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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 30 - Chapter 12, Part 01 - The Opposition of All Opinions
Table of Contents to this Topic
The Opposition of All Opinions

The great obstacle

What has a man to contend with who undertakes to establish a new science? He has the opposition of all opinions of the world in regard to it, and all their influence.

He will be misunderstood by fools, and misrepresented by knaves, For his science will tear down their fortress of belief. And they will use all their skill and deception to defeat their enemy. Their weapon is their tongue, And the tongue of a hypocrite is, of all weapons, the most deadly to truth; For it can assume the form of an angel., While it is sapping your very life's blood from your soul. Its life and happiness are its own torment. Ever since the world began, Science has had this enemy to contend with, And some very hard battles have been fought before error would leave the field. Even when forced to retreat into darkness it would come out.

To fight the life of error like a soldier and contend for the truth of Science requires more courage than it does to fight for your own bread.

Wisdom first comes to the educated, but they have no light to distinguish between truth and error and cannot receive it. So it turns to that class which has no prejudices and here in the wilderness it develops itself until it has attained its growth and then comes forth.

Then commences the war between the educated who are ignorant of the truth and Science. While Science is growing in the minds of the people, its opponents are eating and drinking, gloating over their spoils, till the tide of popular opinion sweeps away their foundation. They never seem to realize their house falls over their heads.

The medical faculty reason: "Do not destroy the medi- cal constitution, for you will let in a swarm of quacks that will get the world in a horrid state. the regular physician will have no standing and sickness and death will triumph over the land."

The ministers also exclaim: "Do not touch the Divine institution, for religion is all that keeps the world from going to destruction."

Wisdom replies: "I will laugh at your fears, and I will pour out light like wrath and cut you off from the face of the earth and give the earth (or mind) to a more en- lightened people, who will obey the laws of Science and teach others to do the same."

The world will oppose this Science. It will be crucified by the church, Hated by doctors, Despised by the proud, Laughed at by fools, And received by the foolish of this world.

The blind guides, who have eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear, and hearts but cannot understand Science are afraid of the truth lest it destroy them, for the death of error is the introduction of the Science of Life and Happiness.

The great obstacle in establishing a new science in the understanding of the people arises from their ignorance. Science always has had to contend with this difficulty. To the scientific mind a superstition about anything that science has explained is nothing. But to the unscientific mind it may be truth. But if Wisdom casts out error, true Science will stand.

I have said that when any new idea comes up a class of persons enter into the investigation of it, but very few are ever able to put the idea into practice, or get the prize, though most all can understand something of the theory. There is a vast difference between talking a theory and talking about a theory. Talking about a theory is like talking about a science we do not understand; it contains no wisdom.

The medical faculty, spiritualists, and every class who have wit enough to have a belief, keep up a warfare to keep their beliefs alive that they may obtain a living.

Physicians will admit what the people believe. They will acknowledge I cure, but limit my power to a few nervous cases, and appeal to the vanity of intelligence by saying that it is not possible that an uneducated person can really cure actual disease.

Religious sects fight for their various beliefs which con- tain not a word of truth and the world has to suffer the consequences.

So in the church the religion of Jesus' Science is never heard; for it would drive aristocracy out of the pulpit, and scatter seeds of freedom among the people.

When I say that I know how I cure, people say I blas- pheme and make myself equal with Christ. They do not know how I cure and dislike to admit that anyone else does. Consequently they strive to make my explanation as objectionable as possible.

It is a sin to know this and teach it for the happiness of mankind, and do I make myself equal with Christ? If I do then I will submit to the odium willingly.

Aristocracy never complains of oppression except when it cannot oppress. Its motto is "rule or ruin," and where it rules slavery is considered a divine institution. Science is mocked at in its religion and the mockery is echoed by hypocrisy, and it sits in the hearts of the rulers and delivers the law.
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