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The inert gases divide the elements as octaves divide musical scales. You will notice in the charts below how inert gases seem to sketch a periodicity within all the other elements.
"The master-tone [inert gas] of each octave is the inheritance of the original motion of the thinking process of Mind. These master-tones are the "inert gases" which are classified in the zero group of the Mendeleef table.
The state of motion of these inert gases is that of motion-in-inertia.
Motion-in-inertia is that state of pressure equilibrium which lies between any two masses.
The inertial line, or plane is that dividing line, or plane, toward which all masses discharge their potential.
It is the line, or plane, of lowest potential of two opposing areas of potential, where opposing pressures neutralize. This is the plane of minimum pressure of two opposing areas.
The master-tones which represent a state of motion-in-inertia and are the inert gases, bear the same relationship to the elements that white bears to the colors. They are a registration of them all. White is not included in the spectrum, it has no place there. The inert gases should not be included in the elements. They have no place there." Walter Russell
"This idea of the existence of "patterns" of all evolving things recorded in wave dimensions and locked up in the inert gases until the time of their regeneration was ridiculed by a scientific world which was not then ready to consider a continuing universe of motion even though I pointed out very clearly the history of the evolution of iron from its beginning in the unseen universe up to its present position in its cycle in its spectrum lines." Walter Russell
"The total lack of knowledge of the purpose and workings of the inert gases and their relation to growth control from the seed, and their power multiplication principle which causes all effects of motion to step-up from their zero cold static condition to white hot heat and power conditions." Walter Russell
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