Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - It’s a Musical Universe
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SVP Projects

Vibratory Rotation

Achieving vibratory rotation has been and continues to be our chief scientific and engineering focus. In our replications of Keelys devices (the musical dynaspheres) we have already achieved intermittent rotation (and considerable other etheric (psi) effects) but not yet continuous rotation. Our continuing research and experimentation has yielded considerable understanding of how this ubiquitous and universal natural rotation occurs. Whether that rotation manifests as spinning atoms, tornados, hurricanes, rotating planets or galaxies. Once this technology is developed and proven out it will power autonomous power units furnishing electricity, farm irrigation pumping and myriads of industrial uses.

Life Force (Chi) Measuring Instrumentation

SVP has entered into a new (but old) research project: developing a meter to measure Life Force sometimes known as Chi, Qi, psi, bio-energy, etc. We feel we are in a unique position to tackle this project. Our near 30 years of intense research into the subtle energy forces affords us a leading edge position in understanding dynamics and rendering those concepts and principles into material form such as patentable measuring instruments and similar devices.

Solar/Stirling/Browns Gas Domestic Power System

The world can benefit from small decentralized power generation systems. These systems would be greater than 25 kw and less than 100 kw. Such systems could power farms, small industries, large buildings, clusters of homes and serve as backup power for the local grid. These systems would be hydrid designs of solar heated Stirling generation units providing electricity and create Browns Gas to be stored for operating the Stirling unit at night or in cooler weather.

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Please visit the IRSwiki, SVPwiki and UBOTwiki