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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 18 - Chapter 05, Part 01 - Mind
Table of Contents to this Topic

The medium of a higher power

I found that by the power of my own mind I could change the mind of my patient and produce a chemical change in the body, like dissolving a tumor.

Now the word mind is not the substance, only the name of the substance that can be changed. The world makes mind intelligence, that is, direction. I put no intelligence in it, but make it subject to intelligence.

Mind is a spiritual matter which, being agitated, disturbs the spirit. The mind, being the matter under the control of the spirit, is capable of producing any phenomena.

The word fire, for instance, doesn't mean the substance to be consumed but the process of consuming it. So mind is the name of a spiritual substance that can be changed.

The idea that matter and mind make the man prevents man from understanding himself. The time has nearly arrived when the people will be prepared to receive a great truth that will give an impulse and set them investigating a subject which will open to their minds new and enlarged ideas of themselves and show man what he is and how he makes himself what he is.

All persons are to themselves just what they make themselves.

The body may be compared to a dead weight, The mind to a lever. It is error to put knowledge into the lever. The mind is a medium of a higher power.

Our bodies are the machines to be moved, Like a locomotive. Our mind is the steam. The steam contains no knowledge.

A higher power governs the mind and body, As the engineer governs the steam and the engine.

The mind is the medium of a higher power independent of the natural man that is not recognized. When we speak of mind, we embrace this power, as we often do in speaking of the lever, supposing the power to lie in the lever, not thinking that the lever contains no knowledge or power. We are all taught to believe that mind is wisdom and here is the trouble, for if mind is wisdom then wisdom cannot be relied on, for all will admit that the mind changes.

Mind to me is not wisdom, But spiritual matter. It is this: all opinion, belief, reason, Everything that can be changed. Mind, like the earth, Is under the direction of a higher power, Which is subject to Wisdom. The world calls it God.

A Case: "a needle extracted"

What proof is there that man's wisdom and senses are not in the body but outside of it and in the mind? I will relate a fact which will prove it.

I once put a lady to sleep that she might have a needle extracted from her arm. During the operation she said to me: "Does it hurt you?" The person who spoke was the one who was looking on, for she could describe all that was transpiring. if it should be said that it was myself who spoke through her, I will admit that she expressed my very thoughts, but if I could speak through her body, why could not she speak through mine? If so, the body of each was only the shadow of our belief and -- I thinking it might hurt her and she thinking it hurt me -- we were therefore neither of us hurt from the fact of sympathy.

editor's note:

Here we see an example of how Quimby learned from his observations of hypnosis -- a practice he later gave up for healing, considering it a fraud. This complex, short paragraph is quoted verbatim from his notes. He was learning the true method of healing, and much more.
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