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Origin of
Keely's Acoustic Charts
as published in my book
Universal Laws Revealed: Keely's Secrets
"I have seen and do now possess three separate collections of these charts, all photocopies. The first collection was given me by Shine Richards in 1984 and were very poor quality printed on 11" x 17" paper. The second set was from Jerry Decker, likewise poor quality (8 1/2" x 11") but better than the first. Many tens of hours were spent digitally cleaning them which seemed a hopeless task considering their poor quality. These copies and all clean-up work expended were set aside later when the third set (8 1/2" x 11") was given me by Mr. Tonn whom I met during the S.A.F.E. conference in Switzerland, 1989. The Keely charts published in Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keelys Secrets were all developed from Mr. Tonns copies which were much better quality than the first two sets. Upon these I expended many hundreds of hours cleaning and clarifying the scans. Mr. Tonn has been kind enough to furnish an affidavit of their gifting. The complete story how we met is related in my new book Atlin - Knowing I Am."

Dale Pond

August 6, 2003

A significant part of Keely's legacy are his beautiful Charts of Vibratory Etheric Science (Sympathetic Vibratory Physics). These are being made available in Black and White and a new colored version keyed to colors of music notes. The Black and White charts are cleaned up hi-res and these were then colored.

The coloring (according to music note or sound colors) is being done by Caroline Doyle-McManus. We aren't charging for Keely's charts. We are charging for all the time and labor we put into making them legible and usable. If someone wants copies of the original poor quality photocopies I worked from I'll be happy to run off copies for them.

click to view Keely's Acoustic Charts

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