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Topic: John Keely's Laws of Harmony
Section: Law of Refractive Indices
Table of Contents to this Topic
"A table of the refractive indices of substances indicates their molecular pitch; and in connection with crystalline form the phase of molecular oscillation."

Commentary November, 1988

The August 1988 issue detailed the certain properties of how an angled sound beam can refract from longitudinal wave forms into shear waves, plate waves and other wave forms of differing undulatory characteristics.

It is not known at this time if certain materials refract sound differently than do others as indicated by this law. There doesn't appear to be any study confirming or refuting this indication. It is likely that differing substances have different refractory characteristics. Perhaps Keely is suggesting that this is so and tables of these refractive indices can be built and indeed should be built if one were to delve deeply into the science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. Some readers may be familiar with these things and can enlighten the rest of us thus absolving the need for a lengthy period of research to establish these refractory properties of materials.

Crystaline substances are formed by this very nature of vectorial alignment along axis of the molecules forming the crystals. Based on the past laws we have discussed, this vectorial alignment is dictated by the frequencies associated with the various angles clearly illustrated by crystal formation. Further, different substances which become part of the crystal substance form different geometric patterns as they aggregate into the various crystal shapes. This is further evidenced by the different ways in which different crystal substances refract light. Light being a phenomenon common to each of them.

Therefore what Keely is saying here about forming tables of these refractive indices is very valid and may lead to some revolutionary insights of molecular behaviour. That these tables could indicate molecular pitch (relative frequency) is not as obviously correct. It seems that if one could determine molecular pitch from an angle of refraction then the ideas inherent here are somewhat different than one would expect if considering the matter from a standpoint of numbers of vibrations.

There is an incongruity in all this: When a longitudinal vibration is converted into a shear wave simply by varying the angle of incidence the frequency remains the same (we are told) but the velocity changes. It seems that wave length, time and frequency are solidly locked together not unlike the simple formula used in electrical calculations for figuring resistance, voltage and amperage. By varying one the others change yet always maintaining a rigid arithmetical relationship to each other.

Keely stated in another article(1) that the angle and velocity were more important than the frequency and wave length. The idea that "God geometricises" and that vibration is a big part of the picture seems to jive very well together. Another strong argument is the simple formation of a rainbow. This little phenomenon is due entirely due to light waves being refracted by water vapor spheres. Why a rainbow creates and maintains a fixed color pattern never changing even though one changes location and angle while viewing it is also a mystery. One we can find a reasonable solution to eventually.

Much work and thought needs to applied to this promising area of research. As we go along more and more will undoubtedly be made clear.

(1) Keely's Secrets, Delta Spectrum Research, Inc. P.O. Box 5307, Bella Vista, AR
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