Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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Topic: Keely Information
Section: What Electricity Is, part 2
Table of Contents to this Topic


If galvanism be only a hidden form of electricity, then magnetism can be only electricity in a more hidden form.- Views of Chemical Laws of Nature.
OERSTED, 1813.

The real origin of magnetism is yet to be revealed.

To the question, "What is Electricity?² there is but one answer. We do not know.

The magnetic needle is ruled by an all-pervading principle, emanating from the center of the universe, which sustains and regulates the motions of material worlds. How many ages will it be before the world will comprehend and believe in the electric aura, or subtle ether, which pervades creation as the atmosphere surrounds our earth. All created things move in this etherial aura; by means of which harmonious unison is established between every link in the chain of animated nature. Every faculty of the mind has its power, which extends through all space, and this vital power may be exerted at will by its possessor, according to its native energy or strength.


Hans Christian Oersted who, in the year 1820, discovered ³electro-magnetism," or the law of reciprocity between electrified bodies and the magnet, had, as early as the year 1813, in his ³Views of Chemical Laws of Nature," expressed his anticipation of the existence of a near connection between electric, galvanic, and magnetic currents.

For two centuries the opinion had been alternately accepted and rejected, that electricity and magnetism have a common origin; yet all endeavors to prove this accordance had been in vain. By Oersted's experiments, electro-magnetism was thus introduced as a universal force of nature. In a later work, ³The Soul in Nature," Oersted writes: ³Natural science is in perfect harmony with religion, in teaching that everything has been brought forth and is sustained and governed by the Divine Will. Mankind, in its infancy, learns - like the individual man - by instinctive intuition" (the inner light). ³Facts are ascertained, demonstrated, taught and forgotten, while theories, vague and uncertain, even in the minds of their weavers, have been accepted for science."

As an example of this assertion may be mentioned the emission theory advocated by LaPlace, but opposed by Huyghens, Young and Fresnel, who adopted the undulatory theory.

One alone of Keely's experiments disproves this theory, now so universally accepted.2 ³Light as it comes from the great solar reservoir, writes Dr. Pancoast, is a unit - not seven rays, but one sunbeam. Though it contains the dual attributes (the active and passive, the positive and negative, the polar force and the chemical function) they are so exactly equilibrated, so perfectly in harmony, that they form absolutely a unit; their unity being slightly affected by contact with our terrestrial atmosphere, which extracts from them in transitu a small amount of chemical blue, and a portion of calorific energy, but being substantially maintained until in actual contact with the earth and earthly objects, when the beam is interrupted, and its rays distributed, in order to permit each principle of virtue to perform its part in nature's vast laboratory. The prism has not changed the light, nor its united and separate nature and attributes. It has only shown us that the great unit has seven members, so to speak, working in perfect harmony, obediently to the laws of "The Supreme." This one fact of the unity of light utterly suppresses the waves, or undulations, of modern scientists. A sunbeam cannot come in seven parts upon seven sets of waves. The impulse and tension theory of the old philosophy justifies itself, if the justification of a theory consists in its competence to account for actual phenomena; but the secrets and mysteries of nature regarding the essence of light, and its great work in creation and, providence, must be studied elsewhere. (See ³Blue and Red Light," by Dr. Pancoast.)

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics teaches that the laws governing the disturbance of sympathetic equilibriums are quite remote from, and antagonistic to, the present teaching; and that the views of light, as enunciated by the late Dr. Seth Pancoast, and as held by ³The Ancients," are correct, although Mr. Keely cannot accept this learned man's teachings on other subjects.

Sound waves, writes Keely, are only propagated by multiple interference, and may be expressed as echoes of the introductory impulse of sound itself, made audible to the tympanum by such interferences. The explosion of dynamite or electricity in a vacuum would not be audible to our imperfect sense of hearing, nor can our eyes appreciate the hidden world until the microscope reveals to us what, but for it, we could not know exists. Yet the conditions that reign in the inaudible and invisible realms are of ten thousandfold more importance and power than any that our senses are cognizant of. In our environment we are limited in our instruments of research, as well as otherwise, to boundaries which we cannot cross; but Sympathetic Physics, in revealing the laws governing nature's operations in the invisible and inaudible world, places us in a position to appreciate the foundation on which knowledge will hereafter stand. When that position is taken, "the new science" - religious science - (which is ³the sum of all that human information has given as to what relates to the destiny of man and to the true welfare of each man and of all men") will be able to hold its own against the disorder that now threatens to retard progress in the encroaching steps of the vanguard of anarchy. "In the Annals of Christianity," writes Professor Draper, ³the most ill-omened day is that in which she separated herself from science."

But Christianity has not separated herself from science. She could not if she would; for Christianity, as taught and upheld by Jesus of Nazareth, is true science. Pseudoscience has made war on Christianity, and is now about to suffer the penalty in the crumbling away of its foundation stones. ³Wise men believe nothing but what is certain, and what has been verified by time." Until now true science has not been able to verify the wisdom of ³The Ancients" by any dynamic apparatus showing how cosmical law works, and as yet it is not fully realized that, ³in order to protect science, men of learning carried empiricism to its extreme skeptical consequences, and thereby cut the ground from under the feet of science;" sowing seeds of disorder broadcast for two generations, which, wafted from one land to another, have produced year after year a fruitful and ever-increasing crop of skepticism, materialism, and infidelity blossoming into anarchy.

The nations of the earth are now united in demanding justice for all men as never before; and science finds herself powerless to avert the danger in any other way than by supplying the implements of war, and providing new explosives; or, in encouraging fallacious schemes for destroying cities by means of ³flying machines," more dangerous to the invaders than to those they seek to annihilate.

As science has done nothing to avert the evils which she has fostered, Christianity comes to the rescue with a system of spiritual physics susceptible of proof to the senses. The day has gone by in which, as Professor Schuster said, ³a knowledge of scientific theories kills all knowledge of scientific facts;" for this resuscitated system makes it clear to all who have powers of mind sufficient to comprehend it, that we are related to the whole universe, and that ³the fundamental doctrine of universal attraction" is part of the much sneered at (by the ignorant) cosmical law of ³sympathetic association."

In the time of Pythagoras, it was especially forbidden to divulge this "law of attraction and repulsion," which constitutes nature's greatest secret, except under the most binding obligations of secrecy.

It is this secret which has enabled Keely to make applications of the unknown energy that had its birth in mechanics in 1872, in the ³hydro-pneumatic-pulsating-vacuo engine" that he was inventing at that time, with the expectation that it would supersede the steam engine. It was only partially developed under the conditions of this quadruple force. In the year 1888 the teachings of ³The Ancients" regarding what we call electricity and magnetism were brought to Keely's notice; and taking up another line of research, he soon became convinced that the force he had discovered fourteen years before, is the third current of the triune stream of electricity or ³negative attraction."

³The Ancients " taught that these forces which we call electricity and magnetism are one and the same, and that between them is "a neutral force." When a force becomes neutral it is inactive, and is no longer a force; consequently the name given is misleading, Keely calls this third element ³the latent neutral," which is a better name for it. Dr. Pancoast, in his book on the Kabbala, gives the Kabbalistic teachings in his own words, regarding nature's most powerful agent, the triune polar flow. He writes: ³Electricity is a peripheral, polar force moving out of equilibrium, i. e., independently. Magnetism is a polar force moving in equilibrium. They are one and the same in essence and power; and their source is light:" the light from the great central sun of the universe, around which all solar systems revolve.

There is but one difference between them. In electricity two forces are never found in one substance. In the true magnet they are both present in an active state, but in exact equilibrium. In a magnetic body both are present, neutral and inactive.

Terrestrial magnetism is the earth's electricity. The atmospheric vapors of the earth absorb the greater part of the calorific rays, and the actinic rays pass almost entirely into the earth; the former become charged with the positive, and the latter with the negative force; and thus the negative becomes characteristic of the earth, and the positive of the air. Then the rain falls and the hail and the snow, bearing the positive with them; which, upon entering the earth, is compelled to come into a state of harmony with the earth's negative; the two poles acting in equilibrium constitute magnetism. Hence the earth itself becomes a powerful magnet; and everything earthly partakes of its nature, in some degree.

What Faraday called diamagnetic bodies are bodies containing one electric force only, and consequently are not magnets in any sense of the word.

In both electricity and magnetism there are the two opposite forces, the positive and the negative. In both, the two forces attract each other, and each repels its kind. In electricity the two are never present in the same body. In both there is between the two forces a "NEUTRAL FORCE," which places itself, in electricity, as a resistant wall between two opposing clouds, or a positive cloud and the magnetic earth. In a magnet, where the two forces are always present actively in the one substance, the neutral appears midway in the substance; separating the two, and thus preventing their blending with and neutralizing each other. In the natural magnet the equator shows neither attraction nor repulsion, because the attractive power of each ingredient of the natural is rendered inoperative by the presence of the other. (See "The True Science of Light," by Seth Pancoast, M.D.)

This latent neutral force Keely has diverted, and brought about ³coordination between the two mediums, celestial radiation and terrestrial sympathetic outreach."

But light is not only the source of these forces, it is also the great electro-magnetic polarizer. In the formation of the atom it receives the polar energy that gives it its individuality; its polarity constantly changes in dropping old and putting on new affinities; but the tendency is to equilibrium, or harmony. In inorganic matter the atoms are more angular than in the organic; the spheroidal form being proportioned to the stages of development. Each atom of matter contains one of the electric forces and is surrounded by an etherial atmosphere of the opposite electricity, thus each atom is a miniature of the earth.3 The atomic similarity to the aggregation of atoms - the earth -is most remarkable in the fact that the electric or magnetic force of each atom has a current, like the earth's current, pouring in at the poles and out at the equator; thus atoms contain within themselves the elements of their own existence. When the positive and negative forces of electricity harmonize, they move in equilibrium, as in terrestrial magnetism; when they are separated they become antagonistic, and positive electricity becomes ³a blind force," as the Ancients termed it - they symbolizing electricity in equilibrium by a serpent swallowing its tail. Positive electricity is the active polar force, and the negative is the passive depolarizing force. Positive electricity is the ether tensely polarized, and when pushed to its utmost tension fire is produced. (See ³Red and Blue Light," by the late Dr. Seth Pancoast.)

"With our present knowledge," writes Mr. Keely, "no definition can be given of this latent force; which, possessing all the conditions of attraction and repulsion associated with it, is free of magnetism. If it is a condition of electricity, robbed of all electrical phenomena, or a magnetic force, repellant to the phenomena associated with magnetic development, the only philosophical conclusion I can arrive at is that this indefinable element is the soul of matter. Were not every form of matter, even to the cerebral convolutions of the brain, impregnated with this latent element of force, which is sympathetically subservient to celestial radiation, nature would be like a still-born child, or a marble statue - dead to the sympathetic association that induces motion. Matter could not exist without this element, this spiritual essence, this impregnation from the Deity, which is its soul, any more than a man with an ossified brain could have motion or life."

Thus are we led to see that the soul may be defined as life in latent suspension; that there are no boundaries set to knowledge in the life of the soul; that there are no truths beyond its reach; and, in short, that the soul is the indestructible principle of life. ³The blind, dull powers inherent in our passive earth," writes Kritz Lemberg, ³could never produce and reproduce her myriad productions with such uniform regularity without this vital force."

³I do not believe," said Edison, "that matter is inert; to me it seems that every atom is possessed of a certain amount of intelligence;" and, in different words, Professor Rucker has given expression to the same opinions. Spiritual science, religous science, teaches that when the fiat went forth, ³Let there be light!" the latent celestial radiation that illumines the universe was liberated. When "the breath of life" was breathed into man, he was impregnated with that latent soul element that made him ³a living and moving being."

³In whatever direction one pursues physical science," writes Professor Dolbear, "he is at last confronted with a physical phenomenon with a superphysical antecedent where all physical methods of investigation are impotent."

But Sympathetic Physics shows us that the ways of Deity are not past finding out; and He who was endowed with wisdom from on high ³proved His divine authority by revealing these ways to His disciples, and by conforming to them in all things Himself .³

³How blind we have all been!" writes the revered Dr. Furness, D. D., of Philadelphia, ³what a palpable error it is to regard the extraordinary works that Christ wrought as suspensions of the laws of nature. They are directly the reverse; they are illustrations of the power of mind over matter, of the spirit over the flesh. For this representation of the so-called miracles, we have the express authority of Jesus Himself. Although He ascribed his extraordinary work directly to God, in the same breath He declared witb equal explicitness that they were wrought, not by any pre-ternatural power which He alone possessed, but by faith; thus basing his authority, as a messenger of God, not upon any departure from the laws of nature, but upon the power of the very highest law of nature."

Is it not strange, indeed, that it should ever have been thought that in all this vast and varied universe, in which the most lavish provision is made for this mortal life of ours, no provision exists for the safety of the immortal soul; that to save the soul from utter perdition it was necessary to break through the established order of things, and suspend the action of laws whereby this order is maintained?

The unhappy consequences of this widely accepted error concerning the remarkable things done by Christ, is that it has put in opposition to each other - to the serious injury of mankind - two things which are to be forever most intimately united: science on the one hand, and religion on the other.

Science acknowledges a general providence, developing races, not caring for individuals, but the revelation through Jesus that "God is Love" (and of the divine possibilities of human nature) shows us that the Immortal Spirit possesses the power of making all things, failures as well as successes, sorrows as well as joys, all work together to strengthen and elevate the soul, even as Jesus made His suffering tributary to His perfection.

Bewildered, lost, as men of science are - amid the mysteries of being - unable to account for the phenomena of physical nature, the science of religion still points to the illuminating Cross of Christ, which must spread its unearthly glory over all nations before the human race can follow "The Higher Example," and enter into the promised ³larger coming time: "

No more Jew nor Greek, then - taunting
Nor taunted - no more nation nor tribe;
But one confederate brotherhood, planting
One flag only to mark the advance,
Upward and onward, of all humanity."

Before this approaching age of harmony can arrive, the knowledge of God must cover the earth as the waters cover the beds of the seas. Suffering humanity must be taught that "the existence of 'The First Cause' is a necessity of ³human thought," and that the only cure for sorrow lies in the helpfulness and the hopefulness of the Gospel of the Son of God. Other religions tell of men stretching out their bands to God for help. The Christian religion tells of God reaching out His hands to man.

The key-note of Christ's Gospel is in the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man; and this is the key-note which the revelation of Sympathetic or Spiritual Physics is about to sound. It will awaken a sleeping world to that "knowledge of God" which is (as defined by Pythagoras) "Truth clothed with light, or absolute verity."

³The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever.² --Deuteronomy, 29: 29.


1 The late Mrs. F. J. Hughes, a grandniece of Erasmus Darwin, gained from her study of the Bible the material for her book on "The Evolution of Tones and Colours," which work, Keely says, saved him years of research in the realm of inaudible sounds possessed by man, without which his various organs would be utterly useless.

A discovery has been made which is connected with the laws of the mind that made it; and "the mécanique céleste" no longer waits its Newton to disclose it. Truth stands in the temple of science unveiled, in all her majesty, pointing the path to a region that science has never yet entered; for, it is no merely material prospect that opens to her view.

The invisible things of Him, from the creation of the world, are understood by the things that are made. ROMANS i: 20.

2 When that rhythmical action, named a polarized current, shall have come to be understood, a great revolution in the conception of merely mechanical undulation may be expected.


3 ³Every monad is a mirror of the universe." LEIBNITZ.
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