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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 25 - Chapter 09, Part 01 - Children are not Exempt
Table of Contents to this Topic
Children are Not Exempt

Persons affect each other

The child is an idea of the father and mother, it is a child of circumstances and liable to all the evils of its parents. Cure the world of these evils called disease and you introduce a generation of children composed of elements as much superior to the generation of these times as man is superior to the brute.

Children are not exempts, they suffer if they are in the vicinity of the disease, for their parent's sins. Their diseases are the effect of the community. These results come from the older inhabitants who embody the superstitions of the world, and they are as tenacious of their beliefs.

There is a language that has never been reduced to words. For instance, the feelings of a sick child cannot be described, yet every one is confident that the child feels sick. A doctor is called and the little child is treated according to his ideas which are explained to the mother. If she believes the physician, she begins to torment the child by her own mind or belief which she received from the doctor. So a new disease is formed that is for the benefit of anyone except the child.

The trouble is the result of language. To cure the child is to take the feelings and to explain them to the mother, showing her how she has been deceived. Then she ceases fro doing evil and learns to do right.

It is an undisputed fact which philosophy has never explained, that persons affect each other when neither are conscious of it. According to the principle by which I cure the sick, such instances can be accounted for, and it can be proved beyond a doubt that man is perfectly ignorant of the influences that act upon him, and being ignorant of the cause is constantly liable to the effect. To illustrate this

I will relate a case that came under observation. A Case:" "its parents' belief"

A woman brought her little son, about five years old, to be treated by me. When I sat with the child I found his symptoms were similar to those which people have in spinal or rheumatic troubles. But the child being ignorant of names, and having no fear of disease could only describe his feelings in this way: he complained of being tired. Sometimes he said his leg was sore and sometimes his head was tired. To me his feelings were as intelligent as any odor with which I am familiar.

I described his feelings to his mother, telling how he would appear at times. This she said was correct, and feel- ing impressed with the truth I told her she said she would sit with me and see if I were equally correct in describing her case. I found that the mother had precisely the same feelings as the child, yet she complained of disease which the child never thought of, and furthermore she had not the least idea the child had such feelings.

To prove that I was right about the child, I told her to ask him if he did not feel so and so when he would lay his head down, and she found I was correct. These were the mother's symptoms: a heavy feeling over the eyes, a numb- ness in the hands, weakness in the back, and a pain going from the foot to the hip, all accompanied by a feeling of general prostration. To her every sensation was the effect of a sort of disease, yet every sensation she had, the child had also, but he had not attached names to them.

After playing, his leg would pain him, and he would be restless at night; while his mother reasoned from the same feelings that she had spinal disease, trouble of the heart, and was liable to have paralysis. If she had been ignorant as the child of names, she would have been well; for all its trouble came from its mother, and her trouble was from the invention of the medical faculty.

* * * * * * *

The wisdom of the world acts in this way: it puts its own construction on all sensations produced in the mind, and establishes its knowledge after the effect is produced.

For instance, a child feels a pain in its head, the child has no idea what it is, and if the mother is as ignorant of its origin as the child, no effect of any moment is produced. But the wisdom of the world arrives in the form of a lady.

She hears the account of the pain from the mother, and assuming a wise look gives her opinion in regard to the trouble, and says the child is threatened with dropsy of the brain, because she shows the same symptoms of another child who died of that disease.

This account excites the mother, whose mind acts upon the child. The explanation of the wise lady gives direction to the mind, and presently the work commences to show that she is right. A doctor is called who is as wise as the lady, and not being willing to be outdone by her, he puts in a few extras like congestion of the brain, says the lady was right but did not get the whole of the matter. So he has two chances after the child is killed to prove his superior wisdom over the lady.

I contend that the child has no dropsy of the brain, but only some slight shock upon its mind, and quieting the child is all that is necessary for a cure. Here the controversy ends. If the mother employs me, I prove my theory and the child gets well. If they prove theirs, they kill the child and an examination is made which establishes their theory, and I am a humbug or quack. If I take the case, and the child gets well, "the child was not sick, only a little nervous."

Note: Please refer to the "Search" section of Chapter 8 and the Appendix: "Dr. Quimby and His World" for notes about the state of medicine in Quimby's time.
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