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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 23 - Chapter 08, Part 01 - The Creating of Disease
Table of Contents to this Topic
The Creating of Disease
The invention of man

Every disease is the invention of man And has no identity in Wisdom, But to those believe it It is the truth.

All disease is only the effect of our belief. Disease is an error the only remedy for which is the truth. Disease is the natural result of ignorance and error governed by discords of the mind.

The belief is of man and as Science sees through man's belief it destroys the belief and sets the soul or wisdom free.

Diseases are like fashions, and people are as apt to take a new disease as they are to fall in with any new fashion.

All persons believe in disease and their belief is in the thing believed. All diseases have an identity and the well are likely to be deceived. But these diseases are in the mind as much as ghosts, witchcraft, or evil spirits, and the fruits of this belief are seen in almost every person.

I know that a belief in any disease will create a chemical change in the mind, and that a person will create a phe- nomenon corresponding to the symptoms. Conventional cures have been by the same remedy. Disease being brought about through a false belief, it took another false belief to correct the first; so that instead of destroying the evil, the remedy created more.

I will stop here and say a word or two about a young man that first called to see me. I sat down and found him very much frightened and nervous from a little sensation and suffocation. He thought he had heart disease and when I told him what it was and all it amounted to, he was all right.

Now if it was not for this evil in the mind, there would not have been cause of alarm and if I had not explained, he might have died at almost any time for he said it would wake him up two or three times in the night.

Now I say that science calls these evils lies and the sick have been made to believe that the very things or evils that they bring on themselves by their own acts are something that has come upon them without any of their action when it in reality is that they are the author of their own' existence.

You tell me I "look sick." You tell me that people often die with just such a feeling as I have.

By mesmerizing me into your belief, you disturb my mind And create the very idea you have invented.

. . . At last I die -- just as your foretold. . . . All this is disease. And you made it. If I had never seen you, I should not have died.

Take the small-pox. The first sensation upon the patient contains neither opinion, happiness nor misery. The cause was one of the natural results of motion which might be traced back through many changes containing no more harm than any breeze that reaches man at any hour, but it gives a start to the mind like the fall of weight.

According to the world there is such a disease as small- pox. With God or Wisdom this must be truth or it must be a lie, or belief in a lie. No one will believe that Wisdom can have small-pox

Small-pox is like a tree whose fruits are scattered abroad infecting those who eat them. It is a superstitious idea and like all such it has a religious cast. it deceived the world that all might be saved or vaccinated. As many as received the virus or were baptized with the belief were saved. Here is introduced another world which is deliver- ance from small-pox. To all who passed from their old belief into the world of vaccination there is no fear of death from small-pox, but a fear lest they have not been vaccinated with genuine virus. Now what does their salva- tion rest upon? It rests on no principle outside the mind. In ignorance of causes, people are satisfied with someone's belief that there is virtue in this savior. thus their minds are quiet and the fruits are a milder disease.

Small-pox is a reality to all mankind. but I do not include myself, because I stand outside where I can see things real to the world and real with wisdom.

I tell you a lie which you believe and an effect follows; this does not prove that I told the truth because the effect is seen. For instance, I tell you that you have small-pox. this shocks you and you are really frightened. A phenom- enon attends or follows the fright. The physicians are con- sulted and they pronounce the disease small-pox. To you and to the world this is proof that it is small-pox. But to me it is only proof that you believed a lie.

I have been 20 years in the practice of curing disease and learning the cures and I have learned that nine-tenths of the sick at this time would be well and hearty if the medical faculty were annihilated.

Neuralgia is one of the commonest diseases of the day, but this is giving way to a new invention called the spine disease and there have been such improvements that this has lost its identity in the new inventions of human dis- eases This has opened a field for the medical faculty. there cannot be female of any respectability but she must be insulted by these quacks with the idea that she has this disease in some form or other.

. . . falling of the womb, internal ulcers, ovarian tumors, weak spine, heart disease, etc. Now I say, and stand ready to prove, that all the above diseases are made up by the medical faculty for their special benefit. A more miserable humbug was never invented and men and women pay their money to these quacks for what never had an existence outside the profession. These diseases were never known to the people 70 years ago but now every female is liable to be affected by these diseases.

The medical faculty has been the means of lowering the female character for they feel guilty and ashamed of them- selves for they have been made to believe a lie and they can't help it.

Man is made up of truth and belief. If he is deceived into a belief that he has or is liable to have a disease, the belief is catching and the effect follows.

My theory teaches man to manufacture health. When people go into this occupation, disease will diminish. Those who furnish disease will be few and scarce.

The creating of disease is under the superstition of man's belief.

I have said that fear produced a chemical change in man's belief and as a matter is one element of his belief, this is liable to take form according to the belief..

It has always been impressed on children that ghosts are seen in the burying grounds. This belief makes an atmos- phere over the dead like a cloud on a mountain and in a certain state of mind, certain persons can make a ghost as easily as a certain state of the atmosphere will make the boreals, which always keep just as far from the traveller.

So it is with spirits, when you get where they are. They are gone but the atmosphere still remains and persons may feel it.

A case: "afraid of these devils" I once visited a sick man, it was about eight o'clock in the evening when I visited his room. Immediately upon entering, the atmosphere of the room produced such an effect on me that I felt as though my hair stood on end, and it seemed as though the room was full of spirits. As I approached the bed, he seemed frightened.

"You are frightened to death," I said. "Why do you lie here?" He said he couldn't get up.

I said, "You are afraid of these devils. They scare you and when I came in they left and are now standing out among the apple trees." "They scare you a little," he said. This was a fact. He then said, "These devils have taken me by the nape of my neck and seat of my pants and laid me here, but I never told of it before." I told him to get up and I would keep them away. He did so and got well.
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