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"This isnt exactly with the current thread of things, but I thought Id take a moment to share a little bit about my experiences organizing the workshop that Dale did in Maine a week or two ago for anyone else who may be pondering a similar venture. Hard to believe it has been nearly two weeks. Atlin and the whole energy of the workshop has stayed with me far more sincerely than most of the other catchable things going.
Having been with Atlin and Dale once previously, I had an idea of what I was getting into, but I think that some of the people who responded to my invitation did not. My experience of being there was that all of the people I knew personally were very pleasantly surprised, to say the least, with the information and the energy of the whole event. Ive heard several people use the words life-changing in reference to the time together that weekend, and my own take on that is that the glimpse we received of "Life without Illusion" was sufficient to install a great hope and joy in our hearts that needs no justification at all. It just appears and says hello.
The type of weekend it was is apparent in the fact that not 300 yards from the site of the workshop there was a local yardsale stocked full of old books on sound, natural science and philosophy, Creation, etc. The whole event was enjoyable in a very sincere and easy way.
So anyway, those are some of my thoughts about the type of weekend that it was. Thoughts may differ from one to the next, but I think that Atlin and the Creator and all involved had great things to offer everyone in attendance." MM

Dear Dale-
I am sure you probably get many responses such as this, but WOW!!!!!!! WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!
It was so spectacular and unexpected and I was truly moved. Now I know why I broke my usual pride thing and worked a barter to be there instead of ignoring the feeling that I had to try.
Atlin and you are quite a pair. Thank you for the extra surge you added to the copper sphere I purchased when you placed your hand over it. It really increased the vibration and heat.
Going back to work today was the real task. When ever I sat in the neutral space formed by the two opposing cyclones a voice said loudly to get out. So now I am trying to figure out if I wasnt in the neutral spot or if when I am quiet and removed from the tension and chaos of work I hear that true voice telling me to find another job!!!
It was also hard not to just want to be surrounded by the feeling Atlin brings. So I left work early to go be with my copper sphere. (Which I have set near my fathers seat in the living room and am watching to see if there is a difference. Then maybe I can talk to him about it.)
Thank you again so much. I didnt even swear today!!!! What a difference thinking of the butterfly wing movement and my swearing having the same effect on the universe.
OHHHHH one last thing. When I handed the sphere to my 2 1/2 yr old great nephew to hold, he held it to his chest and said it made him want to laugh. We are calling it our giggle ball when he visits.
Thank you again- Love- D.
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