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Levitation Bibliography

  Acoustic Levitation System - 25 reports from NASA6187.html 

collection of NASA tech briefs on Acoustic Levitation

  Acoustic Levitation with One Driver8558.html 

A brief report discusses acoustic levitation in a rectangular chamber using one

  Acoustic Levitation System9103.html 

Dense materials, such as steel balls, can be continuously levitated with the ene

  Acoustic Levitation with Less Equipment10281.html 

Certain chamber shapes require fewer than three acoustic drivers. Most previous

  Acoustic Levitation with One Transducer10959.html 

An experimental acoustic levitator for high-temperature containerless processing

  Acoustic Levitator Maintains Resonance11503.html 

An acoustic levitation system automatically adjust the sound frequency or chambe

  Acoustic Levitation Methods and Apparatus11789.html 

Levitation has been achieved by applying a frequency along each of the three cha

  Acoustic Translation of an Acoustically Levitated Sample12078.html 

A levitated sample can be moved quickly from hot to cold regions in the levitati

  An Original Concept in Electronics: The Vortella4816.html 

  Antigravity Propulsion Devices3662.html 

  Applying Uniform Polymer Coatings to Microspheres14444.html 

The novelty of the invention is in the method steps for preparing inertial confi

  Blowing Polymer Bubbles in an Acoustic Levitator9515.html 

In a proposed manufacturing process, small gas-filled polymer shells would be ma

  Classifying Particles by Acoustic Levitation7236.html 

DIfferent kinds of particles in a mixture are separated by acoustic levitation,

  Contactless Calorimetry for Levitated Samples6714.html 

The temperature and specific heat of a hot sample would be measured with a pyrom

  Controlling Sample Rotating in Acoustic Levitation9988.html 

The rotation of an acoustically levitated object would be stopped or controlled

  Digital Controller for Acoustic Levitation13323.html 

An acoustic driver digitally controls sound fields along three axes. It allows t

  Electrostatic Levitator with Feedback Control7041.html 

An electrostatic levitation system includes a closed feedback loop to hold the l

  Electrostatic Liquid-Drop Levitation System12687.html 

An electrostatic levitator has levitated drops of liquid up to 4 mm in diameter

  Equipment for Microgravity Research7739.html 

The General Purpose Rocket Furnace provides three independently controlled cavit

  Experiments on Rotating, Charged Liquid Drops14264.html 

Report describes experiments in which electrically charged drops of liquid were

  Gravitational Action5497.html 

  Gravity is a Push2824.html 


  Gravity is a Push!12963.html 

Gravity not only pulls but pushes. Wright has the only working models of gravity

  Gravity is a Push!13148.html 

Gravity not only pulls but pushes. Wright has the only working models of gravity

  Gravity, Color4879.html 

  Hybrid Contactless Heating and Levitation9983.html 

A contactless material-processing concept involves the levitation, heating, and

  Hybrid Electrostatic/Acoustic Levitator11150.html 

A levitator for liquid drops and small particles includes both electrostatic and

  Improved Acoustic Levitation8065.html 

A method and apparatus for enhancing and shaping acoustical levitation forces in

  Latent Force and Theory of Vibratory Lift for Airships6622.html 

Keely's own words discussing his system of acoustical levitation he was working

  Matching Impedances and Modes in Acoustic Levitation8834.html 

Discusses schemes for coupling sound efficiently from a cool outside atmosphere

  Microwave Levitation of Small Objects13922.html 

Microwave radiation in resonant cavities would be used to levitate small objects

  New Horizons in Electric, Magnetic and Gravitational Field Theory6036.html 

  Orienting Acoustically Levitated Aspherical Objects12463.html 

By suitable adjustments of the amplitudes and phases of the three acoustic field

  Precision Fabrication of Electromagnetic-Levitation Coils9454.html 

The fabrication of levitation coils has traditionally been considered an art. A

  Producing Metallic Glasses with Acoustic Levitation7488.html 

Very little contamination would occur in an acoustic levitation scheme under dev

  Rotation Control in a Cylindrical Acoustic Levitator11583.html 

The addition of a second acoustical transducer enables a single-mode, cylindrica

  Stabilized Acoustic Levitation of Dense Materials Using High-Powered Siren10635.html 

Stabilized acoustic levitation and manipulation of dense (e.g. steel) objects of

  Stable and Oscillating Acoustic Levitation13585.html 

The degree of oscillation of an acoustically levitated object along an axis of a

  The Enigma of Coral Castle3963.html 

  The Enigma of Coral Castle4228.html 

  The Vortella Project4436.html 

  The Enigma of Coral Castle5817.html 

  Viscous Torques on a Levitating Body8309.html 

New Analytical expressions for the viscous torque generated by orthogonal soundw
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