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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 32 - Chapter 13, Part 01 - Religion
Table of Contents to this Topic
Part III


The effect of impressions made on me while sitting with the sick.

Chapter 13

Talking About Religion

My religion is in my acts

It is easier to talk about religion than to talk it. To talk
it is to put it into practice, and to put it into practice is to
give it to those who ask. To give to every one that asks of
you some spiritual food or knowledge is not so easy as to
sit down and thank the Lord that you are not like other

I have no religion independent of my acts. When I am
not putting my religion into practice for the benefit of the
sick and those I can help, then if I talk I am talking about

There is a vast difference between talking a theory and
talking about a theory. Talking about a theory is like
talking about a science we do not understand. It contains no

As I have the Bible, I have the same means of judging as
anyone, for every one has a right to his opinion concerning
it. But there is no truth in an opinion unless it can be
put into practice as Christ put His into practice, then
it becomes a fact.

One of Christ's followers made a remark like this in
regard to the same distinction, only he called their talk or
belief, Faith, which is religion put in practice. He said,
I will show you my religion or faith by my works.*

* Editor's note: the question of faith versus works has
plagued the Christians down through the centuries.
Paul taught justification through faith alone, but:

"Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
Yea, a man may say, thou hast faith, and I have works;
shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew
thee my faith by my works."

James 2:17-18 in King James bible

There is no such identity
as goodness by itself.

Goodness was considered by the priests as a sort of
subjection to the rulers. A good person was like a good dog,
ready to obey his master; then his master would pat him
and call him a good dog, although he had just torn another
dog to pieces, or had done something else to please his

Religion is what it was before Christ and I think I know
what that was. The religion that Christ opposed consisted
in forms and ceremonies. Religion makes no compromise,
it is rule or ruin. It sometimes takes to itself the name of
reform, giving every man the liberty of speech, and then it
subjects every one to its laws. this was the way with the
Christian church: to be good was to persecute all who
would not bow the knee to the leaders. You will see
religion in its purest state under the most despotic form of

The fact is that religious beliefs are founded in decep-
tion and the leaders deceive the people into them. Does
the priest call on the people to get understanding? No, that
is what he fears. The priests want them to have religion,
that is, to believe in the creeds which cramp the intellect
and bind burdens upon them so that they can lead them.
They fear investigation, for it is death to their craft.

Editors note: Today in the America, "priest" usually implies Catholic. Quimby's use of the word "priest" refers to religious leaders of any church - in his New England, most were Protestant.

As the priesthood was founded on superstition, it was
necessary to keep the people superstitious, so all sorts of
inventions were created to keep the people in ignorance.
Whatever the prophets could make the people believe, they
would create. So all they had to do was to start a storm of
evil spirits, and the people's superstition would produce
the phenomena wanted. This was proof that evil spirits
did exist.

The knowledge of man puts false constructions on his
wisdom and gets up a sort of religion which has nothing to
do with Jesus' truth. There is where the fault lies. If you
do not believe the Bible as they explain it, then you are
an infidel. So all who cannot believe it as it has been
explained must throw it away.

I do not throw the Bible away, but throw the explanations
away, and apply Jesus' own words as He did and as
He intended they should be applied, and let my works
speak for themselves. My religion, like Jesus', is in my acts
not in my beliefs.

I will give you the trinity that I believe in, that is,
P. P. Quimby's trinity. He believes in one living and true
wisdom called God, in Jesus--flesh and blood--a medium
of this truth, and in the Holy Ghost or explanation of God
to man. Here is my trinity and the Holy Ghost is the
Science that will lead you all into truth: it will break the
bond of error and triumph over the opinion of the world.

Sitting with the Sick

All my writings are the effect of impressions made on
me while sitting with the sick, so that my book is of the
lives and sufferings of my patients, their trials and sorrows,
and my arguments are in their behalf. It may seem strange
to the well that I write upon so many subjects, but when
you take into consideration the great variety of persons,
and the peculiar state of literature, varying from the most
cultivated to that of the lowest intellect, it would not be
strange if my writings did not excite the curiosity of the

For instance, one is full of religious ideas and becomes
almost insane, and some are entirely so. This excites me,
and my thoughts run upon religion. Another will be almost
insane upon spiritualism; then I have to battle that, or
show the absurdity of that belief. Some are excited upon
Millerism, and believe the world is coming to an end. this
brings up arguments to refute their belief. Some upon
witchcraft. Now their minds are continually dwelling on
all these subjects and on the Bible. So to cure, I have to
show by the Bible that they have been made to believe a
false construction. My arguments change their minds and
the cure comes. This is my excuse for what I have said
upon the Scriptures.
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