Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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Topic: Keely Information
Section: What Electricity Is, part 1
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The laws of nature have their sole seat, origin and function in the human mind. Not one single discovery has ever been made which has been con- nected with the laws of the mind that made it. Until this connection is ascertained our knowledge has no sure basis. - The Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge.

The mécanique céleste of mind is still waiting its Newton to disclose it.
Macvicar, in 1868.

Now that modern science has proclaimed, from her seat of learning (at the recent annual meeting of the British Association), that it knows nothing of "the great central mystery, the origin of life" - that "the stupendous problems, associated with the operation of the laws of nature," which the highest scientific intellects have been wrestling with for several generations, are still unsolved - that the questions, ³Whence come we?" ³Why are we here?" "Whither go we?" remain unanswered; and that if we strain our eyes to pierce the cloud of mystery which envelopes these phenomena of nature, it is only to feel the conviction that it is impenetrable; that no certain knowledge can be obtained now that science thus admits her abject ignorance on all these subjects, could there be a more fitting time to make known to the world the fact that Keely's system of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics solves these problems, answers these questions, and demonstrates in mechanics what its canons assert ?

Oersted, in his book, ³The Soul in Nature," writes: ³As infidelity is usually created by the progress of science, its suppression is more easily accomplished by still further scientific progress. Skepticism carries with it the germ of its own downfall; and, in so far as it gains the upper hand at any particular time, it thereby approaches its own destruction. Morality is undermined, and, as a consequence, is little valued. All the secret ties which unite families and states are loosened; everything sacred is scorned, and the spirit of persecution becomes associated with it, as it formerly was with superstition. It ends in great revolutions and regenerations of the social system; unless the mental powers are made able to overthrow it (by some new revelation of truth in the still further progress of science). Such revolutions are always accompanied, as is well known, by throes so terrible that they must be considered as the tremendous punishment of degeneracy."

³When the punishment grows out of the crime," says Victor Rydberg, ³forth from the punishment shoots the expiation" Never has there been a time, in the history of the human race, when the terrible consequences of a lapse from the requirements of virtue, of duty, of justice, of faitb, seemed to be so imminent as now.

³Appreciation of the magnitude of the peril and concerted action are the supreme needs of the hour," writes Mr. Flower, in "Civilization's Inferno." Never were truer words spoken; and, as "each age answers its own need,² the Divine Providence, who sees fit ever to work in and by instrumentalities, has so directed events that the antidote for the skepticism and infidelity which modem science has made itself responsible for, now, in our age, lies within reach of all, in Keely's discoveries; opening up as they do a new field of research in which physicists and psychologists can join forces, and prove the immortality of the soul to the utter destruction of materialism. The law of Sympathetic Association - "whereby all creation is balanced and subserved in its multiplied ranges of action" - is a trinity of sympathetic union; and only by understanding the operations of this ³governing law of the universe," can science hope to check the advance of the evil which she has created. She must join hands with religion, if she would face the peril and avert the threatened cataclysm.

³All waits, or goes by default, till a strong being appears; a strong being is the proof of the race, and of the ability of the universe; when he or she appears, materials are overawed," writes Walter Whitman.

In this founder of a new system of physics, we have the needed ³strong being" to lead the way, but the men of science who walk with him must leave their laboratories, turning aside at once and for ever from ³the path of great danger" pointed out by the Marquis of Salisbury, in his recent address at Oxford. That path leads to no solution of ³the mysteries of gravitation, of chemical atoms, of the luminiferous ether, of the electrostatic forces, nor of the greatest mystery of all - the mystery of the human will."

There seems to be nothing left for ³science" to attempt, since she has acknowledged that she has reached ³an impassible barrier," other than to retrace her steps to her starting point. The path is open for all, and, as it is the path of knowledge (not the path of learning), those who traverse it will soon be able to answer the question, ³Why is it that against this instantaneous, untranslatable gravitation, this adamantine, impalpable ether, science has so long banged its devoted head in vain?"

They will find their answer in the simple truth that, when science rejected creative design, when she turned her back upon the God in whom we live, and move, and have our sole existence, she entered a wilderness of quagmires and quicksands, every step over which led her further and further away from the truth on ³the path of great danger² which she is still pursuing.

³The Ancients" were on the right road, as is now demonstrated in Sympathetic Vibratory machinery. They knew more of the causal world, of the unvarying laws of nature, than all the men of science of our time know, or ever will know until they pursue their researches on the path opened to them in Sympathetic Physics.

In this system, force and energy are classified as opposites, working in antagonism to each other: Force as ³a positive power which initiates aggregative motion, and resists separative motion, in three postules, of ponderable matter in the etheric medium;" Energy as ³a negative power, which initiates separative motion, or disintegration, and resists aggregative motion, in three postules of ponderable matter, also of the etheric medium."

The path of research, to attain the knowledge sought by savants, is laid in the conditions connected with association and dissociation, electric under the latter, magnetic under the former. On the line intimated, every researcher will find it in his power to answer Pilate's question, ³What is Truth?" for we possess over ³The Ancients," to whom these truths were revealed, a tremendous advantage in being able to verify them by all the means which inventive genius places at command in our day. When once men of science are convinced that nature's sympathetic laws, as taught in Keely's system of physics, are the laws which control and govern all her operations, they will bend themselves with unflagging energy to this only true line of research, instead of seeking for ³manifestations" of unknown powers in the human organism, through "mediums " abnormally affected. These manifestations are of such a character as to prove, if they prove anything, that cases of "obsession" did not cease with the days of the Apostles, on whom the power was conferred of ³casting out devils," or evil spirits. "As a man is so his ghost is." Spiritualism has done a great work in counteracting some of the effects of the reign of skepticism inaugurated by materialistic science. Spiritism is quite another thing. Like counterfeit coin, which represents sterling gold, it counterfeits spiritualism.

Sympathetic Physics teaches that, until we know the laws of nature which govern the operations of mesmerism, hypnotism, and spiritualism, the making use of these unknown powers is like placing an obstruction on a railway. The train may dash along over it unhamed, or, it may wreck the train.

To those who have witnessed, in Keely's work-shop (which was converted from a stable into a primitive laboratory), the operation of a current of will-force, in the revolutions of a globe of metal, insulated on all sides, it is painful to see the unexplained ³manifestations" of ³mediums;" especially after having (in some spiritualist seances) detected the humbug or deceit of the medium, when no precautions had been taken to prevent discovery. The globe of metal, moved by will-force, must first be so "graduated" as to be, in its molecular vibration, in harmony with the brain of the operator, who remains within sight at a distance of about thirty feet; always in broad daylight.

Sympathetic Physics demonstrates, in vibratory machinery, that ³there is nothing new that is not forgotten knowledge," and that the views banded down from the times of ³The Ancients," regarding the operations of the forces of nature, are correct. In later times, Pythagoras taught his pupils, as this system teaches, that the same principle underlies the harmonies of music and the motion of the heavenly bodies; and in this conception harmony is revealed as ³the mainstay and supporter of the material universe." The theories of the great mathematician, the late Professor Peirce, are said to lead to the same conclusion. Numa Pompilius comprehended some of the operations of the forces which we call electricity and magnetism. Epicurus asserted that gravity is inherent in all matter. Leucippus believed that atoms possess within themselves a principle of energy. Anaxagoras, Heraclitus, and Empedocles taught that matter is infinitely divisible; and the theory of Democritus regarding the soul's construction approaches one of the hypotheses of Vibratory Physics, viz., that heat is an order of spiritual vibration, and is latent in all substances.

The lights of ³The Mystic School" taught that matter is latent force, and force free matter. Dogmatic science, having rejected all these teachings as false, is, naturally, not prepared to accept them from one whose ignorance of physics, as taught in the schools, has been his safeguard from error.

The requirement of all branches of science is that every demonstration shall give proof of what is asserted. When Keely was ready to give this proof to physicists, a messenger was sent, as in the Scripture parable (Luke. xiv.), to those who bad been bidden to this feast of knowledge: ³Come, for all things are now ready," with the same result; "they all with one consent began to make excuse."

"The man who would bring about great changes," writes Amiel, "must have an enormous belief in himself, an unbounded confidence in his cause, and a large faith in the future."

All these requisites, coupled with a godlike patience, are possessed by this founder of a new school of science; who, for more than twenty years, has borne calumnies, unmerited obloquy, scorn and contempt, without answering his accusers or reproaching his slanderers; while, Prometheus-like, be has been toiling to bring down fire and light from celestial regions for his fellow-men.

Some noble exceptions there have been among men of science, who, invited to witness Keely's demonstration of ³negative attraction," and the production of the unknown force by the disintegration of water, accused him of fraud and used their powerful influence to prevent others from examining for themselves. Among these few exceptions were the late Professor Joseph Leidy, Dr. Willcox, and Professor Daniel G. Brinton, three of Philadelphia's most learned men, all of whom in 1889, or later, announced it as their opinion that Keely was on the road to the overcoming of all the difficulties attendant upon safe navigation of the air. Keely's system of aerial navigation is now completed; he has succeeded in attaching his machinery ³to the very wheel-works of nature." The no longer "unknown" force of ³sympathetic negative attraction," though not yet connected with the mechanically complete propeller of his air-ship, can be made available, without transmission, at any point of the universe.

The delay occasioned this summer and autumn by the operation for cataract, and a serious illness which followed, has prevented the adjusting by Mr. Keely of the final ³requisites," but it matters not to science, if only an authoritative announcement is now made of the work that he has already accomplished, whether this century or the next sees its completion for commerce.

³It is almost enough to take one's breath away," writes the editor of The Herald (Boston), when Tesla declares that he expects to live to be able to set a machine in the middle of his room, and move it by no other agency than the energy of the medium in motion around us. Such a declaration comes perilously near the bounds of the old fallacy of perpetual motion; the pursuit of which has subjected so many a hair-brained philosopher to the ridicule of his fellows. "And even to the much-vaunted and much-scorned claims of Keely it lends an air of plausibility."

³Prove all things; hold fast to the truth," is as wise a course to pursue in science as in religion. This is what Keely has been doing with the teachings of ³The Ancients," in regard to the forces of nature, viz., proving their truth by ³dynamic apparatus."

³The old Kabbala," writes Dr. Seth Pancoast, in The True Science of Light, ³with its curious and comprehensive symbol-language, is at once an elaborate system of natural philosophy, and a profound system of theology; an illuminated exposition of the mysterious truths of nature" (i. e., the hidden things of God) ³and of that higher science which the book of nature unfolds to the enlightened eye of the soul; the science of religion. Our readers would be slow to realize, many even unwilling to recognize, the fact that the grand old Kabbalistic theosophy was the native root, the central trunk, whence all the religions 'the world has ever known sprang as shoots and branches from a parent tree. Yet this is absolutely true. Our Bible is a translation into words of the symbols of the Kabbala. The reader would be astonished if he could read the Bible in the light of the Kabbala; first, to discover this close accordance; second, to find internal evidence, so clear as to be irrefragable, that the book of nature, true science, and the written Word, are one in source and significance; and third, to learn that the Bible is not the book of enigmas that ordinary commentators would make us believe, but is the written revelation of God's work, will, and ultimate purpose in creation; and of His essential attributes as well;² -but only to those who understand its hidden symbolic and esoteric meaning. 1

This is written of the Hebrew Kabbala, the Hebrew theosophy. The Hindu theosophy is not a religion; it is a system of philosophy derived from the wonderful Kabbala; the teachings of which, concerning nature's sympathetic streams (flowing from the central sun of the universe), led Keely into the path of research which has enabled him not only to ³hook his machinery on to the machinery of nature," but to disclose the moving power, the vital principle.

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