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Neutral Center Vortex

Christmas Ode to Sypvril
What yonder breaks the still night's bond
uncalms the water, churns dale's pond
with distant sounds to break the still
and Frequent Seas of sypvril
And did that Man Go forth with peace
and did Do Pray matter release
an energy to greet anew
and twist into a curly q
a vortex filled with gifts so dear
that levitate a dynasphere
unlocked by thought's most precious Key
Leap to the sky for all to see
display of stars that wax and Wane
as Junior youthful heavens rain
our Hands Were Nurtured by the shower
our minds enriched, our spirits tower
for there, the star so brightly shines
while matter, time and space combines
we stand in awe, our gaze uplifted
while where we stand, the truth has shifted


artwork by Rita
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