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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 17 - Chapter 04, Part 02 - The Search
Table of Contents to this Topic
The Search

Where is one to find knowledge of God? A great American essayist and retired minister, Ralph Waldo Emerson advised the seniors of the Harvard Divinity School:

Once leave your own knowledge of God, your own sentiment, and take secondary knowledge as Saint Paul's or George Fox's or Swedenborg's, and you get wide from God with every year this secondary form lasts.

Let me admonish you, first of all, to go alone.

The roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote his knowledge of God while leading his troops against tribes on the northern border of the empire:

All parts of the universe are interwoven with one another, and the bond is sacred. Nothing is unconnected with some other thing. For all things have been coordinated and combined to form the same universe. There is one universe made up of everything, and one God who pervades everything, and one substance, one law, one common reason in all intelligent animals, and one truth.

"The greatest modern philosopher" Benedict de Spinoza had an excellent education in theology and philosophy but earned his living as a grinder of lenses. Park Quimby also a mechanic and worker In science, never read Spinoza and almost certainly never heard of him. In Spinoza's ETHICS we find his understanding of God, here abstracted:

By "God" I mean a being absolutely infinite. Besides God, no substance can be granted or conceived. Whatever is, is in God, and without God nothing can be. God is the indwelling and not the transient cause of all things. Things have been brought into being by God in the highest perfection, inasmuch as they have necessarily followed from a most perfect nature.

God's nature and existence, and consequently His providence, cannot be known from miracles, but they can all be much better perceived from the fixed and immutable order of nature. A Jesuit Father of the twentieth century, a paleontologist and geologist, Father Teilhard de Chardin wrote this while scientific advisor to the Geological Survey of China:

The doctors of the Church explain that the Lord deliberately hides himself from us in order to test our love. One would have to irretrievably committed to mental gymnastics, one would have never to have met in one's own self or in others the agonies of doubt not to feel the hatefulness of this solution.

No: God, I am quite certain, does not hide himself so that we shall have to look for him--any more than he allows us to suffer in order to increase our merit. Many of Doctor Park Quimby's patients believed their diseases to be punishment measured out by God for their sinfulness. What would a conference of the Roman emperor, the Jewish lens-grinder, the Catholic priest, the Harvard minister, and the New England clock-maker tell us about this belief?
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