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Topic: Quimby Wisdom
Section: 43 - Chapter 19, Part 01 - The Life of Woman
Table of Contents to this Topic
The Life of Woman

The spiritual rib

As the soil of California is rich enough to produce gold,
So the soul or life of the female is rich enough to produce the Wisdom of God.
The life of woman contains more spiritual wisdom than is found in man.

Women have more of the scientific element,
Less of the animal.
Man partakes more of the animal, less of the scientific.

Women have more endurance and more patience to investigate any new science.
And their wisdom is not of this world, but of that higher power called Science.

But a female coming forward in public to advocate man's ideas
Is as much below the male as a male who personifies a brute for the gratification of an audience is below the brute itself.

The male creation feeds on the lower order of life.
It makes the higher order a sort of pet for a while.
The natural man sports and plays with the female.

But man from some cause, probably from having more
physical strength, and looking upon all things as inferior
to his own wisdom, is not content to subject all the brute
creation to his will, but must subject the very creature
that his best life or nature adores, and in this way woman
is deprived of carrying out the science that God intended.

Now where is woman placed? Just where man puts her
to satisfy himself. She has nothing to do with her
situation, but she must be content with what man chooses
to assign her.

Where is woman's true position? As a teacher of the
Science of Health and Happiness. This is what man does
not want to do. It is too much like labor to toil over
little children, and sit by the sick and take their
sufferings upon oneself.

The spiritual rib that rises from man is more perfect matter
or soil, called "woman." I do not mean that "woman"
means every female. Nor do I pretend to say that "man"
means everything of the animal, but that the mind of the
female contains more of that superior substance required
to receive the higher development of God's Wisdom. For
this element is pure love that has been purified by the
change life has gone through.

One of Doctor Quimby's women patients, an intensely
interested student of his science, was Mrs. Mary M. Patter-
son, better known as Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the
Christian Science church. She published this sonnet in the
Lynn, Massachusetts, newspaper in 1866.

"Lines on the death of Dr. P.P. Quimby, who healed with
the truth that Christ taught, in contradistinction to all isms.

Did sackcloth clothe the sun, and day grow night, All matter mourn the hour with dewy eyes,
When Truth, receding from our mortal sight, Had paid to error her last sacrifice?
Can we forget the power that gave us life? Shall we forget the wisdom of its way?
Then ask me not, amid this mortal strife, -- This keenest pang of animated, clay, --
To mourn him less: to mourn him more were just, If to his memory 'twere a tribute given
For every solemn, sacred, earnest trust
Delivered to us ere he rose to heaven.
heaven but the happiness of that calm soul, Growing in stature to the throne of God:
Rest should reward him who hath made us whole, Seeking, though tremblers, where his footsteps trod."
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