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Topic: Keely Chronology Stack
Section: The Coming Force part 2
Table of Contents to this Topic
At one time the shareholders of the "Keely Motor Co." put a man in his workshop for the express purpose of discovering his secret. After six months of close watching, he said to J. W. Keely one day: "I know how it is done, now." They had been setting up a machine together, and Keely was manipulating the stop-cock which turned the force on and off. "Try it, then," was the answer. The man turned the cock, and nothing came. "Let me see you do it again," the man said to Keely. The latter complied, and the machinery operated at once. Again the other tried, but without success. Then Keely put his hand on his shoulder and told him to try once more. He did so, with the result of an instantaneous production of the current. This fact, if true, settles the question.

We are told that Mr. Keely defines electricity "as a certain form of atomic vibration." In this he is quite right; but this is electricity on the terrestrial plane, and through terrestrial correlations. He estimates

Molecular vibrations at 100,000,000 per second.
Inter-molecular 300,000,000 per second.
Atomic 900,000,000 per second.
Inter-atomic 2,700,000,000 per second.
AEtheric 8,100,000,000 per second.
Inter-AEtheric 24,300,000,000 per second.

This proves our point. There are no vibrations that could be counted or even estimated at an approximate rate beyond "the realm of the fourth son of Fohat," using an occult phraseology, or that motion which corresponds to the formation of Mr. Crookes' radiant matter, or lightly called some years ago the "fourth state of matter" on this our plane.

The word "supernatural" implies above or outside of nature. Nature and Space are one. Now Space for the metaphysician exists outside of any act of sensation, and is a purely subjective representation; materialism, which would connect it forcibly with one or the other datum of sensation, notwithstanding. For our senses, it is fairly subjective when independent of anything within it. How then can any phenomenon, or anything else, step outside of or be performed beyond that which has no limits? But when spacial extension becomes simply conceptual, and is thought of in an idea connected with certain actions, as by the materialists and the physicists, then again they have hardly a right to define and claim that which can or cannot be produced by Forces generated within even limited spaces, as they have not even an approximate idea of what those forces are.

"It is not correct, when speaking of idealism, to show it based upon "the old ontological assumptions that things or entities exist independently of each other, and otherwise than as terms of relations" (Stallo). At any rate, it is incorrect to say so of idealism in Eastern philosophy and its cognition, for it is just the reverse.

Independent, in a certain sense, but not disconnected with it.

By Fohat, more likely," would be an Occultist's reply.

The reason for such psychic capacities is given farther on.

The above was written two years ago, at a time when hopes of success for the "Keely Motor" were at their highest. What was then said by the writer proved true, in every word, and now only a few remarks are added to it with regard to the failure of his expectations, so far, which has now been admitted by the discoverer himself. Though, however, the word failure is here used the reader should understand it in a relative sense, for as Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore explains: "What Mr. Keely does admit is that, baffled in applying vibratory force to mechanics, upon his first and second lines of experimental research, he was obliged either to confess a commercial failure, or to try a third departure from his base or principle; seeking success through another channel." . . . And this "channel" is on the physical plane.

We learn that these remarks are not applicable to Mr. Keely's latest discovery; time alone can show the exact limit of his achievements.

If the question is asked why Mr. Keely was not allowed to pass a certain limit, the answer is easy; because that which he has unconsciously discovered, is the terrible sidereal Force, known to, and named by the Atlanteans MASH-MAK, and by the Aryan Rishis in their Ashtar Vidya by a name that we do not like to give. It is the vril of Bulwer Lytton's "Coming Race," and of the coming races of our mankind. The name vril may be a fiction; the Force itself is a fact doubted as little in India as the existence itself of their Rishis, since it is mentioned in all the secret works.

It is this vibratory Force, which, when aimed at an army from an Agni Rath fixed on a flying vessel, a balloon, according to the instructions found in Ashtar Vidya, reduced to ashes 100,000 men and elephants, as easily as it would a dead rat. It is allegorised in the Vishnu Purāna, in the Ramayana and other works, in the fable about the sage Kapila whose glance made a mountain of ashes of King Sagara's 60,000 sons," and which is explained in the esoteric works, and referred to as the Rapilaksha - "Kapila's Eye."

And is it this Satanic Force that our generations were to be allowed to add to their stock of Anarchist's baby-toys, known as melenite, dynamite clock-works, explosive oranges, "flower baskets," and such other innocent names? Is it this destructive agency, which, once in the hands of some modern Attila, e.g., a blood-thirsty anarchist, would reduce Europe in a few days to its primitive chaotic state with no man left alive to tell the tale is this force to become the common property of all men alike ?

What Mr. Keely has already done is grand and wonderful in the extreme; there is enough work before him in the demonstration of his new system to "humble the pride of those scientists who are materialistic, by revealing those mysteries which lie behind the world of matter," without revealing it nolens volens to all. For surely Psychists and Spiritualists of whom there are a good number in the European armies would be the first to experience personally the fruits of such mysteries revealed. Thousands of them would find themselves (and perhaps with the populations of whole countries to keep them company) in blue Ether very soon, were such a Force to be even entirely discovered, let alone made publicly known. The discovery in its completeness is by several thousand or shall we say hundred thousand? years too premature. It will be at its appointed place and time only when the great roaring flood of starvation, misery, and underpaid labour ebbs back again as it will when happily at last the just demands of the many are attended to; when the proletariat exists but in name, and the pitiful cry for bread, that rings throughout the world unheeded, has died away. This may be hastened by the spread of learning, and by new openings for work and emigration, with better prospects than exist now, and on some new continent that may appear. Then only will "Keely's Motor and Force," as originally contemplated by himself and friends, be in demand, because it will be more needed by the poor than by the wealthy.

Meanwhile the force discovered by him will work through wires, and this, if he succeeds, will be quite sufficient in the present generation to make of him the greatest discoverer of this age.

What Mr. Keely says of Sound and Colour is also correct from the Occult stand-point. Hear him talk as though he were the nursling of the " Gods-revealers," and had gazed all his life into the depths of Father-Mother AEther.

In comparing the tenuity of the atmosphere with that of the etheric flows, obtained by him from his invention for breaking, up the molecules of air by vibration, Keely says that:

. . . " It is as platina to hydrogen gas. Molecular separation of air brings us to the first sub-division only; inter-molecular, to the second; atomic, to the third; inter-atomic, to the fourth; etheric, to the fifth; and inter-etheric, to the sixth sub-division, or positive association with luminiferous ether.[fn 8] In my introductory argument I have contended that this is the vibratory envelope of all atoms. In my definition of atom I do not confine myself to the sixth subdivision where this luminiferous ether is developed in its crude form as far as my researches prove.[fn 9] I think this idea will be pronounced by the physicists of the present day, a wild freak of the imagination. Possibly, in time, a light may fall upon this theory that will bring its simplicity forward for scientific research. At present I can only compare it to some planet in a dark space, where the light of the sun of science has not yet reached it. . ."

"I assume that sound, like odour, is a real substance of unknown and wonderful tenuity, emanating from a body where it has been induced by percussion and throwing out absolute corpuscles of matter, inter-atomic particles, with velocity of 1,120 feet per second; in vacuo 20,000. The substance which is thus disseminated is a part and parcel of the mass agitated, and, if kept under this agitation continuously, would, in the course of a certain cycle of time, become thoroughly absorbed by the atmosphere; or, more truly, would pass through the atmosphere to an elevated point of tenuity corresponding to the condition of sub-division that governs its liberation from its parent body." . . .

"The sounds from vibratory forks, set so as to produce etheric chords, while disseminating their tones (compound), permeate most thoroughly all substances that come under the range of their atomic bombardment. The clapping of a bell in vacuo liberates these atoms with the same velocity and volume as one in the open air; and were the agitation of the bell kept up continuously for a few millions of centuries it would thoroughly return to its primitive element; and, if the chamber were hermetically sealed, and strong enough, the vacuous volume surrounding the bell would be brought to a pressure of many thousands of pounds to the square inch, by the tenuous substance evolved. In my estimation, sound truly defined is the disturbance of atomic equilibrium, rupturing actual atomic corpuscles; and the substance thus liberated must certainly be a certain order of etheric flow. Under these conditions, is it unreasonable to suppose that, if this flow were kept up, and the body thus robbed of its element, it would in time disappear entirely? All bodies are formed primitively from this highly tenuous ether, animal, vegetable, and mineral, and they are only returned to their high gaseous condition when brought under a state of differential equilibrium.''

"As regards odour, we can only get some (definite idea of its extreme and wondrous tenuity by taking into consideration that a large area of atmosphere can be impregnated for a long series of years from a single grain of musk; which, if weighed after that long interval, will be found to be not appreciably diminished. The great paradox attending the flow of odorous particles is that they can be held under confinement in a glass vessel! Here is a substance of much higher tenuity than the glass that holds it, and yet it cannot escape. It is as a sieve with its meshes large enough to pass marbles, and yet holding fine sand which cannot pass through; in fact, a molecular vessel holding an atomic substance. This is a problem that would confound those who stop to recognize it. But infinitely tenuous as odour is, it holds a very crude relation to the substance of sub-division that governs a magnetic flow (a flow of sympathy, if you please to call it so). This sub-division comes next to sound, but is above sound. The action of the flow of a magnet coincides somewhat to the receiving and distributing portion of the human brain, giving off at all times a depreciating ratio of the amount received. It is a grand illustration of the control of mind over matter, which gradually depreciates the physical till dissolution takes place. The magnet on the same ratio gradually loses its power and becomes inert. lf the relations that exist between mind and matter could be equated and so held, we would live on in our physical state eternally, as there would be no physical depreciation. But this physical depreciation leads, at its terminus, to the source of a much higher development viz., the liberation of the pure ether from the crude molecular; which, in my estimation, is to be much desired." (From Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore's paper, "The New Philosophy.")

It may be remarked that, save a few small divergencies, no Adept nor Alchemist could have explained the above any better, in the light of modern Science, however much the latter may protest against the novel views. This is, in all its fundamental principles, if not details, Occultism pure and simple, yet withal, modern natural philosophy as well.

This "New Force," or whatever Science may call it, the effects of which are undeniable admitted by more than one naturalist and physicist who has visited Mr. Keely's laboratory and witnessed personally its tremendous effects what is it? Is it a "mode of motion," also, "in vacuo," since there is no matter to generate it except Sound - another "mode of motion," no doubt, a sensation caused like colour by vibrations? Fully as we believe in these vibrations as the proximate the immediate cause of such sensations, we as absolutely reject the one-sided scientific theory that there is no factor to be considered as external to us, other than etheric or atmospheric vibrations.

There is a transcendental set of causes put in motion so to speak in the occurrence of these phenomena, which, not being in relation to our narrow range of cognition, can only be traced to their source and their nature, and understood by the Spiritual faculties of the Adept. They are, as Asclepios puts it to the King, "incorporeal corporealities" such as "appear in the mirror," and "abstract forms" that we see, hear, and smell, in our dreams, and visions. What have the "modes of motion," light, and ether to do with these? Yet we see, hear, and smell, and touch them, ergo they are as much realities to us in our dreams, as any other thing on this plane of Maya.

This also is the division, made by the Occultists, under other names.

Quite so, since there is the seventh beyond, which begins the same enumeration from the first to the last, on another and higher plane.

In this case the American "Substantialists" are not wrong (though too anthropomorphic and material in their views to be accepted by the Occultists) when arguing through Mrs. M. S. Organ, M.D., that "there must be positive entitative properties in objects which have a constitutional relation to the nerves of animal sensations, or there can be no perception. No impression of any kind can be made upon brain, nerve, or mind no stimulus to action unless there is an actual and direct communication of a substantial force." ("Substantial" as far as it appears in the usual sense of the word in this universe of illusion and MAYA, of course; not so in reality.) "That force may be the most refined and sublimated immaterial Entity (?). Yet it must exist; for no sense, element, or faculty of the human being can have a perception, or be stimulated into action, without some substantial force coming in contact with it. This is the fundamental law pervading the whole organic and mental world. In the true philosophical sense there is no such thing as independent action: for every force or substance is correlated to some other force or substance. We can with just as much truth and reason assert that no substance possesses any inherent gustatory property or any olfactory property that taste and odour are simply sensations caused by vibrations; and hence mere illusions of animal perceptions . . . ."
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