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Topic: Keely Information
Section: A NEWTON OF THE MIND part 1
Table of Contents to this Topic

(Keely and His Discoveries, 1893)

Error is not forever; hope for right.
Darkness is not the opposite of light,
But only absence-day will follow night. Lowell.

God sends His teachers unto every age,
To every clime and every race of men,
With revelations fitted to their growth. Lowell.

In the progress of the race, man may be likened to a little child that is now beginning to totter alone, just escaped from his leading-strings, but with a future of power and intelligence in his coming manhood past all present computation. JOHN SARTAIN.

Nous marchons tous an milieu de secrets, entourés de mystéres. Nous ne savons pas ce qui se passe dam l'atmosphére qui nous entoure; nous ne savons pas quelle relations elle a avec notre esprit. VITOUX.

"All the work of the world," says Drummond, "is merely taking advantage of energies already there." In order to take advantage of these energies, we must not only know of their existence, but know the laws which govern their operation in nature; for so only can we conquer them and make them our slaves instead of our masters.

More than twenty years ago, Keely, by seeming chance, discovered the unknown polar flow, and without giving any attention to research, on the line of its origin or of its operation, began to construct engines to apply the energy to mechanics. It was not until he had invented his marvelous researching instruments that his true work of evolution began in 1888, which, completed in 1893, has now borne the test of demonstration and given him command of a vibratory circuit for running machinery, both for terrestrial use and for aerial navigation.

Before this could be brought about it was necessary to effect a sympathetic affinity between his machinery and the polar flow, minus magnetism. The colossal nature of the difficulties that he has surmounted can never be realized as by those who have followed him during the last five years, and seen them spring up one after another, at every advance, to bar his way.

Through this system the dynamo will eventually become a thing of the past, and electric lighting will be conducted by a polar negative disc run by a vibratory circuit of sympathetic polar attraction, ³drawn direct from space," which Keely has harnessed for commercial use after more than twenty years of maligned and persistent effort such as the world has never known.

Before attempting to set down any of the great truths of sympathetic physics, it will be necessary for the scientific reader to have some idea of Keely's views of ³Nature's sympathetic flows." Although he has substantiated his theories by demonstration to his own satisfaction and to the conviction of distinguished men of science, electricians and engineers, he will welcome any refutation of them which shows that he is in error, for Keely does not claim to be infallible, as do those - who sit in judgment upon him. To quote from his writings:

"Physicists have been working in the wrong direction to lead them to associate themselves with Nature's sympathetic evolutions. It is not necessary to advance farther into the unexplored region of these sympathetic flows than the ninths, to become convinced that the one I denominate the dominant is the leader toward which the remaining thirds of the triune combination (of triple sympathetic streams) co-ordinate, whether it be the cerebellic, gravital, or magnetic. When we reach the luminiferous track on the ninths, in the triple subdivision, we have proof that the infinite stream, from that unexplored region where all sympathetic streams emanate, is triune in its character, having the dominant as the sympathetic leader, to which the remainder of the celestial thirds are subservient; the cerebellic being the dominant, and the triplets (gravital, electric, and magnetic) following in its train.

"The magnetic cannot lead the electric, nor the electric the gravital, nor the gravital the magnetic. All are subservient to the dominant, I as a train of cars is subservient to the locomotive which pulls it along; the only difference between the two is that one is sympathetic, the other mechanical. Though this is a crude illustration, it conveys a great truth in sympathetic philosophy. All sympathetic flows have this triune condition associated with them, the same as the molecular, atomic and etheric aggregations of all forms of visible matter; the compound etheric, or dominant, being the leader and yet one of the constituents of the molecule itself. The dominant we may call the etheric portion of the molecule; the harmonic, the atomic; and the enharmonic, the molecule itself. The dominant parts of the triune combination of the sympathetic streams are the leaders, toward which all co-ordinate to make up the sympathetic terrestrial envelope of the earth; the cerebral being the high dominant, or compound etheric, the luminiferous proper.

"All diversions from the polar terrestrial envelope are but nodal outreaches, induced by the proper order of sympathetic vibration; not dissociations and associations of sympathy ; but operating on the same principle as the outflow, or nodal outreach of the mental organism toward the physical, in its control over it. The latent conditions are in a state of neutrality, as regards action, until the exciter-mental outreach is brought into sympathetic play. If we dissociate the sympathetic mental from the latent physical, it would be equivalent to beheading it; consequently, the physical would cease to exist as a thing of life; but the dominant -the cerebral would remain in its unchanged form, viz., the high etheric.

"The system of inducing differential harmonies by compound chords is one that the world of science has never recognized; simply because the struggles of physicists, combating with the solution of the conditions governing the fourth order of matter, have been in a direction antagonistic to the right one. By this I mean that physicists reject the true conditions of the dissociation of matter; recognizing and holding fast to an adverse law; debarring the subdivision of the atom, and ridiculing the existence of latent force in intermolecular space. I have substantiated the triple formation of the molecule by the differential triple reply that it gives when excited by compound concordant impulses, and by the accelerated range of motion which it assumes under intensified vibration, even to dissociation from its fellows; proving this dissociation by the increased amounts of latent energy evolved, progressively."

At an early period of Keely's researches, on the lines suggested by the distinguished professor of the Bonn University, Dr. Hertz, viz., of the conditions governing the operation in nature of the unknown energy he was dealing with, Keely wrote to a friend:

"It appears, in my researching experiments, quite evident to me, that under different orders of progressive vibration, when the sixth order is reached on the positive, a condition presents itself in an accompanying agent that adds to the etheric flow a very peculiar action. I call this third agent its sympathetic attendant.

"In the physical organism, the circulatory forces have their attendants in the form of nerves, which are the sensatory telegraphs to all parts of the human system. I have reason to believe that under the seventh subdivision of matter a condition is reached where perfect assimilation takes place between these two sympathetics, thus showing the luminiferous track. It is this assimilation or association that induces the luminosity, I am quite certain; but in this unition there is nothing approaching corpuscular friction, which in itself is antagonistic to luminosity.

³Consequently the unition of these sympathetic thirds must take place by gravital assimilation, which is the highest order of sympathetic union. This is the compound etheric flow, or soul of matter. The sympathetic attendant must be the odylic; or, comparatively speaking, its nerve force. Reichenbach exercises a wonderfully far-seeing judgment in his argument on this, the highest preponderable.

"If I am able, with the instrument I am now constructing, to demonstrate these assertions as truths, it will amply repay the researches of a lifetime. The conditions governing the nerve-force of the planetary system may then be unraveled by future research. This seems to be too immense an aim to be associated with human thought.

"I hope I am the Œcompound lunatic' that the scientific world calls me, to whom it is given to work out the demonstration of these Œhidden things of God' which hitherto have seemed to be past finding out. They may call me I 'Cagliostro,' ŒImpostor,' ŒCharlatan,' or anything that pleases them; I shall glory in these names, if I can reach the solution of this vast problem that I am now at work upon. I thank God the time is near at hand when I will be able to prove how faithfully accurate is the new philosophy in showing up the conditions governing the sympathetic field."

By progressive research Keely has, since that time, attained such perfection in his method of work that the vitalizing of instruments, which formerly took him three days, is now accomplished in fifteen minutes, using hydrogen in increasing molecular oscillation to the point where the power can be registered. Up to a certain stage he was able to employ the ether; but in this process it would be as impossible, as it is to take the flow of thought in one's hands and by physical effort tie it in a knot. Having, in these researches, succeeded in wresting from Nature the conditions of planetary suspension, he is now well on his way toward gaining the closely guarded secret of the firefly. All that Nature does with Nature's forces man will be able to do when he has wrung from her grasp, one by one, the keys that she still clenches in her hands; for it is Nature herself, not Science, which has given to the world, in this system of aerial navigation, ³the crowning achievement of a century of progress."'

Keely has never made but one experiment in dissociating the hydrogen of the chemist. After a persistent effort of over seven weeks' duration, in his attempt to confine it and hold it under assimilation with one-third its volume of disintegrated air, he succeeded in obtaining a rather indefinite result, lasting only about ninety seconds. The luminosity shown was the only evidence he had of its dissociation; but, in his process of disintegration of water, he never fails to obtain proof of the triple subdivision of hydrogen - molecular, atomic and inter-atomic.

Each disc of the polar and depolar groupings in the propeller of the air-ship contains seven pints of hydrogen. In preparing these discs, the hydrogen is submitted to a triple order of vibration. The corpuscular envelopes of the molecules are not enlarged in volume, under their receptive condition, but their velocity of rotation is increased. While under the operation of this transmittive vibration their vortex action is made visible.

Under date of November 2, 1891, Keely wrote of one of his researching instruments which he was then inventing, to overcome nodal interference in sympathetic negative outreach: '"This instrument combines the disintegrator and the positive-negative-indicator in one. It will be but an intermediate, as between the sympathetic negative transmitter and the depolarizer. At present, I am working like a man suspended between heaven and earth, trying to reach one without leaving the other."

This is one of Keely's many apt figures of speech, which convey, as no other words could, what his position has been in the past. The wonderful instrument (the sympathetic harness) which he has now completed to connect the polar flow with the propeller of the air-ship, substantiates what only two years ago was purely theoretical in Keely's system of sympathetic-vibratory physics; and, figuratively speaking, proves that without leaving earth he has laid hold of the very battlements of celestial regions, thus opening a pathway for men of science to reach the solution of their most intricate problems. Often has Keely expressed his regret that mechanical physicists have not had suitable instruments for their researches, saying that they would long since have discovered their errors had they been in possession of proper instruments for acoustic research. It was some photographs of his instruments which led the late Henri Hertz, after examining them, to say in 1889:

"No man who is working on these lines, with such instruments, is a fraud. I cannot help him; no one can help him; he must work out his system alone, and when it is completed, we can pursue our researches on the same line. I thought Keely was working, as I am, with an electrical machine and wires. I had no idea of these wonderful instruments."

The machine used by Keely, from 1872 to 1882, for disintegrating water, weighed several tons. Since that time, in his work of evolution, he has made such advances that the one he now uses is no larger than the wheel of a perambulator.

In Keely's process of disintegrating water, the proportion of oxygen to hydrogen is such as to favor the bringing about, under a certain order of triple vibration, the antagonistic differentiation necessary to produce molecular and atomic corpuscular dissociation. When this dissociation takes place, the hydrogen becomes highly rotating, acting like a molecular capsule with the oxygen enclosed. While under this condition, when confined in a tube, they remain dissociated until the peripheral rotation of the hydrogen is interfered with.

One of the foundation stones of vibratory physics is that "no differentiation can exist in the workings of the pure law of harmony." If this be correct, then all so-called elements have a triple basis, as vibratory physics teaches, for the system that represents harmony in one sense must represent it in all, or everything would be brought into ³chaotic confusion." Therefore, as Keely surmised, long before he was able to prove it to his own satisfaction, hydrogen must, under the conditions of this law, be composed of three elements; and these three elements in turn must each have a triple formation, and so on indefinitely, until verged into the infinite inter-luminous.

The correctness of these hypotheses has been proved by the varying degrees of energy evolved in progressive disintegration from the molecular to the introductory etheric. Keely writes:

³The nearer the approach to the neutral centres, when the dissociation takes place, the greater is the latent force evolved. In molecular dissociation the instrument is set on the thirds, meeting with a rotating resistance of five thousand pounds per square inch, without any interference with the inter-molecular position. The instrument is set on the sixths, to liberate inter-molecular latent force, which, when liberated, is equal to a resistance of ten thousand pounds. To reach the atomic centres, the instrument is set on the ninths dominant, the sixths harmonic, and the thirds enharmonic, having the transmittive chord B associated with each. At this setting the corpuscular percussion exceeds twenty-five thousand pounds per square inch. The subservience to the co-ordinate sympathy is shown in the result by a pressure exceeding fifteen thousand pounds, reaching, in this subdivision, almost as near the neutrals as instruments can carry us. The atomic and inter-atomic settings constitute the introductory conditions governing the nodal outreach as toward the etheric. Under this condition of sympathetic vibration an evolution of energy is registered far exceeding any heretofore liberated. The region of the inaudible is reached - the introductory etheric and the first features of the invisible latent force existing in corpuscular embrace have been handled.
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