Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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Topic: John Keely's Laws of Harmony
Section: Law of Chemical Dissociation
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"If the pitch of either atom, in a molecule, be raised or lowered; or, if they both be unequally raised or lowered in pitch until the mutual ratio be that of a discord; or, if the oscillation amplitude be augmented by heat until the atoms are with the concentric waves of attraction, - the atoms will separate."

Commentary January, 1988

Last month there was mentioned some rather startling statements about Keely disintegrating quartz. That ultrasonic vibrations can break stones or other hard materials should be of no surprise to readers of this publication. Kidney stones breaker are in many hospitals throughout the land and many dentists now have an ultrasonic device operating at 25 kHz which literally explodes tartar from teeth. What is surprising in the article is that Keely claims to have been able to disintegrate a ton of quartz in 15 seconds - and this was in 1887! The other surprise (to me) was the wording in this particular law. Keely used the word amplitude - no big deal but in last month's article he used the word intensify - as in intensifying vibrations. I had supposed intensify was his intended word for amplify - but now I see that it was not. He intensified vibrations but amplified oscillations. These are two distinct and different things. His own definition of oscillation by his own hand is: OSCILLATION is a rhythmical motion of a body within itself. A good analogy of this type of motion is a water balloon we used to play with when I was young and wilder. When the balloon was launched it oscillated within the confines of its elastic membrane kind of like jello on a plate. Amplifying a vibration is an increase in the force or degree of polarity as measured from the zero or neutral state. In other words to amplify a vibration we are increasing its state of either positive or negative or both states of polarization.

Another curiosity of this law is the phrase "the atoms are with the concentric waves of attraction." Now immediately what comes to mind are the orbital paths of particles within a molecule or atom. These paths (and their distance from the center) have been quantified using Planck's Constant. Under current theory a particle will maintain its orbit until a certain quantity of energy has been applied thus causing it to "jump" to the next orbital path. These orbital paths are what Keely refers to as concentric waves of attraction. For it is only at and on these rings that a particle is stable. Therefore they must possess this quality of attraction for if they didn't the particle would not be attracted to them and be held these. This action is not unlike particles on a Chladni plate. The nodal lines or areas are places of "least activity" or quiet when compared to the intervening spaces which have comparatively greater activity or motion. Just as has been indicated in past issues - the male energy is active and the female is quiescent. It is the female or negative part of vibrations that possesses this quality of attraction. A very universal principle as we can see this even in human psychology.

It is like the attractive energy says "thus far and no further you can go." Small wonder then that nuclei "capture" wandering particles just as suns capture planets or asteroids and women capture loose males!! I could go on and on with this subject of positive/negative or male/female interactivity - I find it a fascinating subject - however I'd rather progress on to the next subject.
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