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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 09 - God Made Everything Good
Table of Contents to this Topic
(an INTRODUCTION in the words of Doctor P.P. Quimby)

In introducing this work to the reader, my only excuse is the existence of evils that follow the opinions of the world in regard to man's health and happiness.

My object is to correct the false ideas and strengthen the truth.

I fitted out my barque some twenty years
ago and started without chart or compass, Trusting to the wisdom of my experience,
determined to be guided by the inhabitants of the land where I journeyed, and make way to the passage that led to the other world. Or to a new world on this globe.

Sometimes I was nearly exhausted
and on the point of returning, When a light would spring up,
Or a solitary bird would sing
its beautiful notes from a clear sky, While from this light came a mild breath
of pure air that would revive my soul. In this warmth it seemed as though
I heard a voice say, "Come up hither."

My practice for twenty years has put me in possession of facts that have opened my eyes to the misery of mankind from ignorance of ourselves.

My object in introducing this work to the reader is to correct some of the errors that flesh is heir to. During a long experience in the treatment of disease, I have labored to find the cause of so much misery in the world.

In my investigation I found that my ignorance would produce phenomena in my subject that my wisdom would not correct. At first I found that my thoughts affected the subject, and no only my thought but my belief. I found that my thoughts were one thing and my belief another.

I ran against a stumbling block
which upset all my theory And left me without anything
but the bare experiments. I went to work to prove my belief,
and the experiments proved anything I believed, And I concluded that MAN IS JUST
If I really believed in anything, the effect would follow whether I was thinking of it or not.

The reader will find my ideas strewn all through my writings, and sometimes it well seem that what I said had nothing to do with the subject upon which I was writing. This defect is caused by the great variety of subjects that called the pieces out; for they were written after sitting with patients who had been studying upon some subject, or who had been under some religious excitement, suffering from disappointment or worldly reverses, or had given much time to health from the point of view of the medical faculty and had reasoned themselves into a belief, so that their diseases were the effects of their reasoning.

I have patients with all classes of minds--with all types of disease. No two are alike. The articles are often written from the impressions make on me at the time I wrote. To cure them was to show them the hypocrisy of their belief, and show that all men are to themselves just what they make themselves.

So my arguments are always aimed at some particular beliefs, sometimes words, sometimes one thing, again another. Hence what I write is like a court-record or a book on law with the arguments of each case. I take up a little of everything.

I have said many things in regard to medical science but all that I have said was called out by my patients being deceived by the profession. The same is true of the religious profession. My writings are not to establish any religious creed or bolster up any belief of man. They are simply the outpouring of a truth.

The science of curing the disease has never been described by language, but the error that makes disease is in the mouth of any child. In fact, the theory of correcting disease is the introduction of life.

Within the last seven years I have sat with more than twelve thousand different persons and have taken their feelings and know what they believe their diseases were and how each person was affected, but I knew the causes.

It is not a very easy thing to forsake every established opinion and become a persecuted man for this Truth's sake, for the benefit of the poor and sick, when you have to listen to all their long stories without getting discouraged. This cannot be done in a day. I have been twenty years training myself to this one thing, the relief of the sick.

A constant drain on a person's feelings for the sick alters him, and he becomes identified with the suffering of his patients: this is the work of time. Every person must become affected one way or the other, either to become selfish and mean, so his selfish acts will destroy his wisdom, or his wisdom will become more powerful.

It is not an easy thing to steer the ship of wisdom between the shores of poverty and the rocks of selfishness. If he is all self, the sick lose that sympathy which they which they need at his hand. If he is all sympathy, he ruins his health and becomes a poor outcast on a charitable world. For the sick can't help him and the rich won't.

Here you see the true character of Wisdom. It shrinks not from investigation, although it is unpopular and has the whole world to contend with.

If it were in my power to give to the world the benefit of twenty years' hard study in one short or long letter, it would have been before the people long before this. The people ask they know not what. You might as well ask a man to tell you how to talk Greek without studying it.

You may ask, if all I say is true what is it good for? If it is only a belief, I admit that it is of no more value to a person than any religious belief. You may ask for proof that will give some light upon the subject.

I will give it, as near as a man who has eyesight can explain color to a blind person.

I make war with what comes contact
with wealth and happiness, Believing that God made everything good.
And if there is anything wrong
it is the effect of ourselves.
Man is responsible for his acts and even his thoughts,
Therefore it is necessary that man should know himself
so that he shall not communicate sin or error.
This is my theory: to put man in possession of a Science
That will destroy the ideas of the sick
and teach man one living progression of his own identity, With life free from error and disease.
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