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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 03 - FOREWARD by Dr. Ervin Seale
Table of Contents to this Topic
Foreword by Dr. Ervin Seale
The Enduring Significance of P. P. Quimby

Nowhere in literature or history, outside the Gospels, so far as I can discover, is there another personage like Phineas Parkhurst Quimby.

Out of rugged, practical New England which was sending its ships and sailors around the world, producing inventors and thinkers who changed the world, emerged the greatest pragmatist of all. Quimby actually left this ordinary, material world and traveled, adventured and explored the immaterial world of mind and spirit. Like Jesus, he came and went at will and like the scouts of Moses he brought back evidence of the other world and demonstrated the existence of the two in such a way as to be indisputable and confirmatory of all the ancient truths in an intellectually satisfying manner.

There is a whole system of philosophy--more instantly helpful and pleasingly practical than any other I know--in his simple proposition: "Man acts as he is acted upon." All right-minded people recommend the Golden Rule. Quimby, alone in modern times, showed how to put your feet where your mouth is.

There is whole system of psychology in his discovery: "I found that my thoughts were one thing and my beliefs another...if I really believed a thing, the effect would follow whether I was thinking of it or not."

There is no religion in Quimby if by religion is meant a belief or rite or system of salvation; for where Wisdom is known these are not needed.

Quimby is a Great Original. Like the number one, primary and indivisible by any but itself. The books of philosophy, religion, drama, poetry, etc. contain the great truths but they are descriptive only; they give us the verbal picture; Quimby showed the functioning substantive.

It is the dream of several of us that more people will discover the treasure in Quimby's beginnings and go on to develop his Science of Health and Happiness--perhaps a Center for Research and Teaching and Practice.

What moderns will do with his complete works, now being made ready for publication, is not predictable, given the century and a half of neglect and distortion; but I think we have in these works the makings of a revolution in the realm of mind and spirit the like of which has not been since the Carpenter walked in Galilee. Park, the Clockmaker is also here!

Ervin Seale

Doctor Ervin Seale has retired from a long and important ministry in New York City. He wrote the Introduction to the 1961 edition of The Quimby Manuscripts. Dr. Seale is the leader of the Quimby Memorial Church and Foundation and the author of many inspirational religious books.

[note: Ervin Seale completed his task of compiling the complete works of P. P. Quimby, now published by DeVorss.]
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