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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 28 - Chapter 11, Part 01 - A Clairvoyant State
Table of Contents to this Topic
A Clairvoyant State

The minds of individuals mingle

Every phenomenon in the natural world has its birth in the spiritual world.

The greater number of influences which act upon us do not come through the natural senses, and are all the more dangerous because unknown.

The basis of Dr. Quimby's theory is:

That there is no intelligence, no power or action in matter of itself, That the spiritual world to which our eyes are closed by ignorance or unbelief is the real world, That in it lie all the causes for every effect visible in the natural world, and That if this spiritual life can be revealed to us, In other words if we can understand ourselves, we shall then have our happiness or misery in our own hands; And of course much of the suffering of the world will be done away with.

Every man has two selves, one acknowledged by the natural man, the other by the spiritual man. A clairvoyant state is different from the natural state. Persons in a clair- voyant state can talk; they have every faculty which they possess in the waking state. Space and time may or may not be annihilated.

If man could retain his reason and natural senses, and at the same time be conscious of the other state he would be a man beside himself, thus making two living intelligences in one identity acting through one. thus the clairvoyant man could correct the errors of the man of flesh and blood and keep him in subjection to his wisdom.

To make a good clairvoyant one must, beginning on earth, Rid himself of all beliefs and every theory of man, And as he sees the absurdity of his own opinions He becomes lighted up in another atmosphere on a higher plane Where he feels the discords of this world.

He then becomes sensitive to the errors and opinions of man, They affect him, and his spiritual senses act independently of his natural will or senses, Then he is two persons.

This is my state as far as regards the sick. When I sit by the sick and take a patient by the hand, I feel a sensation. This affects me and the sensation is produced by some- thing coming within my senses as a man of flesh and blood. this excites the spiritual or scientific man, and the senses, being freed from matter or opinions, see the natural man or opinion that causes the trouble.

As I retain two identities, I see the error and explain it to the natural senses. These are set at rest and harmony is restored.

I cannot find language to explain this so that you will understand it. I will now take a rose for an illustration.

You are like a rose. You throw from yourself an atmosphere or vapor. As the rose throws off its peculiarities to the air, the world judges of its odor. So as man throws off his peculiar character of life: health or disease, The world is to judge of his happiness or misery by the fruits of his belief.

The minds of individuals mingle like atmospheres. And every person's identity exists in this atmosphere.

Spiritual matter surrounds every person and contains an expression of character. What we perceive without the aid of the natural senses is the mind or spiritual matter, or atmosphere, or vapor, or whatever you choose to call it, that surrounds everyone and is an index of character. This is what we come in contact with in our intercourse with men, and through this medium we influence others and are influenced ourselves. It contains opinions, thoughts, and everything in us which can be changed.

Can Dr. Quimby be in two places at the same time? My answer is "I can" by sitting by the sick, not the well, for a sick person is one bedside himself and to converse with two persons who are not aware of their presence, one must be in communication with both.

I have two identities, one in matter and the other out of matter, one can be seen and felt by the natural man and the other can feel and see the sick man's identity, which to him is not visible to his natural man.

What is a clairvoyant person?

It is being conscious of his own existence as a living, thinking, seeing, intelligent creature. And this is not seen by the natural man.

Then what is the natural man?

He is the shadow of the clairvoyant, neither are conscious of the existence of both at the same time.

Why do you speak of two when one is only a shadow?

The clairvoyant is like a man who is just where he thinks he is; The natural man is governed by a belief. Reason does not enter into the combination of the clairvoyant

Where is my consciousness?

I am conscious of my senses in both states at the same time, and change the former. I do not see my own shadow, but I see myself as I really am to myself and knowing that I am not as I ought to be, I change that knowledge by comparing myself to health till I feel it.

Health is the standard by which we judge ourselves and accordingly as a man deviates from this standard, he is in the dark and makes shadows. These shadows are the feel- ings of the sick man called "disease."

It is an undisputed fact which philosophy has never explained, that persons affect each other when neither are conscious of it.

According to the principle by which I cure the sick, such instances can be accounted for. It can be proved beyond a doubt that man is perfectly ignorant of the influences that upon him, and being ignorant of the cause is constantly liable to the effect.

By thoughts we are all affected, and even by the settled opinions of people, whether they trouble themselves to apply them to our case or not.

Now when I sit down by a diseased person, I see the spiritual form, in this cloud, like a person driven out of his house. They sometimes appear very much frightened, which is almost always the case with insane persons. I show no disposition to disturb them and at last they approach me cautiously, and if I can govern my own spirit or mind, I can govern theirs. At last I commence a conversation with them. They tell me their trouble and offer to carry me spiritually to the place where their trouble commenced.

A Case: "the scene of her troubles"

I was sitting by a lady whom I had never seen until she called upon me with her father to see if I could help her. The lady had all the appearance of dropsy. I took her by the hand. In a short time it seemed as though we were going off some distance. At last I saw water. It seemed as though we were on the ocean. At length I saw a brig in a gale. I also a man on the bowsprit, dressed in an oil- cloth suit. At last he fell overboard. The vessel hove to and in a short time the man sank.

This was a reality, but it happened five years before. Now to cure the lady was to bring her from the scene of her troubles. This I did and the lady recovered.
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