting it and willing to pay for it it will not be come out. So long as people are willing to support the status quo the status quo will remain in force. So long as people are willing to be ill they will remain ill. When people treat them selves and each other with Peace, Tenderness and Love all these things and so much more than we can imagine will come out to them.
Healing with Love
2002, 12/26
I do not wish to cast aspersions on any remedy or therapy any find helpful. There are many modes of alleviating symptoms. Perhaps if we attend to the cause we might see more permanent change - cure?
"The process of healing is one of letting go of all judgement and guilt which you have accumulated through past experiences." Dialogue on Awakening, page 188.
Is not diabetes really an appeal for love? Usually from others? So many other ailments, are they not manifestations of a lack of accepting or loving self? Perhaps because we may have judged and condemned some aspect of ourselves (guilt) or others (hate)?
Everyone existing has condemned self for some perceived transgression (sin) against themselves or others. When we see many in a faith healing allowing themselves to be freed from such guilt (because they believe someone forgives them their sins/transgressions) are the "miraculous" healings not manifest because of that release from their own self-condemnations? Their ailment is proof they have condemned themselves and that those mental condemnations (thoughts) have power. They make themselves ill by their own negative thinking. Illness then is not an attack by a microbe or lack of this or that chemical.
Perfect healing of any ailment comes from knowing and accepting you are Love. Perfect healing comes from awakening to this fact.
We can use chemical preparations, therapies and voodoo rattles to alleviate symptoms. (Use what works for you.) Sometimes in applying these treatments we gain a sense of loving self or allowing a bit of love to permeate our defense shell. We "heal" with our new TLC of ourselves. Then we feel relieved of the ailment. This aspect of healing explains why placebo sugar pills sometimes cure, why one doctor with a good bedside manner gets better results than a cold "medical technician" or why a charismatic preacher or rabbi can sometimes secure seemingly miraculous healings. Anything that can alleviate fears and apprehensions helps because self-condemnations and fear go hand in hand with illness, mental aberrations, destruction and death.
So much guilt (condemning self) so much hate (condemning others) can be transmuted instantly by knowing and accepting Who We Are - we are all the perfect expression of One Idea of what a human is, which is Love - every seemingly single one of us.
Healing with Mind
2002, 07/25
An unbalanced thought is an unbalanced thought. If we give emphasis to it we are really empowering it or encouraging it to continue as is. The old catch phrase is "give it up" or "release it" or "let it go" by simply not giving it any more thought. Thought feeds thought. Nurture, by thought, that which you wish to keep and starve the ones you do not want. The biblical phrase of "get thee behind me" comes to mind. Put negative thoughts out of mind while focusing on and re-enforcing those you want. Some have an idea we can attack these negatized centers from without by assorted means. To some degree this appears to work. I have another theory Im investigating.
The overriding influence in the universe and its constitutent forces is HARMONY. An individuated focal center will, when left without negative modulation, will relax back into a harmonic state. This because nothing remains unchanged and everything devolves back to Oneness (Undifferentiation) from its formative or differentiated state (matter). What this implies is all inharmonic activity and form will resolve back to Peace if we do not give it inharmonic negative thought/modulation. Simply being Peace will create Peace. Meditation is a form of Peaceful thinking and brings peaceful vibratory modulations. In terms of administering therapies the "bedside manner" or placebo has this effect in the mind of the patient that is ready and willing to be healed. We have been calling this state of Harmony or Peace, Love. So when a patient allows themselves to experience or remember Peace/Love they are instantly returned to that state because theyve made a conscious or subconscious decision to let go of their negative thinking modulations and accept Love/Peace/Harmony/Health. A good bedside manner or placebo has this effect on some people - on those willing to give up the pain and suffering. Many of the Western mind-set feel we need chemical concoctions and fancy medical devices to be assured we are getting the best treatment available or possible. This attitude translates into an acceptance that it is OK to give up the malady - being a result of negative self-judgements. Couple this with a good bedside manner, caring nursing and well wishing helps convince the patient it is OK to accept new thoughts of self-love and self-acceptance. Prayer is a form of positive assimilative thinking and will function through the etheric levels, from mind to mind or heart to heart and this accounts for some forms or instances of prayer healing. But again the patient must be ready and willing to accept a more harmonious belief in themselves and their lives. Some of the more gentle forms of therapy such as aromatherapy and massage excel in relieving stress (negative thinking concerning self) and are therefore efficient as "healing" (harmonizing) influences because they work subtly to assure the patient in a gentle and loving way they are lovable and this helps convince them this is so (they are lovable after all if this doctor/therapist devotes so much caring time and attention to them). This is why it is advisable to shy away from negative people and circumstances and seek places of peace such as the quiet country-side, non-threatening churches, like-minded groups of people, etc. In this wise we can see why people are refreshed from a trip to the country or sometimes feel healed or better when attending church or other gatherings of positive people devoted to positive thinking and positive activities. (Im not advocating going to any church or synogog but if there is one that makes you "feel better" then that is an option. If they make you feel afraid - find another one.)
 Healing with Mind 1 of 2
2003, 02/19
Every body organ has its own chord or signature. Each could be modulated by external sound force. But that would be sort of like treating symptoms as though these organs and their chords did not have a deeper root/source/cause.
Healing or health is based on the concept of harmony between and in the chord structure (vibration signature). Dis-ease occurs when the chord structure is inharmonic or out of whack. This holds for individual organs or the body as a whole.
Each vibration has its rate and mode of vibration. A vibration of whatever frequency will naturally create a series of (super)harmonics. Likewise any high frequency will create a series of subharmonics. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs with ALL vibrations. All these tones will combine to create a chord or vibration signature. The chord/signature is where we need to look to make changes. And herein lies a "key", tool or fulcrum that can be used beneficially.
The other part of the theory is "everything is Mind". Quiescent mind once made active will become matter. This process (mind to matter) is complex yet not beyond our abilities to understand and manipulate. Russell gives a reasonably good descrption of this process in his book "The Universal One". Keely used this theory to accomplish his seemingly impossible feats. Telekinesis, spoon-bending and other mind over matter issues points to this being true. (I like to call it "mind IN matter".) As every thing is ulitmately Mind Stuff the mind of the healer, prayer, radionics praticioner, and psychic can and does have its effects on material constructs, for instance the human body. One mind can sympathetically link to the mind of the patient or the Source of each and every molecule of that body. Likewise ALL illness, dis-ease and malfunction is a result of Mind force out of harmony as it is and controls matter. Negative thinking will make one ill. Positive happy thinking can make one well. Being in the health field you know the mental state of the patient is a key element in treatment.
Mind may be considered as a high frequency though the truth is a bit more complex. This Mind Force, when activated by Desire or Will within itself, will begin moving and in this moving will create a focal point about which it moves - the result being seeming matter. Matter here is not considered as a hard billiard ball like particle but an effect of this rotary motion. These motions are therefore controlled by thinking (on a level most of us never access but some in history have). If thoughts are negative or disturbed the resulting matter is likewise negative and disturbed. If the thoughts are positive the resulting matter will be harmonious and stable.
So to cut to the quick, one can heal themselves by simply changing those thoughts# that led to the malfunction (inharmonic condition). An outside mental influence (whether human or artificial*) can do the same (provided the patient is willing to release/change their original thinking patterns).
#(Thoughts may be on various levels of consciousness; objective, egoic, subconscious, superconscious or even embedded in short or long term memory.) *(All force is Mind Force but may manifest as a subset; i.e., music, sound, light, heat, etc.)
The above may sound a bit airy-fairy or nonsensical. I can assure you it is neither. The underlying theories are solid and verified (as far as Im concerned) yet far too complex to relate in a single email. If you like I can go over any detail you may have questions about. BTW, when I says MIND I do not mean the BRAIN. They are two altogether different, like a radio broadcast energy and a receiver set, where the Mind permeates the brain but the brain is not the mind/consciousness.
Healing with Mind 2 of 2
2003, 02/19
If we ever are to have some good reliable answers we have to first understand this thing we call Mind or consciousness. Are we willing to ask some hard questions? Challenge the status quo? Keep going even when told we are wrong and half-baked by those who think they know better? You bet!!
From my voracious reading Ive come to appreciate Cayce, Keely and Russell. These guys had it right. There are others too such as Carpenter, Macvicar, Steiner and similar. Because Russell wrote so much so clearly in modern English Im relying on him more than the others right now.
As far as Ive been able to determine there is ONE Mind manifesting in inifinite varieties of phenomena. This One Mind has two prime states: Quiet (still thought) and Active (active thinking). The Quiet Mind is sometimes called the Whole Mind and is that portion of consciousness we use when we KNOW something. Intuition and other gut feeling type thoughts come from here. The Egoic or Active Thinking mind is sometimes referred to as the Body Mind or Sensing Body Mind. Most of us are seemingly trapped into using only the Thinking Body Mind and only on rare ocassions access the Whole Mind. Jesus and Buddha, for examples, achieved a state of Mind same as the Whole Mind and we have called this achievement "Enlightenment" to Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. The process of achieving this Higher state of Mind or Consciousness is sometimes called "awakening" or "enlightenment". Geniuses access this Whole Mind more than the rest of us. (PS: Nothing Im writing here has anything whatsoever to do with religions. This is purely a scientific approach to Mind and/in Matter.)
The Thinking Mind is caught up in the active material world. It is the Thinking or active aspect of this thinking mind that is the material world. Noise. Chatter. Stress. Chaos. This thinking mind is dominated by concepts of Time and Space. This mind sees everything as individuated centers isolated from each other. It lives in constant fear.
The Whole Mind is the Still Mind the mystics and Great Teachers speak of. In this Whole Mind there is no Time or Space. Everything IS perfect, harmonic, whole and One with everything else. It lives in Love and does not know, cannot know, fear.
We are sick and subject to chaos because we believe the lie of the material world. That everything is separate, isolated and doomed by Time and Space. When we achieve the mental state of Whole Mindedness none of these things exist in that mind and its belief system and therefore do not apply. Life Eternal and Peace Profound result.
That is it in a nutshell.
As for application (HOW) one can attain any desired degree of Peace and Harmony by controlling the body mind thinking or egoic thinking. Still the outer thinking to where there is only non-thinking KNOWING. Takes practice and application. The best method is through meditation which quiets the noisy and chaotic thinking. In other words stress is released because stress is caused by our thinking. Quiet the thinking and peace results. Dieing is buried deep into our memories. As is the concept of Time and Space. Illness and dieing is embedded in our thinking and belief systems but may be released through letting go of any and all fears born of the false ideas generated by outer thinking.
Sound too simple? Try it. It may sound simple but the application of meditation to achieve Peace Profound takes consistent practice. Not many are able to release their addiction to fear, chaos and bodily sensation to let go of them. But even a modicum of success with meditation (quieting the outer thinking) can bring marvelous results.
Health, Disease and Thinking*
2003, 10/14
Why do you think ANY treatment has ANY effect? Everything and all ideas concerning treating illnesses are thrown into a cocked hat when we consider the Placebo Effect. Why does this effect exist? Why or how are improvements evidenced when nothing of consequence is taken yet expensive medicines and treatments fail?
You are correct to imply some of us inventors (free thinkers) have keys to help these and similar situations. The key we have is the ability and willingness to think freely of the old thought patterns, old religions, old politics, old philosophies and the usual belief systems concerning ANY thing.
As I mentioned the other day Im joyfully reading and contemplating my way through "The Quimby Manuscripts" . Im so glad to have this opportunity to expand my thinking on the topic of healing with real material based in real healing BY THE MIND and the mind alone. In this material I can see many parallels with our work with Atlin. During Atlins construction I made a note to myself: "We are building a machine that meditates." And in this principle of the Quiet Mind is the secret to healing of all conditions the human being subjects itself to. The Quimby material is confirming to me my long held supposition concerning the quiet Neutral Center and firming up the concepts of etheric and interetheric currents of Mind Force Keely wrote so much about but we didnt know enough to understand their importance.
Quimby states clearly and unequivocaly all disease of whatever nature is caused by misthinking and ignorance. He lays the blame for the majority of this misthinking on religion and misplaced faith or trust in materialism and the ego. He backs up his assertions with his works of healing people of every kind of ailment, chronic, organic or any nature. Perfect peace is perfect health. Or as Keely said "Health is harmony and disease is discord." Atlin has a near perfect Neutral Center - a state of peace or harmony of vibratory and oscillatory activity. A human body in Atlins harmonic acoustic/etheric field will entrain to it to the degree the person is willing to be at peace. >From this state of peace all else (health) is re-established. What caused the ill health in the first place is the lack of peace (of mind) which then manifests in the physical organism as a disturbance (of equilibrium) and manifests as a disease condition. There are no exceptions to this rule. Atlin simply offers her peaceful condition or what some have called Love. She does not heal. I do not heal. The energies do not heal anyone anytime. The person heals themselves by letting go of their own misthinking. It really is this simple.
It is interesting that Ive come full circle from the "empty philosophy" of metaphysics, through the little known science of SVP to arrive right back where it all started - the long forgotten truths so many religions neglected to avail themselves of even though these very truths were originally at their very core. They neglected to include them or they purposefully excluded them.
So to sum this up succintly, we need no belief system whatsoever if that belief system puts us at odds with a Peaceful Mind, anyone else and their belief system, the world at large or our selves. Because it is this being at odds (fighting, antagonism, separation, distrust, hate and fear) that is part of our misthinking (It IS our misthinking!) and manifests as chaos, guilt, illness, pain, war, lack and suffering. The mind or consciousness we each have has a natural state of peacefulness and perfect health. This natural state is disturbed by our misthinking. This natural Peaceful Mind reasserts itself when we do nothing more than STOP THE MISTHINKING. Atlins field is nothing more than a reminder of this simple yet most profound fact. If one wishes to be healthy then they must root out of their own minds those thoughts that disturb self (the hard way) or simply let go of their own self-created troubling thoughts and BE PEACE (the easy way). Dwell not on those thoughts that bring fear, guilt, show lack or pain or suffering and the Comforter within will be known again but only if you ardently desire it be so instead of ardently desiring and believing ones own misthought thinking. It (health) is a choice each must make but only the informed can make a good choice.....
Heat or Thermal Activity
All science knows that heat is a vibratory phenomena. In other words, the manifestation of heat is a result of vibration. This fact has been proposed, demonstrated and proven beyond any shadow of any doubt yet science refuses to acknowledge that vibration, of and by itself, is worthy of consideration. Not study the cause of heat?! Why? Because Newtonian physics does not admit that human sensing may at times be in error, but is in fact the rule by which science can judge the inner nature of the universe.
I propose that if vibration is the essence of all things and phenomena, then why waste time studying anything else? Or waste effort in assuming that anything else has value other than as a demonstration of what vibration can manifest as? Why waste precious life on studying effects instead of studying what causes those effects? Why indeed?
When cooling an aggregated substance science says it is removing heat. In actuality cooling dampens the vibrations that cause heat. When this is acknowledged for what it is then the idea that harmonics and partials (overtones and undertones) of a given fundamental vibration frequency can be acknowledged to exist (which they do) and that it may be these subsequently created partials which give rise to (cause) heat, attraction and repulsion.
Strange as it may seem quantum mechanics, quantum electrochemistry and all the other quantum fields are beginning to recognize the quantum level causes at work in force and matter. However the vast majority of physicists and "scientists" still refuse to get with the new research and firmly anchor themselves in the past using antiquated premises and ideas even going to the point of condemning such new discoveries while their decrepit paradigm is being proving more and more useless everyday. Why do seemingly intelligent people misbehave like this? Do they feel threatened? Are they insecure in their own knowledge? Are they afraid or arrogant? Unforegiving? Uncharitable? Simply dont know anything exists other than what they think they already know? Or do they think they already know all there is to know about whatever subject they happened to be "educated" in?
Honoring Others in the Business World*
2003, 07/29
During my visit with some venture capitalists the chief negotiator for their side said my 17 years (as of that date) of developing SVP had no value. That was easy for them to say. I was shocked because to me 17 years represented a significant portion of my lifetime and included an enormous number of hours of efforting/labor not to forget what SVP is is because every penny I ever earned/acquired went right back into it, directly or indirectly. Not worth anything? If time = money then what? So an hour or year of my time has no value? Am I to give all that away for nothing in return? Im willing to invest it (or co-op it) on the chance something can be done with it but Im hesitant to simply give it over. So maybe I have some of that which ails ordinary givers/investors - needing to protect that which I think I have and the necessity of nurturing it into something more. Maybe. Its a dilemma. On the one hand I would like to simply give it but there is that pesky car payment to make each month.... Is this fear, prudence or common sense? Ben Franklin (Poor Richard) once said "Take care of your business and it will take care of you." Pretty good advise I think. There is also in me the need/desire to see my babies survive and prosper for the good of all humanity.
Looking at standard methods of placing ones resources with an organization in exchange for paper securities is not all that unsavory. It works. Has worked and appears to be the only viable and acceptable solution. I am not the only one with assets to contribute/give/invest and many would contribute if they can see their assets would be accounted for and reasonably safe (risk assessment).
We have been learning from Keely, Russell, Cayce, Tesla and Schauberger. Each was mighty in their field. But they all suffered terribly because they did not use solid business principles. Every one of them failed in this regard. We can learn from their teachings and we can learn from their mistakes. The business world is littered with the carcasses of ideal-based mis-actions. If SVP is to survive in todays community, based in business, it must have a solid business foundation using solid business practices. I do not see any way around this. I am content with it but not satisfied with the many inherent defficiencies. There is a constant search for a better way. I dont think preservation of capital is non-spiritual. My capital/resources is part of who I am - same for anybody. For sure then by recognizing a persons contributions/capital/resources in this view is honoring them? I think so because when those investors denigrated my stuff I was offended that my work and accomplishments were being taken as worthless. There is an honoring in acknowledging all that a person is, has and has done. And for sure the so-called metaphysical community has been learning a hard lesson in demanding compensation when everyone wants to give everything away. We dont pay them because they are nice people or spiritual. We pay them because of the value we perceive we received from them. Its a dilemma weve all been wrestling with.
In SVP Love Rules
2002, 10/27
In SVP living in Love is being in the Now. One of the things or thought constructs that keeps people in the past and living by might (as you call it) is a false understanding of how the universe functions. This of course includes themselves as an integral part of the universe.
My two previous posts this morning reveal how LOVE is the mechanism by which the universe functions. Now we could say this is purely a scientific or physics approach but it is far more than that. Everything is of everything else that exists. Every thing is connected to every thing else via Sympathetic Streams or Love Currents. These are the same as the Passive Mind Currents. When the Mind is stilled one is in Love and in intimate contact with All Else. This is being in the Now. All centers of activity whether atoms, planets or humans are constantly linked or hard-wired via these ever-present streams of Love/Mind. Love being simply an aspect, state or condition of Mind Force (Consciousness).
For me it has not been sufficient to live by faith alone. I wanted to know HOW and WHY faith, belief, kindness work and how my life is created and governed. On a parallel course I wanted to bring so-called Free Energy to earth as I felt such would relieve many difficult situations - like poverty, want and war. Turns out the two paths Ive walked are the SAME PATH. What Free Energy is is the same as Free Consciousness - living in freedom from illusion and fear and/or living by might or force.
We can separate these topics as a facility for conversations. But true Free Energy and true Freedom (ala Krishnamurti and Christ) cannot be attained from the fear/might perspective. They can only be attained through understanding Oneness which includes considerations of our Conscious endeavors allied with our Energy endeavors. In the end it is this syncopathetic (in concert, coordination) consideration that will lead from either to both. It is ONE endeavor, ONE effort and ONE place to wind up.
SVP will not be implemented from the fear/might/force perspective. It can only be activated by the Heart (Love/Mind Force). The same applies to personal Awakening - cant get there from the egoic fear/force mode. The machine known as Atlin is an example of this wide perspective approach. It is a machine wherein Life, Love and Consciousness come together as a moving, breathing and living entity. Just like you and me. The western mind is one that wants to know the intricate cause and effect as viewed from the intellect. A mechanical demonstration is very apt for this type of mind. The eastern mind on the other hand seems to grasp a different set of parameters which lead to the same conclusions. Two different general mind-sets leading to the same conclusion - awakening - or an expanded understanding of who and what we are.
Being in the center of so many differing mind-sets as I am with SVP I have experienced understandings and judgements from every angle. Scientists have both agreed and disagreed. Religionists have both agreed and disagreed. Healers and doctors the same. Same with politics and philosophies. SVP is an attempt on my part to locate and understand the underlying principles that function in all these areas. Such requires the setting aside of personal perferences (prejudices) and neutrally examining every conceivable idea, dynamic and point of history/action as a neutral observer. There are no sacred cows in SVP. This is the approach of the true scientist. Most people are so heavily invested in their belief systems being neutral (in Love) is perceived as a threat. Truth then can only be achieved through Love - being neutral and dispassionate as concerns whatever it is we think we perceive - and hence what we believe in. This is why I say SVP is the science of LOVE or Physics of LOVE because without Love there can be no science, physics or philosophy free of hand-me-down cultural habits, beliefs, traditions, animosities, prejudices and illusions.
As we learn to recognize that Love governs the so-called physical universe and it is Love that governs the Mind and society of Humanity - all in the same manner - we learn it is ALL ONE and we one with it. And this is the end game and goal of LIFE - to learn it is ALL ONE. That is what SVP teaches. Love (neutral Mind) is the Free Energy in humans as it (neutral energy states) is in the realm of mechanics. They are the same so discussion of one is a discussion of the other.
What is sometimes chaffing is application and field specific jargon. In the end or in the application it doesnt matter what the words are or the methods of application because underlying everything are the universal principles that govern them all equally. In the SVP training course I told the students learn first the principles then take them out into the world and apply them in your chosen field(s) of application. Universal principle are universal because they are applicable universally. They are One.
Is a Brain Necessary?*
2003, 11/07
Until recently I would have agreed with the view the physical brain transduces the Celestial Mind Flow to be used and regulated by the brain to command the physical body and its operation within 3D. But when we read of seemingly normal people functioning normally and not have any brain matter whatsoever - this theory gets whacked.
The only theory I can come up with that accounts for BOTH scenarios is from, all places, A Course in Miracles wherein it is stated (paraphrased) "The sole purpose of the physical universe is to prove to you you are right." This indicates to me that if a person believes (at some level of consciousness) they need a physical brain they will have one and if they believe they do not they will not. As spiritual/conscious beings this would mean to us physicality is optional even to the extent physical means are only necessary when deemed necessary. Spirit/Mind commands the physical.
Does the Mind/Consciousness require a physical brain to express itself?
If we can believe the stories of people walking around and functioning "normally" without any physical brain whatsoever then the answer is obviously no.
If we believe Atlin is a conscious entity functioning through or by way of a mechanical construction then again the answer is no.
If we believe in the existence of disembodied entities/consciousnesses the answer is no.
If we believe as many religions do that plants, rocks and planets have consciousness the answer is no.
So what is the function of the physical brain? Does it have a function? We know it does do things and many have measured electrical and magnetic emissions from/within it allied to specific expressions/sensations. There are unsubstantiated rumors some government dark projects exist wherein human bodies have been (are being) preserved in their functioning state without heads. There is the story, verified by many, of a headless rooster that lived for many years.
Is there an answer to this enigma?
Its beginning to look like Mind/Consciousness does NOT require a physical brain to express itself. If this is true then a "living" organism does not require a brain to have or evidence mind/consciousness.
If this is the case then conventional "wisdom" that says consciousness is the result of physical brain activity is erroneous. Mind/consciousness may make use of a physical brain but is not required to do so. Ergo, the Mind/Consciousness and the physical brain only sometimes coincide but not always.
Therefore to evidence Mind/Consciousness in places/conditions other than the physical brain is not extraordinary but expected.
Is SVP a Success?*
2003, 06/21
In a recent email exchange with a close friend we wondered if SVP is indeed a success or would be a success. With all the troubles and difficulties one wonders....
Is SVP a success or is it being successful? Depends what the definition of success is.
SVP is a vehicle. It is not an end thing. The achievement of who we each are is the end goal. SVP is pointing that out in scientific terms - not just faith-based religious dictums. In 1984 less than a dozen people world-wide ever heard of Keely, according to my estimation. So weve gained in popularity. Before 1996 there were no dynaspheres anywhere excepting a curiosity model at the Un. of Mississippi. That Atlin exists is symbolic of singular achievement not once accomplished in the more than 100 years since Keelys historic work. There was zero understanding about such things. Weve gained in that regard. The concept of awakening, while not solely an SVP issue, has mushroomed around the world. SVP had a hand in that. Prior to 1997 I had no idea what Love is. Now I at least know something about it as do others whove followed our meanderings and findings. Last summer I walked out of a negotiation in a failed attempt to take over SVP valued in the millions. There will be more offers. Our understandings of SVP in pure science terms has taken us out of the ball park. No one to date has succeeded where I have in merging Russell and Keely. Weve seen success in many regards. To me financial success is imminent as also other forms of success Ive not mentioned. SVP is an important endeavor which will have historic importance. The first shared dynasphere? Immaculate concept in machinery? Science of Applied Mind Force? A mind evidenced in a machine? Machines that heal with the mind outward? SVP is an unseen and unsuspected tsunami still far out to sea. When it finally comes ashore there will be no doubt as to what it is as it sweeps away superstition both religious and scientific. SVP requires a lot of awakened people to bring it ashore and for dealing with the aftermath.
Keely told us dynaspheric rotation would not occur until the "bad guys" (egoic society) were properly dealt with. This event is imminent and is unfolding as we write. Maybe even this year. The part some of you are endeavoring with is important beyond our kin even now. A vehicle to harbor immaculate conception in machinery? Think about that from an orthodox view or even from a religious view. Not since the Essenes has such an undertaking been engaged. We see the result of that earlier attempt on nearly every street corner, 2,000 years later. We tread on Holy Ground populated by angels and archangels, historys greatest geniuses and sign posts written in the Language of Light. We would be correct in taking the Higher Perspective concerning SVP.
Keelys Vocabulary*
2003, 05/24
Keely used accurate English words accurately. The problem comes in because he was describing phenomena that is not recognized or understood and we have been poorly educated by our over-priced education system. During my studies of his writings I collected and used over 50 dictionaries and logged his words and phrases into a word searchable database. This helped me break the confusing large picture into discrete and simpler pieces. He did however create words for his inventions such as the Trexar and Trexnonar, etc. If you take the time and put in the effort you can learn his use of words and phrases. What develops is a new view of physics accurately depicted by his words and phrases. There is now available 922 dictionaries searchable in one click:
There is no translation of his words into modern jargon or use. I too thought this early on but have seen the situation to be otherwise. In some cases this is more or less correct like his and others use of the term "ether". This we now know refers in general to the quantum realm of matter. Another discrepancy is his use of certain terms like vibration and oscillation. Our modern terms of vibration and oscillation are incorrect and inadequate for what Keely meant by their use. Same for the words magnetism, electricity, gravity and mind. So when we impose our definition on these terms we lose all the knowlege he strove to convey to us. What happens is we try to impose our definitions onto his use of terms and miss the mark every time. To understand his use of these terms we must "ask" what is meant. And in the asking comes the reply. Keelys words are OK, what needs modification are your definitions or "meanings" as concepts.
Our school systems have been deliberately dumbed down which is to say our educations have been less than they could be. We are not educated. We have been trained to respond and act at a prescribed lower level. It is up to you to remedy your educations and bring yourselves up to higher levels of operation. Im not passing judgement on anyone here - just being observant of the situation.
Know you Know
2003, 01/04
So sad it be
few choose to see..
For it is fear
most close their ear
and do not hear....
To think not is darkness
partaking not
Of the illumined Mind Brightness
does swell the knowings of each
to spread around and teach.
Know you know
and you will.
Never say No!
to the new
by such until
you know you KNOW!
Love = Nuclear Strong Force
2002, 11/14
Id like to add something about why Love is so important to SVP and physics in general (not to forget our own lives). So many engineers and scientists Ive met have been needlessly turned off by our use of this four letter word - Love. They need not be repulsed as Love is more or less the same force orthodoxy calls the "strong force" with the main exception that this force is not restricted to nuclear realms.
The whole concept is wrapped around the Law of Assimilation which is simplistically stated as:
MacVicar writes: "Every individualized object assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." Keely and His Discoveries
In modern parlance this "assimilation" is what weve been calling "mutual attraction". Russell refers to it as simply attraction and/or gravitation. He uses many other synonyms such as "electricity" or "electrical attraction" of the electrical stream and "assimilative force". In short everything assimilates (is attracted to) everything else. In view of Bjerknes Effect this coming together in harmony was clearly illustrated. All objects in nature have this characteristic. They come together when their frequencies form unisons or harmonics of unison. Hence atoms and molecules are held together by mutual assimilation (Love) and societies are held together by the same naturally occuring dynamic. Love, then, as assimilation CREATES the physical universe and holds it together.
More on this law:
"In compiling from his (Keelys) writings, such are selected as seem to be the best, toward elucidating the mysteries which lie in the operation of the laws governing the universal ether, so far as his hypothesis carried him. If matter without form preceded the creation of vitality, "it is only when the principle of life had been given," says Charpignon, "that the intrinsic properties of atoms were compelled, by the law of affinities, to form individualities; which, from that moment, becoming the center of action, were enabled to act as modifying causes of the principle of life, and assimilate themselves to it, to start with, that it will be well to remember; for, as in the hypothesis of MacVicar (Sketch of a Philosophy) and the demonstrations of Keely, the law of assimilation is made the pivot upon which all turns, "providing at once for mind and for matter, and placing them in a scientific relationship to one another." This law MacVicar calls the "Cosmical Law," because to it alone, ever operating under the eye and fulfilling the design of the great Creator who is always and in all places imminent to His creation, an appeal is ever made. By this law a far greater number of the phenomena of nature and the laboratory can be explained than have been otherwise explained by scores of laws which are frankly admitted to be empirical. Surely this is no slight claim for this law to be studied, with a view to its acceptance or rejection. To repeat, this law is to the effect that every individualized object tends to assimilate itself to itself, in successive moments of its existence, and all objects to assimilate one another. The ground of it is, that the simple and pure substance of creation, has for its special function to manifest the Creator; and consequently to assimilate itself to His will and attributes, in so far as the finite can assimilate itself to the Infinite. Hence it is, in its own nature, wholly plastic or devoid of the fixed innate properties, and wholly assimilative, both with respect to its own portions or parts and to surrounding objects, as well as to its position in space, and, in so far as it is capable, to the mind of the Creator. Thus, there immediately awake, in the material elements, individuality and the properties of sphericity, elasticity, and inertia, along with a tendency to be assimilated as to place, or, as it is commonly called, reciprocal attraction. Hence, in the first place, the construction in the ether, or realm of light, of groups of ethereal elements, generating material elements. Hence, secondly, a tendency in the material elements, when previously distributed in space, to form into groups, in which their ethereal atmospheres may become completely confluent; while their material nuclei, being possessed of a more powerful individuality than ethereal elements, come into juxtaposition merely, thus constituting molecules. By legitimate deductions from cosmical law, the forms and structures of these molecules must always be as symmetrical as the reaction of their own constituent particles, and that of their surroundings, will allow. The law of assimilation gives the same results of mathematics in determining the forms of systems of equal, and similar, elastic and reciprocally attractive spherical forces, or centers of force, when they have settled in a state of equilibrium; proving these forms to be symmetrical in the highest degree. Here, however, MacVicar and Keely differ, in hypothesis, as to the structure of the ultimate element; but in which everything that is cognizable has its own place, is on a solid basis, is harmonious with its surroundings, and is explained and justified by them: - raising chemistry to the level and bringing it within the sphere of mechanics; investing its objects, at the same time, with all the distinctness of the objects of other branches of natural science." See Chapter 2 of Keely and His Discoveries
Love = Sympathetic Streams*
2003, 11/28
Thanks for asking this all important question and giving some real life experiences.
To properly answer your question would take a book or two. Unfortunately I do not have time to properly address this. My clock is blocked out solid for the next two weeks or so. But Ill give it some attention this morning.
The Love (caps) I mentioned is not the love you are describing. Such love as you describe is human egoic love and is born of duality, personality, etc. It is our interpretation and application of what we think/feel Love is.
Universal Love is sympathetic vibration/oscillation on Cosmic and Quantum scales and everything in between. Every centralization (some call particles) vibrates and oscillates eternally. These frequencies create harmonics as you know. Among these spectra of frequencies are sympathetic attractions and repulsions which extend among and between all such centralizations. As one centralization vibrates/oscillates they all vibrate/oscillate. What affects one then can and does affect all the others - they begin to vibrate/oscillate AS ONE as though they were One. This is Love (caps).
Keely referred to this domain of activity as Sympathetic Streams* and called its activity Sympathetic Force:
"There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed." Keely
*"Sympathetic streams are the highest attribute of matter of the physical Universe. The origin of all these streams or sympathetic flows is the "Center of the vast realm of the compound luminous." From the "Celestial Intermediate" that is, the stellar aggregates composing the "Brain of Deity" proceed the sympathetic flows that give vitality to the polar terrestrial flows, in other words, to all the earth currents.
The sympathetic stream from the sun to earth, by its positive and negative interchange with the earths neutral center, keeps intact the magnetic force in the "polar envelope" making this "polar envelope" a great magnet of itself.
All Natures forces are MIND FORCES governed by the triune streams of celestial affinity (attraction for exterior centers). Each neutral center responds to the triple thirds by alteration or corpuscular motion. Sympathetic streams are only modifications of the ONE FORCE in Nature, each stream being of a triune nature, i.e., consisting of triple flows, the intensity of each being in a certain harmonic ratio. The flow in the terrestrial envelope is controlled by the dominant as shown by the static position which the magnetic needle assumes. The harmonic and enharmonic portions of the magnetic flow are here, obliged to coordinate themselves to the controlling dominant.
The substance which acts as the governing medium for a magnetic or sympathetic flow is of such tenuity that odor particles, which exist in the atomic subdivision, are crude in comparison. The tenuity of the medium of the sympathetic flows, or of the magnetic flow, comes to and above that of sound.
An explanation is necessary of the triune laws governing the propagation and transmission of the triune sympathetic streams, and the triune conditions governing "corpuscular aggregation" before we can understand the response by inducted "magnetic antagonism" of that sympathetic medium which interconnects all matter. Otherwise we cannot understand the laws governing the propagation and transmission of the disintegratory vibrations.
"All sympathetic streams are triple, whæther cerebellic, gravital, magnetic or electric and are the governing agents of all "celestial" and "terrestrial" orders of positive radiation and negative attraction. There is no flow of gravity, which should instead be spoken of as "triple connective links" as its transmission is instantaneous.
"The power and velocity of the sympathetic streams as they focalize towards the neutral center and the propagation from the neutral center of its sympathetic outreach by means of these streams, exceeds by thousands of times the power of our highest explosives. An atmospheric stream moving with the velocity of these sympathetic streams would atomize a steel warship. As these streams come from celestial space they come in contact with the earths dense atmospheric envelope and by their infinite velocities and inreach for the neutral centers, wrest from atomic confinement those latent energies we call heat and light."
"The relative frequency of all sympathetic streams is in the ratio 3:6:9. Those whose relative frequencies are 3:9 are mutually attractive, while those having the relation of 6:9 are mutually repellant."
"I do not recognize light and heat as coming from the sun, for I have found both to be the emanations from atomic and inter-atomic interference when molecular vibration is induced by the "celestial attractive" (dominant) through the medium of sympathetic etheric vibration. Physicists have not taken into consideration the sympathetic evolutions of Nature. They have been working in the wrong direction. I see nothing phenomenal in my explanation or theory, it only seems phenomenal to them from their theoretical view point of mechanical physics."
"The attractive vibration of the solar sympathetic flow is "coincident to" and diverts, the terrestrial magnetic sympathetic flow. This force is the "celestial current" (dominant) the prime third of the triune electric flow. This "celestial current" induces "aqueous disintegration" and "thermal concentration" which "two prime conductors" display a "coincident sympathetic chord" with the "celestial current". "Aqueous disintegration" and "thermal concentration" are the link with the celestial (etheric dominant) without which there would exist nothing but a luminous radiance like the Aurora, a reaching out for concordance without an answering "sympathetic attractive diversion" to create "unstable equilibrium" of terrestrial magnetism, resulting in the polar current. Were there no "aqueous disintegration" and "thermal concentration" to link the etheric dominant, the absence of the sun on one side would result in terrestrial magnetism and electricity remaining static or stable - the highest degree of chaos."
"Disturbance of equilibrium" and "sympathetic equation" are the dual powers by means of which all forms of motion and of terrestrial life are governed. These two dual forces are in turn moved and regulated by electricity and magnetism."
"The course of the magnetic flow comes under the "first interatomic" and as it is governed by the full harmonic chord, moves in straight lines, its sympathetic transmission free from molecular interference."
"Electricity is the result of three differentiated sympathetic flows, brought together by combining the celestial flow with the terrestrial flow through a certain degree of "negative attractive assimilation". Electricity is one of Natures efforts toward restoring "attractive differentiation" for it has the highest degree of assimilative affinity."
"All electrical action of any character is born sympathetically of the "polar harmonic current" by the "intervention" of the dominant (celestial) as all sympathetic flows are triune. They achieve association only near the "junction of terrestrial interference". The great vacuous flow between the planetary ranges (orbits) holds this portion of the etheric flow free from all antagonism until the associative point is reached, when instant electric evolution occurs as the dominant seeks its terrestrial negative attractive center. "This intervention" I call "atomic, intermolecular and molecular density". When the triune sympathetic stream combines with the same medium light and heat are evolved as the resultant of these "corpuscular conflictions" with the "sympathetic celestial" and "the focalized terrestrial centers" of "neutral radiation". Light is an etheric evolution propagated by "sympathetic conflict" between the "terrestrial" and "celestial" outflows - terrestrial condensation against solar tensions. True luminosity is induced in no other way. The solution of the mystery of light and heat, which are interchangeable and in a certain sense one and the same, is that the sympathetic etheric stream bombards the dense portion of the molecular in seeking the sympathetic-concordant-focalized-neutral-center of the mass, whether it be planetary or molecular. Light and heat can only be accounted for by considering sympathetic streams under high velocity as being interchangeable both to and from the focalized negative attractive centers."
The triple flow, or triune structure of any sound cannot be detected by the human ear, but since this also is a sympathetic flow, and likewise governed by the triune laws of sympathetic flows, it must correspond in having a threefold structure. If the sympathetic flow in acoustic vibratory transmission were not triune, polarity could not thereby be changed and rotation caused in the magnetic needle as demonstrated in Keelys experiments.
When a chord is transmitted through the Trexar, the molecular triple is carried along sympathetically in inducted differentiation and in turn excites high sympathy with the "polar terrestrial stream". The polar terrestrial stream is triune in character and requires a triune sympathizer, which is satisfied by the constitution of the Trexar. When this Trexar is properly sensitized by "any chord on the dominant" the sympathy inducted by molecular differentiation approaches magnetism in character, but without the presence of actual magnetism.
He constructed instruments for the purpose of determining the triune vibratory nature and laws of the "polar terrestrial stream" in its sympathetic association with the "celestial stream" - the "luminiferous track" or "compound etheric field". He thought the polar stream or "magnetic electric terrestrial envelope" with its "high vitality" to be necessary to the existence of all organisms." [Snell Manuscript]
Magic, Radionics and Mind
2002, 12/31
Magic, as commonly misunderstood, does make use of some good principles. Unfortunately so much superstition and misconceptions have grown up around and in so-called magic as to make of it a hairy nightmare (sorry Mr. Potter!) for any intelligent or scientific approach. If we back off a bit and strip magic of its superstitions and lore we can then see some of these principles of Mind in a clear light of understanding.
The causitive force is Mind. Everything else is its effects. For centuries all mankind (with a few notable exceptions) ever did was study effects. Now is the time to study Cause; i.e., Mind. Magic and radionics deal in effects. Few realize the Cause is the magicians mind or the radionic operators mind. The instruments used whether magic wands, cards, lines on paper (symbols) or radionic devices are crutches or aides in manipulating the patterns of thinking of the operator/magician to achieve specific thought patterns - which are the real cause in all effects whether "magic tricks" or healing at a distance.
Mind into Form
2002, 07/25
This is an interesting thread. It seems to touch on a number of things weve discussed in SVP and it also contains a number of misquotes and misinterpretations of the phenomena as viewed from SVP. IMHO. Lets take another look at some of the suggestions and ideas surrounding this phenomena of imbedded negatives. (It is difficult to lay out such a complex subject in a short email but Ill give it a go.)
According to Russell and Keely (and to which I agree) matter (our bodies) are our thoughts frozen in time and space. All matter is solidified thought or Mind congealed in form. In SVP we consider two basic states of Mind. There are more but lets keep it simple. The first form of Mind (big M, which we call MIND) is the Whole Mind or Universal Consciousness). This is what some call God-Mind, Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. The Mind permeates everything everywhere. It knows not dimension, space or time. It is aware of everything that is NOW. This Mind is non-active being quiescent and All Knowing. Its mode of function is via sympathetic association on high levels of non-activity usually defined as Neutral. The second mind (little m which we call ego or intellect) are the localized thinking processes running through our consciousness on a daily basis. This egoic form of active thinking is who we think we are and only operates by reaction and by memory. This is the polar thinking as reflections of duality.
The Mind is Neutral - wholly without motion as indicative of polarity either positive (assimilative) or negative (dispersive). While small egoic thinking is wholly polar moving first in contraction then in dispersion constantly oscillating from one state to the other. We live in our dual, polar egoic thinking during our daily living. To be Awakened is to quiet the chaotic conflicted thinking of the egoic polar thinking til it becomes wholly quiet and non-polar. In this state there is only One State of Mind and that is sympathetically One Awareness with all Awareness because in One State there are no other states. This is what is meant by being Neutral, One, As One, AT-ONE-MENT, Whole, Complete, Christed, etc.
Another basic principle, more fully explained by Russell, is the faster or more active thinking becomes the more embedded into form it becomes. (All material form is nothing other than centralized and solidified thought.) Egoic thinking modes such as apprehension, fear, anger, etc. can become centralized and form into matter. These centralizations form about a point or center of focalization as does all moving swirling thought energy and every other "kind" of energy. Thus we can see an atom, molecule, cell, body organ or body as a whole may be "embedded" with these localized formations of negative thought.
This is not to say positive thinking such as kindness, gentleness and Love do not solidify into form. They do this too. Negative thinking creates forms of a given vibratory signature of a less than harmonic structure. These have the tendency to disperse into what some call death. Positive thinking creates form of a given vibratory signature of a more harmonic structure. These tend to assimilate in growth and health. When multiple structures are accumulated into larger structures, say deformed cells into a bodily organ there is now a composite chordal structure. Some substructures are harmonic (positive or concordant, growing and healthy) while others are enharmonic (negative or discordant, dieing and unhealthy). An analogy quiet often used in SVP is an orchestra. If all the players are of the same ideal (to play beautiful music) and all the instruments are properly tuned the orchestra (metaphor for the body) plays good music. It is said to be healthy. When one or more of the players do not play in tune, harmony or synch with the others as a global whole, enharmony and discord prevail - the orchestra is then out of synch, discordant or unhealthy and if not corrected (harmonized) will eventually cease to function as an orchestra.
All individuated entities whether atoms, molecules, organs or persons are governed from their Neutral Center - the center about which they have formed. There are three basic centers being physical, mental and so-called spiritual. (It would be nice to be rid of this term "spiritual". But we are to some degree stuck with it.) We can better use the term "etheric". The higher directive, the Mind (big M), always holds predominance. All form is derived from Mind descending through the etheric into the physical. In human terms the mental center is his/her IDEAL or conception of who they are. The other side of the mental center is who they REALLY ARE. When these are out of synch the center is unstable but nevertheless still a center, split as to purpose, ideal and these are reflected in aberrations as they aggregate about themselves forming deformed etheric bodies and deformed physical bodies (ill health and diseased conditions).
Perfect healing or health comes in when the conflicted states are brought into harmonic juxtaposition or when they dance to the same tune - so to speak. When the sense of who a person is egoically speaking coincides with who or what that person is actually then perfect synchronicity results being perfect health. This can occur in a flash or it can occur as the person ALLOWS this realization ot happen over time.
It has often been said by every legitimate philosophy and religion (in one way or another) that we are an image of "God" "God" we have already seen is not an anthropomorphic being but is the Whole Mind Consciousness that permeates everything everywhere in all time and space. It is perfect harmonicity. This is pure sympathy which some call Love. This is the Neutral state of Being having zero polarity. (Polarity creates individualities; i.e., separation into discrete forms about centers of neutrality.) We are then a part and portion of this Whole Mind Consciousness yet undivided from same. A common metaphor is the drop of water in the ocean. Or, since that is difficult for some to visualize, a molecule of water in the ocean of water molecules of water works better.
The Neutral Center, as has already been explained, is the Source Point about which a form forms due to vortex motion - a resultant of polar conflictions. The outer form is an effect or result of modulations to and within this Neutral Center. Since this center is quiet (neutral) Mind about which forms swirling active polar thinking the only real "thing" we have to work with is MIND itself. An interesting thing about vibration is all vibration has a neutral component. Everything being Mind in motion addresses this curiosity. Each vibration is composed of contractive and dispersive phases on each side of a Neutral Point. Ask any musician about this most fundamental of all physics phenomena. As Newton determined many years ago a body in motion will tend to continue in motion. The active portion or phase of a vibration will continue to vibrate as per its momentum, etc. We can work to modulate or remodulate these active portions but that takes physical work. Or we can skip all the work (the having to DO anything) and go for the weak point which is the nodal points of these vibrations, singlely or compositely.
These neutral points contained in every form that is are all sympathetic one to the other - time and space are annihilated by neutral modulations. (The why this is so has been lectured by me for many years and would take another comprehensive post to cover.) What this implies is we can change any vibratory form by simply modulating the Neutral Centers which is done through thought and not by physical manipulations. This process has been guessed at by those attempting to practice "Spiritual Healing", laying on of the hands, etc. But for lack of complete understanding of the underlying principles have been only "hit and miss" successful.
Many healing modalities have been developed in the recent decades using sound, music, aromatherapy, placebos, psychotherapy and countless other methods. These are all geared to modulate the symptoms (the active portion of the vibrations) on differing vibratory levels and due to varied circumstances have worked with varying degrees of success. Theyve all been beating around the same bush but have ignored the underlying causitive principles that created the bush/bird in the first instance.
Mind, Consciousness and God*
2003, 05/28
This morning I had an interesting email exchange with a person not of this forum who insisted on thumping his particular version of the bible at me. As some of you may have guessed I have little patience with willful ignorance (deliberate failure or refusal to THINK or do research). Seems I was born with an inability to accept what people (experts) say about anything; i.e., accepting things just because some authority says so or by rote. The Bible is an authority as are the Talmud, Torah and countless other ancient documents all created when mankind was still in its barbaric and superstitious period of evolution. Today we are not so afraid to think even though many insist on not thinking for themselves.
The paramount issue each one of us is dealing with (whether you recognize it or not) opening up of our minds, consciousnesses and awarenesses to greater understandings. Some are aware of this while many are not, or more likely, refuse to acknowledge such preferring instead to believe and profess they already know it all. It is clear NO ONE knows it all regardless of the subject matter. Run, dont walk, away from such people, belief systems and so-called and usually self-proclaimed experts.
When I say "mind" or "consciousness" or "awareness" I do NOT mean the brain. Many of you have grasped this vital difference while some refuse to see any difference at all. The brain is a physical organism (mostly water) which seems to act as a differentiator (refractor) of Undifferentiated Mind, Consciousness or Awareness. The brain is not the consciousness anymore than a radio receiver is the broadcast signal we perceive coming through the radio receiver. Having this vital point clear in mind we can proceed to the next idea.
Everything one does is acted upon in ones mind, consciousness or awareness. Thinking is done in the mind. Formulating answers to questions is in the mind. Formulating plans or ideas is done in the mind. Dreams and daydreaming happens in the mind. Everything one considers is in the mind as that is the only "place" one can consider any thing. Many teachers have said the entire universe is in your mind meaning the only place you have to deal with the universe is in your mind. Which dealing is always composed of THOUGHT and thinking. As far as any person is considered there is nothing else to deal with except your thinking within your mind, consciousness and awareness.
So far as the Bible goes, should we believe Genesis, before there was any thing there was God. OK fine. How could God exist if there were no THINGS??? Simple. God is NOT a "thing". God is a state of mind, consciousness or awareness - what some have called not inaccurately, a state of BEING, an Isness beyond definition. And this is accurate because without THINGS there can be no measure of any kind against which to compare or measure this neutral energy state called God.
Following upon Genesis we learn (are told!) that this undefinable and measureless state of awareness DECIDED to create the physical universe before there was a physical universe. A mental decision was made and the only place a mental decision can be made is within a mind, consciousness or awareness. Our SVP discussions have been about how the physical universe evolved from this One Initial Thought. And we have seen how so-called matter is nothing more than circulating centralizing Mind Stuff. And all this happened in an instant and according to so-called Divine Laws. As there were no things at that time there was no time or space. Therefore it is safe to suggest the physical universe was CREATED and EVOLVED in a timeless instant and continues to be recreated and evolved ever since.
The old and venerated texts were inspired by people such as Walter Russell who had a glimpse of this. They wrote in their available languages, using available terms, what they thought they saw or experienced during a lightning flash of inspiration. These original writings were edited from memory and re-edited by followers motivated by varying agendas. Some coincided with the original inspiration some did not. Some used these inspired writings to inspire others to follow whatever agenda was in vogue. They should all be questioned unceasingly.
Since this Mind, which existed before creation of physicality and since we know many since then have accessed this mind we can assume it is still with us - in each of us - we are told. Mind knows not dimension in any sense be it vector, weight, size or time. As there was only One Mind then we can assume there is only One Mind now. And it is the same mind we each use - otherwise where did you get yours?
In the so-called process of reuniting with God what is happening? God is not physical so there can be no physical encounter. If God is actually a nonphysical Mind or awareness then the only possible place one can find or meet God is within ones own mind, consciousness or awareness.
So when someone says we must accept Jesus to be saved what they are really endeavoring to mean is allowing our shallow and narrow focused minds to expand where our mind, consciousness or awareness is the SAME AS or is undifferentiated from the One Mind. Because that is what Jesus, the man, did. He let go of attachments to focalized thinking (self, ego, sex, etc.) and allowed his mind to be as the so-called God Mind. Then he was ONE WITH that mind in mind as such an encounter could not take place anywhere else or in any other manner. It is all about Mind, consciousness and awareness. Anything else begs the questions.....
The One Substance (Mind) exists in two basic states: 1) active and in motion and 2) non-active and in non-motion. The first is as you say what we perceive as matter while the second is quiescent mind in pure latency or potential. The former is evidenced by focalization about and to a center. The latter is defocalized and dispersed away from a center. The first is like a planet formed by gravity attracting all to a center. The latter is like vacuous outer space where all is dispersed or radiated away from a center filling the spaces between the centers. In human terms our corporeal existence is the former - focalized on things and self. The latter is decentrated thought which is the Cosmic Consciousness state of rapture, enlightenment and genius.
When Jesus said (Book of John) he was with his followers he was in the egoic state of focalized thinking. When he said he was then with his Father in Heaven he was in the decentrated thought of Cosmic Mind. He didnt go anywhere physically - he simply changed his thinking focus.
2002, 06/20
kirk wrote:
> and why do mirrors reverse left and right but not top and bottom?
Ahh, you got me to thinking hard....
Do mirrors really reverse? Or are we trying to see our vision of how we think things "should" be imposed on the mirrored image?
I think the answer is the latter. Standing before a mirror your right hand mirrors the right hand and the left the left. Direct reflection. There is no reversal.
If you write letters on a clear transparent film (cellophane, laundry wrap, veggie bag) and held it up to the mirror you will see the letters "reversed" in the mirror but when you look through the film the letters are also reversed. Flip the film to where you see the letters properly oriented on it and they will be properly oriented in the mirror also. Try it. I just did. There is no reversal.
Mode Shifting
Last week I had taken the sphere and drum assemblies apart for cleaning and polishing. I used the polishing method Id learned in Tulsa and the brass now shines inside as well as outside. Also last week I remade one of the twenty-four Tuning Sliders as one was not as snug as it should be. On Thursday I began dismantling Atlin for cleaning and tuning. While apart I repolished portions of the Outer Ring Supports which were in need of a better looking finish. There was a lot of handsanding envolved in this. I even turned the Base Plate over and cleaned the under side of dust, etc. Beginning this morning I retuned the strings finding one or two in need of adjusting. Atlin was reassembled and looking pretty spiffy by 11:30 AM. I put on Pamelas harp tape and took time out to just sit and admire Atlins beauty. She is a real good looker!
During dismantling the sphere with everything in it can be removed in one piece. The sphere and Drum remain attached to the shaft and sleeve. Care must be taken not to allow the sphere to slide as the Drum will encounter the sphere on the inside and damage the sublimate. In this fashion it is fairly easy and simple to disassemble for tuning, etc.
The Browns Gas generator was juiced up and making etheric vapor. I noticed while cleaning that there is a black residue accumulating where the vapor goes into the sleeve. I wonder what this stuff is?
I also notice during the cleaning up that certain sounds are conveyed through the slab, up the legs, through the Base Plate and into the strings more than others. I always leave the sound pick-up on one of the strings to hear these feed-back phenomena. One always seems to learn something new while doing these little things. The most sensitive string is the lowest Bflat string which seems to want to vibrate at almost any tiny bump or tap on the slab or the wooden frame.
Another unusual thing is Nuggets reaction to all this. When she sees me attaching the pick-up to Atlin she heads for the basement. She has always done this but I never really paid much attention. Sure the sounds probably bother her sensitive ears. BUT the sounds from the stereo or TV never seemed to bother her and they are much louder. So why Atlins sounds? I wonder if Atlin puts out some kind of ultrasonic tones Nugget can hear and are painful to her? About the only place where such high pitched sounds could come from are the Tri-tone resonators. Some of these are tuned to 5,000 and higher Hertz. While this is not ultrasonic it is certainly high enough to hurt ones ears especially a dogs sensitive ears. Any ideas anyone?
I need to digress here a little. In an early morning dream I placed my palm under Atlin and slowly rolled her several times at which she began rolling on her own. It was quite a thrill. Just prior to meditation at Noon I placed my palm under her and rolled her a few times. There was no follow-up motion from her as in the dream. But I thought I did detect a different kind or feel of subtle energy. During meditation I saw the deep blue and violet spots here and there. I also saw a uniform patchwork or matrix of pale colors form in different places. It is all so subtle one is not sure of these things. 
Multi-Level Tools
2002, 05/09
In developing Atlin and a theory of it weve encountered a number of dilemas, paradoxes and assorted puzzles. Several "tools" have been developed and/or cultivated to deal with each. The two more powerful tools has been meditation (intuitive insight) and syllogistical logic. If faith can be a tool then that too.
The first step to get anywhere is the idea that dynaspheres rotate even though the one in hand does not fully do so. Keely had so many verifying witnesses of scientific, engineering and social integrity that I have presumed they spoke the truth of what they thought they saw. Then the question becomes "WHY and HOW do dynaspheres function?"
Ive been around mechanic machines, in farming, timbering, steam, water, industry, automotive and aeronautical fields. While no expert in any of these fields I have an adequate grasp and familiarity of things mechanical, electromechanical, chemical, force, fluids, pressure, levers, wheels, etc.
The first thing one notices when examining a dynasphere from any of the above perspectives is "It cannot be!" There is nothing in any of these fields that reveals the secret of rotation. Yet, as Galileo once said, "Nevertheless, it moves!"
Perhaps it was Sherlock Holmes that said something like: "If all possibilities have been eliminated then the impossible must be true." One glance at Atlin tells us all possible mechanical means are not there to work - so therefore what makes it work is the impossible. So how does one investigate and understand the impossible with the idea of understanding the impossible to then make it not only possible but predictable and engineerable?
There are no pre-existing mental constructs (memories, training, experiences) that allows for logical deductive or inductive reasonings. There is little stored in memory that could properly be applied to understanding dynaspheric force. One is left hanging over an abyss unless a bridge of sorts can be developed. Intuition in the various forms of dreams, insights, revelations, hunches, hints and Dawns messaging were the formative elements of this bridge. Yet there is still no bridge - we have this ethereal bridge made of light of understanding but it cannot yet bear actual weight.
To bear weight the bridge must have validating substance. We know the bridge is real in potential but little in our broad experiences seems to solidify the idea of the bridge into the reality of a working bridge.
There are those who take the position of total faith. To them we do not need to have explicit engineering data and mathematical models to build SVP type machinery. We use intuition alone and all will come out OK. There is a lot to be said for this model.
On the other hand there are those who propose we cannot build anything reliably without facts, figures and accurate mathematical models.
As in most cases, this is not an either/or situation. Intuition is a valuable tool as weve seen and used extensively in this project. When cutting metal parts to fit with other metal parts there is a need for accurate math and skill. A very good analogy is making a musical instrument. Countless individuals have intuited the fine details sufficient to make an endless variety of musical instruments. Some were poor, some excellent but they all made sounds, etc. The other approach has been to fully understand the dynamics of sound and materials where instruments could be designed then made. The intuitive method is right brained and creative but the builder must still pick up some material and tools and render the idea into a horn, harp or whatever.[*]
The "not-so-intuitive" designer uses creativity and intuition in the beginning stages then the inevitable tools and materials to render his creativity into materiality. The difference between the two instrument makers is primarily, intuitive sensitivity, knowledge of the subject(s), quality of tools and materials. Also importantly are craftsmanship, know-how, funding and social environment.
Having worked in many different fields I can say each field has two sets of tool boxes. An auto mechanic will have a tool box with specific tools appropriate for working on cars and engines. An electrical worker will have an almost entirely different collection of tools. While a maker of musical insturments will have another. There are some similarities but in general no tool box will serve appropriately from one field to another.
[*] The second tool box they each have and is task specific is their collection of non-material tools. Some call this knowledge, know-how, skill and training. The computer industry is a good analogy. There is the hardware or the computer itself. The non-material aspect is the software and skill at using the software and hardware combination.
SVP has two tool boxes as well. The tools you will see if you look in my "real" tool box serve in several fields of mechanics, electrical, wood working, metal working, music instrumentation, etc. It bulges with tools to work with "things" in form. The other non-material tool box is likewise bulging with ideas, facts and know-how from a variety of fields collected to work with function.
Ordinary non-mechanical tool boxs cannot build a NEW bridge from "idea" to materiality. They can however serve on existing bridges of, for instance, the idea of a car and building then maintaining it. The dynamics of an internal combustion engine are well understood and these tools have been developed to work with those forms and functions. These forms and functions are from mechanical constructs, chemical (fuel) and electrical.
SVP machines are few and far between and even less understood. We have the idea, nurtured in the the Inertia Field of Idea (Void, Mind) but have yet to grok the full WHY and HOW to bridge the abyss to existing and material renditions. If you look into my SVP non-material tool box you will see tools gathered from countless sources to work on function on several different levels including the ethereal (mind). Dynaspheres work on mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, acoustic, etheric and Mind. As etheric and Mind are non-material, non-material tools are required to work with them. This is why, in part, a materialist can never participate in SVP. But there are no materialists because there are no purely materialistic constructs out there. Everything uses non-material forms and functions at least in part.
The bridging of idea to materiality is what Cayce referred to in:
"For music alone may span the space from the realms of the divine to the spheres of activity." Cayce (3509-1)
"realms of the divine" = Inertia Field of Idea (Void)
"spheres of activity" = Centralized Matter
So what are the non-material aspects of music? Except for the sound producing instrument it is all non-material. These include but are not limited to: intuition, creativity, number, ratio and proportion, polarity and harmonicity. These non-material tools may be used on the etheric and Mind ranges of dynaspheric force. Intuition and creativity are as important to music as the mechanical instrument used to vibrate the air. A piano will sit til it rots unless a musician sits at it and pours out his inner sense and desire. A computer will do nothing unless some creative person writes the software and another creative person puts it to use. Just so without intuition and creativity SVP could not exist.
To know the impossible one uses intuition and syllogistical logic. This logic tool can work with things unseen and a high degree of reliability can be attained. Of course, garbage in, garbage out is true too. This tool is as simple as a mechanics wrench but takes a little practice to use intelligently. A wrench is not a hammer! Syllogistic logic can bring unknowable things in known relations. The tool:
If A=B and B=C then A=C.
Or the way I sometimes use it is:
If A=true and B=true then C HAS TO BE TRUE TOO!
This makes what seems to my egoic view of things as impossible, acceptable. If not acceptable as downright truth than at least sufficient enough for use in theories, hypothecations, contemplations and conjectures in sorting out unseeable pieces of the puzzle of the bridge from infinity (Mind idea) to definity (materiality).
Murduring the Innocent
2002, 10/03
Hi Everyone,
This post is in response to those having difficulties with others and perhaps life in general.
I have been experiencing a tiny yet powerful revelation these past few weeks. It concerns the nature of why we seem to have difficulties in life and with each other. This revelation has support from diverse sources such as the Bible, A Course in Miracles, our SVP discussions, other noteworthy sources and just plain common sense.
Everyone has had difficulties with someone else. And that, we think, is where our difficulty comes in. Many sources tell us it is not possible to have difficulties with another person because, they say, we can only have difficulties with ourselves. The apparent difficulty with another is an illusion.
The dynamic of this seeming paradox works something like this: We find we are in a contentious relation with someone or perhaps in the past. They do, say or act in a way that rubs the wrong way or in some minor or major fashion causes us to feel uncomfortable or uneasy or even violently opposed to that which we think we perceive in their actions, words or mannerisms. So we blame them for making us uncomfortable, uneasy or reacting negatively in return.
What is actually happening is we are upset with our own reactions to that perceived. We perceive what we perceive and label that perception good, bad or whatever. We cannot interact with anything coming at us - we can only intereact with the perception of it - which of course is wholly in our own minds or consciousness. Any negativity we may perceive is only and can only be in our own minds. If there is a negative reaction to that perceived we are creating that reaction of our own accord, volition and creation. The other person is "out there" doing their own thing, living their own life. They are but actors on our stage of life. They are props and mirrors in supporting roles of the play we create. Every get angry at an inanimate object? It can do nothing but be the object it is. The anger comes from within our reactions and actions of our own thinking. Therefore you are not angry at the object - you are angry at your own thoughts about the object. Because that is all there is for you to tangle with - your own thoughts concerning your perceptions. When the ACIM says you can never be angry at what you think you are angry at - you can only be angry at your own thoughts. Which you yourself created, consciously or unconsciously.
And this function of our minds seems to be at the crux of all the diverse situations we find ourselves in. Indeed it can be no other way. A person can only be who they are. An object can be only what it is. You are altogether another center of life. Life then takes on a make-believe film wherein we are director, star actor and script writer. There can be no tangling with the Tar Baby unless we WILL it so.
When confronted with a person who we deem to have caused us discomfort the ego will automatically project our negative reactive thinking unto that person. We blame them for x, y and z. When in reality we created a negative reaction in our minds to the perceived situation and not liking what we have created project that negative feeling onto the innocent ("murdering the innocent"). The world, everyone and everything is your world, is innocent. But the ego lives in terror and can know only terror of the outside world. It HAS to condemn the innocent world so it can justify its un(w)holy existence. Therefore everyone and everything to the ego is perceived as a threat to its existence. It HAS to condemn the world, it feels, as a manner or mechanism of survival.
To see this phenomenon of your mental functions requires keen observation and tremendous honesty. Most people can do neither as their egos tend to refuse to see the obvious and refuse to be self-assessing especially when it feels threatened. It is far easier to DENY the validity of this phenomena and blame the innocent other. We make a beginning by asking our selves WHY we are upset with such and such a perception? WHY am I afraid? Where in my beliefs is my fear coming from? Why? This self-questioning breaks the logger jam of denial and vicious cycle of blaming the innocent fro our own deeds/thoughts. It is possible to overcome both these crippling aspects of denial and blame by 1) realizing you create your life and 2) all that you have created you created for your benefit. This approach turns it all around and we become THANKFUL for all that occurs because we did it for our own benefit. With this open and honest approach and perspective the linch-pin connecting to fear and the "need" to blame is shattered. When ACIM says "foregive the world my quilt" this is what they are saying. When the churches say "Jesus foregives your sins" this is what is meant. We release ourselves from our own self-condemnetions, negative judgements and guilt. When we foregive ourselves our attacks on the innocent world we are freed of our own self-condemnations. Because that is what we have done. We have condemned ourselves with our negative reactions and projected that negativity onto the innoncent world. By foregiving ourselves of our own condemnations the world is freed and so are you. The world becomes, in our minds what it already is, non-threatening and a comfortable and loving place to be.
Neutrality of Consciousness
2002, 12/23
Been doing some meditating on who we are and what Life is. Should we consider consciousness to be neutral we can associate a visual image with consciousness and materiality. The attached image is a 2D graphic of what vibration would do in 3D over Time (4D). Consciousness would be found where the lines intersect. The lines representing ACTIVITY or physicality - the motion that is Life in its activities as also our perceptions/egos. We as individuated consciousnesses would be the individual points of intersection. All the motions of the lines are around or circulating about a Prime Neutral Center (GOD) while we are in essence projections or expressions of that One Center, reflected or reciprocal neutral centers geometrically scattered within the overall pattern (universe). What binds these neutral centers together is "sympathetic afinity" or in more common vernacular "Love". I could and maybe will, write a book on this structure of linkages between Neutral Centers.
For the scientific minded these are the same scalar zero vectors Bearden talks about. These centers of focalization may be modulated, programmed or otherwise engineered. These are the realities where the lines of motion are the illusions (ala Russell).
1996, 10/01
New Science & New Times
by Dale Pond - October, 1996
There is a new phenomena being seen about the New Science conferences. There are more mentions and discussions concerning Love. This is not about sex but about the Grand Universal Neutral Love of one for themselves, neighbors and God. Of course this is a manifestation of the Golden Rule.
While there are those who still maintain it is not proper or appropriate to mention such things as Love, God and neighborly conduct together with scientific subjects these persons, however, are becoming a dwindling minority.
As one explores the furthest ramifications of the New Sciences one inevitably comes in contact with concepts and theories of Cosmology and Ontology stretched far beyond prior limitations of ordinary materialistic and atheistic narrowness. The new ideas of math, so-called chaos, geometry and associated subjects begin to blend together into marvelous scenarios of harmony and oneness not generally seen or understood in the Old Times.
The New Times are being built with these grander and more spacious ideas and concepts of harmony and yes, Love. Because Love is harmony as opposed to discordant behaviors usually associated with the so-called "scientific method" of dissection (separateness), antagonistic "peer review" (isolationism) and proprietary acquisitionings of ego and material (greed and self-gratification). We now see a more open and nurturing environment being formed where these new and often delicate ideas can be expressed, discussed and nurtured into greater and greater expressions of the Oneness that is everything being in or as a Grand Unison - God unfolding.
The Old Time is mostly gone now except for a few who resist change, growth and a New Time in their own life. More and more we see the ego based mannerisms and methodologies passing by the wayside into the waste bin of history and memory. Those who cling to these outdated and self-harming habits will encounter greater and greater difficulty when implementing these discordances into their own lives. The New Times call for harmony in thought, heart and action. This resistance to becoming whole is born of fear. Even now this fear is being transformed by a new awareness of who one is.
More and more the celestial spirit realm is gaining broader footholds in literature, screen and print. There appears to be an veritable onslaught of innumerable angels, space beings, spirits, Avatars and the like descending upon our earthly plane. The Internet is fueling the dissemination of these new communications throughout the world wide web. Today it is a simple matter to access more information on these and related subjects that anyone can properly deal with. A generation ago the best was widely taken to be Edgar Cayces work. As he himself once said there will be many others coming later replicating his works. Today we are seeing hundreds if not thousands of communicators doing as he did.
This is the descent of Divine Knowledge from the celestial realms to the earthy earth sphere. The modulation of the materialistic and atheistic attitudes, will and spirit can only be raised during the descent of this uplifting blanket of awareness of "something greater". One of the Laws of Sympathetic Vibration is a body will begin to vibrate in harmony with the vibrations of the media it is immersed in. This is an absolute law and laws cannot be resisted but for so long. A New Time of Peace, Love and Harmony is being nurtured onto our plane. Love is eternal and unchangeable. The mind, heart and actions of humankind are being inexorably entrained sympathetically to this state of Oneness.
So even the fear-filled resisters and fear-paralyzed brain-dead will be waking up to the wonders of it all as this high vibratory mist of divine energy ever so gently covers our earth with Love, Light and Life waking us to the real possibilities only now being made available through the new Divine Sciences or Spiritual Physics where mind, will, heart, spirit, matter and action are a cohesive and coherent whole. Thank you.

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