Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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Topic: Keely Information
Section: A NEWTON OF THE MIND part 2
Table of Contents to this Topic
³We must put our shoes from off our feet-i. e., lay aside our earthly bodies before we can go farther. But this is far enough to prove that nothing is lost, and that, when this repellent order of things is brought about, and so-called elements are separated, these elements yield up, in their molecular separation, what may be called their souls, or more progressive elements.

³We have gone far enough to find that there is no such thing as death; that matter cannot die, any more than the substance or spiritual essence which controls it can die. The word death is a misnomer, for there is only a change of base in the molecular visible, and it is the same with the sympathetic invisible, for celestial radiation claims her own back again to its realm of spiritual existence.

³ŒMy own dim life should teach me this,
That life shall live for evermore;
Else earth is darkness at the core,
And dust and ashes all that is.¹

³It is through the action of nature's sympathetic forces that planets are born and their volume of matter augmented. If the sympathetic, negative polar stream were cut off from the earth, its molecular mass would become independent, and would float away into space as would a soap-bubble filled with warm air. The same conditions of governing rule exist in the planetary masses as between the mental and physical forces in our organisms; the organism representing the earth, and its link with the cerebral centres the connection with the infinite mind. In other words, the latent energy existing in the neutral depths of matter, visible or invisible, remains eternally subservient and unchangeably linked to the eternal mind. True science is bastardized by intimating that the life in matter can be destroyed by any intensity of thermal negation (frigidity). Can finite man make use of an infinite element to neutralize infinity? Thermal negation causes molecular oscillation to diminish, or even seem to cease, but the results brought about from this superficial appearance of matter coming to rest are that the latent energy existing in the molecular zone is transferred to the intermolecular, increasing the oscillations of the inter-molecular in the same ratio that the molecular is diminished. All the art that man can employ to induce the same effect on the inter-molecular zone ends here. Granting, however, that it were possible, what would ensue?

"A disintegration, of the most intense explosive character, of the volume experimented upon, destroying the apparatus and its surroundings. But no artifice of the physicist could ever produce such conditions. In the disintegration of water by vibratory changes of atmospheric base (a triple order of sympathetic vibration, molecular, inter-molecular, and atomic simultaneously projected) the inter-molecular depths only are interfered with, the result being that latent energy is liberated, showing a pressure of 2,000 atmospheres, when barometric conditions are favorable.

³The physical organism (through the medium of celestial radiation) is a trinity, both in regard to its visible form and the invisible sympathetic streams which govern it, in its individual and combined movements. The visible includes the molecular, the atomic and inter-atomic in combination; while the invisible, or spiritual, includes the etheric, interetheric and luminous in combination, each of which is essential to the proper completion of the combined action, comprising as it does every minute law governing the celestial and terrestrial universe.

"Life begets life; the celestial life begets the terrestrial life; the God-life begets the man-life. Celestial radiation is the pure soul of all matter, both earthy and gaseous. Thus we are linked in all our environments to the divine, our cerebral aggregations being the highest medium whereby celestial sympathetic reflection associates with our organisms, and is our only source of knowledge of ourselves. We have, with our mental and physical forces, a duality of action which, when combined with the celestial, makes up the triplet or trinity. With the mental, the superficial visible, or outward sight; with the inward, or spiritual invisible, we have the spiritual link connecting mind and matter, the order of transfer being:

"First.­Celestial radiation, or etheric.

"Second.­Mental impregnation, or inter-atomic.

"Third.­Physical movements, or inter-molecular.

³Or again:

"Ninths.­Sympathetic transfer from the celestial luminous.

"Sixths.­Sympathetic impregnation of matter.

"Thirds.­Physical movements."

Thus the following question is answered, asked by Oliver Lodge (even though, with the professor's knowledge, the answer seems to be but ³arrant gibberish " to him):

"By what means is force exerted, and what definitely is force? Here is something not provided for in the orthodox scheme of physics. Modern physics is not complete, and a line of possible advance lies in this direction."

Vibratory physics has here reached the boundary line dividing the infinite from the finite, the link between mind and matter. Here we must pause; but it has taught us that it is only in the supreme conditions of celestial reflection or sympathetic transfer that we live, move, and have our being; through which every thought, or flow of the mental, actuates the physical organism, on the same order that an illuminated centre radiates and lights up its surroundings.

Mr. J. Townshend in his paper ³The Planet Venus,² read at Leeds, in April, asks:

"Are hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, etc., really elemental substances, or are they evolved from ether? If so, what is ether? Whence the impulse which operates upon it, and what is its nature? Thus we turn from effect to cause in search of some first principle upon which the mind can rest. But ere this the light of science has failed us, for who by (scientific) searching can find out God?"

Sympathetic vibratory or spiritual physics answers these questions, and, as has been said, promises to burst upon the searchers after truth as the one mighty and complete revelation of some of the mysteries of creation.

³Science was faith once; faith were science now
Would she but lay her bow and arrow by
And arm her with the weapons of her time."

"And God breathed into man the breath of life," celestial radiation, " and man became a living soul."

The cause of the effect, the source or fountain-head of all matter, is the celestial Mind-Deity, from whom all power emanates, and whose laws of sympathetic association reign over and control all matter and all substance. Spirit is substance, as Spinoza taught: "The universe is one. There is no supernatural; all is related, cause and sequence."

³Like fire, which is a spiritual order of vibration, spirit is latent in all matter. One might as well try to operate a steam-engine without its boiler as to give motion to matter against the conditions imposed by nature, or to propose a new method of controlling the action of our physical organisms (other than through the sympathetic transfer of our mental forces) as an improvement on the one instituted by the Almighty.

³Although there is as much difference in the molecular construction of spirit and matter as there is between hydrogen and forged steel, yet the flow of spiritual radiation, from the fountain-head of force, operates under the one unvarying law with both; for ³nature never changes her processes," and she cannot be forced into any position which is antagonistic to her sympathetic law of action; such, for instance, as it would be were a gas to be solidified. The disintegration of water by heat is only a low order of crude molecular dissociation, visible in its production of steam; but the dissociation of hydrogen and oxygen cannot be made visible. Physicists are misled by visible effects. Nature, by her process of sympathetic vibration (an order approaching the luminiferous) could take up the atmosphere that encircles our globe, and yet solid matter would not even then be produced. By another order of progressive sympathetic vibration, associated with the high luminous, the molecular condition of the atmosphere so taken up would not represent a cherry-stone in volume."

Nothing, exists but substance and its modes of motion, says Spinoza; thus teaching that spirit is substance. "Soul is the body or organ of the mind, and as such they are inseparable forever. Mind and soul are one, soul and body are two. Soul can never be without mind, body can. As in the mortal life, so in the immortal life, mind cannot be or act without a body." Sympathetic physics teaches that the luminiferous ether, a compound inter-etheric element, celestial mind force, is the substance of which everything visible is composed, and that this great sympathetic protoplastic element is life itself.

"Consequently, our physical organisms are composed of this element; the focalizing or controlling media to the physical having its seat in the cerebral convolutions from which sympathetic radiation emanates. This sympathetic outreach is mind-flow proper, or will-force; sympathetic polarization to produce action, sympathetic depolarization to neutralize it. Polar and depolar differentiation resulting in motion. This element sympathetically permeates all forms and conditions of matter, having for its attendants gravity, electricity, and magnetism, the triple conditions borne in itself. From this Œsoul of matter' all forms of motion receive their introductory impulses. The physicists of the present age ignore the sympathetic conditions that are associated with the governing force of the cerebral and the muscular organism. The evolution of a volition, the infinite exciter, arouses the latent energy of the physical organism to do its work; differential orders of brain-force acting against each other under dual conditions. If there were no latent energy, to arouse sympathetically, there would be no action in the physical frame, as all force is will-force.

"Enough alternate active energy could be evolved, in a cubic inch of steel, by the proper sympathetic exciter, to do the work of a horse, by its sympathetic association with the polar force in alternate polarization and depolarization. This is the power that I am now getting under control to do commercial work. In other words, I am making a sympathetic harness for the polar terrestrial force." KEELY, 1892.

In 1893, Keely, in reply to the question, ³What do you include in the polar forces?" answered, "Magnetism, electricity, and gravital sympathy; each stream of force composed of three currents which make up the governing conditions of the controlling medium of the universe. The ninths which I am now endeavoring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination will, if I succeed, close my researches in sympathetic physics, and complete my system." Within the year the announcement was made that Keely had completed this graduation, with entire mechanical success, "hooking his machinery on to the machinery of nature." In thus having realized the ambition of his life, he takes no credit to himself, saying that physicists would long since have discovered all that he has discovered if they had been in possession of the proper researching instruments, and that the theories they have advanced show that they are misled by the imperfections of their instruments. He has always maintained that "it is only when science holds the reins of the polar negative harness that commercial success will follow, and not one hour before." But science, to whom the reins were offered in 1884, refused to take them, fortunately, for mechanical physics could have rendered Keely no assistance in unraveling the mysteries of sympathetic physics.

Buckle, in his address, "The Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge," discloses the foundation stone of sympathetic physics in these words: "The laws of nature have their sole seat, origin, and function, in the human mind. Not one single discovery has ever been made which has been connected with the laws of the mind that made it. Until this Connection is ascertained, our knowledge has no sure basis."

As Dr. Gerard surmises, in his book on ³Nervous Force,²

Keely is ³a plagiarist in cerebral dynamics." The instrument that he calls the sympathetic transmitter is the brain of the propeller, and at last we have a discovery which gives a sure basis for knowledge; a discovery made by one who lays no claims to learning, for nature has taught him, in her works, all that he knows.


The space which the propeller of the air-ship occupies in Keely's laboratory comes within a radius of six feet square. A small space for so powerful a medium--distributing over one thousand horse-power, as tested by experiment.

It consists of more than two thousand pieces, the principal parts of which are:

1. Positive graduating Chladna; guiding by polar action toward the north and reversing by depolar action.

2. Sympathetic polar negative transmitter; for operating and controlling the action of the machinery in producing polar and depolar power: liberating the latent sympathetic power in twenty-seven sensitized discs.

3. Polar and depolar intermittent accumulator, carrying eight focalizing discs for receiving and distributing the sympathetic polar negative flow. This device takes the energy sympathetically from the polar negative stream on the same order that a dynamo registers electricity from the earth to be distributed and redistributed: running the machine sympathetically.

4. Positive ring suspended on a small shaft with three points, the object of which is to preserve the integrity of the neutral (see Appendix) centre of the machine.

5. Two resonating drums: one positive, one negative, which multiply the intensity of the sympathetic flow.

6. Twenty-seven depolar triple groupings, nine in each grouping, consisting of three vitalized discs with resonators. These reply sympathetically to polar and depolar action.

7. Large polar ring. This ring is associated with the central resonators by nine resonating polar discs placed at equal distances. This is the medium for distributing the polar flow.

8. Small negative ring, which is the governor of the propeller, associated with a polar bar that oscillates from the polar field to the depolar field, somewhat on the order of a magnetic needle, governing the action of the machine to any given number of revolutions. The sympathetic rotation that exists in the resonating centre of this ring holds the neutral centre in subservience to celestial radiation, whereby a certain order of sympathetic disturbances gives the sympathetic radiation the requisite power to draw it to itself, accomplishing what is called atmospheric suspension on the same principle as that of sympathetic suspension.

The condition of the mechanical requirements necessary to conduct successfully the line of research which Keely has been pursuing will be properly appreciated, now that be is able to demonstrate the simplicity and beauty of his system, under perfect control for commercial use.

Modern materialistic science is altogether unprepared for the revelation given in sympathetic vibratory physics; a revelation foreshadowed in this passage from the writings of de Maistre.

"Religion and science, in virtue of their natural affinity, will meet in the brain of some one man of genius, and the world will get what it needs and cries for ­ not a new religion, but the fuller revelation of revelation."

In the same prophetic spirit Oliver Lodge, in his paper on ³The Interstellar Ether," writes:

³I feel as if it would be no merely material prospect that will be opening on our view, but some glimpse into a region of the universe which science has never yet entered, which has been sought from afar, and perhaps blindly apprehended by painter or poet, by philosopher or saint."

"The ghost in man, the ghost that once was man,
But cannot wholly free itself from man,
Are calling to each other through a dawn
Stranger than earth has ever seen: the veil
Is rending, and the voices of the day
Are beard across the voices of the dark."


Mr. Keely illustrates his idea of ³a neutral centre" in this way: "'We will imagine that, after an accumulation of a planet of any diameter­say, twenty thousand miles, more or less, for the size has nothing to do with the problem there should be a displacement of all the material, with the exception of a crust five thousand miles thick, leaving an intervening void between this crust and a centre of the size of an ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force as great to move this small central mass as it would to move the shell of five thousand miles thickness. Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust forever, keeping it equidistant; and there could be no opposing power, however great, that could bring them together. The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load which bears upon this point of centre where weight ceases. This is what we understand by a neutral centre."

In theorizing on the philosophy of planetary suspension, Mr. Keely says: "As regards planetary volume, we would ask in a scientific point of view, how can the immense difference of volume in the planets exist without disorganizing the harmonious action that has always characterized them? I can only answer this question properly by entering into a progressive synthesis, starting on the rotating etheric centres that were fixed by the Creator with their attractive or accumulative power. If you ask what power it is that gives to each etheric atom its inconceivable velocity of rotation, or introductory impulse, I must answer that no finite mind will ever be able to conceive what it is. The accumulation is the only proof that such a power has been given. The area, if we can so speak of such an atom, presents to the attractive or magnetic, the elective or propulsive, all the receptive force and all the antagonistic force that characterizes a planet of the largest magnitude; consequently, as the accumulation goes on, the perfect equation remains the same. When this minute centre has once been fixed, the power to rend it from its position would necessarily have to be as great as to displace the most immense planet that exists. When this atomic neutral centre is displaced, the planet must go with it. The neutral centre carries the full load of any accumulation from the start, and remains the same, balanced in the eternal space."

Again, Mr. Keely, in explanation of the working of his engine, says: " In the conception of any machine heretofore constructed, the medium for inducing a neutral centre has never been found. If it had, the difficulties of perpetual motion seekers would have ended, and this problem would have become an established and operating fact. It would only require an introductory impulse of a few pounds, on such a device, to cause it to run for centuries. In the conception of my vibratory machine, I did not seek to attain perpetual motion; but a circuit is formed that actually has a neutral centre, which is in a condition to be vivified by the other, and while under operation by said substance is really a machine that is virtually independent of the mass (or globe), and it is the wonderful velocity of the vibratory circuit which makes it so. Still, with all its perfection, it requires to be fed with the ether to make it an independent motor. . . ."


1 The mental flow is dominant over all the sympathetic conditions associated with the physical organism. The nervous flow comes under the order of the sub-dominant; consequently there is no sympathetic correlation between the two.

Example: The body of a violin represents the mental, or resonator, while the strings by which it is attuned represent the nervous, or nerves. The strings or nerves, can be brought to a tension whereby they are broken apart, but the violin, or resonator, remains intact and dominantly independent under all these conditions.

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