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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 34 - Chapter 14, Part 01 - If Jesus Should Appear
Table of Contents to this Topic
If Jesus Should Appear

That Unseen Principle

Jesus taught, and His teaching was the healing of nations.

If His Truth had not been misconstrued, the world at this time would have been rid of thousands of errors it now has.

Eighteen hundred years ago, there was a man called Jesus who, the Christian says, came from heaven to tell man that if he would conform to certain rules and regulations he could go to heaven when he died; but if he refused to obey them he must go to hell.

If Jesus should appear on earth and could hear the explanations given to his remarks which he made eighteen hundred years ago, He never would imagine that He was in any way alluded to.

All religion that embraces creeds is of this world, and is governed by laws, and contains rewards and punishments, therefore holding out inducements to be good with one hand, and retribution with the other, is not the religion of Christ.

He is in us, and a part of us, and to know ourselves is to know Christ, and to preach Christ is to help each other out of our troubles, destroying the enemy that has possession of us.

Christ is that unseen principle in man of which man is conscious, but which he has never considered as intelligence. It is God in us, and when man comes to recognize it as intelligence transcending belief and learns its principles, then death will be swallowed in Wisdom.

Jesus taught Christ and put it in practice by His words. Do the Christians the same? No, they preach about it. To talk wisdom is wisdom, whereas to talk about wisdom is to talk an unknown God.

If you claim to be a good man and we see no proof of your goodness on others, your goodness is of this world, not of Christ.

To be a follower of Jesus and believer in the Christ is to separate yourself from the world and stand alone in your wisdom.

To be a follower of Christ is to do things that He did, but to be a believer in Christ only embraces what you know nothing of only as a belief.

Jesus was called the Son of God. To be a Son of God you must do His will, and His will is to subject your errors to the Truth.

At the time of Jesus the world was in darkness in regard to man's future state. Society was divided into sects and priests by their craft ruled the masses and kept them in bondage, constantly frightening them with what would come after death.

Lucretius, who lived one hundred and fifty years before Christ, gives a true account of the religion of his day, which could not have varied much from that of the time of Jesus. I will quote an extract from his poem. After describing the horrors of religion, he says:

"But still I fear your caution will dispute the maxims I lay down Who all your life have troubled at the poet's frightful tales. Alas, I could even now invent such dreams as would pervert the strictest rules of reason and make your fortunes tumble to the bottom. No words but if man were once convinced that death was the sure end of all their pains, They might with reason resist the force of all religion, and condemn the threats of priests, Now we have no sense,no power to strive against these prejudices because we fear a scene of endless torment after death."

To suppose that Jesus taught any such religion as is here referred to, is to put him on a level with the priests. Opposition to the popular religion was sure death and he was forced to come in conflict with it.
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