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The Keely Musical Dynasphere
Dale Pond, March, 1996
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In the reinventing of the original Keely Musical Dynasphere there are evident many known and unknown realities of science and engineering. Through the process of developing this device a great deal of new knowledge has come to light and new ways of looking at old knowledge. The device works from a complex combination of these old and new concepts. This paper details some of the theory behind some of dynamics and their origin and operation. Keely harnessed MIND FORCE in his machines and devices.


The dynasphere worked 100 years ago before many hundreds of credible witnesses including the best engineers and scientists of that time. The one we are developing is somewhat different but will also work just as well. The fundamental functional principles are not generally recognized by orthodox and dogmatic science. However these are simple and more or less easy to explain to others because there is a great deal in this machine that is recognized by orthodoxy. It helps if the audience knows something about vibration to begin with. It would take a book or two to explain the whole thing. Let it suffice here, for brevity, that this device is a scalar developer (phase-conjugate polarizer) and differentiator (refractive modulator) in only one aspect of its construction and interactive functions. Nothing like it is known anywhere to my knowledge. Scalar is the wrong word however because it conveys the wrong or incomplete concept of this awesome phenomena but scalar helps you along towards what is being meant. Here, Keelys terminology will serve us better. This complex and dynamic STATE of energy is really a neutral state which manifests with bipolar (positive/negative) characteristics. Motion or liberated force comes from the interplay of these three states all of which originate from the Full Harmonic Chord or what I call the Grand or Prime Neutral. This is also the so-called Zero-Point energy state, again a poor descriptive. The word vacuum is good as long as one does not forget there is no such thing a no-thing.

This Prime Neutral State, manifesting bi-polarly, is superconductivity in essence (Mind) brought about by the dynamical characteristics of sympathetic vibration which of course is a result of harmonized propagated vibrational phenomena. This is much better understood by reading this article.

Go back and reread the above paragraph. This is the key. All science of the future will derive its new foundation and origin from this little known and understood concept. Mathematically it could be said this device is a Quaternion exhibitor having some of its dynamical activities defined according to higher realms of number. Another way of looking at this math side is the generation of higher (much higher) harmonics and partials, these being the matrix or vibration sea of infinite energy (Mind) playing about (within and without) the dynasphere. Some people refer to these higher realms of energy states as etheric and they are not wrong but neither are they complete or comprehensive. I apologize for the use of so many big and sometimes unusual words. Unfortunately this area of investigation requires a mighty stretch on all of our parts. Anything new, and this is really new, requires a challenge to be overcome - mostly of the personal intellectual (knowledge) and spiritual (belief) types. The arrangements within and of this device are the setting up or establishing of polarizations of forces. To date there have been identified polarizations of the: 1) Granite Slab and the Base Plate; 2) the black and white sublimates on the inside; 3) the bottom and mouth of each resonator; 4) the Center and Surface of the sphere; 5) the to and fro of the Base Plate Strings; 6) multiple polarizations within the Base Plate. The resultant rotary motion is from the destabilization of these many balancing acts. Keely used to call it polarization and depolarization. Here are some direct quotes on the matter. The following is important. While we may not be dealing with magnetism per se (excepting through the Base Plate fields or influences) magnetism does play a part in the overall matrix of all energy as any of it activates on and through the earth plane. In other words, magnetism is fundamental in nature to pretty near all else and figures into the dynasphere. What is of great importance are the descriptions of the dynamics as discussed.

Sir Isaac Newton, in his "Fundamental Principle of Natural Philosophy" calls the magnetic agent the "Soul of the World." Keely: "Electricity and magnetism are shown to be differential in character by progressive subdivision, which also shows the magnetic flow to be but one of the triune family. Electricity and magnetism would be interchangeable if magnetism could be conducted, and in this difference we must look for the actual character of the forces they represent. The rotation of the magnetic needle produced in my researching instruments proves conclusively that the mutual interchange between electricity and magnetism is a differentiated vibratory difference, the dominant and enharmonic exchanging compliments with each other in a differential manner - that is, by vibratory interference ratio, thus inducing rotation, which is caused simply by polarization and depolarization. The explanation of the magnetic flow is very simple. The harmonic attractive chord, thirds, induces nodal interference on the harmonic current in the earths polar stream, and it moves toward the negative pole to flow out through the positive end. The diversion of the harmonic portion of the stream from the dominant portion causes the magnet to assume its position. The state of matter existing in polarized light is the same as that existing in magnetic force. Both are interatomic and travel in the same path, assimilating in a definite time period to continue in the same ray, although in my experiments, one is evolved before the other. The frequencies and modes of vibration of polarized light are a "pure coincident" (simple vibrational ratio) of that subdivision of matter known as magnetism. The action of the magnetic flow is dual, being both attractive and propulsive. The inclination to the right or left of the plane in which this subtle flow moves has nothing to do with positive or negative conditions. The essential difference between what is called positive electricity and negative electricity, is simply a difference in vibration, which are either propulsive (positive or dominant) or receptive (negative or harmonic). The flow can be right or left receptive or right or left propulsive. The positive vibrations are the radiant (having affinity for the celestial) while the negative vibrations are the concentrative or focalizing - having affinity for neutral centers. The vibrational frequency governing the magnetic flow comes under the "first inter-atomic" and ranges from 300,000 to 780,000 per second. This is the first order above odor and permeates the glass molecules of the compass cover as air permeates a sieve. The course of this sympathetic flow is governed by the full harmonic chord and consequently moves in straight lines, its sympathetic transmission being free from molecular interference. When a steel bar induces magnetism in an iron mass it does not depreciate its own power one iota. The latent force in the unmagnetized bar is sympathetically brought into action and this can go on indefinitely, adding mass after mass to the chain of attracted objects, without depreciating or exhausting the power of the magnet itself. However, age is shown in the magnet in somewhat the same manner as in the human organism. Whether used or not a magnet gradually loses activity until at last it becomes inert, without any magnetism whatever. We may call this the decay of magnetic power. A magnet does not induct magnetism in its keeper - this is merely sympathetic outreach of a very limited range. Magnetism is not associated with the neutral center. The neutral center represents only molecular focalization and redistribution, and is not directly associated with magnetism. However, when the "radiant" elements already generated are submitted to compound vibration of their mass thirds, rotation ceases and they become magnetic. That is, they cease their equatorial revolution and possibly circulate through meridian sectors of the envelope instead. Like poles do not repel each other, for there is "sympathetic equation" the same as in unlike poles. Like or unlike poles become attractive on a differentiation of 33 1/3 against 100 being established between them, and likewise become repellant on differentiating them 66 2/3 of the one against 100 of the other, simply by sympathetic resonant vibrations. Magnetism has no outreach as has sympathetic negative attraction, but it pervades all terrestrial and planetary masses. Magnetism is highly electrical in character, in fact, is born of electricity, whereas negative attraction is not electrical. Negative attraction, however, displays a sympathetic outreach for magnetism. Sympathetic negative attraction reaches from planet to planet, but magnetism does not, for it is static. Sympathetic negative attraction is born of the celestial and impregnates every mass in space, linking itself to all electric and magnetic conditions and all spatial masses in turn are subservient to celestial outreach. All the magnets in the world could not induce rotation, no matter how differentiated, but polar negative attraction induces rotation." Keely speaks of the magnet indicating the "dominant electric flow". The static position assumed by the magnetic needle proves the dominant to control the triple flow in the terrestrial magnetic envelope, the two other elements being obliged to coordinate themselves to it. By altering the dominant alone, that is, by changing intermittently its vibrations by "triple vibrations" antagonistic to its continuous flow (by interference) Keely secured rapid rotation of the magnetic needle. This periodic interference with the dominant, the controlling element, changes polarity and rotation follows. He thought the existence of the Polar Stream necessary to all life. This may possibly be shown by its necessity in crystallization. Keely proved to his own satisfaction that the magnetic element in the molecule contains the negative power through which it forms aggregates. The sympathetic stream between sun and earth, by its positive and negative interchange, keeps the magnetic force in the polar envelope intact, making this polar envelope a great magnet of itself. The "negative sympathetic portion" of the polar stream (having neutral affinity) is the magnetic flow proper and coincides sympathetically with the "second atomic flow". The time approaches when electric magnetic waves will be produced with an outreach of two feet, as powerful at that distance as is now shown when the keep is almost touching the poles. These waves will demonstrate a radiating force too stupendous for measurement with present instruments." (from The Snell Manuscript primarily).

The energy of Mind (chi) as it is used to bend spoons is the same energy used and acts dynamically in portions of this device. I noticed this when handling the first B flat resonator. After a few minutes of handling this piece of metal it took on the same qualities as a spoon does just prior to be bent. This energy is sensed by its warmth, slipperiness, giggliness and sympathetic attraction of the naval chakra. According to Cayce this central area is actually the center of one of the major vibratory patterns in the human body manifesting in a figure eight pattern. It is through this center that certain energy flows can be manipulated, energized or balanced. Perhaps there is a sympathetic connection then established between the neutrals of the body and the spoon? This, of course, would be a superconductive or sympathetic (love) link. There is much more about this little tid-bit that will become known as we proceed. The reports of martial arts practitioners moving instantly from a quiet, still position to high-energy chopping or other movements are well known and documented. These lightning actions are loaded with immense amounts of kinetic energy and are known to render planks, cement blocks and other objects into splinters in the blink of an eye. Are we looking at this same energy and energy matrix that these practitioners use? "Out of harmony comes discord." (Keely) It sure looks that way.... The chi energy is of the higher dimensions (etheric = 5th and the higher dimensions as given in the Matter and Energy Chart) which transduces down to the lower realms and then manifests through the physical as the metallic components, the dynamic properties and the resultant rotary motion itself. A simple thing once understood properly. In this regard this device may be accurately considered as a living entity as it has its very existence sanctified or acknowledged on all levels of existence (states of energy and matter). And also:

the source of the motivative energy is from on high (highest energy dimensions - Mind and above) so to speak and not of this lower 3rd dimensional plane (earth). Sound familiar?

The very building of and acknowledgement of this device is a recognition of the Most High realms.

The making and handling of parts must be done with a sort of reverence or harmonious attitude just as though one were preparing to bend a spoon. The act is done through cooperation as opposed to the standard force or rape the metal attitude. This is the old and now familiar Sledge Hammer approach and this will not work in this science of vibratory physics. Here are a couple of quotes from Cayce giving some insight into how a group of people (minds) effects things or conditions of things. Also shown are dynamics of forces as being parts of organized wholes. Reference to electrical in nature refers to the unbalanced dual nature of electricity as opposed to the balanced dual nature of magnetism. (See Russells stuff.) The former is dynamic (male/enharmonic) and seeks balance the latter is kinetic (female/harmonic) and seeks expression. The atomic forces (polarizations) we are building into the sphere are electrical in nature and it is these that will transduce or transform (mode shift) into rotary motion.

Section 2 of This Document

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