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Information as found in the Edgar Cayce readings.
7. (Q) Please give me the cause and cure for the so-called psoriasis with which I am troubled.
(A) The cause is the thinning of the walls of the intestinal system, which allows the escaping of poisons - or the absorption of same by the muco-membranes which surround same, and becomes effective in the irritation through the lymph and emunctory reactions in the body.
An effective cure for same is first being mindful of the diet, during the periods when these necessary elements would be given for creating those activities within the system to close such conditions:
In the system we would use elm water and saffron water. These would be taken in the ordinary drinking water, during periods of one, two to three weeks at a time. All the drinking water, carrying, then, either a small quantity of elm or the Saffron.
For this adds to the assimilating system those properties that become effective to the aiding of building within the system itself those conditions that will overcome such activities in the system.
The diet during such periods should be more of vegetables than of meats or sweets, so that there are those reactions that make for better unification in the membranes reaction within the body.
These will be found to be most effective with this body.
T0289-002 M [Pg 2
15. Pancreas, spleen and gall ducts show irritation; and fullness in the gall duct, as torpidity in the liver would naturally indicate; as well as disturbances in the jejunum where thinning of the walls of the intestines makes for disturbing forces. [Psoriasis]
T0289-007 M [Pg 2]
13. (Q) In his present condition would it be well for him to use the remedy for psoriasis given in a previous Reading? [See 289-1, Par. 7-A].
(A) This is very well; the elm and the saffron. These, though, do not take until there has been a thorough reaction from the quinine and senna - which are the active principles in the Bromo-Laxative Quinine. This is a bromide, with senna and quinine.
T0315-006 M [Pg 2]
18. (Q) What should be done for small patches on skin in nature of Psoriasis?
(A) As indicated, the character of the rubs and the establishing of a better circulation - especially through the irrigations, the fumes, the diets, and the precautions in those things indicated, will remove these disturbances.
Get the poisons out of the system through the colonic, the sweats and massages - which will also bring relief from the muscular aches and pains.
T0641-005 M [Pg 2]
12. (Q) Does the skin condition still come from thinning of intestinal walls, as indicated? Would you advise any local application when it is irritating?
(A) As it is a psora [psoriasis] condition, its action or activity is from [seepages] through the small intestines.
Use Resinol, - but use it at night and then you wont have to have it on during the day when you go about and among people.
T0992-002 M [Pg 2]
8. (Q) Will the Forces suggest a local application for the speedy and complete removal of psoriasis patches all over the body?
(A) Lets get at the base of the condition, if we would make a COMPLETE removal of the conditions! These may NOT be done speedily, for the CAUSES must be removed, else we will have a continued return of the condition. The eliminations as set, or by those activities in the manipulative forces with those properties as given into the system - and later with those applications as may be given, as just outlined - will make for a removal of these splotches.
02 F [Pg 4]
24. (Q) Will the psoriasis infection which attacked me strenuously during the past year be recurrent?
(A) Not if the corrections are made that are causing or producing same, as has been outlined.
25. (Q) Is the suggested vaccination recommended as a probable cure?
(A) This would only add later to disorders. Make the CORRECTIONS of not only those incentives from the cerebro-spinal system, but of the organ itself - that is not in align. With the manipulations in those specific centers, and with the strengthening of the muscular forces with the proper activities in the exercises as is suggested - in the open; that is, any of those that are not so strenuous as to produce too much heaviness in the torso portion of body - that exercise as would be taken of morning and evening of bending forward; that is, with the tips of fingers to the floor, will be MOST helpful - but DO NOT make too strenuous! This preferably done in the open. Following the exercise and the eliminations, taking those properties as outlined, we will have a perfectly normal body.
26. (Q) Should the manipulations be osteopathically given?
(A) Osteopathically, or chiropractically - if given in an osteopathic manner. These CORRECTIONS must be made, but the manipulations for the whole system will aid much. But do not leave out the properties as have been given, for each of the medicinal properties have their specific activity upon the various forms and conditions as have been described that have arisen within the system itself, giving tone, giving vitality, giving those forces - or adding that vibration within the stomach itself to create FOR the system a perfect medicine chest within the stomach, that will produce for the building body that necessary for a perfect functioning. We are through for the present.
T2455-002 F [Pg 2]
20. (Q) Is there an absolute cure for psoriasis?
(A) Most of this is found in diet. There is a cure. It requires patience, persistence - and right thinking also.
21. (Q) Why have I not responded more to following the treatments outlined?
(A) The body has responded very well. There has not been the healing of the thinned walls or perforations through the small intestines, because of the lack of time and the need - now - to supply those things that work with the lymph flow through the areas - that is, the properties indicated to be taken internally, and the local applications to remove the re-infections that come to the epidermis itself.
Do these and we will find bettered conditions.
T2491-001 F [Pg 4]
39. (Q) What causes and what should be done for psoriasis?
(A) As just indicated, the preparing and taking into the system of those properties that will aid in CORRECTING these nerve tensions, as produced by lack of the vital forces to produce the proper reactions.
T2491-005 F [Pg 1]
9. (Q) Why does the psoriasis appear worse?
(A) The toxic conditions and perforations are worse, through the lack of adherence in diet. Hence the purifying of the colon should aid the more.
T3032-001 F [Pg 2]
4. Thus the activities of the lymph and emunctory circulations through these portions carry that humor into the lymph circulation, which causes that irritation to the skin called psoriasis.
5. We find that this may be materially aided. As it has become a constitutional disturbance, this will require time, until there is the toning up or the setting of the activity of the system in such a manner as to allay the conditions produced, and correct the SOURCES of these disturbances through the body.
6. The colon also, we find, is tending toward an engorgement or plethora; thus forming portions in same where prolapsus and the lack of proper eliminations through these channels are gradually becoming more and more a part of the disorder.
7. As we find, we would first begin with a specific form of hydrotherapy. So far as the colon is concerned, this should be corrected in a little while.
8. Have these hydrotherapy treatments eighteen days apart. First there should be the colonic irrigation. Be careful in giving the first colonics that there is used the solutions to prevent weakening the body; that is, not just plain water, but in the first two waters, especially, put a level teaspoonful of table salt and half a teaspoonful of baking soda to each half gallon of water to be injected - and have the water near body temperature. In the last rinse water, put a tablespoonful of Glyco-Thymoline as the intestinal antiseptic.
9. Following the colonic there should be given, preferably, the hot and cold showers, or needle showers.
10. Then have a thorough rubdown.
11. Have at least two of these hydrotherapy treatments, given in this specific manner, see?
12. Then, after the second one - not before - we would begin taking each day a cup of Saffron Tea (American Saffron). This would be made fresh daily. Put just a pinch of the Saffron, between the thumb and forefinger, in a cup and pour boiling water over same. Let it steep for twenty to thirty minutes. Strain, and drink the whole quantity.
13. Also at the same time begin taking, following the heavier meal of the day, half a teaspoonful of Milk of Bismuth stirred in a glass of water, with ten drops of Elixir of Lactated Pepsin in same.
14. After a period of some twenty days of taking the Bismuth in this manner, it may be necessary to have another colonic irrigation.
15. Keep up the Saffron, after that, for at least a period of three to four months; not quite so often then, but about three times a week, the Milk of Bismuth and the Pepsin.
16. At the end of three months, begin using the Violet Ray - hand machine, bulb applicator - about a minute each evening when ready to retire. Give this to self, preferably, and do this for some two to three weeks. This should be applied along the whole length of the spine - come away from the head to the center of the spine, and then go from the end of the spine - or preferably from the soles of the feet - up to the 9th dorsal; downward to and up to the 9th dorsal, see, but not more than a minute at the time.
17. Then start at the beginning and repeat all of these things suggested, throughout.
18. After the first twenty to thirty days there should be found some relief, but keep up the rest of these - if the sources and the effects are to be eliminated from the body.
19. As to other general conditions through the body, most all of these will be aided by the applications. For the general system will be built up.
20. Do these, and we will make better conditions for the body.
21. In the matter of diet, - beware of too much fats or greases at any time. Do include a great deal of seafoods of every character in the diet.
22. Have plenty of the leafy rather than pod or tuberous vegetables.
23. Eat plenty of fruit, whole grain cereals.
24. And do take the artichoke - both kinds - once or twice each week.
T3827-001 F [Pg 2]
14. (Q) Mr. Cayce, what is the scientific name for this bodys condition on the arms and hands?
(A) Cuticle psoriasis, a condition produced in the system whereby the body, through its blood supply, attempts to eliminate the toxins carried in the blood where they are not eliminated through their proper functionings on account of this condition. Names do not mean anything for the condition of this body.
T5016-001 F [Pg 2]
15. (Q) Is psoriasis always from the same cause?
(A) No, but it is more often from the lack of proper coordination in the eliminating systems. At times the pressures may be in those areas disturbing the equilibrium between the heart and liver, or between heart and lungs. But it is always caused by a condition of lack of lymph circulation through alimentary canal and by absorption of such activities through the body.
R0277-001 M [Pg 2]
About twenty years ago a man suffering from a trouble which the doctors had pronounced psoriasis, had a reading. He was told in the reading that he was merely suffering from a disturbed digestion, and that it was only necessary for him to eat five pears a day - three in the morning and two in the evening, and that in thirty days the trouble would disappear and not bother him anymore.
R2970-002 F [Pg 7]
General health seemed good but do remember that several years before I had a severe case of Psoriasis. Several kinds of treatment such as soda baths, starch baths etc., etc., were given all increasing the condition if anything... finally osteopathic treatments with salts cleaning both ex and internal cleared up the condition... Think was given some advice about diet but do not remember what it was.
The above is only connection I can find with the reading reference to the condition at times producing "rash" - after the condition cleared I had not been subject to returns of that or other rashes. But this in its origin may have been due to the condition which he found.
R5016-001 F [Pg 14]
R11. 9/7/71 Letter from Mrs. Anna Mae Chmielinski, Delvon, N.J.:
"I have used many of the medical readings of Edgar Cayce with good results. Psoriasis disappeared from my scalp for the first time in twenty-six or so years by using ground elm in water, saffron tea and other suggestions. I consider what I have gotten from my A.R.E. membership invaluable."
R12. 2/16/72 Letter from Darrell M. Dewease, Denver, CO:
"In way of testimonial: I have suffered with psoriasis since the age of 13; I am now 26. A doctor friend and follower of Cayce recommended Edgar Cayces cure, and it works incredibly. Other doctors dont believe it, but I am walking proof of Cayces enlightenment... This is the procedure I followed:
1) Rochelle salts, sulphur, cream of tartar - 1 tsp. ea. in water daily.
2) Follow with yellow saffron tea (pinch in cup boiling water steep 30 min.)
3) Elm bark H2O 3 times/week in A.M.
4) ELIMINATE sweets, fats and pastries. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
5) Saffron tea and Mullein Tea.
6) Cuticura ointment and Resinol ointment daily.
This cure was obtained for me by Dr. Mike McCaffery, D.O., 1347 N. Plumer, Tucson, AZ 85719, and I am sure that any communication from you would be received graciously by him."
R13. 4/2/73
Report on Dorothy Y. Hart, a case of Psoriasis sent by her husband, Anthony R. Hart, D.C. using treatment in 5016-1:
Please help us to further research of the Cayce physical readings by completing and returning to us this report form. Well appreciate your giving special attention to specific suggestions for treatment given in the Cayce readings and results - either positive or negative. Your findings will help us to evaluate the effectiveness of the readings today. Return to Edgar Cayce Foundation, Box 595, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, upon completion of case.
Name Dorothy Y. Hart
Address "Rossmoyne Park" Hessel Rd. Berwick 3806 Vic. Australia
Sex F Age 50 Wt. 126 B.P. 135/80 Diagnosis Psoriasis
Pertinent Past History General Health Good. Psoriasis for 30 yrs.
History of Present Illness and Treatment: Various medications internal & external
Abnormal Physical Findings: Skin Lesions over 30% body area. Enlarged cervical lymph glands
Total Treatment Program: See enclosed report [See below]
Patient Cooperation: Excellent X Good Poor None at all
Summary of Results (subjective, objective): Complete Cure
[signed] Anthony R. Hart, D.C. Participating Physician (degree)
[Enclosed Report]
MEMO: Mr. Robert Clapp.
Subject: Treatment of Psoriasis for Dorothy Y. Hart, age 50 years.
At the age of 18 years, the condition began in the scalp, fairly severely. The scalp became irritable, inflamed and covered in thick white scale. Some suppuration was evident. This condition was treated externally with various medications for several months without result, but after approximately two years natural remission occurred leaving only one lesion in the occipital area which persisted until treatment was applied as described below.
Following the first remission, psoriasis lesions appeared intermittently on the scalp and occasionally on other body surface areas but these usually cleared up. During early marriage period, Mrs. Hart received a number of chiropractic adjustments and this, together with a better diet and three successful pregnancies, probably accounted for an effective control of the condition except for the lesion permanently situated in the occipital area.
Seven years ago, lesions appeared on the scalp, behind the ears and other lesions became evident on various parts of the body but were most severe on the elbows, legs, abdominal area and base of the spine. This condition became worse very rapidly with the lesions growing in size and new ones appearing almost daily.
Several skin specialists were consulted and various medications were used including cortico-steroids internally and externally. Also ray treatment was used, both X-ray and ultra-violet. Instead of improving, the condition deteriorated. Finger nails became diseased, and there was marked swelling of the cervical lymph glands. No medication appeared to have any effect and although some chiropractic adjustments were given at this time, there did not seem to be any change in the condition.
During the Christmas, 1971 when the writer visited the United States, a copy of "The Sleeping Prophet" accidentally was acquired by the writer. The A.R.E. was immediately contacted and the circulating file on psoriasis was sent airmail to Australia. The file was digested and treatment was selected which seemed to most fit this particular case.
1. Diet was regulated. General dietary habits were good with the exception that too much refined carbohydrate was ingested. The diet described by the Edgar Cayce readings was implemented (see psoriasis file).
2. A number of high colonic irrigations were given also according to the file.
3. A series of chiropractic adjustments were initiated, these included adjustments of Atlas, 5th, 6th and 9th dorsals, 3rd lumbar and, as we believe, most importantly, coccyx. The coccyx has never been adjusted before but after the first coccyx adjustment, marked improvement commenced. The adjustments were given thrice weekly for about 6 weeks and at least weekly since although the coccyx has only been adjusted three times in all.
4. Saffron and camomile teas were given on alternate nights and ground elm bark was added to all drinking water.
5. Cuticura ointment only was used (Resinol was unavailable in Australia) as a palliative.
6. Three castor oil packs were used within three weeks, applied over the abdominal area. The packs were applied hot and covered with an electric blanket and left in situ for one hour.
Within two weeks a noticeable change had occurred in all lesions. Scale disappeared and the reddened areas began to fade. Within eight weeks all lesions had disappeared including the 30 year old occipital patch. Within twelve weeks, the whole appearance of the skin had changed.
Where it was fairly dry and slightly rough to the touch appeared to have a radiance and silkiness usually observed only in very young people. The hair fairly coarse and lifeless became soft, easily managed and natural colouring re-appeared.
The finger nails returned to normal and the swelling of the cervical lymph glands reduced to a barely palpable size.
It is now 15 months since the treatment commenced and there has been no evidence of recurrence. Mrs. Hart still observes reasonable dietary control and has regular chiropractic adjustments and ensures regular bowel action but has discontinued the use of the herbal remedies.
The writer feels from 25 years experience as a practising chiropractor that this was a severe and chronic condition. The opinion must also be expressed that the basic factor in the cause of psoriasis is interference to the normal functioning of the nerve system due to vertebral subluxations. At the same time, it is obvious that the interference was not properly removed over a prolonged period, so that although the condition was controlled to a degree, the body was eventually unable to cope with the damage done to the intestinal linings by the prolonged nerve pressures which remained. We are unable to say how much benefit was obtained from internal herbal medication, but we do feel that the high colonic irrigation must certainly have helped the body to expel accumulated toxic material.
Quite large quantities of natural grape juice was consumed within the first two or three weeks which may have been of great help. Interestingly enough, after the first three weeks, Mrs. Hart was quite unable to face grape juice again!
The spinal adjustments given regularly according to the circulating file, especially that of the coccyx seems, in the writers opinion, to have had an immediate beneficial effect.
There is no doubt that in this condition which was accompanied by considerable toxidity, the improvement in diet, including the grape juice and the continued avoidance of large quantities of refined carbohydrate must be considered essential.
[signed] Anthony R. Hart, D.C.
R14. 5/30/74
Report from Beverly Cato, 1 Cranbourn Ct., Greensboro, N.C. 27405:
"Last summer after joining the A.R.E., I obtained the Circulating File, Skin:Psoriasis. My fourteen year old son had been afflicted with this ailment for six years and had fifty-cent size patches on his scalp as well as elbows and stomach. From the psoriasis file I learned that this disease is caused by the thinning of the walls of the intestinal tract, allowing toxins to leak into the circulatory system.
"Following suggestions from the readings, I put a pinch of ground elm bark into a glass of water and stirred it, letting the solution stand at least three or four minutes, but no more than twenty, before drinking. I gave this to him once a day and in ten days all traces of the psoriasis were gone and have not returned. To be on the safe side, he continues to have his elm bark drink with his dinner each night."
R15. 8/19/75
Report from Mrs. Robert Gibson:
"Some time ago, I wrote you about how much help the A.R.E. records gave me on how to treat psoriasis with success!
"My husbands father had a severe case of psoriasis all over his body. After many visits to many doctors who admitted they did not know the cause or treatment for psoriasis, he accepted experimental treatment from well known dermatologists. They used mostly chemical ointments and covered the areas with dressings. He told me that the treatments brought on cancer of both extremities. He was forced to have both legs amputated above the knees.
"My husbands psoriasis started when he was about twenty years old. He first noticed the scabs in his scalp, then lesions on both knees and elbows. By the time he was thirty years old, both lower arms, both legs and much of his body was covered with these scabs which burned and itched unbearably. His scratching left his clothes and bedding very bloody. He used Vaseline jelly to keep the lesions soft, and spent at least two hours daily under the sun lamp. The last doctor he consulted told him that if there was a cure for psoriasis, he would cure himself first! This doctor suggested applications of cuticura ointment to the lesions, and to be out in the sun as much as possible. The diet was to be low in fat and carbohydrates, and high in proteins. In following these suggestions, my husband was able to control the symptoms enough so that he could work in an office. But the skin condition remained.
"About four years ago, a friend gave us the book on Edgar Cayce THE SLEEPING PROPHET, which treatment for psoriasis was mentioned. We went to Virginia Beach and I, a registered nurse, proceeded to read (all I could find at the A.R.E. library) on the treatment for psoriasis. We accepted the following directions:
1. No sweets or pastries.
2. Low fat diet.
3. Much less meat than eaten previously; mostly fish, fowl and lamb.
4. Many vegetables cooked and at least one raw vegetable salad daily.
5. Saffron or mullein tea before meals once a day.
"He is now free of most of the condition. He must stick to the diet or he will break out again. We know by experience..."
R16. 1/15/76
Report from William Culmone
206 Bay Blvd.
Seaside Heights, N. J. 08751
To Whom It May Concern:
RE: Psoriasis Report
This is to verify that the photographs presented in this report, as well as the sequence in which they were taken, were in fact taken at the specified intervals reported herein at the office of Dr. John O. A. Pagano. [See Par. R17 below.]
The case history and the outline of treatment, which was based on the Edgar Cayce readings on Psoriasis, is accurate in every detail.
The Psoriasis I have suffered with for the past fifteen years has virtually "cleared up" in a period of three months from the start of treatment, July 21, 1975. Now (January 15, 1976) I can honestly state that there has been no recurrence whatsoever.
A re-evaluation and follow-up statement will be made approximately six months from this date.
Date: Jan. 15, 1976 [signed] William Culmone
In the presence of:
[signed] Minnie Culmone [signed] Dr. John O. A. Pagano
Note: Of particular mention is the work of Frederick D. Lansford, Jr., M.D. for his work in compiling Psoriasis recommendations for the Medical Research Division of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and presented in the Physicians Reference Notebook, edited by William A. McGarey, M.D., Director.
R17. See Source File Key #5016 for photographs of Psoriasis Case of William Culmone from July 15, 1975 to October 16, 1975 taken at specified intervals at the office of Dr. John O. A. Pagano re 5016-1.
R18. 1/15/76 Report returned from Dr. Pagano:
Case No. 1 Name Culmone, William
Address 206 Bay Blvd., Seaside Hts. City, State New Jersey 08751
Sex M Age 65 Wt. B.P. Diagnosis Psoriasis (Advanced)
Pertinent Past History The patient developed Psoriasis approximately 15 years ago. Various treatments through the years brought some relief, but nothing significant.
History of Present Illness and Treatment:
Abnormal Physical Findings: Obviously, the lesions themselves constitute the abnormal findings. Mr. Culmone has lesions, some massive in nature, in all areas of the body, including the scalp and ears. - The cause of Psoriasis, Reading 3373-1, has been given as being due to a thinning of intestinal walls thereby causing a "leakage" of toxic products into the circulation which find their way into the lymph flow of the skin.
Total Treatment Program: Treatment, as per the Edgar Cayce Readings, was centered on internal cleansing of the body. This was accomplished by the following:
1. Colonic irrigations.
2. Dietary measures.
3. Specific adjustments of the spine.
4. The taking of Herbal Teas.
5. Drinking large quantities of water and using a cathartic when necessary.
Patient Cooperation: X Excellent Good Poor None at all
Summary of Results (subjective, objective): Now, approximately 6 months from the start of treatments (July 21, 1975), the patient is virtually completely relieved of Psoriasis as is evidenced by the photographs herein [See Par. R17 above].
Worthy of note is the total dedication demonstrated by his wife, Mrs. Minnie Culmone, in the correction of this condition. Without her invaluable aid in dietary control, massages as required and above all, patience, I doubt if such a dramatic result would have occurred in such a short time.
T0270-033 M [Pg 1]
2. (Q) In what physical condition do you find my body?
(A) This, as we find, can best be determined by making a comparison with those conditions that we found when we last had the body here. In this manner, then, we find there are improvements in many directions. There is a much better reaction in the circulation. While there have been and still are some conditions that need to be carried on in such a manner as to KEEP a better equal balance, we find the general condition MUCH improved.
3. (Q) Should I continue taking the Animated Ash and Atomidine in the manner given?
(A) These we would continue to take occasionally. There might be longer periods BETWEEN the periods of taking the properties, but these - as we find - are still helpful in making for the proper balance in the physical functioning of the system.
4. (Q) Are the massage and light treatments administered correctly and at proper intervals?
(A) We find the massages are very good, and the intervals are about right. As we find, the ultra-violet - or the quartz lights are more preferable than the Sun light, when the light treatments are given. There is a DEEPER therapy in the ultra-violet, than from the Sun light.
5. (Q) Should the Finnish baths be continued?
(A) Only occasionally. Take these whenever there is the tendency for superacidity or languidness in any way; they will be most helpful.
6. (Q) Is the condition in the mucous membranes of the head clearing up satisfactorily?
(A) This is clearing up. While those activities or the hormones in the circulation do not flow as readily or as nominally as they might, the lymph or emunctory circulation is greatly improved; and, as we find, the deeper therapy light will be most beneficial in this direction - and with this it would be clearing up properly, as we find.
7. (Q) Is my system in an alkalin or acid condition, and what foods will provide proper balance?
(A) There have been the tendencies towards an acidity, and especially from those conditions that have been described in times before as to the leakages in the intestinal tract, in the thinned walls, and those tendencies for the circulation to carry this in an improper way and manner for the eliminations; producing the rash and those conditions - which tendency has existed for some time. [psoriasis tendency?] Hence there is the NATURAL tendency for the body to react to acids. While in the present we have this tendency, as we find, there is a much better balance than has been indicated here before. And there should be, as we have maintained for this body and for others, a tendency towards more of the alkalin-reacting foods; for when there is the tendency towards an alkalin system there is less effect of cold and congestion. Adhere to the alkalin reacting diets, that may be had from vegetables; and at least one meal, or one period each day, or at least two or three days apart, have those wholly raw. Have less of the sweets, or not too great a quantity. Naturally, there should be sweets that tend to make for the proper distribution of sugar for the system, for sugars - to be sure - supply not only heat but also the proper balance for proper fermentation, as do starches; but if these arise more from fruits and vegetables rather than the addition of cane sugar into the body, it will be much the better, for then less acidity arises from same. To be sure, there should be sufficient of starch and of the alkalin reactions to produce proper fermentation, or the proper character of the alcohol that is so necessary in the preserving the calorie content, in a manner; though the calories may be made too high, but the activity of the necessary vital forces that act with the hemoglobin and in the urea of the blood itself. Hence an alkalin diet, as has been indicated - or as may be indicated from charts of same, would be the correct way and manner. Do not have overeating at any time. Keep a well-balance. And, as some have very much commented on or maintained, if meats are to be taken in any quantity dont eat a lot of starch with same; if theres to be a lot of sweets taken, dont eat a lot of starch or proteins either with it; but keep them well-balanced. See?
9. (Q) Why do I feel a lack of the faculty for mental concentration?
(A) This is rather the lack of the necessary forces or elements that may be said to be for procreative influences within the body itself. It is the lack, then, of the functionings of the glands in relation to the pineal, the lyden [Leydig], the adrenal and their combinations with same. Hence, as indicated, it would be necessary for those additions of those factors that make for the balancing of the potash and iodine for the system - or the atomic iodine - to be continued. These are just factors in the changes that come in everybody. The manner of mental efficiency or training through concentration may be had as well in the meditative forces, or greater in the meditative forces than in any manner that may come for a body building from concentration. This, then, is where those activities of spiritual or SOUL forces activate with that in the MENTAL process of a physical body; and are as conditions that are so necessary for the balances when there are the UNION of forces for creating that which may become a living soul in the activity in the earth. And if these factors were more in activity and in their essence when there are those unions, where there may come that procreative activity, how much greater would be the offspring in a given period! This is one among the many conditions where an All-Wise Providence keeps a balance, in that - as ordinarily termed - the poor have all the children!
10. (Q) Has nervous intensity devitalized the thinking brain cells?
(A) Rather as indicated. Then, to overcome, as has been indicated, MEDITATE! Meditation means entering into the SPIRITUAL vitalization of the energies of the system, by RAISING those forces through the very activities of procreative actions. Read MEDITATION [A.R.E. paper which later became 1st chapter in A SEARCH FOR GOD, Book I.], and apply it - PRACTICALLY - the experience of self!
11. (Q) Please guide me with information that will enable me to become of greater service to my fellow man.
(A) Theres none better than we have given, and as may be followed by that which may be brought to the awareness of self through the PRACTICAL application of those meditative forces that come by setting aside a definite time, a period during each days activity when there will be the purifying of the body, as in accord with that which would make for consecrating of self in all of its efforts, all of its abilities, and entering into the holy of holies within self for that talk with thy God within thyself. These efforts on the part of any soul will bring those things that make for the greater peace and happiness and the abilities to meet those emergencies of every nature that arise within the physical and mental bodies of a living body. For then the God-forces that are the creative energies of the soul-mind will become the ruling forces in the life and in its activity in same; making for those abilities wherein any soul, any entity, may become the greater service, the greater factor in its associations with its fellow man. It is not how much one knows that counts, but how well one applies that it knows; in just being, doing, thinking, that which is pointed out to self through such constant, consistent, PRACTICAL dependence upon the Creative Forces that have promised ever to meet one - every one - when sought. And there will come that which is for the greater development in the soul forces of such an one that seeks.
16. (Q) Does this indicate a period of spiritual refinement and material progress?
(A) This is indicated, as just outlined; but it depends upon the application. These should be beneficent in the experience of this entity, if they are used aright. Everyone then turns to the question, "Well, how do I know when Im using them right?" Turn to that which is the Giver; for, as has been said, "By faith are ye saved, and that not of yourself - but it is the gift of God." So in the urges that have been builded by any entity, or by this, and with the knowledge of how those influences or forces may be entered into, let those decisions be in HIM rather than "Well, I would like to do this and like to do that, and I will do this and WILL do that, irrespective of what happens." The more often under such decisions we find that there comes turmoils and strifes, bickering and hankering and those conditions - even longings; and then we begin to condemn the good that we thought we were doing, or claimed we have done. When anyone claims he is good, watch out!
27. (Q) Is there a personal thought you could import to me for my benefit at this time?
(A) Keep in self that which has been indicated is the manner of the development. Meditate upon this. Give it a place in thine own daily activity. Not as to becoming curious and questioning, for thy bickerings with others for not seeing in thine own light. For each individual views from his own range of perspective view. Find not fault with those on the rungs of the ladder either below or above, but give of thy best self to aid, instruct, or to help in any manner those either above or below. And thou wilt find, as He has given, "If ye will be my children, I will be thy God." And, "When ye call I will hear" will come to mean much more in thine own experience.
[1/24/35 GD sent paper on MEDITATION under separate cover. She wrote: "See enclosed list of ALKALIN-REACTING FOODS, of which your diet should principally consist."]
T0270-032 M [Pg 5]
4. (Q) Please examine and state the physical condition of my body as you find it.
(A) In some respects conditions are much the same as when last we had them here. There are still those conditions disturbing the body as related to the humor which arises from the poisons in the system, that disturb the coordination between the respiratory eliminating system and perspiratory and the alimentary canal. This, as we have indicated, has tended to weaken some portions of the system, as in the glands of the neck and that condition which has existed in the head and the hair, [thinning hair, baldness] the rash at times - as is now indicated on portions of the body. [Psoriasis tendency? See 270-33, Par. 8-A.]
The specifics as to the use of properties internally in the form of the Ash and the Atomidine, as we find, would be most beneficial to the body in the present. In this manner:
Take the Ash for periods of five to ten days. Then rest. And after a period of a week take another course of same. Do this until at least three to five courses have been taken, taking one-eighth grain dry on tongue (emptying from container) and washing down with water. And we would find it more helpful to use the violet ray following same, in five to ten minutes after each dose has been taken; specifically over the area of the 4th and 5th dorsal to the head and neck; and it would be more beneficial, too, for the application of the violet ray to be over those glands where the swelling is indicated [Goiter, Cancerous?]; for there will be the tendencies for the eliminations and the activities of the Ash in the system with the other glands of the body, by the stimulation in the circulation with the use of Ash to eliminate same.
The Atomidine we would take each day, mornings and evenings - mornings before the meal is taken, evenings just before retiring; three to five minims in a glass of water, you see; three minims of morning, five minims of evening. Take this for the same period of time, though - as we find - it would be preferable to take it during the rest period from the Ash.
Also we would make a lotion for that swelling on the neck, from Plantain and the oil of butterfat. This should be equal parts in weight and boiled together. Necessary that it be made fresh, but massage this once a day - not too severely, but massage gently - local application of same; and with the other properties taken in body we will rid these conditions from the system.
As to the condition where there has been the colon affectation, there should be kept an adherence to the line of diet that we have indicated, keeping the eliminations in a nominal manner; and the body should be gradually on the improve.
As to the scalp, we find nothing better than the crude oil - small quantity massaged well into the scalp and cleansed with a twenty percent solution of pure grain alcohol. Do not use the denatured in cleansing scalp. Then a gentle massage with pure white Vaseline. This will be well. Do this at least once a month; rinsing the oil from the hair of morning. And we will find this will improve and keep down the irritations in portions of the scalp, stimulating the growth of the hair.
5. (Q) Is there a physical incapacity that impedes articulation, which occasionally causes a jumbled speech? Please advise a corrective measure.
(A) As indicated, the application of the violet ray over this portion of the system will tend to make for better coordination in the circulation, both superficial and internal, as there is the stimulation to the circulation; and, as we find, this should overcome the tendencies for disturbance in the vocal box.
6. (Q) What causes creaking bones in upper region of shoulders and spine, and what corrective measures are necessary?
(A) The stimulation for a more uniform activity of the circulation as related to the lymph and emunctory activity through the portions should supply the necessary burses about the joints and bones for this to be entirely eliminated. The tendency arises from too little a circulation of the lymph and emunctory, especially about the tendons and muscles. It isnt the bones that creak; its the muscular contraction.
7. (Q) Why does mucous continue to collect in head and throat, especially during sleep? Will you prescribe a solution for use in an atomizer that will relieve?
(A) As we find, the better than a local application is to remove the causes of the poor circulation; which, as we find, will be maintained by the use of the properties and the application of those things indicated for this particular portion of the body, see? If there is the CONSCIOUSNESS that there is the NECESSITY for a solution, equal parts of salt, soda and cream of tartar dissolved together in three times their quantity or weight of water; this warm, not hot but tepid. Or the Dobell solution, as may be called at times, will rid the mucous; but this will be only palliative unless the causes of same are removed.
8. (Q) As my new eye glasses are not giving entire satisfaction, are other corrective measures necessary?
(A) We are correcting these in the application of the stimulation to the centers specifically in the upper dorsal and cervical area, as indicated, for a better circulation in the sympathetic or sensory circulation. And this should stimulate the activity to such ways and manners that we will have no trouble with the new fitting of glasses. For the measurements are correct, the correction for the tendency for astigmatism in the one eye is correct; the cylindrical measurements in the right eye, as we find, are correct. But the tendency has been to DRAW the eye in the focal vision in the new change, on account of the lack of the circulation to REMOVE and to carry impulse to the optic forces. Hence the irritation that has occurred at times.
With these changes and applications as indicated, this should disappear.
9. (Q) Regarding mental and material: I request through you one thought designed to assist in my efforts to raise above the personal concern of life.
(A) Let that mind be in thee that the application of the abilities of self in the material, in the mental and in the spiritual thought, be above JUST for self. Let the purposes ever be no day without a kind word, a thought of another not in as good circumstance as self. This ideal set as the standard and measurements of selfs application will build a consciousness of creative forces in the individual as to bring an expression of this influence in the life.
Let thy mind and thine body-efforts, all of thine energies, be that there may be a greater service to thy fellow man. This will bring the consciousness of that ye seek.
T0943-017 M [Pg 2]
2. (Q) What is cause and cure for the psoriasis conditions on my body and scalp?
(A) This, as we find, has been given - as to what would cure and relieve the condition. With the present physical condition, of course, it is a great deal better that these manifest themselves in such a manner, than that they be kept in! As is known, psoriasis is - itself - an infectious condition that affects the emunctory and lymph circulation, and causes an improper coordination of the eliminating forces of the system, as in this body. Would this not be thrown off in the epidermis, or the lymph and capillary circulation, with this particular condition of this body, the intestinal tract would be full of pinholes; or, were it to go to the lungs, there would be tuberculosis; were it to go to the valves of the heart, it would be heart trouble - as would be called; were it to go to the liver, it would be cirrhosis of the liver; were it to go to the spleen, it would be a hardening of one end of it; were it to go to the brain, it would be softening of the brain; were it to go to the glands of the throat or thyroids, it would be that of goitre; or were it to settle in some other portion - were it to SETTLE - it would become a tumor of some character or nature.
One should consider that the SYSTEM is builded to RESIST whatever may arise, and it TAKES THAT direction in carrying out for what it WAS constructed, and when it meets obstructions; then it attempts to build around, or overcome, by USING other portions or functionings to carry out its function.
In the present conditions that exist, these SHOW more in the present than ordinary because of the poisons that arose from the intestinal tract, and in the eliminations of the body - as in the appendicial region.
Unless there is extra precaution taken in the activity of the body, there must - sooner or later - arise that wherein operative forces WILL be necessary to PREVENT further inroads of the arising of septic poisons from the continual flow of pus from this area.
As WE would find, were there taken those properties of the ash - with those rays, and the body keep quiet SUFFICIENT period for coagulation to take place - this may be separated, or segregated in the system, and closed; or, if it is carried SUFFICIENTLY the system may absorb that as would be cut off; otherwise there will eventually be, from over exercise, a continual opening of those portions so disturbed, or drainages - and what is ordinarily termed "proud flesh" arise. In such conditions, then, EMERGENCIES will be necessary - but would be hard to combat!
3. (Q) What dosage of the ash, and how often?
(A) Once a day, a quarter grain - with two to three minutes of the ultra violet, as applied to an area over the 9th, 10th, 8th and 7th dorsal.
4. (Q) Should the ultra violet be applied each day also, after the ash?
(A) Thats what has been given, from thirty to forty minutes after the dosage of ash is taken the ultra violet should be applied. It makes quite a difference as to how it affects the system!
5. (Q) What is the present condition of appendix?
(A) Draining.
6. (Q) Is an operation necessary at the present?
(A) As has been given, as exists in the present - no. Would there be carried out that we have given, CONSISTENTLY - unless conditions ARISE - would be the better.
As for the diets that are necessary with such, that which is a well balanced - that creates sufficient of the vitality, but that does not produce or cause accumulations in any portion of the colon - as to cause the fecal matter to gather, or to expand or dilate, for this would of necessity produce irritation.
7. (Q) What particular types of foods should be avoided?
(A) Too much sweets or too much sours, either!
8. (Q) Should any meat be taken?
(A) Depends upon the character of meat and how prepared! A well balanced diet, as has been given. Use SOME common sense along with it!
T0641-004 M [Pg 2]
12. If there is the continuation of the itching and the tendency for the breaking out [psoriasis follicularis? 8/29/40 See 641-5 Par. 12-A indicating that it is a psoriasis condition.], then repeat the dose - after a few days; that is, both the Castoria and the Bismuth. If it is necessary to take more than one dose of the Bismuth, very well - until we change those activities through the alimentary canal.
13. Keep to more of an alkalin-reacting diet; though bread should form a great part or basis of the diet, see? but WHOLE WHEAT.
14. And cereals should be of whole wheat or Maltex. Citrus fruits of a morning are well, but not those combined - or at the same meal with the cereals, see? At least two or three mornings a week use the whole wheat cereal, then two or three mornings the citrus fruit.
15. Fish, fowl or lamb should be the meats.
16. No fried foods.
17. The Yeast would be taken one cake of a morning OR noon, and one of evening - about half an hour before the meal.
18. Some adjustments through the whole of the cerebrospinal system are also indicated as needed.
19. Do these and, as we find, we may bring the better forces and influences for this body.
20. Ready for questions.
21. (Q) Would Dr. Thompson [D. Carl Thompson, D.C.] in ... be able to give the adjustments?
(A) Be very well.
22. (Q) Any specific directions for these?
(A) As indicated, the whole of the system needs some attention.
23. (Q) Am having some trouble with my gums.
(A) This is from the acidity; and the use of soda and salt as a massage would be most helpful. Two-thirds salt, one-third soda.
R2455-004 F [Pg 1]
"The psoriasis, which I had had since I was 19 or 20 years old, stays completely clear so long as I remain on the diet. However, a nervous condition or mental upset will cause it to flare up again. My father always had psoriasis, too; he didnt believe it was from the blood stream when I told him about the reading [2455-1 and 2455-2]. About a year later he called me up all excited; he had read a piece in the paper saying that psoriasis came through the blood stream."
R0992-001 M [Pg 3]
R4. 4/24/93 Donna Marie Kenworthys letter:
A.R.E. P.O. Box 595 Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Dear A.R.E.,
Enclosed you will find a copy of a testimonial letter I sent to Pariser Dermatology Specialists, after learning that they, in conjunction with Eastern Virginia Medical School, were conducting a study on eczema. After reading my letter, you will understand my pleasure in writing it in the first place, and in now requesting that you forward it to Dr. John Pagano. I have been eczema free for around a year now. I owe Dr. Pagano my deep gratitude.
Please feel free to make a copy of the letter for your own records. After all, I was able to receive this information by attending a small conference that you sponsored last year at the Cavalier. I extend my appreciation to you.
With love and light, [signed] Donna Marie Kenworthy
910 Wildwood Square Court
Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 (804) 481-6241
[enclosed letter]
Pariser Dermatology Specialists 601 Medical Tower Norfolk, VA 23507
To Whom It May Concern:
After seeing your advertisement for eczema sufferers, I phoned and spoke to your receptionist, Sheryl. We agreed that since I cured my eczema I was not a candidate for your study, but rather that I should inform you how I achieved my cure.
A year ago I was suffering from the worst case of eczema that I have had the unhappiness to endure. In fact, for the past several years, I had only had occasional and somewhat mild outbreaks. Cortisone creams and ointments were totally ineffective. For the first time in my life, I developed a scaly rash at my elbows even, which looked more like psoriasis than eczema. The situation was very depressing.
During the time that the situation was at its worst, I went to a lecture and slide presentation given by Dr. John Pagano, who had written a book on healing psoriasis. He passed out a recommended diet, which advised staying away from a group of foods known as nightshades, such as: Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and all sorts of peppers. Well, the one thing in my regimen which was different was that I had developed the habit of eating large amounts of eggplant during the time of my eczema outbreak.
After eliminating all nightshades from my diet, all signs of eczema disappeared. I am also very careful about not consuming food that contributes to acid stomach. I have noticed that whenever I have frequent heartburn, my hands feel more sensitive, without actually breaking out in any kind of rash. Furthermore, since I am bothered by acid indigestion, my doctor prescribed a drug called Pepcid, which works beautifully. My stomach and my hands feel better than ever. I believe that there is a connection between the assimilation of certain foods and eczema...
I appreciate your taking the time to peruse my letter. Whats nice about this remedy is there is no danger from harmful side-effects from steroids. Also, I would like to mention that when I do take antacids, I only consume calcium based, not aluminum based, forms of this medicine. I hope Sheryls sister has good luck with this regimen. Please thank Sheryl for listening to me so patiently. She has a very pleasant manner.
Most cordially yours, [signed] Donna Marie Kenworthy
R5. See Source File Key #992 for an advertisement by the Division of Dermatology of Eastern Virginia Medical School re 992-1.
T2455-003 F [Pg 2]
17. (Q) Please give exact diet to eliminate psoriasis.
(A) This has been indicated. Do not become so given to diet as to say "I cant eat this," and "I shouldnt do that," but follow closely that as has been suggested. Keep away from those combinations of starches, from fats, and from those things as indicated. DO take plenty of the fruit juices, kraut juices, tomato juices, and those to aid in the eliminations. Prune juices and those of such natures are beneficial.
18. (Q) Should this diet be continued even after psoriasis has disappeared from body?
(A) As has been indicated, it should be continued for some months afterward.
19. (Q) What causes frequent pains through my head?
(A) These are sympathetic from pressures on pelvis AND feet.
20. (Q) What causes flickering in the right eye? Are glasses needed?
(A) As we find, when the conditions in the pelvic organs are corrected, there should not be the need for glasses. For, the pressures as made upon the bladder and the kidneys reflex themselves in the sympathetic nerves to the eyes.
21. (Q) Is there any other suggestion for removing psoriasis from my scalp?
(A) Those things as indicated, using the Carbolated Vaseline, are the better to use.
Do these and, as we find, we will bring and keep the better forces for this body.
22. (Q) Is the osteopathic treatment necessary for the psoriasis?
(A) It is a part of that treatment.
R19. Treatments used in the treating of Psoriasis:
The first measure to aid in relieving the body of accumulated toxins is the High Colonic Irrigation. This should be administered professionally.
A Colonic is administered at the start of treatment. Seven days later, another is given. Two weeks later, another is given. After a period of at least one month or six weeks, another may be applied.
The diet should be aimed at promoting Alkalinity of the body, thus bringing about a better Acid-Base Balance to the entire system. (See Acid-Alkaline Food Chart below.)
The following must be adhered to:
1. Eat many fresh fruits and vegetables. One meal a day, usually lunch, should consist of raw vegetables only. You may use oil or salad dressing - no vinegar!
2. Cooked vegetables, with no meat other than Fish, Fowl and Lamb, may be taken. Eat a good quantity of Seafood.
3. Eliminate Fats, Sweets and Pastries!
4. Have at least 3 vegetables that grow above the ground to 1 that grows under the ground.
5. Wine is permissible, moderately, but not other liquor.
6. Eat large quantities of LETTUCE as well as Celery, Watercress and the like (unless the roughage causes irritation to an underlying Ulcer or Colitis condition. Lettuce is a blood purifier!
7. Keep away from Red Meats, Ham or rare or roasted Steak. Completely avoid fried foods.
Note: A general guide showing the relative Acid-Base Balance of various foods is enclosed within this report. The Psoriasis patient should basically avoid those foods listed in the left hand columns (with the exception of Fish, Fowl & Lamb) and stress those foods listed in the right hand columns (with the exception of Tomatoes).
Baking Powder, biscuit
Bread, rye
Bread, white
Cake, plain
Cake, cheese
Macaroni or spaghetti
Shredded wheat


Butter Milk
Cottonseed oil
Custard Pie
Ice cream
Milk, whole
Olive oil


Beans, lima
Beans, string
Brussels sprouts
Potatoes, white
Potatoes, sweet

* The ash of these foods is alkaline but, because of the presence of benzoates, which form hippuric acid, they increase the acidity of the urine.
- The Psoriasis patient should eat large quantities of Seafood, Fowl & Lamb. By large quantities is meant simply more than any other meat.
- Citrus fruit juices may be taken, and are alkaline in their reaction - UNLESS taken with starches, as especially from cereals, at the same meal. Then they are acid producing.

1. The primary herbs for the correction of Psoriasis are: The American Yellow Saffron Tea, Slippery Elm Bark Powder, Camomile Tea and Mullein Tea.
The preparation of the teas are enclosed herein.
Take the Yellow Saffron Tea more often than the others, but alternate this with the Camomile Tea.
2. External applications consist primarily of baths using Cuticura soap, followed by Cuticura Ointment, then in turn followed by Resinol Ointment gently rubbed into the lesions. Sleep overnight with it on, bathing in the morning again with Cuticura soap.
3. Massage the body, periodically, with a mixture of Olive Oil and Peanut Oil (equal parts). - After the massage, if conditions permit, bathe in sunlight, but not to the point of becoming sunburned. If direct sunlight is not possible, for any number of reasons, the PROPER USE of Ultra-Violet Light may be very helpful. Extreme caution must be applied here. One should not expose any one area of the body to Ultra-Violet light for a period over 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Be sure eye protectors are on you and the light is a minimum of 40" away.
4. For major circumscribed lesions, it has been found very helpful to apply warm Castor Oil on the lesion, then wrap the area with Saran Wrap and leave it that way for several hours. This will help heal the surface cells. Apply this method at least twice a week until the area clears up. This can also be done with the Olive Oil - Peanut Oil mixture.
SAFFRON TEA - Begin with Yellow Saffron Tea, a pinch of the American Saffron in a cup of boiling water, allow to stand for 30 minutes, strain and drink each evening when ready to retire.
GROUND ELM BARK - Occasionally, about two or three times a week, drink Elm Water - a pinch of ground Elm (between thumb and forefinger) in a cup filled with WARM water, not boiling water; allow to stand for 30 minutes. Drink this preferably in the morning rather than at the period when Saffron Tea is taken.
a) Emotional stress and aggravation usually flares up the condition.
b) There may be a familial tendency towards Psoriasis, though not necessarily due to heredity.
c) Eating foods of a natural, unprocessed nature is most advisable.
d) In addition to the recommended diet, one heaping tablespoon of Lecithin granules (or liquid form) has been shown to be beneficial.
e) Vitamins recommended are therapeutic doses of Vitamin A, B Complex and Vitamin E combined with C.
f) As to the permanency of cure in the manner of treatment herein, only time and more research can give the answer, simply because this is one of the very first cases on record following the Cayce Readings exclusively. The chances are however, that once the lesions have cleared up, the patient must always be at least "aware" of the foods he must avoid, as does a Diabetic, Heart Patient or Arthritic.
An interesting case brought to my attention was the almost complete disappearance of Psoriasis lesions of a patient after he was placed on intravenous feeding for an extended period of time following a severe heart attack. Medical physicians assigned to the case had no explanation for the change. Following the Cayce concept as to the cause of Psoriasis, such an incident is understandable and strengthens the theory that it is due to the thinning of the intestinal walls, since the patient was not ingesting food through the normal channels of the alimentary canal.
R20. 6/11/76 Report from A.R.E. Member, Margaret Meyer:
"When I received the Circulating File on psoriasis I had it over 95% of my body.
"I started chiropractic treatment, putting a castor oil pack with heating pad on my abdomen once each night for an hour and started using saffron tea. I also stopped eating all refined foods.
"What I believe really helped me was the saffron tea. I drink one cup of this strained tea in the morning and one cup at night. All I have left of my psoriasis is a tiny patch on elbow or knee. I cant remember how long it took to clear up so nicely, but I know it didnt take long. I have been in this improved condition for a year and a half now.
"Every time I stop taking the tea for a day or so I immediately start itching all over and pretty soon little patches appear."
R21. 8/4/76 A.R.E. Membership Director, Robert Clapp, wrote Mrs. Meyer requesting further information re her psoriasis. Following is her report:
"I have had psoriasis for five years.
"I developed psoriasis when my third son was three months old. It began with patches on the scalp. Nine months later it had covered 98% of my body. I believe psoriasis came for me because of years of poor nutrition and breast-feeding all my three children - the last one for 7 1/2 months without any solid foods or supplements.
"I also believe it was meant to happen because it helped me to ultimately find God and be spiritually awakened. From my early twenties I had lost my faith which caused me much emotional pain and I had a terrible fear of dying which nearly wrecked my life.
"Two years ago I joined A.R.E. and read the file on psoriasis. I started going to Dr. Ciotta, chiropractor, who is one of the doctors on your list. At first I went every week and now I go monthly for adjustments. He said to tell you I have had the complete spinal adjustment. Each time I go I also have a heating pad put on my stomach and have the machine on for a short period of time. Each night before bed I apply a heating pad on my castor oil pack to my stomach for one hour.
"I also eat unrefined foods and use non-hydrogenated oil and margarine. I take a couple of teaspoons of olive oil each day. I am not a purist and although I eat very healthy food I do eat some junk food once in a while.
"But what really does the trick for me is saffron tea. I buy it at any health food store for about $1.00 a box.
"I make one cup in the morning. One cup of boiling water in about one teaspoon of tea. I cover it with a saucer and let it cool. After breakfast and when it is as cool as drinking water I strain it and drink it. After supper I make another cup. Before bed I strain it and drink it. If I skip a day or two - I know it. I start to itch. Pretty soon a scale or two may appear.
"As long as I take the tea I have almost no signs that I have psoriasis. For any stubborn patches that might appear Dr. Ciotta ordered me a jar of E-Cream manufactured by Dee Cee Laboratories, Madison, Tennessee, 37115. Using this once or twice a day and in a few days the patches are gone.
"I am so satisfied with the results I get from the tea - I forget I still have psoriasis. I do believe if I had the will power necessary to rigidly follow Edgar Cayces diet to rid myself of psoriasis, the meat, etc. - I would be rid of it. I hope to do this some day.
"I hope I have been a help to someone else and Im sorry it took so long for me to reply."
R22. 9/79 GDs note: See Dr. John A. Paganos 21 minute Singer filmstrip on Psoriasis, in color, in Edgar Cayce Foundation, A.R.E. Library Building, Virginia Beach, Va. His treatment and prolonged research included the SRC Compound recommended in 5016-1.
R23. 9/21/80 Report on John Houghton, a PSORIASIS case, by James W. Dickerson, A.R.E. Associate Member.
Please help us to further research of the Cayce physical readings by completing and returning to us this report form. Well appreciate your giving special attention to specific suggestions for treatment given in the Cayce readings and results - either positive or negative. Your findings will help us to evaluate the effectiveness of the readings today. Return to Edgar Cayce Foundation, Box 595, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, upon completion of case.
Name JOHN HOUGHTON Date 9/21/1980
Address 55 Hilltop Drive City, State WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND
Sex Male Age 60+ Wt. B.P. Diagnosis PSORIASIS
Pertinent Past History: Jack has had the psoriasis for a number of years. The condition covered much of his body but was especially obvious on hands and arms because of rolled up sleeves. He has tried many doctors without improvement and was receptive to my question as to his interest in trying another Cayce diet type regimen.
Abnormal Physical Findings: After about four weeks of diet and herb liquids he reported that the "potatoe chip" scales had been dramatically eliminated.
Total Treatment Program:
Patient Cooperation: X Excellent Good Poor None at all
Summary of Results (subjective, objective): When I called him for permission to pass along these comments to you he was enthusiastic and at this time (about 6 weeks) he reports that although the area has not been reduced, the brightness of irritated areas has faded and the intensity of discomfort has been greatly reduced. I hope that A.R.E. does not object to lack of medical supervision in this instance and believe you may expect to gain the Houghtons as members of A.R.E. [Became a Sponsoring member 10/1/80.]
I am - am not X a cooperating doctor
R24. 4/6/81 Report from A.R.E. Member, Vivian Coble:
"After reading Palma Christie and the material on Psoriasis and on Eczema I followed the diet and used the castor oil packs on my face with hot packs. The scars are barely noticeable and have only had two minor eruptions to contend with since.
"To date I have not used the castor oil packs on the abdomen but will if the condition does not continue to improve.
"The report on a biopsy on my face was pre-psoriasis, back in 1973. So far, there has only been a second spot on my face - one that doesnt heal readily, until I used the castor oil. But since the above treatment my complexion greatly improved."
R25. 5/5/91 JTs note: See Dr. John O. A. Paganos book HEALING PSORIASIS The Natural Alternative, available through the A.R.E. Bookstore.
R26. 6/3/93 Kim Wagenets report: "I am 34 year old female, who has had PSORIASIS since the age of 12. I have been through all of the chemical treatments, Stanfords Psoriasis Clinic, and still had psoriasis on some area of my body.
I received from a friend, a Research Bulletin on Psoriasis, from the Edgar Cayce Foundation. I read through the diet & herb list given, along with the mention of sulfur, Rochelle Salts, cream of tarter.
I followed the diet, as well as I could, eliminating red meats fried foods, sugars - candy - white flours, etc. I included right thinking, meditation & prayer.
Within 3 months, I had no psoriasis anywhere. This lasted for almost 1 year - until chocolate became again.
We are not talking of spots of psoriasis, here or there, I looked like a Armadillo, with cracks & sores, having to cauterize a lot of the cracks so they would heal.
Thank you very much!
[signed] Kim Wagenet
3120 Sandridge
Placerville CA 95667
P.S. Im going away from chocolate!
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SVP Cosmology 2.3
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John Keely portrait
Dale Pond portrait
SVP Tulsa Seminar
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