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Why subscribe to SVPwiki? The SVPwiki has over 1700 pages of organized, referenced and linked content (more being added daily) covering primarily Keely's Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, Walter and Lao Russell's work and that of Cayce, Bearden, Bloomfield-Moore, Grant Allen, Reimann, many others', conventional science and physics, music, philosophy and spirituality. The SVPwiki explains such comnments as "All force is Mind Force." (Keely) and links matter to Mind and Spirit and explains the fundamental laws and principles that govern all that is. If you are into Free Energy here is where you will find the fundamentals, laws and working principles to develop it.

Access to the SVPwiki is by subscription only. This is to assure we have interested and motivated co-researchers participating in this ongoing work to develop a legitimate scientific application useful for practical purposes and to insure this wiki project and diverse SVP research projects have adequate and continuing funding.

There are two levels of subscription: Yearly and Life Time subscriptions and membership. The payment gateway below is secure PayPal. If you don't use PayPal call 866-604-3463 Toll Free to use MasterCard or Visa.

Yearly Subscription. This level of research association is available for now only $50.00. Yearly subscription includes editing privileges and access to blogs and forums in the SVPwiki.

Subscribe to Yearly Subscription $50.00

Life Time Subscription and Membership. This level of research association will include but not be limited to those who have already purchased the SVP Cosmology or have purchased the Life Time membership at a value now only $249.00. Life Time Membership includes editing privileges in the SVPwiki, access to blogs, forums, periodic updates and participation in the Pond Science Institute's ongoing research projects.

Life Time Subscription and Membership $249.00

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Please visit the IRSwiki, SVPwiki and UBOTwiki