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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 10 - Chapter 01, Part 01 - Principles
Table of Contents to this Topic
The Healing Wisdom of Dr. P. P. Quimby - Chapter 1 Part I Principles

Awake from your lethargy. Come to the light of Wisdom.

What is Happiness? Everyone must answer

What is happiness? It is what follows any act of the law of science, but it is not always understood. As a person's happiness is the effect of his knowledge, to be good is the fruit of Science.

Happiness is contentment, not life or death.
Misery is discord, not Wisdom but error,
If then you attach your life to an error,
like distributing life to the body,
Then your life is unhappy according to the loss.
If our happiness is from wisdom it becomes a part of ourselves,
But if it is from a belief,
it is adopted and we may lose it.

We often hear people say that their religion makes them happy. But if religion is anything outside of ourselves it contains neither happiness not misery. Can any person define what he gets except that it is a belief? A belief that will make one person happy will make another miserable.

Look at any religious society and you will find that the individuals cannot agree in belief. So those who cannot agree are slaves to those whose authority they admit as their rulers.

The cause of man's misery and trouble lies in our false reasoning. It always has and it always will be so till man is convinced that his happiness depends on Wisdom, and his misery on belief.

People never seem to have thought that they are responsible for their belief. To analyze their beliefs is to know themselves, which is the greatest study of man. All theories for the happiness of man contain more misery than happiness, either directly or indirectly.

To destroy the beliefs of man is to leave him where God left him: to work out happiness by His own wisdom.

Our opinions are the foundation of our misery,
while our happiness is in the knowledge that follows solving the problem of error.
To illustrate, when solving a problem you have an opinion,
and are in trouble about it.
But when the answer comes the happiness accompanies it.
Then there is more death, or ignorance, sorrow, or excitement.
Error and ignorance have passed away, all has become new,
and we are as though we never had been.
We have all the happiness we want; the misery is gone,
and the spirit returns to the Great Spirit,
ready to solve another problem.

Happiness is dependent on externals, but lies within us, and is the consciousness of keeping our loftier impulses free from contamination, and revealing in our acts a strength which arises from uncorrupted motives.

Every one must answer for his own sins or belief.

Our beliefs are the cause of our misery.

Our happiness and misery are what follow our belief.

If I can show that man's happiness is in his belief and his misery is the effect of his belief, then I shall have done what never has been done before. Establish this and man rises to a higher state of wisdom not of this world, but of that world of Science which sees that all human misery can be corrected by this principle, as well as the evil effects of error. Then the Science of Life will take place with other sciences.

Instead of your happiness being in the world, the world's happiness is in you. Here is your true position, and this is the struggle you will have to go through. Shall the world lead you, or shall you lead the world? This is the point that is to be settled in your mind.

Many shall come in the name of the Truth, and say, do this, or do that -- music, dancing, and all sorts of amusements. But the truth says beware, be not deceived, seek first the truth, and all the above will be a pleasure to you.

This is a trying scene to go through; it seems as though you must leave all the world's pleasure, and seclude your self from society. But this is not the case; you will like society all the better.

This will make you love amusement for the sake of doing good. Then you will rejoice with those that rejoice and weep with those that weep, and your happiness will be their happiness. Then you will be loved and respected for your love or knowledge,then you will draw around you those minds that are in harmony with yours.
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