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School Front view

The SVP Center - La Junta, Colorado

The building has approximately 15,000 sq. ft. on three floors and nearly an acre of land (one half a city block). The middle floor and portions of the lower floor were divided into many small office spaces by the school board some years ago and was used as school board administration offices. These offices are wired for a multi-plex phone system and extensive ethernet wiring for access to an intranet and the internet. Adequate and up-to-date power for the building has been installed. Little by little the building is being brought back into use. Parking areas can accommodate 15-20 vehicles plus alley and street parking on all four sides. A slide show movie (QT) can be seen here:

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The purpose of this property is to be my home and then some time down the road allow the expansion of what SVP has been doing since 1985: research and development of the various sciences and technologies encompassed by SVP, teaching, healing, workshops, conferences, library & archive facilities, sales and marketing and prototype development all within contexts of community. Community being those rare individuals who are able and willing to be involved and work and play with others, have necessary informational and spiritual backgrounds and have shown they are able and willing to work within the framework of cooperative efforts. Many have already indicated their interest in coming to the SVP Center to work, play, study, teach and co-develop many different projects. I predict our expanding healing interests will eventually develop into what Cayce called a "Temple Beautiful" wherein people will come from all over to experience deep and permanent healings on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well as learn the deeper nature of Mind, Heart and Matter.

The property will be placed into a trust which will own the property. In this manner clear title will survive me and continue on under other trustee(s). My business (DSR) will lease portions of the property from the trust, which is also a trust that will survive me so my years of work will not perish as so often happens with leading-edge researchers.

Before all is said and done additional funds will be required for upgrading of bathroom and kitchen facilities and office furnishings and other code compliance issues. Some of this is needed fairly soon while some can be addressed over time. A friend of mine who is a licensed electrician has upgraded the power and other wiring needs. Others have volunteered to help with moving, painting where needed and similar tasks. If you feel you can be of assistance in this please give me a call and well talk about it.
Dale Pond

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