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Topic: Keely Information
Section: Keely Sphere Was no Secret
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Subject: Keely Reference
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 21:22:03 -0700
From: "Jeff"

Dear sir;

Have you read the old article of - The Philadelphia Press , Jan 8, 1899, "Keely Sphere Was no Secret"?
Get a copy from interlibrary loan. There is a new penciled drawing of second floor empty Keely
workshop that has associated article regarding one of Keely's devices called vibratory lift. The secretary
of Keely Motor Co, Schuellerman, along with others were present during an exhibition of same device.
The three ton, much talked about sphere pressure tank was raised up from the floor using a hand held
vibratory device with output wire attached.

"I saw him myself, raise that ball, weighting so many thousands of pounds upon an iron tripod, six feet
high. Many others viewed this remarkable feet at the same time."

The other important statements from the article are as follows;--

The old sphere reservoir was not discarded because Keely used it as a weight with which to demonstrate
the potency of his vibratory lift.

Mr. Thomas mentions the names of the men, who with him, saw the act performed.

The vibratory mechanism inside the sphere tank produced startling noises when struck sharply and
frightened the workmen out of the building.

When the vibratory power was reversed, the sphere settled back down and was pressed into the earth ,
under the floor boards of first floor, as where it was found later in his old coal bin, after Keely died. The
Scientific American Magazine of Feb 4, 1899, page 72 at library, shows the pieces of coal in the
photograph, just as they said.

What we would call anti-gravity or gravity control today , seems to be linked only with science fiction
for most people. Keely, however, may have had something spectacular afterall, as per the "BEST"
statement given in the Phil Press article;---------- Keely said - " I prefer to devote my time to more

Keely's writings in The Snell Manuscript give indications how the control means was done based on
masses repulsion using resonant, harmonic, vibration ratio frequencies and multiplication of same.

from Russ, another keely researcher.
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