Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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Topic: Keely Information
Section: Philosophy of Transmission...
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John E. W. Keely

"The only two vibratory conditions that can be so associated as to excite high sympathetic affinity, as between two physical organisms are: Etheric chord of B flat, 3rd octave, and on Etheric sympathetic chords transmission E flat on the scale 3rd, 6ths, and 9ths, octaves harmonic, having the 3rd dominant, the 6th enharmonic and the 9th diatonic.

The chord mass representing the musical sphere, being sympathetic etheric chord of B flat third octave, indicated by the focalization of its interior mechanical combination, as against the neutral sevenths of its atmospheric volume, makes the shell highly sensitive to the reception of pure sympathetic concordance, whether it be physical, mechanical, or a combination of both. Taking the chord mass of the different mechanical parts of the sphere and its adjuncts, as previously explained, when associated and focalized to represent pure concordance, as between its atmospheric volume and sphere mass, which means the pure unit of concordance, we have the highest position that can be established in relation to its sympathetic susceptiveness to negative antagonism. The beauty of the perfection of the laws that govern the action of Nature's sympathetic flows is here demonstrated in all the purity of its workings actually requiring antagonistic chords to move and accelerate. The dark side of the shell, which represents fifty per cent of its full area of concordant harmony, is the receptive area for the influence of the negative transmissive chords of the thirds, sixths and ninths to bombard upon, which bombardment disturbs the equilibrium of said sphere, and induces rotation. The rotation can be accelerated or retarded, according as the antagonistic chords of the acoustic forces are transmitted in greater or lesser volume. The action induced by the mouth organ, transmitted at a distance from the sphere without any connection of wire, demonstrates the purity of the principle of sympathetic transmission as negatized or disturbed by discordants, which, focalizing on the resonating sevenths of resonators, or tubes attached to ring, the sympathetic flow is by this means transmitted to the focalizing center, or center of neutrality, to be redistributed at each revolution of sphere, keeping intact the sympathetic volume during sensitization, thus preventing the equation or stoppage of its rotation.

Again, the sphere resting on its journals in the ring, as graduated to the condition of its interior combinations, represents a pure sympathetic concordant under perfect equation to receive the sympathetic, or to reject the non-sympathetic. If a pure sympathetic chord is transmitted coincident to its full combination, the sphere will remain quiescent, but if a transmission of discordance is brought to bear upon it, its sympathetic conditions become repellant to this discordance." Keely.

Hertz conjectures that a knowledge of the structure of ether should unveil the essence of matter itself, and of its inherent properties, weight and inertia. Hertz constructed a circuit, whose period of vibration for electric currents was such that he was able to see sparks due to the increased vibration leaping across a small airspace in this resonating circuit, his experiments have proved and demonstrated the ethereal theory of electromagnetism; that electromagnetic actions are due to a medium pervading all known space. Keely's experiments have proved that all things are due to conditions of the Ether. The Buddhists have taught "There is no such thing as blind or dead matter, as there is no blind or unconscious thought."

1890 - The steam engines of the world now represent the work of 1,000,000,000 men, or more than double the working population of the earth, whose total population is about 1,500,000,000 inhabitants Steam has trebled man's working power, enabling him to economize his physical strength. Our race which seems to have reached its limit of physical development, seems ready to enter upon the foretold stage of psychically evolution.

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