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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 16 - Chapter 04, Part 01 - God the Essence
Table of Contents to this Topic
God The essence

The Wisdom of God does not go into the clouds to call truth down, nor into the deep to call God up, but shows us that God is in us, even in our speech.

To give the truth I must make the reader detach his senses from a God of man's belief and attach them to this invisible Wisdom which fills all space, and whose attributes are all light, all wisdom, all goodness and love, which is free from all selfishness and hypocrisy, which makes or breaks no laws, but lets man work out his own salvation; which has no laws and restrictions and sanctions men's acts according to their belief, and holds them responsible for their belief, right or wrong, without respect to persons.

To know that god cannot be divided is to know that we cannot be separated from our Heavenly Father. To know God is to know ourselves and to know ourselves is to know the difference between Science and error. Error is of man and truth is of God.

God is truth and there is no other truth.

He is all Wisdom and nothing else. All other things having form are things of His creation. His life is attached to all that we call life.

Now where is the God in whose Wisdom I believe? He is in the hearts of the people. He is not a man, neither has He form. He is neither male nor female. God is a Spirit and not a man.

My God speaks in this way. He has finished His work or machine and sits down to see it work.

It needs no repairs. It will run and perform its work till every one shall know that to be good is to be wise and man's color is not the problem of progression but wisdom. And wisdom when reduced to practice will be recognizable by every wise and benevolent person without regard to color.

God is not a man any more than man is a principle. My God is Wisdom and all Wisdom is of God. Where there is no Wisdom there is no God.

God is the name of a man's belief and our senses are attached to our opinions about our belief or God. The God of the savages is their belief; the God of the Mohammedans is their belief, and so to the Christian's God.

Man has invented a God according to his belief So that God is the embodiment of man's belief. As man's belief changes so his God changes, But the true God never changes.

The Christian's God, like themselves, is like a house divided against itself. The God of the North and the God of the South are as much at war as the Christian's worshippers; each prays to God for help and each condemns the other. Thus it is plain that gods of this kind are a farce and all our worship of such is from a superstitious fear of a tyrant whose name we dare not take in vain.

I will give you the religious or political God. He is represented as watching the movements of the armies and dictating to the heads of nations. No one approaches him except the ordained priest.

The time will come when the true God will be worshipped in spirit and truth, for God is a spirit and not a man.

Man's God is all the time listening to his prayers and setting all sorts of trouble. My God does not act at all.

He has finished His work and leaves man to work out his happiness according to his own wisdom. God or Wisdom has never made anything to torment mankind. Error has created its own misery.
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