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Topic: Keely Information
Section: Lux Naturae part 5
Table of Contents to this Topic
As there is a lusus naturae in the material world, so in the mental world there are untimely thoughts to account for which seems past the comprehension of man's understanding, except by the methods of transmitted thought-vibrations. Thoughts do sometimes come into one's head that cannot be accounted for through any ideas of association or otherwise. Thoughts having no evident connection with one's life or circumstances in life crop up like weeds in a well-kept garden ‹ trespassers, apparently, that have no business there. These thoughts are not spontaneous creations, nor mental offspring without progenitors. They exist, and must be caused or produced. The strangest of all such foundling or apparently disconnected thoughts are presentiments that come true, for it is an authenticated fact that presentiments without any known foundation have come true. In connection with these mental phenomena some people are said to have second sight, and so are able to see at least the shadows that coming events cast before them. It is a fact that death and disaster have sometimes been foreseen and foretold. Omens and auguries that have been more than mere coincidences have foreshadowed events. The conditions of friends and acquaintances separated by continents have been truly whispered without any visible material agency. These things are not only possibilities and probabilities, but are facts that cannot be gainsaid nor passed over with the mere remark that they are mental delusions. They are not mental delusions, and if they are they are still conditions that must have been caused, and caused, too, in accordance with some law in Nature, or by some force in Nature that is controlled by law. The condition of the whole universe is controlled by the instrumentality of laws and forces that can be physically and scientifically proved to be actual, active and necessary. These untimely thoughts are part of the conditions of the whole universe, and appear through the agencies of laws and forces. (It must be borne in mind that time and space are, as it were, annihilated as to the vibrations of the ether chord.) If, as is possible, the same ether chord pass through two people neither related nor acquainted, and living in different countries, under entirely different conditions, the thought-vibration communicated by that chord will be the same to each of these two people. If violent disaster were to overtake one of these two people, the changed conditions would influence the thought-vibrations on the ether chord, and, so changed, be at once transmitted to the other person. In the case of utter strangers, the coincidence might never be known, and the condition of mind be considered a mere phantasy. Such things have happened to close relations, where, say, the death of the one in a distant land has been known at once to the other at home, and the time and place been notified and verified. Such incidents, and they have been many, may erroneously be called visions, but the physical fact is that there is nothing supernatural or strange about them. They are simply natural code-signal vibrations of the connecting ether. There is no such thing as supernatural agency at work; that is, there is nothing done in the world that cannot be accounted for by the existing powers in Nature, and there is nothing, from phenomenon to fact, that is not caused by the action of some law in Nature, and can be so accounted for. There is no power existent that Nature does not share, and if a miracle be the resultant work of some power that did not previously exist ‹ for there can be no such thing as supernatural power ‹ then a miracle is an impossibility. Every power in the Deity is distributed through Nature in common with Himself, and He retains command and working power. From the suspension of worlds to the breathing of invisible animalcule, every movement is regulated by law, and every condition protected by law, with innumerable latent reserve forces in alliance, and these laws are themselves in the hands of Him who is the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. Every psychical condition, as well as every physical, is law-controlled, and dreams, visions, and presentiments have their causes as well as tides and winds. All presentiments are thought-vibrations, transmitted from fellow creatures, celestial beings, or other sources; but whatever their sources are, they are the resultants of physical facts.

Hitherto, vibrations of the ether have been spoken of as signal-transmitted thoughts; but there is no contention that such is the only work of the vibrations. Whilst different series of variations of vibrations produce thought ‹ or idea ‹ as a resultant, yet a different series of variations of vibrations will produce images or pictures as their resultant. This cannot seem so very strange when one bears in mind that one series of variations of vibrations of the sun's rays will produce heat, while another series of variations of vibrations of the same medium will produce light. So far, the ether chord has chiefly been considered as like a telephone conveying sound only, whilst now it is maintained that it carries sight as well. By this very ether not only can the voice be carried, but the speaker be seen. This can be nothing strange or startling to people who know all about the sensitized plate of the camera obscura receiving and retaining perfect impressions of sitters and scenery, entirely through the agency of transmitted vibrations. The action is exactly the same in the ether, and the sitters and scenery may be anywhere in annihilated space. In saying that there is no such thing as actual mental delusion, it is to be understood that so-called mental delusions are facts to the deluded, although they have no existence to other people. They may be called mere airy fancies, but they are real existences or conditions, inasmuch as they are the mental resultants of a certain series of variations of vibrations of the ether chords, abnormally influenced to such discordant issues, and will exist more or less until the restoration of the chords to their normally harmonious vibrations.

The dead cannot have passed into a state ot non-existence, because it is a physical impossibility if, as we believe, they are part of life eternal. They must be in some condition somewhere, so that whether in a heaven millions of millions of miles away, or in our very midst, there can be no difference with the medium ether, the annihilator, so to speak, of time and space. The dead are said to have appeared to the living ‹ living people incapable of falsehood, yet who, in sympathetic mercy, we say, are deluded, simply because we can neither prove their error nor understand the possibility of what is to them a fact. There is neither impossibility nor improbability about this appearance of the dead, only it is not the actual dead, but only the camera-obscura-like impression developed before the sightseer's physical eyes, in the ether ray, as transmitted from the original. All visions of departed spirits are thus developed images; for it is a natural impossibility for the physical eye to behold a spiritual face. Both speech and sight from spiritual sources are translated, transmitted vibrations of the ether chord. Thus ghosts are possibilities, but they are only the images developed, like a mirage in the desert, or a delusive picture of some terrestrial scenery reflected in the sky. Hallucinations of every kind are phenomenal facts. To tell a man in delirium tremens, or in any other demented condition, that he sees nothing, is simply to utter a falsehood; whilst if he be persuaded that there is actually nothing to be seen, he speaks the truth. In a demented person's line of vision there are actual images depicted, as real to him as the ground he stands upon, and being in this sense real (although in another sense truthfully enough only ideal), their appearance must have been caused; but in these days of scientific demands for scientific proof it is not sufficiently satisfactory simply to say that they are the resultants of a diseased brain. A straight stick held in a deep pool of clear water has the actual appearance of being actually deflected; but whilst that deflection is certainly not true, it is certain there is an actual cause for the actual appearance, and that cause lies not in the stick, but in the water, viz., its different densities. The evening sun shining on the windows of houses facing the west causes the houses to look as if they were in flames. The appearance is a fact, and yet the fact is only a delusion, and a delusion that has an actual cause. We behold, admire, and speak of the beautiful colours of the rainbow, but they are delusions, inasmuch as there is no actual colour, as we think, for they are caused by the effects of light on perfectly colourless drops of rain. The dew drops on the heather hills at early sunrise have the glittering, gaudy, and fascinating appearance of fairy jewels, and that appearance has been caused, although the drops are not what they seem. There is not a moment of our lives in which we are not deluded, or have hallucinations which are acknowledged to be facts by the wisest of us. As such acknowledgment is general, the general judgment is that we are wise, and not demented. When an individual promulgates a truth that does not come in the line of vision of the multitude, he may be adjudged as unwise, deluded and demented, although truth is unaffected by the unanimous judgment. All hallucinations or mental delusions are facts produced by the action of a Nature-fixed series of variations of vibrations, which being induced on other people would produce exactly the same results. Of course the vibrations are themselves caused, and are not constant, nor have they even a normal constancy in the ether, in the sense that a river may be said to have a constant flow. The ether may normally have the stillness of a solid, but so volatile is it that not only the finest physical impression on it, but even the influence of a silent thought, will induce a vibratory motion in it, which vibration in its turn produces work as a resultant, and thus does not violate any truth involved in the principles of the conservation of energy.


Accepted inconsistencies in daily belief‹Ringing the changes on vibrations‹Mechanism of man‹Higher mechanical organisms‹Creator and creature communications.

EVERYBODY says, yet nobody believes, that a telescope magnifies and brings an object nearer. On a sultry summer day we say the air is heavy, when in reality its abnormal lightness causes the difficulty of breathing, which is wrongly attributed to the heaviness of the atmosphere. It would be a Herculean labour simply to name the universally-accepted inconsistencies of language used day by day. We calmly say things we do not mean; we maintain as facts ideas we don't believe, and believe ten thousand things we don't understand, even where they have not the ghost of the appearance of being self-evident. Proofs of the existence, universality and power of the laws of vibration are forced upon us every moment of our lives, and at every stage of our life's journey. Our five senses, which give us the distinction of being animals, are entirely under their control. Anything discernible by the sense of sight, whether light, colour, beauty, etc., is the resultant of their action. Tastes that are disagreeable and those that are pleasant, are only different in that they are the resultants of different variations of vibrations. Pleasant and unpleasant smells are simply the ringing of the changes on the interminable number of vibrations per second so with the work of all the senses. The same laws, too, operate on our nerves. The air and the sea are kept in continuous motion by them. The day and night lights, and all the artificial illuminators of man's making, are their work. They light the worlds, and supply them with fructifying heat. The lightning is theirs, and so, too, all the natural telegraphs, telephones, microphones, etc., are the invisible conductors of their marvellous simplicities. Their already understood spheres are so vast that the marvel is that we can imagine their having any boundary at all. When the truth of the rotundity of the earth was first promulgated, the proofs of it were exceedingly few, and the idea was laughed at. Galileo's assertion had little more than what were then only theories to support it. The circulation of the blood was too entirely novel to be believed. So every truth has had to fight its battles to secure and maintain its position, because its allies have been few, but here is the doctrine of etheric vibrations in the company of hosts of recognised faithful witnesses whom every man daily proves to be stanch and true in all the concerns of life. The present-day standard of worth of anything is, ' Will it pay ?' and if so, ' How much ?' Here is a truth ‹ a great commercial truth, although it does not look so at first sight ‹ whose value is greater than the market value of the discovery of gravitation, the circulation of the blood, and the movements of the heavenly bodies all in one. More than all that, it brings light to what seems impenetrable darkness in psychics, and shows by proofs that the events of our lives are in our own hands, and can only result in good to ourselves if we obey the natural laws imposed by the infallible Legislator, who has no respect of persons though He is the beneficent Creator and Father of all.

Hasty or shallow reasoners may say, ' This must be a mechanical universe; man must be a mechanical creature, a mere automaton worked by latent forces in Nature that are governed by laws.' This is an outrageous conclusion, for, although certain actions in man, which produce certain and fixed results, are undoubtedly mechanical, it does not at all follow that man himself is a machine. The power that works the engine does work on mechanical principles, but the driver who administers, regulates, and controls the power by machinery is not himself a machine. Man's frame is a wonderful piece of machinery; in fact, every limb and atom in his body is a mechanical construction; his mind also in this sense is mechanically contrived, and the forces that operate in it are regulated in their action by inviolable law, but the producing and controlling power is not a machine. Conscience is not a machine in the strict sense of the word, although its operation is mechanical. It is maintained that the least conceivable influence affects the mechanical action of the ether, but that is no reason that the true man should be considered as simple mechanism. Air and friction, etc., retard the progress of a locomotive, but whilst the steam admitted into the proper channels in it must have a definite propulsive effect, that is, control its forward movements, it must not be forgotten that the driver controls the steam. The vibrations of ether in the mechanical channels of man must do fixed or definite work, but if man has control of the generators of these vibrations he cannot be said to be a mere machine. This is just how it stands: the frame of man is a mechanical arrangement, the laws of Nature are worked on mechanical principles, but the generating power is effectively controlled. When the driver admits steam into the piston of his properly-conditioned locomotive, the whole machinery acts, and must act, in a definite way. There is no power in the engine capable of changing its action. Exactly the same thing takes place when, for example, I open my eyes to behold an object. That object produces most mechanical work on my sense of sight, and there is nothing in my sense of sight to prevent that peculiar operation. As often as I look on that same object, under similar circumstances, the mechanical work of the eyes will be similar. I can close my eyes or turn them away, but that has nothing to do with the work done in the eyes. Beyond this there is no conceivable difference in the method of doing mechanical work in any of the senses. There is the same method, the same power, the same principle, the same action, in all the senses. There is only a difference of degree. The resultants differ with the different series of variations of vibrations, or power that produces the work.

To go a stage higher: there is no more conceivable difference than this in the mental actions or operations of the mind. The operations of the mind are the necessary resultants of the same mechanical action, differing only in the work-producing series of variations of vibrations. Higher still, the workings of the intelligent soul are conducted on exactly the same principles, and by the same means and methods, having resultants differing according to the difference of vibrations. This, too, goes on through all the stages of intelligence, until, highest of all, the mind of the Deity Himself works in exact accord with our own, is operated on by similar influences, and affected by the same sympathies. In as far as the mechanical construction and operation go, we are indeed like Him, and He like us. The Father and His children are like. There is one organism in the body, another organism in the mind; conscience is an organism, the soul is an organism, the universe is an organism, and each organism is mechanically worked by a motive-power under perfect control.

Every such mechanical organism is but a part of the vast universal organism, whose individual parts fit in to such perfection with each other as to work without friction in themselves when their law-established motive-power is unopposed by unlawful actions. The manner of communicating this motive-power is also by a mechanical contrivance. If these law-established etheric vibrations be the agent of all intelligent communications between all created beings, is it not reasonable to suppose that they are also the agents for the same purpose between these beings and their Creator? That He should otherwise communicate with them would seem an unnecessarily far-fetched disregard for the otherwise universally-established system in every respect competent for the work. That He does not communicate with them at all is a physical impossibility. If it were possible that He could and did not communicate with man, whom He has so fearfully and wonderfully made, then man would be of all conceivable beings, the most miserable and pitiable, for his enforced existence at every stage would be in indescribable darkness and horror. The idea of such a condition is ridiculous to any mind with even the smallest glimpse of civilization. Man was made, and made for a purpose the completion of which has been postponed through the ignorance ‹ perhaps excusable ‹ of man himself. The purpose will be completed by the process of law through the action of slow but steady development. As the inheritors of this world, we are here to innocently enjoy our possession to the full lawful bent of body, mind and soul, and thereby glorify God with that same kind of unalloyed joy which saints and angels continually have around the throne, for earth is a suburb of heaven.


Mystery about God‹Our Father‹Head-centre of intelligence‹Sympathy of Nature‹Nature at man's service ‹Fate‹Accident‹Earth a mansion of heaven.

THERE can be no reasonable doubt about the fact that God and man are sympathetically connected with mutual intelligence. Ignorant people have the idea that royal persons are something more than human, but when the truth is known, they are found to be even as others are; and so, on an infinitely higher scale, we, comparatively ignorant mortals, cannot imagine the Deity to be, in any respect, like ourselves, although we vaguely think we are made after His image, and that He is our Father. To believe in Him we must have some conception of Him, and to intelligent beings, as we believe ourselves to be, the conception ought to be acceptable to our reason. It is no good saying that these things are beyond us, and that they are the mysteries of God. They are not absolutely beyond us, and God has no mysteries. The steam engine is a mystery to those who do not understand it, but that mystery is neither the fault nor the wish of the maker. The religious idea of mystery has originated with man entirely. If there be some natural occurrence that nobody can account for at the time, and because it cannot be there and then accounted for, it is called a mystery; how often in the history of advancement have such mysteries been proved to be very simplicities! It is so with all Nature, and with all God's ways. Everything can be known, and by natural development, in accordance with established laws, the knowledge will be forced upon man, and then grandeur and inexpressible glory will be visible in the simplicities of revealed Nature, when life will no longer be a puzzle, death an enigma, nor hope a mirage. One bond of union cemented with equity shall be found to encircle all worlds and carry in its now mysterious chords that vibratory sympathy that not only makes all the world feel kin, but assures us of the unity and common interests of man, angels and God. Even the contemplation of the only alternative is sufficient to curdle up every sympathy in existence and to wring tears of pity from incarnate fiends, for that only alternative is that man, disunited from the Deity his Creator, is left with feeling, intellect and reason in a cold, cold world, an unfinished masterpiece, like a waif upon a stormy ocean, without guide, without light, without hope, groping wormlike for a miserable existence in darkness that can indeed be felt, having in him the keenest knowledge of helplessness and the tangible prospect of black despair.

How is it possible for reasonable man to realize or believe that his human voice can reach the ear of God who dwells in the heavens ? If He be near everyone, not only in this world but in all worlds, is it possible for reasonable man to realize or believe in His personality ? Is it not more reasonable, as well as more comforting and realizable, to think of Him as the great Father who is united with us individually in sympathy transmitted by the material medium and physical laws similar in action to what we constantly experience with our senses? Along this interminable telepath that knows no time nor space, every conceivable commotion that touches our interests is borne to Him, and by the same means everything is seen by Him. Thus the idea of the personality of the Deity is easily comprehended, and so are His omniscience and omnipresence, and, above all, His relationship as the sympathetic Father.

Thus it is that the ether is the nerve system of the whole universe, conveying the most minute impression on that system to the Headcentre of intelligence. It is the telepath that passes through every atom and disintegrated atom like telegraph wires throughout every town towards one metropolitan centre, remitting, transmitting, and replying to the transactions and interests of the universe without omission, without fault or flaw, and without the possibility of error. Neither thought, word, nor deed can escape transmission. Darkness precludes nothing, nor does light make anything more evident. Distance is proximity, action instantaneous, sensitiveness complete, correctness unerring, truth infallible, and sympathy comprehensive. The method, the medium, and the law are constant and universal.

This great truth opens the portals to a new world of enlightenment, full of peace on earth and goodwill to men. To those who temporarily absent themselves from the cares and wiles of the world, and seek in meditative solitude to know the truth, Nature whispers her sweet secrets with the breath of sincere sympathy that gives calm and solace which the hurly-burly world cannot comprehend. He who confides in her lies indeed in the lap of mental luxury. She alone has the balm of Gilead and the elixir of life; and her handmaid Wisdom, to all who enter the sacred portals of her mistress, will lay bare the beauties and mysteries of existence and the sweet harmonies of life, unlocking, also, the chambers where lies the hidden lore. With Nature all the secrets of life lie, and she has no desire to hide any of them, nor, on the other hand, will she, like casting pearls before swine, display them before those who do not confide in her. Confidence and sympathy must go hand-in-hand. It is the glory of her dominions to have Wisdom extol her, and display her treasures, which can neither increase nor decrease with receiving or giving away, and she gives with a bountiful hand. Although the lives of poets, as a whole, are anything but enviable, it is certain that at their composing times of close communion with Nature, their ecstasy and supreme sympathy with her and all mankind must make them the envy of the gods; and from no other source can such superlative sympathy and happiness be obtained. Though Nature gives so much to poets, she has more still to give to scientists and philosophers.
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