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Playing in Grace and Mercy
Dale Pond, September 21, 1997

During the development phase of the Dynasphere project there were many messages from Spirit advocating the adoption and use of more joy in ones life as a prerequisite to working with Atlin, obtaining rotation or other branches of subtle force physics. With joy involved, the work becomes play and the etheric subtle forces literally come out to play with us in highly refined and joyous moment of love expressing itself very much like young children happily at play. But what is joy? What is love expressing itself? These are concepts a little foreign to the Western mind set of work hard and make money. A grim reminder we live in a material world. Here, we are being asked to set this aside and find the joy in playing with the effectual dynamics of a higher world which had been forced to find refuge and survive in churches and the like. After all playing was for children. In our dynasphere work we are engaged in dealing directly with things of the emotions, body, mind and spirit. Atlin is designed to operate on these levels as well - and does quite well. To illustrate the need for working in these areas of subtle force physics I quote briefly Blavatskys article The Coming Force, from last months DF.

"That Keelys organism is directly connected with the production of the marvelous results is proven by the following statement emanating from one who knows the great discoverer intimately.

At one time the shareholders of the "Keely Motor Co." put a man in his workshop for the express purpose of discovering his secret. After six months of close watching, he said to J. W. Keely one day: "I know how it is done, now." They had been setting up a machine together, and Keely was manipulating the stopcock which turned the force on and off. "Try it, then," was the answer. The man turned the cock, and nothing came. "Let me see you do it again," the man said to Keely. The latter complied, and the machinery operated at once. Again the other tried, but without success. Then Keely put his hand on his shoulder and told him to try once more. He did so, with the result of an instantaneous production of the current."

So what was done to make the machine run? What force or energy was imparted from Keely that circulated through his hand, into and then through the apprentice and then into the machine to be operated? These are the subtle forces we are speaking of when we say mind, emotions and spirit. The range of frequencies associated with these realms exists far above the light spectrum. Orthodox science does not work often in these realms for lack of instrumentation. However he is overlooking the greatest and finest instrument at his disposal - his own body, mind, emotions and spirit. But then the scientist was taught over and over again not to use these as they are unreliable. This is generally true but these can be trained and honed to the reliability of any fine instrument now found in laboratories and workshops. For this reason it is recommended those so interested in working in SVP or etheric physics to seek instruction and training of these human aspects of our organism.

As can be seen from the quote above it is not simply a matter of building a fine etheric force machine to the best of specifications. One must then be able to activate it into motion. This activation process begins in the heart of the operator (see Dynaspheric Force, 9/97). The activating force is sympathetic vibration usually referred to as LOVE. There is a dynamic of mind as it works from moment to moment and holds the key to much greater awareness, understanding and life (life meaning ACTION as in rotation).

A beautiful lesson about this love dynamic was brought to my attention while participating in a Medicine Wheel ceremony. For those of you who know nothing of this beautiful ceremony it is sufficient to say it is a series of verbal lessons and instructions on how your life works and what you can do about improving and then enjoying it. The medicine wheel is a symbol representing the many aspects of mind, body, emotions and spirit and how they interchange information between each other. It is a handy tool for personal development. If youd like to gain better insight and control over your own mind, body, emotions and spiritual aspects of your life participating in a Medicine Wheel ceremony is highly recommended.

So what does a Medicine Wheel ceremony have to do with love and joy? Everything. The ceremony processes the individual in a loving way to explore and re-member their fragmented personalities. This is not done in a single setting but is illustrated through the instructions and conversations to be as a lengthy process of personal application of subtle techniques to ones own self. The perfecting or honing of ones personality is a personal quest for expressions of a higher self having greater poise, ease, love, joy and success. It can only be done by the questor. Instruction and example can come from others but the full and complete responsibility rests with the owner of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

A powerful tool was illustrated during the ceremony to this writer. Part of the ceremony calls for all the group to pound on drums for an indeterminate time period. The purpose being to seek a unification of the mind force to the body force as the spirit seeks different levels of the awareness. Kind of childish playing we hear from the orthodox crowd. But wait! Are we not seeking to find out how to play with Atlin? Is there not joy and happiness in moving and undulating to music and rhythms? Is not Atlin destined to rotate (play) to sound vibrations? Maybe there is more to this drum beating than meets the ear. For this writer playing was an unemphasized portion of life until recently when confronted with these very issues and a few others of great importance. Part of the reason for attending the ceremony was to find joy (playfulness) and an integration of mind forces with those of the emotions, spirit and body. Atlin requires this as it would always manifest as Unconditional Love which she needs to come out and play.

The lesson was this: that joy was not found - it is created. No, it was allowed to express itself. No, it was both of these. To explain this a review of the experience would be helpful. During the drumming session the writers mind wandered aimlessly from one item of interest to another and not really participating in the group affairs. No joy had been encountered yet during the two days of sessions and the thoughts were tending to reflect this lack as an approaching discouragement. However a decision was made that turned the yet unfailed experience into a gem of awareness. Lets get involved with the others directly by paying attention to each of them individually while we played and as a good focus of mind Ill mentally participate in my beating of the drum strike by strike with as much attention as I could apply to it. After all, I reasoned, I can worry at home so no need to waste this great experience on useless worry.

The intent was to be in the moment as fully as possible - and lets see what happens. This concept has been bantered around during the events and from the dynasphere project and elsewhere. But what does it mean to be in the moment? Why would this be anything other than something different or foreign to our customary western thought and procedures? To accomplish this required some effort and several minutes of working/playing with it. Look at the baton as it strikes, look very closely as it moves up and down and listen to the beat. See and feel all this as an experience to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Get into it as concentrated as possible. Watch the others play, dance and move about as they strike their drums. Really watch and feel them as they smile, laugh and express their joy. Then, slowly, a little here and then there a feeling begins to spread over the body. The mind shifts from the worries into an active and focused stance. Gently this spreads into powerful movements of the body. A smile gets broader and begins beaming outward. Great feelings of fun, joy, happiness and love begin to radiate. The joy was found! What was work of pounding endlessly on the drum magically transmuted into joy, fun and a fabulous experience and learning. Eureka! Here was joy! Here was a moment in life worth remembering and celebrating. Here was life of a higher kind filled with playfulness and happiness.

How did this come about? What took place that triggered the events and mental condition from a negative state to one of absolute positivity? It was accomplished through application of an ancient principle.

This principle is calming the mind of extraneous thoughts to allow the stillness of simply being in the moment to take over. This stillness (lack of ego-thought) is of the soul forces and is allied closely to the Grand Neutrality of the Universe which manifests as joy and love when we get our little self (egos) of its way. The ego or mentation states of worry, etc. can be set aside by concentrated effort or via meditation. The ego is enharmonic in its actions. The soul forces originate in the Grand Neutrality of the Universe and always manifest as a harmony which we perceive and experience as love, joy and happiness.

A quote from Edgar Cayce (987-4) led me to these thoughts of creating ones own future in a way that would be productive, loving and joyous. We are told endlessly about molding our lives with our thoughts but for this writer these all seemed to fall short for whatever reason. None of them seemed to be complete or in some way didnt quite formulate into a whole concept which made sense from beginning to end. This reading combined with comments from some of the other attendees about being in the present moment led to the experience. We indeed do create our futures. We create these on a moment by moment basis and here was the point that was missed before. IN THE MOMENT means literally right now. Not in thinking, not in remembering but right in this instant as it is lived. One can sit and meditate, study, plan, think or whatever but these will almost never take hold and grow as my awareness did during the drumming. It is the total involvement in the NOW. The NOW is the instant we are living as we live it and holds the key to these playful forces.

Concentrating on the moment gets the ego out of the way and allows the soul to come through. The soul manifests as joy, wonder and love. Its natural state is childlike with joyful playfulness. It wants to come out and play and it will if we invite it and then get out of its way. Children have little trouble in playing because they have not yet developed a full blown ego. As they grow and learn about themselves and their environment the ego builds and builds until the playful soul is finally shut off from external expression. They become grown-ups who only play when appropriate or socially correct. The spontaneity is lost, the pure joy of living is lost, rigidity and crystallization sets in and death encroaches at an ever increasing rate.

[Comments are in brackets.]

Edgar Cayce (987-4) 6. For each soul seeks expression. And as it moves through the mental associations and attributes in the surrounding environs [in your everyday life], it gives out that which becomes either for selfish reactions of th[in]e own ego - to express - or for the I AM to be at-one with the Great I AM THAT I AM. [to become one-with means to be like or sympathetic with or to be in love, coincident, harmonic.]

7. What then are the purposes for the activities of an entity in a material plane, surrounded with those environs [in your everyday life] that make for self-expressions or self-activities in the various ways and manners?

8. What meaneth these? That self is growing to that which it, the entity, the soul, is to present, as it were, to the Great I AM in those experiences when it is absent from materiality [during meditation or after death or spirit release].

9. These become hard at times for the individual to visualize; that the mental and soul may manifest without a physical vehicle. Yet in the deeper meditations, in those experiences when those influences may arise when the spirit of the Creative Force, the universality of soul, of mind - not as material, not as judgments, not IN time and space but OF time and space - may become lost in the Whole, instead of the entity being lost in the maze of confusing influences - then the soul visions arise in the meditations.

10. And the centers [neutral centers, see #20 below] becoming attuned to the vibrations of the bodily force, these give a vision of that as may be to the entity an outlet for the self-expressions, in the beauties and the harmonies and the activities that become, in their last analysis; just being patient, longsuffering, gentle, kind. THESE [states of mind and attitude] are the fruits of the spirit of truth; just as hates, malice and the like become in their growths those destructive forces in creating, in making for those things that are as but tares, confusions, dissensions in the experiences of an entity.

11. Those then are the purposes of the entrance of an entity into a material plane; to choose that which is its ideal. [One always, in EACH AND EVERY MOMENT, chooses to be kind, gentle - or hateful, malicious, etc.]

12. Then ask thyself the question - gain the answer first in thy physical consciousness:

13. "What is my ideal of a SPIRITUAL life?" [How do you see your ideals, your motivations? WHY DO YOU DO A THING? Do you intend to be as a blessing to others? Or do you act for a selfish reason?]

14. Then when the answer has come - for it has been given by Him that is Life, that the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, is within; and we view the kingdom of God without by the application of those things [the fruits as patience, longsuffering, gentle, kind] that are of the spirit of truth - These then answered, ye seek again in the inner consciousness:

[The kingdom of God is the collection of lifes experiences we would experience if we lived intently by these attitudes of peace, harmony, longsuffering, brotherly love, patience. In their echoing back to us we would be bathed in the spirit in which they were originally sown. We get love and peace when love and peace are sown. We get destruction and disturbance when hate, selfishness or malice are sown.]

15. "Am I true to my ideal?"

16. These become then the answers. This and that and the other; never as pro and con. For the growth in the spirit [mind, body, emotions, spirit] is as He has given; ye GROW in grace, in knowledge, in understanding.

17. How? As ye would have mercy shown thee, ye show mercy to those that even despitefully use thee. If ye would be forgiven for that which is contrary to thy own purposes - yet through the vicissitudes of the experiences about thee, anger and wrath give place to better judgment - ye, too, will forgive those that have despitefully used thee; ye will hold no malice. For ye would that thy Ideal, that Way [The Way is your path, manner and experience of passing through your own life you are creating in each and EVERY MOMENT. You build you own Way by each and every attitude held in mind and acted out.] ye seek, hold no malice - yea, no judgment - against thee. For it is the true law of recompense; yea, the true law of sacrifice.

[Mercy from what? Lifes vicissitudes. The rule here being explained is: should one show mercy to others mercy is shown in return as merciful life experiences. The act of forgiving releases the negative mind set from further continuance of sowing literally the seeds of destruction. Life turns around and moves into the kingdom of Gods grace and mercy. Meaning as soon as we stop poisoning our own etheric field with negative judgements it stops returning disturbing situations. As soon as we begin modulating it with thoughts of kindness and gentleness it begins to nurture us and bathe us in life, light and love. Herein is the root of the religious ceremony whereby the Holy Spirit is experienced during a ritual wherein one forgives him/herself from their own negative judgments by accepting Christ as their Savior by Him taking on and forgiving us for our sins through the shedding His blood. Forgiveness of selfs and others supposed faults, failures and shortcomings is the key to this release from an endless wheel of recriminations and destructive thoughts always echoing back to their source (you) as troubles, dissensions and the like.]

18. For not in sacrifice alone has He sought His judgments, but rather in mercy, in grace, in fortitude; yea, in divine love. [Just giving of ones self is only a portion of the task. One must give spiritual fruit to receive spiritual fruit in the form of graces and mercies (reliefs) from lifes vicissitudes.]

19. The shadows of these are seen in thy inner experience with thy fellow man day by day. For ye have seen a smile, yea a kind word, turn away wrath. Ye have seen a gentleness give hope to those that have lost their hold on purpose, other than the satisfying of an appetite - yea, other than satisfying the desires of the carnal mind.

20. Hence as ye give, ye receive. For this is mercy, this is grace. This is the beauty of the inner life lived.

[This works like a principle of resonance evoked through and by sympathetic vibration. As you show yourself to be to those around you and the environment this then is echoed back to you exactly as you project it outward. There are points of coincidence literally permeating the environ- ment which are harmonic to everyones neutral chord settings. These are the centers referred to in paragraph 10. These are what Keely referred to as centers of focalization. They are Neutral Centers being of a neutral polarization. They are highly reactive with great potential limited only by intent and desire. These, once activated, operate outside of normal time and space constraints to manipulate, orchestrate and present our lifes experiences as we call them into being. These absorb the subtle vibrations of the mind, body, emotions and spirit vibrations, focalize them to their Neutral Center where they are processed and then re-emitted back into the environment and especially back to their source. These Neutral Centers are everywhere being infinite in number, extension and density. These form an etheric matrix permeating everything with unlimited potential for manifestation because of their reactive natures. One can think good thoughts motivated by a high ideal and the same will come back to you. One could radiate a bad attitude and the environ- ment will bring that back as a faithful representation of that thought, felt, said or did. These manifest as bad experiences which are really indications you didnt do it right so try again! The return echo, if positively originated by gentleness or kindness, is the grace and mercy returning by law from the Grand Neutral Field of the Universe.]

21. Know then it is not that judgment is passed here or there. For know that God looketh upon the heart and He judgeth rather the purposes, the desires, the intents. [WHY DO YOU DO A THING? This assessment of intent is reflected in the manner the Neutral Center processes the focalized thought. If intent is from a love (centropic) base the return echo contains the originating influence of love with its centropic and organizing (harmonizing) tendencies. If the Neutral Center absorbs a discordant impulse the discords are echoed back to the source as aberrant energies (entropy) and manifest as chaos, troubles and the like.]

22. For what seekest thou to lord (laud) in thy life? Self intent? Know ye not that it was selfishness that separated the souls from the spirit of life and light? Then only in the divine love do ye have the opportunity to become to thy fellow man a saving grace, a mercy, yea even a savior.

[Selfishness is the consideration of self to the exclusion of all else. Divine love is being coincident to the highest ideal of gentleness, kindness, peace, patience and brotherly love we can hold in our minds and intents as we make each decision each moment IN THAT MOMENT as we react or act through or with others. The natural state of affairs is love, peace and harmony. This natural state will by itself reassert itself if we get out of its way with our negative thoughts. We can even amplify this return to harmony and love if we apply ourselves to developing and using only thoughts of kindness, gentleness and lovingness.]

23. For until ye have in thy own material associations known thyself to be the saving grace to someone, ye may not know even the whole mercy of the Father with the children of men. [If one seeks to experience this grace or mercy then one must extend it to others first. Plant the seeds of the fruits of the spirit then watch them be returned bountifully.]

24. Then it is not of rote; it is not ritual that has made for those influences in thine own experience; but in whom, in what hast thou put thy trust?

25. He has promised to meet thee within the temple of thine own body. For as has been given, thy body is the temple of the living God; a tabernacle, yea, for thy soul. And in the holy of holies [The still quiet place experienced during deep meditation/concentration.] within thine own consciousness He may walk and talk with thee. [But He (peace and Truth which is love) cannot enter into your consciousness if it is propagated with negative thoughts. The consciousness must be steeped in kindness and lovingness before He can manifest there to walk and talk with you as a brother.]

26. How? How?

27. Is it the bringing of sacrifice? Is it the burning of incense? Is it the making of thyself of no estate?

28. Rather is it that ye PURPOSE! For the try, the purpose of thine inner self, to HIM is the righteousness. For He hath known all the vicissitudes of the earthly experience. He hath walked through the valley of the shadow of death. He hath seen the temptations of man from every phase that may come into thine own experience; and, yea, He hath given thee, "If ye will love me, believing I am able, I will deliver thee from that which so easily besets thee at ANY experience."

[What is the purpose for which you do a thing? To gain advantage? Money? Personal gratification? Or to be as a blessing to someone else? Act according to these laws and they will amplify your actions. This is simply Amplitude Modulated Additive Synthesis in technical terms. Like begets like but also through resonance (constant doing of it) develops a ground swell of response which then becomes the positive, wholesome and nurturing experience. To love Him is to love love and Truth. By making these as living things used daily in every moment we become as He - love and Truth in the lives of others and ourselves.]

29. And it is thus that He stands; not as a Lord but as thy Brother, as thy Savior; that ye may know indeed the truth that gentleness, kindness, patience, brotherly love, beget - in thy heart of hearts, with Him - that peace, that harmony. Not as the world knoweth peace but as He gave: "That peace I give you; that ye may know that thy spirit, yea thy soul, beareth witness with me that ye are mine - I am thine," even as the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

30. Even so may thy soul, thy mind, thy body, become aware of that which renews the hope, the faith, the patience within thee.

31. And until ye show forth in His love that patience [plant the seeds of the fruits and then wait for their growth], ye cannot become aware of thy relationship with Him. Even as He has given, in patience ye become aware of being that soul - that seeketh the Fathers house that is within even thine own consciousness.

32. How? How, then, may ye approach the throne?

33. Turn thou within. As ye meditate, give forth in thine OWN words these thoughts:


35. And ye may be very sure the answer comes within.

36. Thus, as ye apply - the answer comes. Not - by applying - do we mean a separation from the world. For even as He, ye are IN the world but not OF the world. But putting away the worldly things ye take hold upon the spiritual things, knowing that the worldly are but the shadows of the real.

37. And thus, as ye come into the light of His countenance, it maketh thy heart glad in the consciousness of "I AM THINE - THOU ART MINE."

38. Ready for questions.

39. (Q) What was the exact time of my physical birth? (A) Eight-twenty in the morning.

40. (Q) What was the exact time of my soul birth? (A) Only a few breaths after the physical birth. For as has been indicated to the soul, in the experiences in the earth - how beautiful have been thy joys, yea even thy sorrows, that they have kept alive that longing for a closer communion, a closer walk with Him!

And as the soul came then with a purposefulness, that "I - even I - may be able to show forth His love among those I meet day by day," there was no tarrying. For ye are learning, ye have gained, ye may apply, "AS YE SOW, SO SHALL YE REAP."

For God is not mocked. Though man may separate himself, it is against the purposes, the will of the love of truth. And only self may separate thee from the love of the Father. For He longeth, even as thy soul crieth out in the mornings, "Holy - holy art Thou, O Lord!"

41. (Q) If possible, what can I do to finish my earths experience in this life? (A) It is ever possible. Studying to show forth the Lords death till He come again!!

What meaneth this?

Just living those that are the fruits of the spirit; namely: peace, harmony, longsuffering, brotherly love, patience. THESE, if ye show them forth in thy life, in thy dealings with thy fellow man, grow to be what? TRUTH! In Truth ye are FREE, from what? EARTHLY toil, EARTHLY cares!

[Stop fighting to preserve the ego with its wants, desires ideas and surrender to a harmony or being One With the Neutral Centers of ones environment. This happens when one is in synch with the MOMENT. It is a release from worry about past or future events. It is a trusting of and a faith in a positive outcome as opposed to fearing a negative result. Fear only comes from not living in the moment. Being in Truth is being one-with the All and this comes from the still small MOMENT as it is lived in peace, harmony, longsuffering, brotherly love, patience.]

These then are not just axioms, not just sayings, but LIVING truths!

Ye ARE happy in His LOVE! HOLD fast to that! [Being happy in His love is being At One With the MOMENT. Because only in the moment is peace and freedom from fear - TRUTH.]

42. (Q) What is holding back my spiritual development? (A) Nothing holding back - as has just been given - but SELF. For know, as has been given of old, "Though I take the wings of the morning in thought and fly unto the uttermost parts of the earth, Thou art there! Though I fly into the heavenly hosts, Thou art there! Though I make my bed in hell, Thou art there!"

And as He has promised, "When ye cry unto me, I WILL HEAR - and answer speedily."

Nothing prevents - only self. Keep self and the shadow away. Turn thy face to the light and the shadows fall behind. [It is maintained the more focused one becomes on the MOMENT there is a greater and greater experience of seeing the Light.]

43. (Q) Please explain the meaning of a light I saw on the night of June 13th-14th, and a figure that appeared in the light. (A) These are but the beginnings of that which may be thy experience. This followed a deep meditation, though much broke in between. But it is the fruit of not thought, but purpose, desire. For it has not entered the heart of man all the glories that have been prepared, nor all the beauties that may be experienced by those that seek His face.

[The key word here is PURPOSE. Thought alone from the ego cannot do the thing but thought integrated with emotion, intent and desire becomes the purposeful or causative force. Purpose is from the heart - not the head. Purpose is the passion one holds as a guiding force.]

These are but the signs, yea the ASSURANCES, that His presence abideth with thee.

Know He hath promised that if ye ask, ye shall receive. Be satisfied only then with the consciousness of His presence. Who? That in Whom ye have believed - that abides with thee. For "If ye will knock, I will open - for I stand at the door and knock."

If ye will but open thy tabernacle of consciousness to allow the holy (Neutral Center matrix of the universe] to come in and sup with thee, yea ALL the beauties of peace and harmony ARE thine; for they are the birthright of each soul. For the soul is the portion of the Maker that makes thee individual, yet with the consciousness of being one-with GOD, the UNIVERSE, the LOVE - that which IS beauty and harmony.

44. (Q) What is the meaning of the white lightning I have seen? (A) That awakening that is coming. More and more as the white light comes to thee, more and more will there be the awakening. For as the lights are in the colors: In the green, healing; in the blue, trust; in the purple, strength; in the white, the light of the throne of mercy itself. Ye may never see these save ye have withheld judgment or shown mercy.

[Judgment is a discordant vibration. It is not necessarily negative or bad - it is enharmonic and prevents pure transmission of coincident actions such as love and kindness are. Love (pure harmony) cannot co-exist in such a discordant vibrating environment. A discordant thought modulates the etheric matrix surrounding one thus preventing adherence to the finer vibrations of the Neutrality (Unconditional Love). These same vibrations recreate themselves (mirroring, echoing) to impact in a destructive way on their source or origin - the mind and emotions which caused them to be created. They become like a Frankenstein we create with our thoughts, emotions and wills to come back and haunt us until we rectify the causing force matrix - our PURPOSE. Why not instead create angels to deal with by being gentle, kind and loving?]

45. (Q) What is my worst fault? (A) What is ever the worst fault of each soul? SELF - SELF!

What is the meaning of self?

That the hurts, the hindrances are hurts to the self- consciousness; and these create what? Disturbing forces, and these bring about confusions and faults of every nature. [Hurts to the self are self-inflicted condemnations, judgments of self, fears, poor self-image, denials, etc.]

For the only sin of man is SELFISHNESS! [Selfishness is dealing only with self for selfs purposes without taking into consideration others and/or the greater environment. Focusing in this way creates the enharmonically modulated etheric matrix which becomes entropic and chaotic - separation and dissociation are inevitable consequences. On the other hand a harmonically modulated etheric matrix is associative, loving and centropic. Life comes together as opposed to falling apart.]

46. (Q) How may it be overcome? (A) Just as has been given; showing mercy, showing grace, showing peace, longsuffering, brotherly love, kindness - even under the most TRYING circumstances.

For what is the gain if ye love those ONLY that love thee? But to bring hope, to bring cheer, to bring joy, yea to bring a smile again to those whose face and heart are bathed in tears and in woe, is but making that divine love SHINE - SHINE - in thy own soul!

Then SMILE, be joyous, be glad! For the day of the Lord is at hand.

Who is thy Lord? Who is thy God?

Self? Or Him in Whom ye live and move and have thy being - that is ALL in All, God the Father, the Love - the GREAT Hope, the Great Patience? [This is the Grand Neutral Field of the Universe wherein we live, create our experiences and have our awarenesses.]

These are thy ALL.

Keep in the way that is arising before thee, more and more. And as ye open thy consciousness to the Great Consciousness within, there will arise more and more the white light.

For He is the light, and the life - eternal.

47. We are through for the present.

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