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Topic: John Keely's Laws of Harmony
Section: Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Sono-thermism
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"Diminishes the tensions directly as the quantity of heat developed, and in antithetical proportion to the harmonics absolved."

Commentary November, 1987

We identified and discussed the nature of thermism in the August, 1987 issue. Sono-thermism may be defined as "heat produced from this frequency sound waves or phonons." This definition is made after the McGraw-Hill definition of sono-luminescence which they define as "Luminescence produced by high frequency sound waves of phonons." Ultrasonic transducers do produce a goodly of heat and I believe it is this particular heat Keely is referring to in this law.

So we might say that as this heat is developed within the atomic substance and acts upon the tension between the atoms which is reduced in proportion to the quantity of heat. The second half of this law says that as the harmonics are absolved or done-away-with or dampened out of the material the tension between the atoms increases. In other words, if you refer back to the October, 1987 issue, we will see that the state of the atomic structure is a result of the fundamental frequency and the harmonics or partials present in the material. The greater the coincidence (harmony) of all the associated frequencies, the greater is the tension between the atomic particles. In other words, there is a greater tendency to develop and retain crystalline form when the coincidence of frequencies is greater. Harmony (female form of the energy manifesting as vibrations) creates attraction or rigidity. When the reverse is true, when there are a great number of harmonics or partials, the tension lessens and there is then experienced "melt-down" or breakdown of the crystalline structure. If this discordant tendency is allowed to run unchecked or unbalanced, complete volatization of the material takes place. The particles, being discordant to each other, repulse each other. Discord (the male from of the energy manifesting as vibrations) creates repulsion or expansion. Please see the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion given in the May, 1986 issue.

The above tells us a lot about the inner nature of gases and crystals. Crystals are a demonstration of atomic particles vibrating in unison and expansive gases are particles vibrating in a discordant fashion. We can also surmise that cold absolves harmonics and brings about concordance of vibrations whereas heat creates harmonics and discord. Actually heat is discord because it is the addition of non-concordant frequencies. Heat, then, is not something other than a vibration. Inversely we can say that cold, then, is not something other than a lack of vibrations.

To summarize in a graphic fashion - ice is an aggregate of water molecules vibrating in unison and steam is a collection of water molecules vibrating discordant to one another. Please keep in mind that there are also lattice patterns apparent in gaseous states as well. This is because there are concordant frequencies within and between the particles even though they have this discordant quality. A water molecule is always a water molecule and they will always retain some degree of harmonic attraction. Steam can be greater or lesser dense such as is the case with low pressure steam and super-heated steam or atmospheric air for that matter. This greater or lesser degree of density in gaseous substances explains the difference of velocity of sound in the air when considering the Law of Vibrating Atomic Substances (September, 1986 issue). The degree of discordance is also the cause of pressure just as harmony is the cause of the density of aggregation.

One more graphic illustration -uranium or any other potentially radioactive substance demonstrates the very same idea of concord and discord discussed above. If radioactivity is caused by a discordance among the alpha and gamma particles may not radioactivity be reversed by bringing these same particles into a state of concordance? Is not this discordance the cause of radioactivity.
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