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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 12 - Chapter 02, Part 01 - If Science Rules
Table of Contents to this Topic
If Science Rules Life and happiness is the reward

A man may be scientific in many sciences, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy -- all that are acknowledged and admitted by even the natural man, though not understood. But the Science of Happiness is not acknowledged by the wisdom of the five senses. It requires more senses to put men in possession of this Science that will teach him happiness. As happiness is what follows a belief, it is necessary to know whether our wisdom is of this world of opinion or of the world of Science.

This world sees nothing outside of its senses. Wisdom sees nothing of the natural man's senses but ignorance, so that the wisdom of this world is opposed to the Science of Happiness.

I wish to make you understand these two characters: Science and opinions. See which you follow: for you must follow one. You cannot serve both at the same time. If you serve Science, you are in your wisdom and know it. If you serve opinion, you have no wisdom, but your life is in a belief that can be destroyed.

The two worlds may be divided in this way: One opinions -- the other Science.

Opinions are matter or the shadow of Science. One is limited in its sphere, And the other knows no limits.

The one is today, and tomorrow is not. The other is an endless progression.

The one is always changing, The other is always progressing.

If we know the true meaning of every word or thought we should know what will follow. So a person cannot scientifically act amiss. But being misled by public opinion, we believe a lie and suffer.

How do I know I have got hold of a true method? How do I know I am not mistaken?

There are many reasons which confirm my method as a science. one is that I constantly improve it. I find I can cure more quickly, and harder cases.

To teach Science is to put it in practice so that the world shall be put in possession of a truth that shall be acknowledged above the natural man.

By establishing the law of science we destroy the law of ignorance. To introduce a Science that explains the errors that keep us in trouble is what the prophets foretold, and wise men have looked for ever since the world began.

By the gospel of Truth, Science will have all saved,-- not from the Christian world, but from this world of superstition and ignorance, saved for the greater truth that was prepared from the beginning of the world for all those who search and try to find it.

You cannot go into the clouds to call it down, nor into the sea to call it up, but it is in you, in your very thoughts. It is not of this world, but of a higher state, that can penetrate this earthly matter as light through darkness.

In mathematics, chemistry and all the arts and sciences that can be demonstrated, knowledge submits to wisdom, but that part of man's senses attached to knowledge that is not subject to science is in ascendancy in religion, disease, and politics. These are false sciences based on opinions. They are the same that Jesus denounced as false prophets, evil and blind guides who deceived the people.

Astronomy has destroyed some of the hideous features of religion and introduced a happier state of society, but it was not the design of astronomy to destroy religion.

Still it is the natural result of science to destroy error and prejudice.

Now it is not to be expected that every person who happens to think of flying can make a flying machine that will be successful. Nor is it certain that any invention to control the elements will always work so that accidents as they are called will not take place and lives lost and much trouble made before Science is established.

Science, like an under-current, is deep and strong. And as its tide advances, it will sweep away the foundations of aristocracy. Revolutions must come, And no man can tell what will be the end of this generation. But Science will work out the problem of universal freedom to the oppressed in body and mind.

All Science is spiritual and is not known by the priests and demogogues or doctors. The theories of these three classes are not based on wisdom but on opinions.

Now Jesus cured the sick and said if they understood Him they might do the same. We want a theory like that of Jesus not of talk but of works, for a theory that cannot be put into practice is worthless.

Every science has its standard, based on actual knowledge, not on opinion. They prove their wisdom by their works.

Science cannot admit what cannot be proved.

Error is a wilderness filled with all kinds of superstition. Science is the axe in the hands of Wisdom to hew down the wilderness and destroy its inhabitants and introduce a better state of society.

The world of opinions is the old world. That of Science is the new, and a separation must take place and a battle fought between them. The world of error and opinions has held Science in bondage ever since man began to be independent of savage life.

Ideas come forth and the minds are affected, and try for the prize. For instance, the idea of navigating the air. All minds are excited. Experiments are tried; accidents, as they are called, happen and lives are lost to this world of error.

But that which governs life cannot be lost, but must mingle in with the idea of progression -- not losing its identity. What man loses in weight or matter, he makes up in science of knowledge.

All Science is a part of God.

If Science rules, life and happiness are the reward.

Science is Wisdom put into practice.
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