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Other Great & Useful Information Sources

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31-Tone Equal Temperment

A-Albionic Research Archives - lots of research files & links on science and social issues 

ABC Musical Notation Language - music notation through ASCII format

Academy for New Energy

A Course in Miracles

Gods Creations - counseling via email

A Course in Miracles

Learn to hear the Holy Spirit within you.

Acoustic analogs to eletromagnetic effects

Acoustic Energy

Acoustic heterodyne - sound at a distance

Acoustic Research - going on around the world 

Acoustic spotlight - laser-like beams of sound

Acoustical Apparatus from the 1800s

Acoustical Society of America - 7,000 active members worldwide 

Acoustics and Vibration Animations

Acoustics FAQ - an information resource 


Active Control of Sound and Vibration

Adidam - Avatar Adi Da Samraj - awakened

Advanced and Obscure Occult Science - some original thinking



Alternative Energy Institute

American Iatrogenic Association - investigating 80,000 deaths a year by the "medical professionals"

American Physical Society - 41,000 members worldwide 

American Precision Museum - has remnants of Keelys Disintegrator on display.

American Vacuum Society - 6,000 members worldwide 

Ammachi Mata Amritanandamayi - awakened being with great teachings.


Antique Scientific Instruments

Antigravity Propulsion

Ananda Seva - science and spirit

Ancient (Sacred) Texts on the Web

Anstendig Institute - vibration research

Artoworld - unified approaches to Art, Science, Music, Mathematics, Engineering, Ancient Knowledge and practical applications. 

Ascension 2000

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Atomic, Molecular Physical Reference Databases

Aura Imaging

Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association


Autoscore - sound & music recording software converts tones directly to music notation!

Bakken Library & Museum - electricity in medicine


Bearden, Thomas

Bedini Free Energy Machine explained


Biophotonic Research

Biophotons - The Light in Our Cells

Biosonic Tutorial

Blavatsky Net

Blue Energy Canada - harnessing Tidal Power 

Borderland Sciences

Borealis Power Generation Chips

Brain is dead but Mind lives

Brass Music Instrument Physics

Brown, Townsend - family photo album

Bruel & Kjaer - acoustic equipment providers 

Brunton, Paul

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls and Tubes - Richard Smalley

Calculating Resonating Pipe Dimensions

Calculators Online

Calendar Generator

Calendars and Time

Calliope - construction from scratch

Carolina Biological - THE source for all sorts of teaching aides

Catalysis Sciences Magazine

Catgut Musical Acoustics Research Library

- CMAR Research Archives - sound, music, theory, etc.

Cave of Magic - ???

Cavitation College

Cavitation Vortex Generator - illustrations 

Cayce Foundation (A.R.E.) - science from spirit 

Cayce Products & Info

Center for Implosion Research

Center for Sound & Vibration - North Carolina State University 

Chaos - a necessary part of life

Chaos Theory and Fractals

Chemical Elements & Isotopes


Chladni Sand Figures

Colloidal Silver Manual

Conference on Subtle Energies & Fundamental Principles

Connection Technology Center - Full line of Vibration Analysis Accessories

Coupons Galore - save lots of money at the Supermarket

Creative Harmonics Institute

Crop Circles

Crop Circles - explained?

Cryptography and Liberty 2000 - why you need cryptography

Currency Converter - if you deal internationally this page could be very helpful

Cycle - LT - US Stock Market Cycles

Cycles and Number Theory

Cycles in the Universe

Dark Matter - The Physical Basis of Mysticism

Dave Barry

David Hudson - ormus - mono-atomic elements

Dawn Stranges - Inner Peace Medicine


Dellschau & Sonora Aero Club

Dictionary - look up 4 million words in 740 indexed dictionaries

Dictionary, Hyper

DigiBio - water memory effects

DNA Frequencies and Music

Dossier X - Free Energy and related research in Holland

DSR Online Bookstore!!!

Education - essays by Reb Sutherland, if you have children you need to read this web site

e1t1 - music as a tool for change

Einstein - the FBI reports !!!?

Electricity from Light


Electrokinetic Propulsion Experiments


Electromedicine Resources

Electroreception - a sixth sense

Elucida - sound, geometry, therapy, science with spirit

Energy Extraction from Nucleus

Energy New / Free Links

Enertek - energy discoveries outside the box

Engineering Electronic Library - all engineering resources on the Internet

Exotic Research

Experimental Musical Instruments

Famous Scientists - biographies 

Fear & Victimization - an expose

Federation of American Scientists - 4,000 members 

Feng Shui and Music

Fluorescent Mineral Society


Foregiveness, Biblically speaking

Foregiveness Forum

International Foregiveness Institute

Introduction to Loving Kindness

Law of Foregiveness

Love & Foregiveness Institute

Foundation for A Course in Miracles

Foundation for Inner Peace (ACIM)

Franklin Institute Science Museum - has several scrap books on Keely. 

Fravias Fortress - undoing the brainwashing

FREE ENERGY - sources and links

Free Energy, the Environment & Freedom

Free Energy site

Free Energy in Dutch

Free Energy (Advanced Technologies Report) by Gary Vesperman

Free Energy - Where is it?

Fundamental Force Constant - 82944

Future Science Theory Center

Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

Gangaji - awakened

Geomusic - fascinating views of music and math

Generator, Build Your Own Low Budget

Genghis Blues - an extraordinary story

Get It! quality electronics and tools at reasonable prices

Giordano Bruno - martyred Light-Bearer

Global Consciousness Project

Goodness you - goodness me - organics down under

Great Spirit Center - science with spirit 

Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect

Gyroscopic Inertial Propulsion

Hall of Records

Harmonics of the Universe - a great paper 

Harmony and Proportion - MOST excellent material!

Healing the Warrior  HTWP is not interested in just eliminating the symptoms of PTSD; it is committed to helping you to experience yourself as a child of God-a noble, regal, majestic, wise warrior that is in full command of their self and their consciousness. When you accept that you are a child of God, how you feel about yourself undergoes a radical transformation.  It is this transformation that allows for the healing to place at the most profound levels.  It is your realignment with Source that allows to find meaning and new direction in what youve experienced.

Heart Connections Directory


Hermann von Helmholtz Association of Research Engineers - engineering and science 

Highly Electro-Magnetic Hideout - original thinking

Historical Society of Philadelphia - as records on Moore and Keely

HIV Neutralization? - magnetic and electric currents 

Homework & Research Helper - many practical links 

Hutchinson Effect - Tesla & levitation

Hutchinson - videos

HyperPhysics database

Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectrum - info source


Insect Sound and Vibration - bzzz, bzzz 

Institute for New Energy - extremely well done collection of new and alternative science materials, sources & links 

- INE subject headings

- INE websites list - unlimited alternative science research

Institute of Form-Undulatory Energy

Institute of Sound & Vibration Research

Intentional Communities

International Lambdoma Research - Barbara Hero

International Tesla Society

Internet and the Death of the News Monopoly

Internet Marketing Center - Tips, Tricks and Tools for Promoting Your Business Online

IO Tech - PC-based signal measurement systems

Joseph Newman Energy Machine

Joseph Rael - Beautiful Painted Arrow

Journal of Applied Mechanics

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Journal of Sound and Vibration

Journal of Vibration & Acoustics

Just Intonation Explained

Kaehr, Dr. Shelley - is known throughout the world for her work in the field of human potential as a leading authority on the mind-body connection and author of over fifteen books.  Her work as a hypnotherapist has been endorsed by leaders in the field of consciousness.

Kaleidoscope Painter

KeelyNet - Jerry and friends have done a marvelous job over the years building this extensive and far reaching network 

Kelvin Helmholtz Instability

Keplers Planetary Music

Kirlian Photography Research

Krishnamurti - awakened

Kriya Yoga Institute - awakened

Kriya Yoga Meditation

Kuhn, Alvin Boyd

Law of Octaves of Energy - sounds like Keelys spectra ideas 

Law of Resonances

Laws List - a collection of laws concerning many branches of science

Leading Edge Research - the place to visit if you want to know what is going on 

Lectric Law Library

LED Lighthouse - Imaginative and Beautiful LED lighting

Liahona - device guided by spirit

Library of Congress - has 18 original photos of Keely and his machines, etc. 

Lie Detector - freeware

Lieven Site - brief review of Keelys work

Love Without End - more conversations with Jesus

Lucy Tuning - tuning for the new millenium?

Ludwig von Mises Institute

Mac Stuff for Engineers

USB peripherals guide for iMac

MacFacts - "Get a life. Get a Mac!"

MacFixIt Mac need help?

Macintosh and the Law need legal software?

Macintosh - Audio Editing

Macintosh News Source


Macrosonix - power from sound?

MacSciTech Macs in science and engineering

Magnets and Magnet Science

Mathematics - History of, links

Mathematics Resources on the Internet

Mechanical Music Digest

Mechanical Music Instruments Museums

Megalithic Yard

MicroFlown microphones - measure particle velocity

Microwaves in Food Processing

Mind Control Tech, etc. - everything on the subject

Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

Minnesotas Common Law Library

Mirroring - meeting your Self coming

MirrorMaker - automatically write music in mirror-image

Methernita Free Energy Machine

Modern Energy Research Lab - MERLib is a multi-lingual site built to be a tool to help study and learn about saner Energy Technologies; fuel, generators, engines, etc, whilst also presenting technologies suggested by intuitive persons such as Viktor Schauberger, whose insights into Implosion Technology and vortices were groundbreaking and completely against the hydrology and worldviews of that time.

Moon Walking in 1835?

Muller - Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators

Music - analyzing temperment

Music Books Plus - books on music, audio and video

Music for the Living

Music - learning for beginners

Music Intervals - a very good discussion

Music, Learning Fundamentals

Music of DNA

Music of the Heart - many excellent papers on all aspects of music

Music, Origin of Scales

Music Software for Macintosh

Music Theory - search 

Music Theory - Tubbs

Music Theory Online

New Science News - mostly cold fusion related 

New Science site - many links to research

Newman Free Energy Machine - positive test results

Nibiruan Council - global ascension work

Nisargadatta Maharaj - awakened

Noted Figures in Science, Physics, Engineering - West Chester University database 

Nu Energy Horizons - explores Radiant Energy

Nuclear & Atomic Data Source

Organic Illumination Systems

Original Thirteenth Amendment summary - follow up the fully researched story at this other site . Was it ratified or not?

ORMES - monoatomic elements

ORMES web site

Oscillating Magnetic Fields

Oscillons - new twist on Chladna plate figures

another Oscillon picture

Oxygen & Ozone Therapy and the persecution of Ed McCabe

Oxygen Therapy research site

Patent Search (free)

Patti Conklin - Healing Within



Peets Paranormal Notebook

People, Famous links

Peoples Legal Front - legal help in Missouri

Periodic Table

PHI - Sound and Healing

Photon Belt

Physical Reference Data (NIST)

Physics 2000 - elementary learning aide

Physics and Psychophysics of Music

Physics of Sound

Physics Around The World


PI - links and info

Pierre Sinclaire Magnetics

Player Piano & Mechanical Music Exchange

Pneumoacoustic Atomizers

Polybius and the Founding Fathers: the separation of powers

Polycontrast Interference Photography

Primary Source Documents of American History

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research - The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established at Princeton University in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, to pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice.

Priore Device - a cure for cancer?

Prosper International League Limited

Psi Tech - remote viewing

Psychacoustic Analyzer - fabulous sound & music analysis software 

Psyche - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness

Pulsed Electric Fields

Quantum Arithmetic & Prime Numbers

Quantum Metaphysics - brilliant synthesis

Quaternions - physics formulae set to quaternions

Quaternionic Julia Sets - 3-D fractals


Societa Italiana di Radionica

The Radionic Association

Reciprocal System of Theory

Recyclers World - all kinds of used stuff


Relating Tuning and Timbre - get the news you never knew existed

Resistor Identifier

Resonance Radiation - demonstrations

Rhythyms of Nature

Rife Frequency List

A research and information source based on the healing work of Dr. Royal Rife according to physicist Gary Wade. Many articles.

Rita's Love through Art and Prose

Rocky Ridge Studios

Ron Pauls Texas Straight Talk

Russ Georges E-Quest Science - sound, implosion, cold fusion, cavitation 

Russell Cosmogeny

Russian Resonance Technologies

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Garden - spirit readings, art and retreats

Sacred Grounds Online Brochures

Sacred Science Institute

Sai Baba - awakened, lessons for a Loving Life 

Save Money on many brand name products

Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control

Scales - two, five, seven and twelve tone

Schatz Energy Research - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Schumann Resonances

Science Instruction Software library

Science within Consciousness - Goswamis Theories of Primordial Consciousness

Scientists Transcendent Experiences - TASTE is an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists express these experiences in a psychologically (and professionally) safe space.

Sentics - science of touch

Seventh Harmonic

Shock & Vibration Tutorials

Silver Colloid Australia

Sine Function

Snow Crystals

Social Security FAQ

Society of Fluorescence

Solaris - free energy resources

Sonic Alchemy - reproducing sound perfectly

Sons of Ether - Etheric Science is making a big comeback 

SOTA Instruments - cutting edge alternative health devices

Sound & Light links

Sound & Vibration Control Newsgroup

Sound Healing

Sound of Mathematics - math set to music

Spirit over Mind over Matter - award winning site in Iceland 

Spirit Web USA - the source for most all things spiritual 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - awakened

St. Lorraine Press - science with spirit 

Stable Plasma for Energy Storage

Stanford Research Systems - FFT analyzers 

Star Wheels - The Round Art

Steam Power Clubs & Events Around the World

Stoneking Theory - good stuff

Strawberry Hill Farm (Music) Studio - innovative music, musical scales & instruments

Structural Elements (Geometry)

Structural Dynamics Research Corp. - dynamic data acquisition, measurement, analysis & modeling systems

Studio Editions - spiritual plays & dramas, Tesla, Keely, Russell

Superconducting Materials Database (NIST)

Supermarkets - Your papers, please!

SVPwiki - A Rosette Stone for the New Physcis

Swiss Association for Free Energy

Tachyons, Negative Mass

Temperament - Theory and Philosophy

Tesla Engine Builders Association

Tesla - the FBI reports

Tesla - high tech applications

Tesla - history and science 

Tesla - making a come back

Tesla & Marconi

Tesla Coils


Theosophy - science from spirit

Thermoacoustic Engines


Timbre - SHARC Analysis & Database

Timeless Voyager Radio

Tornado Project

Torus Knots



Tyndall, John - bio, pioneer scientist in sound, vibration & chemistry 

UFO Skeptic

Ultrasound in Food Industry

Unified Spiral Field and Matter

University of Science and Philosophy

U.S. Patent Secrecy Law - believe it or not!

U.S. Patents - everything you wanted to know about patents but didnt know enough to ask 

U.S. Patent Search (free)

U.S. Patents - full text search from 1971 

U.S. Patents Search

U. S. Patents - Boolean Search

U. S. Post Office - email the government

UniScience News - ongoing university research 

Uri Gellers Interactive Psychic City - spoon bending anyone? 

Vibranis One Source

Vibrant Technologies - modal analysis software 

Vibration - some definitions 

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrations and Waves Animations

Vibroacoustics - going to space 

Victorian Science & Technology

Virbela Flowforms in the US

V.O.I.C.E. Entertainment Using Virtual media such as the Internet and streaming video as well as audio, DVD, movie theaters and radio, our outreach is cutting-edge in the fields of conciousness, spirituality and science.

Voice Stress Analysis Software - freeware

Vortex Mechanics and Sympathetic Vibration

Vortex Technology Center at Un. of Houston

Wagner Research Laboratory - gravity research

Wallace, Henry William ; patents

Water, Consciousness Effects

Water Dissociation

Water Memory

Water Research

Waternet - exploring properties of water

Wave Models & Demos

Wave Motion Animations

Wave Structure of Matter

Waves, The Nature of

Weight vs Mass; Whats the Difference?

Weird Science links

Whole-Body Vibration Database

Wholistic Life Center

Wilcoxon Research - vibration instrumentation

Wind Energy

World Light Center

WWW Virtual Library

WWW Virtual Library - Acoustics & Vibration

Y-12 Plant - Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Young, Arthur

Yull Browns Home Page

Zero Point Energy - cold fusion, etc. 

Zonic - Dynamic Data Acquisition, Measurement, FFT & Acoustic Analysis

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