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Topic: John Keely's Laws of Harmony
Section: Law of Cycles
Table of Contents to this Topic
"Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation."

Commentary June, 1986

Pythagoras stated that the greatest harmony is evidenced when the ratios of the vibrations are lowest, i.e., 3 : 4 : 5 for an example, whereas a ratio of 243 : 128 has less harmony and may be considered a discord. If we take three bodies (aggregates) one with a fundamental pitch of D, one with a fundamental pitch of G and the third with a fundamental pitch of E and bring them together, they will come together harmoniously because D, G, and E are harmonically related to and derived from the keynote of C, which becomes the fundamental pitch of the united aggregate. One of the basic principles of music teaches us that when any notes, harmonically related, are simultaneously sounded, the fundamental or keynote will arise spontaneously of this sounded chord. The simplest ratios in our example are C to D or 8 : 9 (a Major tone), C to G or 2 : 3 (a Perfect Fifth) and C to E or 4 : 5 (a Major Third). Very small ratios indeed, all of which are related to the fundamental pitch or the lowest pitch to which the two or three may sound or have in common, in this case, the keynote of C.

Thus we can see that these three bodies are then in a state of harmony because of their relative fundamental pitches. The picture begins to change when we look at the higher harmonics each one of these bodies has on its own. Because the law states that these bodies are in harmony in so far as the fundamental pitch is concerned, the combinations taking place with the higher harmonics begin to bring about action, or motion because as they (the higher harmonics of each fundamental tone) join together, the resultant or summation tones are no longer simply related and are therefore called discords. This too is a fundamental principle of music, that any tone when sounded will cause its harmonics to arise simultaneously in the higher octaves. In this example we have the simultaneous generation of the higher harmonics of C, D, G, and E. As these higher harmonics begin to relate we see beats, the cause of dissonance.

Tyndall, in his book Sound, says of ratios: "The simpler the ratio of the two (or more) parts into which the string was divided, the more perfect was the harmony of the two sounds. Ratios with smaller numbers are less apt to have beats or dissonance." Once again we quote McGraw-Hill on Harmonics: "If a violin string is bowed steadily, the frequencies of the partials of the resulting complex tone will be integral multiples of the lowest (fundamental) frequency, and the partials may properly be called harmonics. If however, the same string is struck or plucked and then allowed to vibrate freely, the frequencies of the partials in the airborne sound and the frequencies of the corresponding modes of vibration are, in general, no longer exactly in the ratios of integers, and the partials and modes of vibration are inharmonic." In other words, beats or summation tones causes discord or a discordant pitch.

From the MacGraw-Hill definition we can see at a glance that "from harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation."

What this has to do with Chernybol and latent energy is this: Uranium or any other element is in a state of relative harmony (a state of rest) until acted upon as above described. The phenomena known as "critical mass" comes readily to mind. Activated uranium, U235 for instance, is composed of tiny particles NOT in a high state of balance or harmony. The component particles are not simply related to the fundamental pitch of the aggregate. When the mass is increased, the fundamental pitch changes until such a point is reached that no harmony can be discerned, the mass becomes total discord (chaos) and we have the inevitable result action or the release of tremendous energy. With the above fully impressed on our minds let us read what John Keely says about latent energy:

by John Ernst Worrell Keely

"If latent force is not accumulated and held in corpuscular aggregations, how is it that progressive orders of disintegration of water induce progressive conditions of increased volume and higher power?

"How is this sympathetic power held in the interstitial corpuscular condition?

"Answer: By the incalculable velocity of the molecular, atomic and etheric capsules (the ether is the capsule to the molecules and atoms all the way up to the perfect stream of structural ether) which velocity represents billions of revolutions per second in their rotations. Imagine a sphere of 12 in. diameter, a magnified molecule surrounded by an atmospheric envelope of 1/16th inch in depth, the envelope rotating at a velocity of the same increased ratio of the molecule's magnification. At the very lowest estimate it would give a velocity of 600,000 miles per second. An atmospheric film, rotating on a 12 inch sphere at the same ratio as the molecular one, would be impenetrable to a steel pointed projectile at its greatest velocity, and would hermetically enclose a resisting pressure of many thousands of pounds per square inch. A rotating envelope such as this would hermetically enclose an internal pressure of several thousands of pounds per square inch, especially when we consider that the ether, unlike the atmospheric film which has inertia and consequently centrifugal force, has centripetal force or neutral attraction in direct proportion to its velocity. This is the explanation of the wonderful pressures evolved by aqueous disintegration, which have been measured on a lever specially built for this purpose, strong enough to stand three times the explosive power of gunpowder. The evolution of power from the latent condition in interstitial space by the proper exciter in all its multiplicity of forms proves the "connecting link" between the celestial and terrestrial, the infinite and the finite. The absence of latent energy in matter would make life an impossibility.

"There would be no life, and therefore no action in aggregated matter, had the latent negative force been left out.

"The magnet arouses the interstitial latent action in a bar of iron. This is the power I am now getting under control (using the proper exciters as associated with the mechanical media) to do commercial work. In other words, I am making a sympathetic harness for the polar terrestrial force; first, by exciting the sympathetic concordant force that exists in the corpuscular interstitial domain, which is concordant to it, and secondly, after the concordance is established, by negatizing the thirds, sixths and ninths of this concordance, thereby inducing high velocities with great power by intermittent negation, as associated with the dominant thirds.

"Again: Take away the sympathetic latent force that all matter is impregnated with, the connective link between the finite and the infinite would be dissociated and gravity would be neutralized, bringing all visible and invisible aggregations back into the great etheric realm (read: dissolved into its subatomic components).

"What is cohesion, the power holding the molecules together, but electromagnetic negative attraction? What is the state that is brought about by certain conditions of sympathetic vibration causing molecules to repel each other, but electromagnetic radiation?

"It must not be understood that the character of the action of the latent force liberated from liquids and gases is the same in its evolution, as that of the latent force existing in metals. The former shows up an elastic energy, which emanates from the breaking up of their rotating envelopes, increasing, at the same time, the range of their corpuscular action, thus giving under confinement, elastic forces of an almost infinite character. By liberation from the tube it is confined in, it seeks its medium of concordant tenuity with a velocity greater than that of light.

"In metals, the latent force as excited by the same sympathizer, extends its range of neutral sympathetic attraction without corpuscular rupture, and reaches out as it were to link itself with its harmonic sympathizer, as long as its exciter it kept in action. When its exciter is dissociated, its outreach nestles back again into the corpuscular embrace of the molecular mass that has been acted upon.

"This is the polar sympathetic harness, as between metallic mediums and the polar dominant current - the leader of the triune stream of the terestrial flow.

"The velocity of the sympathetic bombarding streams, towards the centers of neutrality in the corpuscular atoms, during sympathetic aggregation of visible molecular masses (in registering the latent force in their interstitial spaces) is thousands of times greater than that of the most sensitive explosives. An atmospheric stream of that velocity would atomize the plate of an ironclad, if brought to bear on it.

"All these conditions of evolution and concentration are accomplished by the celestial mind force, as associated with terrestrial brain matter.

"Latent force is accumulated and held in interstitial space by corpuscular aggregation, otherwise the progressive disintegration of water could not induce increased volume and pressure.

"The latent force liberated from liquids and gases differs from that liberated from metals in that it is elastic, giving an infinite variety of pressure, whereas in the metals, vibration simply extends the range of neutral sympathetic attraction without corpuscular rupture as it reaches out for concordance in the sympathizer.

"This sympathetic latent power is held by the incalculable velocity of the molecular etheric capsule and the atomic etheric capsule, which rotate at billions of times per second, in interstitial corpuscular aggregation.

"The mighty forces latent in corpuscular matter - and all matter - are held in oscillating vortex action, this latent, registered definite power interchanging sympathetically with the celestial radiating stream (renewing loss in radiation through absorption by receptiveness) whereby light, heat, electricity and magnetism are propagated in their different orders, vitalizing Nature with their life giving principles."

"The first seal is being broken, in the book of vibratory philosophy, the first stepping stone is placed toward reaching the solution of that infinite problem, the source of life."

After having explored, in a preliminary sort of way, the concept of latent forces, I'd like to present some of Cayce's readings dealing with the human body as a composition of molecular, atomic and subatomic particles. With the introduction of these readings we are opening up a whole and vast area to be explored in subsequent issues, that of the correlations between mind, body and health. The human body cannot be considered separate from mind and its latent forces, nor can mind be considered wholly a psychological phenomena without that which it uses as its intermediary for its expression, the body. These two organism function interdependently, one without the other is as improbable (in the healthy creative individual) as the sun would be without sunlight.


Below we quote a few of the many readings given by Edgar Cayce on the role atomic forces have in the field of healing. Much thought and research have gone into these readings in the attempt to decipher the uncanny accuracy that was sometimes evidenced in the healing manifested through following material from this source. When one realizes that the human body is composed of molecular, atomic and subatomic particles and that energies are manifested in these particles, one can then begin to see that to evoke a harmonious condition (health) in the bodily functions these particles must not be left out of any prognosis. Next month we will publish a series of readings wherein many conditions are described as being the result of sympathetic conditions arising from disharmony in other parts of the body.

"In every physical being, the whole body is made up of the atomic forces of the system, with the mind of each atom, at it is builded, supervised by the whole mental mind of the body, varied by its different phases and attributes, for, as is seen in its analysis, an atom of the body is a whole universe in itself, in the minutest state. The attitude, then, of all the attributes of the mind toward self, and the forces as manifest through same, become paramount. As to any healing in the body, or any application of any source, nature, character, kind, or condition, is only to create that incentive in that same atomic force to create the better condition in a body, whether it be medicinal properties, whether it be of manipulation to induce incentive reaction, whether it be of an operative nature, or what not, is to create that same condition in the atomic forces of the body to bring about the better physical conditions in the system. Then, necessarily, it is paramount. How to go about same? May be through self and self's attitude towards those conditions which are of the physical and spiritual natures in an individual, and to this individual especially." (137-81)

"The consideration that is to be given in making any application for corrective forces, that there may be the better coordination in the mental, the superficial, the imaginative and the physical being, would be to create within the system itself that as makes for the proper coordination of atomic forces as control the functioning of, and the changing of, those material conditions, as are taken, for substance, into the physical body, into such vibratory forces as to create a normal equilibrium between the matter in the body and that of a normal, or near normal functioning of that matter in a material plane and in a material body.

"As is seen and known, all atomic forces are of an electrical nature in their effect and effect upon a physical organism. Not all portions of the system function in the same vibratory rate, as the nerves of the sensory organism are made - as it were - in a series of necessary portions of system for the proper alteration of vibration of atomic forces to create either that of vision, hearing, so also, in the assimilation as for gland functioning - as creates in the system those elements that add to either the nerve energies in their activity those necessary elements for the coordination of the muscular forces within the system, as to produce functioning in a nominal or normal manner, or they are overcharged or undercharged - that prevent their functioning in a nominal manner. Hence, as is seen, in a manner, as how the activity of the physical body can be altered by the concerted activity of minds that are directed to the atomic forces of an individual, in raising their vibrations to a normal or normal manner. Hence we have that of spiritual healing to a body.

"Now, the same vibrations may be raised for a physical body, in the physical sense, as may be raised in a mental or spiritual body by its association or its connection with that that creates a necessary element of vibration for corrective forces in a system.

"Then, to find the correct vibration for elements that are lacking in their sustaining forces for a living organism, and to create that within the enlivening portions of the system in such a way and manner as for same to be assimilated by, or become effective in, a living organism, is to be able to change that environ of that physical organism as to be creative and evoluting in its activity in that system.

"For this body, then, we would find that we would add those vibrations from the low form of the electrical vibration as comes from that known or called in the wet cell vibration from those atomic forces necessary in the forces of the body itself." (5576-1).

"As is understood, Life - God - in its essence is Vibration, and - as the physical beings are of that atomic force, a portion of the same - the awareness of same is as to how conscious that vibration may be made, even as we find in the physical body that sight, hearing, taste, speech, are but an alteration of vibration attuned to those portions in the consciousness of the physical body, becoming aware of things, of vibrations, reaching same from within or from without. Hence one may not hear the prayer or the thought sent by an individual whose attunement is not sufficient to raise that vibration in an individual, but the combined - as we have in numbers - raise to such an extent that the awakening comes by this continuing of this direction of the spiritual forces to an individual; even as the small drop may wear away the hardest stone." (281-4)

"Here, let's analyze for the moment, to those that must consciously - as this body - see and reason, see a material demonstration, occasionally at least! Each atomic force of a physical body is made up of its units of positive and negative forces, that brings it into a material plane. These are of the ether, or atomic forces, being electrical in nature as they enter into a material basis, or become matter in its ability to take on or throw off. So, as a group may raise the atomic vibrations that make for those positive forces as bring divine forces in action into a material plane, those that are destructive are broken down by the raising of that vibration! That's material, see? This is done through Creative Forces, which are God in manifestation! Hence, as self brings those little things necessary, as each is found to be necessary, for position, posture, time, period, place, name, understanding, study each, and assist each in their respective sphere. So does the entity become the healer." (281-3)

Commentary August, 1989

Taking an aggregate, say a molecule, and analyzing its component frequencies one would, according to this law, find many frequencies other than harmonic derivatives of the fundamental. This may explain why it is difficult to find harmonic derivatives in such an analysis just as it has often proven to be.

This law embodies the ideas previously and repeatedly stressed herein about musical note progressions. Hughes' Harmonies of Tones and Colors, Ramsay's Scientific Basis and Build of Music and Harris' Acoustics all give substance to unravel this "discords from harmony."

It is not such a difficult concept to grasp. It is, however, complex and exacting. The Musical Ratios spreadsheet found in the SVP catalog was designed to derive these ratios of one frequency relative to another. The above mentioned books also give illustrated essays on the subject.

It is believed that this is perhaps the greatest "secret" to be revealed concerning Keely's work. Once these musical progressions are deciphered in a coherent and logical manner - all sorts of "mysteries" are to be revealed to the seeker of truth.

Electrical and mechanical engineers are all very familiar with finding the harmonics of fundamentals. The harmonic is an obvious discernment and it is easy to divide or multiply by 2. However, to find a third or sixth or Perfect Fifth is not as easy - unless one is trained to discern them - much as a musician is trained in the art. Remember that Keely was a musician before he became a physicist!

The exact deciphering of this problem has eluded this author for a number of years. Hughes comes the closest to giving the exact methodology yet. The basic premise is that a fundamental, in its progression to a higher frequency, creates from within itself these higher frequencies such as its octave. The other notes or frequencies produced are similar or inverse to the Fibonacci series. If these notes are constrained to a single measure as is used in music notation we would see within this measure the seven basic notes of an octave with the octave appearing in the next measure. Now these seven notes are not written down from the lowest to the highest in an ever increasing (in frequency) manner. They are however, evenly spaced, linearly speaking, from the left side to the right side of the measure. These spacings are referred to as "periods" or "steps." The fundamental occupies the first period, space or step of the measure. This progression is better illustrated in the evolution of keynotes and not through individual notes. Hughes has some beautiful charts clearly illustrating this concept.

One interesting metaphysical correlation derived from all this is F is the root of C and C is the root of G. Each step being a Fifth and one of great harmony. F whose color is green may be symbolic of Eden giving birth to Man (C or red) who in turn gives birth to Women (G or blue). So we may say that F being the fertile neutral center first expands out (male-ish activity) creating an everlasting male influence in the environment. All the while this male influence continues expanding it causes its own pole to be created as no thing can exist in and by itself. The female counterpart is thus called into existence. This is something like minting coins - as soon as one side of the coin is minted the other side comes into being simply because no coin can possess one side only.

Looking back to the beginning it has been stated that darkness was in the beginning. Ultraviolet may be taken as dark because the human eye cannot really see deep ultraviolet. Ultraviolet corresponds to B. B is the root of all keys (frequencies, notes, etc.). From B the second step in our progression is the note E - its color is yellow. Yellow of course is the Sun or the light of day. Hence was created day and night at the same time because day cannot exist without the lack of day or night. Thus we can see the development of the first trinity of the greatest harmony - C, red, man; E, yellow, sun; and G, blue, woman. This trinity also corresponds to the Holy Trinity of the Bible as "Him first," the son of God; "Him midst," the Almighty Father, and "Him last," the Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father and the Son, Trinity in Unity. The correlation with the biblical scenes as depicted in Genesis (first three octaves of creation) is plain to see. Remember that Genesis is the story of creation - creation of the material realm and is part of our study of how atoms and molecules evolve themselves. This understanding will help to understand how atoms and molecules may be taken apart and modified in our materialistic world. It is this study of the creative forces to which we have devoted ourselves.
Though at times it appears as though I write about religion - this is not so - I write about the creative forces. Religious teachings have preserved these ideas through the centuries because they tell of man's association with and how he is part of these forces and processes. By understanding the above creation and progression of forces one begins to grasp the idea that nothing is by accident - that each and every thing is done according to Law - natural Law as it unfolds itself through time and space.
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