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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 36 - Chapter 15, Part 01 - True Prayer
Table of Contents to this Topic
True Prayer

The desire of the heart

I have no account with God, He pays me as soon as my work is done. I do not ask favors of Him apart from his principles. If I act wrongly He will not step out and correct me. I must do it myself.

God rewards everyone according to his acts,and He knows our wants before we ask. To ask of a Being whom we acknowledge knows our wants is either to curry favor or flatter Him with the idea that we think He will be pleased to see how much we honor Him.

This is the wisdom of this world, but not the wisdom of God, God asks no such worship.

He who expects god to leave Science and come down to ignorance and change a principle for a selfish motive to please him, is either a knave or fool and knows not God.

All people pray to a being independent of themselves, acknowledging a state or place where God is, and when they pray, supposing that He listens, ask Him to hear prayers and relieve their wants. This is precisely what the heathen did, and Jesus called them hypocrites and condemned them, for He said this offering up of prayer and sacrifices year after year could never take away sin or error.

Can any good come out of prayer? I answer "yes" but not in the sense that is supposed. A phenomenon can be produced in the same way that is brought about by mesmerism, but there is no knowledge in the church-prayer. It is the effect of superstition and ignorance. It is not of Christ, but from a mind ignorant of self and God. No man prays except the one who wants a favor, to be rewarded for more than he deserves, or one who has more of this world's goods than his neighbor.

No man of character will beg or pray for the sake of gain.

True prayer is the desire of the heart, and if the heart is right the prayer will be answered.

A true heart must have scientific knowledge, and a corrupt heart must be full of superstition and ignorance, deceit and hypocrisy.

I look on church-prayers as I do on all other errors that have been invented to govern mankind and keep the people in ignorance of themselves and God.

Prayer is the law of man, not of God, and makes God nothing but a mere sorcerer or magician to frighten the ignorant and superstitious.

We are taught to believe that if we pray, we shall receive an answer to our prayer. A superstitious person believing this is ready to believe that he may be punished, for some one may pray that God may remove him.

The priests would offer up prayers to their God for the salvation of souls, and the doctors would offer up prayers for their business.

Each army prays that God will direct the weapons that will slay their enemies.

Jesus said, "Not all who say Lord! Lord! shall enter into this theory or kingdom, but he that doeth the will of the Father that sent him."

A prayer made up of words is lost unless accompanied by good to some one, and if we do good to one another our prayer is in the act.

True prayer is in our acts. False prayer is in our words, and by their fruits you shall know them.
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