Sympathetic Vibratory Physics -It's a Musical Universe!
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Topic: John Keely's Laws of Harmony
Section: Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Temperature
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"Atoms in chemical combination oscillate with increasing amplitude directly as the temperature, and simultaneously absord overtones of higher harmonics, producing expansion of volume and diminution of pitch.

Rule: The gradual approach of the temperature of harmonic combination can be observed by mutually comparing superimposed spectra; chemical combination commences when the fundamental lines of each spectrum bear harmonic ratios by linear measurement."

Commentary June, 1987

One must remember that we are discussing atomic pitches and not molecular pitches. There appears to be some minor discrepancy between Keely's definition of molecules and atoms and our own. I haven't yet deciphered the difference enough to be able to explain it fully. However, the difference isn't great enough to prohibit us from attaining a good feel for what is being discussed.

Atom in chemical combination are alloys, etc. of a crystal like nature. Molecules in combination would be compound or alloys of lesser refinement. One is reminded of the great controversy surrounding superconductivity now raging throughout the scientific community. Seems some of the phenomena of superconductivity is involved with exotic combinations of ceramics and metals (near crystal forms). Yet the scientists can't explain these phenomena using their current excepted theories. Perhaps through these laws we might get a glimpse of what may be taking place.

We all know that atomic substances, say a crystal, will expand when heated. We aren't concerned with reiterations of common knowledge. Yet within this law Keely is telling us something else. He is telling us why the crystal expands. It expands because it absorbs higher harmonics which in turn reduces the component pitches.

As for the second part of the law he is disclosing something altogether new - "harmonic combination." He is telling us of a method of deducing atomic combination or allowing of atomic substances. This combining of elements takes place, in this law, as a function of harmonic relations of frequency. When the fundamental lines of the spectra bear harmonic ratio (see back issues) the atomic substances readily combine and maintain their new state of mixture. Likewise, we can assume they will separate when these lines are brought into non-harmonic ratios.

In a few of the past issues we indicated that there may be marvelous revelations awaiting us. This is one of them. If atomic frequency is behind the merging of elemental combinations instead of ion-exchange, we may be able to create new and novel substances of extraordinary utility.

NOTE: When considering ion-exchange from the quantum mechanical viewpoint Keely is exactly right. Ions are bundles of vibrating energy and not particles. Therefore one would have to work with their vibration frequencies instead of their "changes." Said charge is considered a function of velocity, mass, frequency, etc., i.e. mathematical derivative of same. These modern mathematical derivatives are so complex we need supercomputers to calculate them. Yet here Keely is explaining something so simple as to seem preposterous. The Ancient Egyptians created alloys (electrum - which we can't yet duplicate) thousands of years ago. Did they have more advanced computers than we or did they simply understand the nature of chemical combinations better? Did Keely pre -discover the entire field of quantum mechanics or quantum acoustics and then went ahead and found how to apply it in a practical sense 100 years ago? Did he have a supercomputer or did he have a better understanding than we ourselves possess? Will this understanding prove simpler than we can even imagine? Stay tuned to this publication for the rest of the story.
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