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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 14 - Chapter 03, Part 01 - The Light of Wisdom
Table of Contents to this Topic
The Light of Wisdom
The principle that never moves

The two characters: wisdom and opinion, stand before
each other, and the people choose the one they will obey,
just as they do in national affairs.

Awake from your lethargy.
Come to the light of Wisdom.

Man's happiness is in himself.
Life is eternal, Life is Wisdom.

Wisdom is progression.
Its enemy is ignorance.

Seek Wisdom.
Believe no man's opinion.

As God is Wisdom,
Wisdom is Science.

Our beliefs, thoughts and opinions can change. So when
we say a person never changes, it is as much as to say he
is only a brute.

Then what is it that does not change? It is the Principle
that never moves. It is that which says, when we have
found out something new: "Why did you not find it out
before?" It says to us when we are investigating certain
mathematical truths: "This truth has always existed," and
we believe it. This something is Wisdom.

Wisdom is the true man and error the counterfeit. When
Wisdom governs matter, all goes well. When error directs,
all goes wrong.

Here is the conflict: whether man's opinion is to rule, or
his wisdom. How many persons are there in this city who
get up in the morning and pass the day without gaining
enough wisdom to last them till nine o'clock?

No man should have any credit over his fellow men
unless he shows some superiority over the errors of his age.

The man who is rich in this world's goods to the exclusion
of some scientific capital cannot travel in the world
of Science with his money.

Wisdom contains no opinion or selfishness. Like charity,
Wisdom has no ill will towards its neighbor, but--like the
rays of the sun--is always ready to impart heat to all who
will come to the light.

The Wisdom that acts upon the mind is something that
never has been described by a language, but is looked upon
as a superior power." This power gives rise to all religious
opinions. Man has tried to condense it into a being called
"God," and he worships it.

Opinions are like a shadow--
The true substance is God.

True wisdom is attached to the substance,
False wisdom to the shadow.

This world is the shadow
of Wisdom's amusements.
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