Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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Topic: John Keely's Laws of Harmony
Section: Law of Force
Table of Contents to this Topic
"Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or harmony."

Commentary August, 1986

If we take the analogy of two finely tuned tuning forks and set one to vibrating, is manifesting the Creative form of energy alluded to in the above law or that which creates the other two forms of energy. The next manifestation of energy would be a continuous series of waves set into motion by the vibrating fork, these are the Transmissive energy mentioned above propagating through the air surrounding the fork. The third manifestation of energy is manifested after the second fork begins to vibrate which is caused by the impinging Transmissive energy, this is the Attractive energy, because of its affinity for that particular frequency it tends to have an attractive quality to which said frequency of vibration readily seeks.

There is a lot implied here and we will explore the method of "guidance" or means these forks use to identify and then communicate with each other as we develop our sensitivity to the subject matter. It is the Dominant current of the triune chord which is suspected as the supra-light velocity means of touch or sympathy attunement. I will devote a full journal to this subject of sympathy later.

It may be added here that the two finely tuned forks, are in sympathetic attunement because of their resonant character; i.e., they are in sympathy because of their likeness insofar as inherent frequency sensitivity goes. Any number of items so attuned are therefore said to be sympathetic or they possess this quality of sympathy.

Commentary October, 1989

This law of one of the more elegant of Keely's 40 Laws of Harmony. In it are embodied the fundamental basics of sympathetic vibrations - their theory as well as their actual function. This law is also a perfect descriptive of the multi-phenomena called cause and effect. What is wrong with the concept of cause and effect is answered in this law; i.e., what happens between the cause and its effect?

Any engineer possessing an open mind must admit that energy must first be created or made manifest. This manifested energy possesses discrete and identifiable characteristics. A good analogy familiar to many engineers it that of a radio transmitter-send-receiver setup. All sorts of mechanical, electrical and other processes are involved in developing the power and signal preparatory to broadcasting. This is a highly complex and exacting preparation. An even more common analogy would be common speech or conversation between two or more parties. One formulates an idea and prepares the subject and method (infliction, tone, emotion, etc.) for delivery one's own spoken word before the first word is uttered. This can be a carefully cultivated speech designed to have a special effect on the listener or it can be a careless "engage mouth before engaging brain" action. Part of the process of preparation involves allocation to ambient noise (ever try to talk in a discotheque?), hearing acuteness of the recipient, language used and understood by the recipient, etc. It too is a highly complex and exact preparation.

Notice in the foregoing preparation process attention is given by the talker (Creative) to the environment and to the capabilities of the listener. These are the second (Transmissive, ambient conditions) and third (Attractive, listener) parts of the above law. The same process is taken under very serious consideration by a radio technician when engineering and installing a radio transmitter-send-receiver setup.

According to Keely's philosophy and that of MacVicar (Sketch of a Philosophy) all things regardless of location are intimately connected. All organized bodies are permeated and surrounded with the Šther. The Šther is a super fine subatomic substance from which the subatomic, atomic and molecular particles are created. This is a primordial "soup" composed of many differing particles possessing many differing characteristics. Hence, as we have said herein, there is no such thing as a perfect vacuum (absence of any and all material objects) - there is something permeating interplanetary space - long held to be a perfect vacuum.

Because of this omni-connectivity, any action or cause has an effect on everything else. Conventional science is beginning to realize this in their studies of the environment. Pollution is not a personal and isolated cause with localized detrimental effects. It permeates the entire bio-sphere of our earth having diverse origins and effects. This environmental situation however is found within a narrow range of action - the subatomic through the molecular. The Šther, on the other hand, permeates all this range and ranges far beyond the ability of Man's instruments to yet detect.

This Štheric environment is so fine a substance that it possesses a an Šthereal pressure of 122,400,000,000 times that of the atmosphere, according to MacVicar or is 986,000 denser than steel, according to Keely. With such an intimate contact with and between its component particles how could everything not be in contact? A slight breathe on a dandelion would be instantly transmitted to the far reaches of the universe. An eruption on Mars or Neptune would have an effect on affairs on earth.

This ultrafine medium of transmission, the ether, behaves in a unique manner. Unique in the eyes of Newtonian/Einsteinian physics that is. Current paradigms invest the transmission of energies as an applied force expanding outward after this force has been created or generated from somewhere else. Thus the Law of Conservation of Energy is an absolute and essential part of the existing paradigm. It is doubtful that Šther works solely on these premise. In fact, because of its nearly infinite density it behaves quite differently. According to Keely and MacVicar the Šther has what they both call "sympathetic negative attraction." This is embodied in the one great law of the universe that all objects tend to assimilate themselves to themselves and to each other in successive moments. Thus the universe, and all that it contains, is permanently and forever seeking to co-exist in harmony and oneness because of this all-pervasive connectivity.

What is done in one place is transmitted instantly to every other place and there, at that point, is felt the effects of the original causative motion. The mode or arena of transmission is the Štheric realm of substances. If one finds or constructs a channel from the Štheric to the molecular - the effects can then be observed. This is the principle of the so-called radionics devices. A bridge is constructed from the finite molecular realms of substances to the infinite Štheric realms of substances. The principles governing the construction of such a bridge can be found in music. Music is the harmonizing of vibrations. A vibratory motion is self-creative and will sound all of its higher harmonics even to the highest Štheric realms. Keely built such a bridge in his devices 100 years ago.
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