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Angels as

Laws of the Universe

artwork by Terri
"Each soul in its walks in the earth has its angel, its gnome, its face before the Throne of that which is the First Cause, the Creative Influence, God. And these are always ready to guide, to guard, if the soul will but put itself in the position in material things to be guided by spiritual truths." Cayce (531-2)
"The guardian angel…is ever an influence for keeping of the attunement…. Thus, to be sure, it is a portion of influences for healing…" Cayce (1646-1)
(Q) Are angels and archangels synonymous with that which we call the laws of the universe? If so, explain and give an example.
(A) They are as the laws of the universe; as is Michael the lord of the Way, NOT the Way but the lord of the Way, hence disputed with the influence of evil as to the way of the spirit of the teacher or director in his entrance through the outer door. [See Jude 1:9 in re Michael the archangel "when contending with the devil about the body of Moses" when Moses died.] Cayce (5749-003)
Q-4. What precautions should be taken to counteract danger periods mentioned?
A-4. ... every individual has what may be termed (from the material plane) its own guardian angel, or influence. Love and its effects guards this entity. Depend upon the motive force in love's influence." Cayce (2670-3)
"As has been given, man [was] made a little lower than the angels, yet with that power to become one with God, while the angel remains an angel." Cayce (900-16)
"There are ever, for every soul, those that may be termed the guides or guardian angels that stand before the throne of grace and mercy." Cayce (405-1)
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