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Topic: Keely Information
Section: Lux Naturae part 7
Table of Contents to this Topic
The grandeur of simplicity adorns everything in Nature. She makes no mysteries nor delights in any of the eccentricities that man, with his coloured spectacles of doubt and prejudice, is always looking for. Her awe-inspiring grandeur her scenes of exquisite beauty, her soft zephyrs and howling winds, her thunder and lightning, her storms and calms, her manifold appearances and strange transitions, are all,and ever whispering to everyone the sweet secrets of life, and yet, in reality, she has no more power of speech than the tongue of a dead man. The body of man is fearfully and wonderfully made, but when the breath of life goes out of it, what then ? The senses are senseless then, and beauty soon decays into very loathsomeness. So take from Nature her life, and the destruction of her nerve system would result, and creation would crumble into inanition and chaos like a loathsome corpse. That secret action called life which permeates the living body distributes its influence throughout the whole nerve system of creation, and when that influence is withdrawn from any part that part is dead. That secret action which distinguishes life from death is the life or breath of God, that is, the essential part of His own eternal existence, for the word ' breath ' is but a poor, weak, human, comparative equivalent. Whether it be called ' life, breath,' or soul, it is that force or power in the Deity which is essential to His eternal being. All life has, in some degree, this same power, and the dissolution of it from any body resolves that body into something else, just as water dissolved into oxygen and hydrogen no more remains water. Now, all natural forces are used for working the laws of Nature or for defensively lying latent in the channels of their operation, and as this is an active force it cannot lie latent, but is used for the operation of those laws which control life. Thus, the essential part of the Deity's own existence is in constant controlling communication ‹ its own action being controlled by law ‹ with all life, and consequently the universal ether is immediately under His influence, and all transmitted influences - are correctly recorded on Nature that, being law-bound, cannot err, when man ‹ a free-will agent to a limited extent may fail in his correct reception of them. Both to Nature and to man these influences, including the thoughts of the Deity and eternal truth, are universally transmitted by the same vibratory signals. What man receives from Nature is a secondary transmission, but, nevertheless, her voice is the voice of God, and as such speaks to us most distinctly in all that is pure, lovely, and beautiful, whether in herself or in copied works of art.

To the pure in heart, to those susceptible of the ennobling influences of the beautiful, to true lovers of the highest ideal, to those who earnestly desire genuine sympathy, this still, small voice is most audible. Independent of darkness, distance, and time, it vibrates on the ethereal wing from the throne of the highest to the heart of the humblest. It is re-echoed by the majesty of the sea, the grandeur of the mountains, the beauty of a solitary flower, the sympathetic smile of a fellow-creature. It is respoken by the solemn silence of night as well as by the genial brightness of the day. The stars twinkle it forth, the birds sing it, the bees hum it, every living creature and inanimate object declares it continually to the eye and ear, and to all 'the senses of mind and body.


Revelation of truth‹Evolution of revelation‹Evolutionary revelation is always upward‹Evolutionary progress is gradual‹Times are prepared for the advent of truth‹Science-guided truth‹Connecting link between mind and matter.

DOES the honest sceptic believe that truth ever has been revealed to man ? Let him subscribe his ' yes' or ' no' to this question. Revelation of truth, scientific, philosophic, or religious, is a knowledge of some new truth obtained directly by the inspiration of a Supreme Power. This inspiration never comes by supernatural power, but by media worked in accordance with laws of Nature. These media are attached to all, but the communications are not understood by all. New truths have from time to time been found out which are more the result of observation than of revelation, as in science. Truth itself is everlasting, but the knowledge of it is not so.

There is a time at which truth first becomes, as it were, the property of man. Has any truth ever come by revelations? Hindooism believes in revelation; Mahommedanism believes in revelation; Christianity and every kind of religion believes in revelation. Not to believe in revelation is a distinct stamp of being outside the pale of every religious creed whatever. The honest sceptic does believe that truth has been revealed to man. The Supreme Power that has once revealed a truth must have before that withheld that truth. If it be consistent with the prerogative of a Supreme Power to withhold or reveal one truth, why may it not also be consistent with the same prerogative to withhold or reveal more than one truth ? If it be consistent with this prerogative to choose the time for revealing one truth, is it an inconsistency to this prerogative to choose a time for the revelation of other truths ?

The Supreme Power chooses His time for the revelation of every truth, and He never has chosen that time except at the end of a period during which people have been specially educated or prepared to receive it, and, moreover, the revealed truth has always been consonant with the previous education. He works or educates in strict accordance with His established laws, and everything that happens, although it may have the immediate appearance of evil, has an educative or preparative influence on the race for the then coming advancement of truth. All creation shows that He works by His own established laws of evolution, producing progress from a lower to a higher grade. The whole trend of human life and creation has been, is, and will be upward and onward towards perfection, and perfection cannot be attained until all truth is known, and truth is only made known, from time to time, as the race is fitted to receive it. The education of the race in the immediate past has been scientific, and the next great revealed truth that will evolve the race to a higher grade must have a scientific basis. Such is the law of evolution as it has hitherto operated in accordance with the Supreme Power.

One truth has never been in conflict with another, and one revelation after another, in their natural sequence, has thrown greater light on the one grand origin and ultimate aim of truth, the complete knowledge of which is the final grandeur of existence. In age after age prophets have spoken the revealed truth, and until the whole truth is known there will be no cessation of this revelation, whether it comes through the instrumentality of religion, science, or philosophy, for all are media used by the Supreme Power to make known His truth. Scientists have shown that perfection can only come through development, and nothing can be more clear to the intelligent observer of history than that the Supreme Power is working out the ultimate perfection of the human race by a gradually developed revelation of truth, and in these latter days the development is more rapid and more clear than it has been in any past period of human history. When the goal of ultimate perfection will be reached no man can tell, but every good and evil since the beginning of time has tended to the attainment of that goal. There has been no retrogression, however much men may blindly lament the loss of the past or the degeneration of the present. The rise and fall of every nation has been part of a vast upward and onward movement in the great evolutionary scheme of universal human progress. Every life, even when apparently useless, has given its quota of propulsion, from iconoclasts and would-be exterminators to the ablest and most enthusiastic proselytizers and to the highest grades of genius. Men who have been great examples and those who have been awful warnings have played their part for the universal good. Drivers, brakesmen, and passengers are all in the train of progress. Where there has seemed a backward movement, there has been nothing more than an eddying in the great stream that has gone now with a headlong noisy rush, and now with a sluggish, deep, silent movement through the valleys and over the plains of Time, divided here and narrowed there, but never stopped, never turned back. The stream of Truth has ever rolled onward from the beautifully picturesque past, overwhelming individuals and multitudes in its floods, to the broader expanse of ever-widening and brightening truth that, like a shoreless ocean, covers all space and includes all people of every creed, colour, and country.
The kingdom of truth is always coming, yet never comes by violence, but ever by lawabiding development. Materials that are unpleasant to the smell may be very beneficial in the world. The existence of evils that unkindly affect us personally is necessary to the fullest development of the highest human life, and for the Supreme Power, who did not create this evil, to instantly terminate it, as He could only do by a violation of His own law, would cause a cataclysm in the moral world more disastrous to the grand scheme of creation than all the earthquakes combined would cause in the physical world. Examine the history of creation as penned by man, as geologically written in the bowels of the earth and deciphered by science, or as it is seen in natural history, and it will be seen that the revelation and discovery of truth have been most gradual, and that every new knowledge of truth has been a fresh impetus to advancement, a new light thrown on the grandeur of creation, and a new halo of glory around the beneficent Creator. Good, evil, war, peace, religions, philosophies, sciences, and discoveries are some of the working atoms that propel creation to the advancement of perfection, and all those work in their minutest details to the same great end. The Neros and Napoleons have unwittingly - worked for the same end as well as the teachers, preachers, and prophets. For this purpose have the poets lived, and so have all those who have shown us how to love all that is noble, beautiful, good, and true. Every form of existence points to the goal of gradual evolutionary progress.

No newly-acquired knowledge that is accepted as truth can be truth if it be in conflict with real truth, and no truth has been revealed to people until the people were prepared to receive it. The time is always prepared for the event, and no power can prevent the advent of truth at the prepared time. Thus, with the advancement of civilization truth suited to the prepared understandings of the people has been revealed. Even the truths of Christianity have been and are gradually revealed. What were only parables to primitive Christians are now, by the natural advancement of knowledge, well-understood truths. The way has always been paved before the truth has been revealed. Mohammedanism and other religions, falsely believed to be evils, have been permitted to be successfully established in order to pave the way for the highest religion, which contains all truths, whilst those religions only contain a part of the truth. Science and philosophy have also prepared the way, and only now, after Science has proved her giant powers and had her influence universally accepted, have truths of the most farreaching importance and provable by Science been revealed. At no former time could scientific truths that concern the highest interests of the race and the glory of the Creator have been accepted; and, moreover, the new truth, in order to be acceptable, must have a scientific basis. The world has been prepared for the new revelation of truth, and that truth, when revealed, will not be in conflict with any other truth, but will bring all other known truth into greater light, and that revelation would have been premature at any previous period. It will be in opposition to all false dogmas, and therefore may have a very hard battle to assert itself, but its ultimate success is inevitable, for the truth shall prevail.

Such laws of Nature as are known have only been revealed from time to time as the advanced condition of the race has been fitted to receive them with understanding. Creation is compulsorily governed by laws, and when all the laws in Nature are known, and life is lived in accordance with them, then, and not till then, human existence will have reached the goal to which all history and progress have constantly trended by systematic evolution. Why should it, then, be considered a wonderful thing that a new revelation of some truth should now be made ? The world has been educated for its reception, is now ready to receive it, and the wonder would be if there were no new revelation. Its advent is a necessary evolution. During the last fifty years the world has received and benefited by education more than ever it did in any other five hundred consecutive years, and the new revelation will naturally be proportionately great. Moreover, the world's education during these fifty years past has, above all, been in science, and the natural inference is that the world has been prepared for a revelation on a scientific basis. One natural result of this long training in science is that men are now so habitually-minded that they will not ‹ yea, cannot ‹ receive any (new) truth that is not capable of scientific proof. The new revealed truth must stand the science test, else it will not be received. The truth of no revelation has ever been forced upon men, but has only, naturally, been received by those fitted to receive it. The world is now fitted to receive a science-founded truth. Christian revelation has been forced on none, and never was revelation more mildly taught than by the Founder of Christianity. The new revealed truth will force itself upon none, but so universally are men fitted to receive it, and so convincing will the scientific proofs be, that the hold it will take will be more instantaneous, universal and wonderful than the acceptance of any new truth has been. Men will see, not miracles, but self-evident facts as wonderful as miracles, and will at once accept their truth, which until now could not have been accepted as true. Again, the tenor of men's minds as induced by this scientific education, is to despise and set lightly aside all prophecy, and, therefore, no revelation that is merely a prophecy can be accepted. But this new revelation is no prophecy, but at this very day an accomplished scientific fact. Such being the case, the great truth cannot but be accepted by civilized nations who have been educated to receive it, although they have no knowledge that their education has been a part of the great scheme of evolution, the trend of which has ever been to the highest goal of human existence.
It is a necessity of the age that this new light should have a scientific genesis, without which no (new) truth can at present be received, so the new light rests on the experimental discovery ‹ or revelation ‹ of a new element. The knowledge of the new element throws a glaring light on laws of Nature never hitherto understood, and therein lies the far-reaching truth connected with the highest interests of mankind. There is light where there was darkness, and knowledge where there was doubt. The connecting link between mind and matter is known, and the psychic forces whose influences have hitherto been looked upon as superstitions are understood. The origin of truth and its transmission by material media are explained.


The work of the ether‹Familiar etheric communications ‹Metaphysical work of the ether‹Etheric telepathy ‹Physical and mental disturbances are vibrations.

THE new element ‹ ether ‹ is the medium of all psychic forces. Similarly sympathetic minds are attracted and bound by it, and those of enemies are so repelled. By it comes to mortals the ever-increasing influx of truth. This is the medium by which coming events cast their shadows before. Illusions are its misunderstood communications; visions are pictures actually presented by its means to the mind; dreams are whispers from sympathetic, etheric connections; and thought-reading is etheric telepathy. This ether is a volatile and spiritual-like substance, pervading the realms of soul and body, and is highly sensitive to every emotion and thought ‹ a latent force in which lurk all the psychological secrets of nature. As air is the medium of sound, light, heat, etc., so this element is a medium of great subtilty, conveying even the unexpressed emotions of the mind, and transmitting instantaneously the pulsations of one soul to another. The vibrations of a nation's feelings are conveyed through it, national emotions are thrilled upon it like telegrams over the wire, and by it the prayers of silent worshippers are immediately placed at the throne of grace. It is the immediate environment of all, and beyond it no life can get. Through it the lower animals give their confidences and affections to mankind, and by it the soul communes with God. The problems of life and futurity would be solved as soon as created, the mind would be hampered with fewer perplexities, futurity would be less obscured with misgivings, anticipations of fears and joys would be more reasonable, friendships would be more real and life more natural, were this link between mind and matter universally understood. (See 'A New Creed' and 'Vera Vita,' by David Sinclair. Digby, Long and Co., London.)

Ether has been chemically discovered to be one of the component parts of hydrogen, which has hitherto been wrongly considered an element. On this scientific discovery rests the fabric of the new philosophy. The physical existence of ether is positively proved, and mysteries that are simply the applications of this ether are now as intelligible as the work of the telephone and telegraph.

Sound, light, heat, colour, electricity, etc., are vibrations. This ether has been vibrated practically by scientists, and they have measured and timed these vibrations.

These vibrations have been transmitted on ether as electricity is transmitted by wire, and the transmissions are recorded on the dial-plate of the brain as telegrams are registered by the magnetized needle on the telegraph clock.

These and other particulars about the ether have been physically proved, and in metaphysics the contentions are ('Vera Vita'):
1. That ether is the connecting link between mind and matter.
2. That ether rays proceed from the Deity, the Source of all life, to all life.
3. That these ether rays can be vibrated by will-force.
4. That man has this will-force as well as the Deity.
5. That man's will-force is a free-will force.
6. That sympathy is the mystic motive power of life.
7. That every sympathy is some series of vibrations on these ether chords.
8. That instinct is a grade of sympathy, or a vibratory force.
9. That all traits of character are sympathies, or vibratory forces.
1O. That men have a sixth sense whose function is to distinguish sympathy.

No one can tell how the nose distinguishes smell, but everyone knows that it does. How knowledge is conveyed to the mind is, this philosophy shows, by sympathetic vibration. A material medium is required to convey sound from its source to the ear. A material medium conveys the image of a scene to the observer's eye. By the Material medium, ether, intelligence is conveyed from one mind to another.

Here are a few self-evident facts of daily occurrence within the indisputable knowledge of all, to show that minds are connected. It is a common experience to divine the thought of a friend. There never was a truer proverb than, 'Speak of a friend, and he'll appear.' Similar discoveries are made by persons far apart at the same time. Coming events cast their shadows before. In addressing a sympathetic audience, the speaker, without eloquence or force of language, carries his hearers with him easily, for his meaning is actually anticipated and more favourably interpreted than it could be by the mere use of language. Such an audience sees his meaning, and grasps his conclusions before he utters his syllogisms or lays bare his reasonings. The knowledge he wishes to convey is in the understanding of the hearer, by the medium of the ether, before the speaker puts it into words. So, too, an antipathetic audience misunderstands, and answers with its hisses and howls before the public speaker makes his statement audible. As in public, so in private, we feel that we understand the silent communings of a friend, and we feel an aversion to what we know is in the secret chambers of the enemy's mind. When a large school-class gives simultaneous answers, it is almost invariably the case that the class, without meaning it or knowing it, is led by one. Although one is the leader, he is not before any. So closely is the class sympathetically allied by this ether for the time, that the class adopts the thoughts of the leader, and expresses them quite as soon as he does himself. Thought-reading is a common experience. If a person, blindfolded in order to be uninfluenced by looks or signs, be brought into a room where several people are silently assembled, he will be able to discover any definite prearranged thought the company may have unanimously agreed should earnestly occupy their minds for the time. The company by united silent will-force vibrate the invisible connecting ether, and the blindfolded one ceases for the moment to think of anything that is to vibrate any etheric chord attached to him, but permits the unanimously combined vibrating chord of the others attractively to attach itself to a similar chord in him which takes up the vibration, and so produces in his mind the same thought as is in the minds of all the others. Without speech or visible sign we often know that we know our neighbour's mind, and it is no unusual thing ' to take the word out of a friend's mouth.'

Such communications between mind and mind are simply a system of natural telepathy, the recognised effects of vibrations. The brain structure, with its gray and white matter, is the registration and interpretation department of all such vibrations. Light, heat, sound, colour, electricity, magnetism, etc., are resultants of vibrations, and so the mental communications of intelligence are the resultants of the vibrations of ether. The working of the nerve-system of the body is analogous to the work done in the ether. If one's finger be cut, a vibratory motion of the nerve is thence immedit ately communicated to the source of intelligence, and, as it were, on the dial-plate of the brain the indicator makes such vibratory disturbances as are translated into the feeling of pain, and knowledge of place where, etc. This translation takes place before one knows there is pain in the cut finger; i.e., the cerebral knowledge is anterior to the knowledge of physical pain, although the actual wound comes first. If one's toe were similarly cut, there would be a difference in vibrations sufficient to indicate a difference of place. Every time the same vibrations are made on the same nerve, the indicated intelligence on the brain-dial will be the same whether the intelligence be true or not. Thus, a man whose leg has been amputated has still the toe-nerve left, and when that nerve (as in such cases it frequently is) is vibrated so as to register on the brain-dial pain in the toe, the man feels that pain as if actually in the toe. In such a case the register is not true, although the registration is the true resultant of the given vibrations. All physical feelings and bodily knowledge are, in the same way, the interpreted registrations of nerve vibrations, and all knowledge that comes to man by intuition is, in exactly the same manner and by exactly the same law, the interpreted registrations of ether vibrations. The nerves are vibrated in one case and the ether in the other. All knowledge, of every kind, is first communicated as vibratory signs registered on the brain-dial, and to Englishmen and Chinamen exactly the same registration is made for the same intuition, but each one interprets it into his own language. Nature has but one telepathic code consistent with her universal simplicity.

All sweet music and every melancholy moan; the voices of friendship and enmity; the thunder in the air and the echo on the hillside; the roar of the cannon and the deep gurgle in the throat of the dying; the shout of victory and the wail of death, are all so many vibrations per second. The light of the sun and of the glow-worm, all illuminants natural and artificial, are so many vibrations per second. The sun's heat and the earth's heat; the heat of the volcano and of the common fire; the heat of the desert and the heat of snow, are vibratory forces. The magnetism that attracts and repels, and electricity, with its almost instantaneous transmission, are vibratory forces or disturbances caused in certain elements with regular mathematical precision. As such physical conditions are expressed by vibrations, so are all mental emotions.

All elemental disturbances must have a cause. There are continual disturbances in the mind of man, whether he is awake or asleep. As he reviews the labours of the day or anticipates those of the morrow, feelings of joy or sorrow, hope or despondency, gaiety or melancholy, cause disturbance in his mind which he habitually accounts for as the natural results of his thoughts, yet they are the translations or interpretations of the vibratory forces of the ether chords attached to his inner and real life. There are tens of thousands of disturbances in his mind that have no conceivable connection with his work, or even with him, as far as he can see. Involuntarily he thinks of friends and of familiar scenes; people he has never seen or heard of mentally present themselves in visionary places he has never known and yet for the moment feels he is familiar with; great truths flash upon him at most unexpected moments; he sees the far-off living and the long-forgotten dead. These are communications by vibratory forces that this philosophy can account for. Truth is transmitted from the Source of all truth, and from intermediate stations along the etheric chords, and is looked upon by those who do not cultivate their sixth sense, by which men read such communications, as mere mental disturbances, which they call delusions.
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