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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 26 - Chapter 10, Part 01 - Sitting by a Patient
Table of Contents to this Topic
Sitting by a Patient

My cures are in my belief

There is a principle or inward man that governs the out- ward man or body. When these are at variance or out of tune, disease is the effect, while by harmonizing them, health of the body is the result. This can be brought about by sympathy and all persons who are sick are in need of this sympathy.

To the well these remarks will not apply, for the well need no physician. By these remarks I mean a well person does not know the feelings of the sick, but the sick alone are their own judges. And to every feeling is attached a peculiar state of mind which is peculiar to it. these states of mind are the person's spiritual identity, and this I claim to see and feel myself.

Doctor Quimby, with his clairvoyant faculty gets knowledge in regard to the phenomena which does not come through his natural senses, and by explaining it to the patient, gives direction to the mind. And the explana- tion is the science or cure.

When sitting by a patient I feel the sensation in my mind, and immediately a figure or spirit is made which is reflected as an impression on my body. Now if I were not aware of the cause I might think I was the author or origi- nator of this horrid belief. But knowing that it is only the reflection from my patient's mind, the idea dies.

Doctor Quimby never accuses any one of imagining that they are sick. He admits every sensation that a person may claim. Indeed he takes their feelings himself, so he has positive proof that they exist independently of what the patient says.

My theory teaches me to look upon you as an intelligent creature. I take upon myself all your feelings and see all your troubles. By my theory or truth I come in contact with your enemy, and restore you to your health and happiness. This I do partly mentally and partly by talking till I correct the wrong impressions and establish the Truth, and the Truth is the cure. I destroy the disease by showing the error and showing how the error affects the patient.

My cures are in my belief or wisdom. And the patient's disease is in his belief or knowledge.

I will state a case. A man uses tobacco freely, both chews and smokes. His wife, being of a sympathetic nature enters into his error to try to reform him. this brings her into the same company that he is in. this is taking a disease from sympathy and it shows that such evils are catching in the world.

To such I stand in this way. I take the symptoms and know who is the devil. I expose him, the devil leaves, and the patient is cured. Show a man who smokes or chews just how habit affects him and he will part company with tobacco. I feel that if you were aware of the evil influence of the enemy that is prowling around you, enticing you to smoke, you would not harbor him one moment, but hurl him from you as you would a viper that would sting you to the heart.

Then there are other classes of diseases that cannot be cured so easily. Rheumatism that affects the legs so much that the joints become stiff -- such I would advise to stay at home if they think to be cured at one or two visits. All bedridden persons that have the use of their limbs but cannot walk from weakness I have cured very soon, gut those that are paralyzed on one side or both had better stay at home for the expense will be more than the good they will be liable to get. Persons smoking or chewing, if they have any disease that they would have me treat, independent of tobacco, I can cure but if they are will and choose to smoke or drink or chew, it is none of my business. It is a matter of their own, but if they are sick, then if I find that tobacco hurts them, I almost always cure them at the first sitting. If any person is nearly gone with consumption, I should advise him to stay at home unless it is to be relieved of the distress.

There are a great number of sick who are not able to be cured; for man's life and happiness in this enlightened world (made so by the medical profession) made dollars and cents the test, so if a man has not these he must suffer.

I have observed the effect of medicine and have found that there is more virtue or misery in the advertisement than in the medicine.

If physicians would investigate mind a little more and medicine a little less, they would be of some service.

The cure is not in the medicine, but in the confidence of the doctor. All medicines affect the body only through the mind. All drugs when taken stupefy the intellect, so that science cannot reign.

When Miller prophesied the end of the world, ninety- nine of a hundred were affected to some extent. This was shown by the count taken by the churches. Even the Unitarian Universalists had their meetings and men and women spoke who never spoke before and probably never will again. But it showed what man's belief can do.

Dr. Q. comes to the sick as a pilot to the captain of a ship in a storm or fog, when dangers thicken and inevitable destruction threatens. He learns the trouble from the captain, and quieting the crew by his composure, inspires them with confidence, gives them directions, and brings them into harbor.

A Case: "by religious excitement"

I often find patients whose disease or trouble was brought on by religious excitement. i went to see a young lady during the Miller excitement. She was confined to her bed, would not converse with any person, lay in a sort of trance with her eyes rolled up in her head, took no notice of any person; the only thing she would say was that she was confined in a pit, held there by a large man whose duty it was to hold her there, and she said to me, "I shall never die, nor will never get well."

She had been in this condition for one year, refused all nourishment, and was a mere skeleton at the time I went to see her. This was her story when I got her so as to converse. I sat down by the lady, and in about an hour I saw the man she had created, and described him to her, and told her that I should drive him away. This seemed to frighten her, for she was afraid for my safety. But when I assured her that I could drive the man away, she kept quiet. In three hours she walked to the door, and she recovered her health.

In 1831, William Miller began to prophesy the end of the world. It was a popular idea in the first half of that century. He finally set the date for March 21, 1844 and that was a night of panic for thousands of his followers. Doctor Quimby saw many patients affected by the "Miller excitement" -- fearful or disappointed. From that excitement came the Seventh-Day Adventists, now proven to be enjoying better than average health and freedom from diseases. From them we are learning. God acts in most marvelous ways.

-- editor
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